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July 23, 2021


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He is mine Episode 9 &10

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Episode 09.



I got into the class.
Everyone fixed their gaze and attention on me as I walked sluggishly to my seat.
I heard some murmuring.
I ignored it, sat down and lay my head on the desk.

The bell rang.
A teacher came.. it’s mathematics.
She taught and went out.

Students trooped out of the class for the next subject.

I stood up taking my book and textbook.
Anna came to me.

” We having the same subject” she said.
I nodded my head.

” How are you sophie? She asked as we walked together.

” Am fine”

” Am really sorry about what happened earlier” she said.

” It’s okay, am fine” I said.

We got into the class and sat down together on a seat.

The teacher taught her subject.
The bell rang, the period is over.
I stood up.

I saw the K-girls, I ignored them and walked back into my class.

💐 Kaima 💐
” I can’t believe Daniel slapped kaima” Kara said.

” I mean how could he do such a thing in front of everyone? Kayla said with a smirk plastered on her face.

I scoffed.
” And even I can’t believe jay could pushed you away”

” It was Andrew yesterday and now jay” Kara smirked at Kayla.

” It is obvious Daniel doesn’t like kaima” Kayla smirked.

” And it is obvious Jay doesn’t like you” I smirked back.

“I really don’t know what is so special about that dumb girl” Kira said angrily.

” I was humiliated in front of everyone, she just came here newly.. I still find it out to believe the JAHD are all over her” I said with gritted teeth.

” Except for my jay” Kara said smirking at Kayla.
Kayla looked at her angrily.

I laughed.
” I need to deal with that btch” Kayla said

” We all need to act fast” kira said.

” And what do you intend to do? We heard a voice.

We turned to see Andrew with his hands in his pocket.

” Andrew” Kayla called

” You know what? I want you all to stay away from Sophie” he said sternly.

” Sophie?

” Who’s is Sophie? Kara arched her brow.

” You all know who am talking about, I don’t want to ever see you closer to her or you gonna have me to deal with” he said sternly walking away.

” I have never seen Andrew this serious and angry until today and it all because of a dumb girl” Kara said angrily.

” I think I know what to do? I said walking away.

💐 Andrew 💐
We sat down our usual and favourite place.

” What you did to kaima was too harsh man” Henry said.

Daniel arched his brow looking at him.
” You shouldn’t have hit her that way knowing fully she is soon to be your wife” Jeremy said.

” Jeremy, stop” he said.

” Come on man, it is obvious you are falling for kaima but you don’t wanna show it” Henry smirked.

” Henry” Daniel called getting angrily.
He gets angrily easily.

We all burst out laughing.
” Come on guys, it’s not funny at all” he said

“You know that girl is really a dummy” Henry said.

” Yeah, how could she allow kaima hit her without doing anything” Jeremy said.

” And all she could do was to cry? Like a little kid? Henry arched his brow.

” I wonder what’s wrong with the K-girls, it is not like we are dating anyone of them” I said

” I think kaima saw the picture of what happened in the morning ” I said.

” So?

” I think that newbie is in trouble, a big mess” Henry said.

” I have never seen a girl as dumb as her” Daniel said.

The K-girls cat walked in.
” Here come the $luts” Jeremy said.
” And the btches are here” Henry smirked.

They got to were we sat.
” Daniel” kaima called.

” Jay” Kayla called looking at him.

” What’s you doing here? Daniel asked.

” We never requested for your services” Henry said.

” To have some fun with you” Kara said kssing Jeremy’s cheek.

” Kara” Kayla called looking at her angrily

Kara ignored her and sat down on Jeremy lap.
” I have missed you jay” Kara said unbottoning Jeremy’s shirt

Jeremy grabbed her kssing her roughly.

” Daniel… You..” Kaima said sucking her lips.

She started pulling off her uniform.
She removed her shirt leaving her with b.ra.

Daniel smirked, kissing her hungrily.

” You want it here? Henry asked unbottoning Kira shirt.
She nodded her head wrapping her hand round his neck.

” Andrew” Kayla called coming closer to me.

I smirked and walked away.

I got into the class but couldn’t find her.
” Where is Sophie?

I walked out of the class to the cafeteria but she is not there.

A girl bumped into me.
It is the girl I saw with Sophie.
” Uhnmm..am.. sorry” she stuttered.

” Where you Sophie? I asked

She kept staring at me.
I arched my brow.

” Where is Sophie” I yelled.

” I…I…don’t know where she is” she said.

I hissed and walked away but where is she?

She is not in the class and the cafeteria?

Where could she be?

Well where could I expect a nerd like her to be?
Maybe somewhere reading probably the library.

I got into the library and met her there.
She is so engrossed in her book.

” Such a nerd you are” I said sitting down.

She looked at me
” Andrew”

” Have been searching everywhere for you” I said.

” Why? She arched her brow.

” Just to check up on you” I said

She nodded her head fixing her gaze back into what she is reading.

” Have you had your lunch? I asked.

” Not yet” she said not looking at me

” Okay” I said Standing up.

” Where are you going? She asked.

” To get you some lunch or would you come with me? I asked.

” Uhnmm…no… thanks” she stuttered.

I walked out of the library.


Episode 10.



💐 Sophie’s 💐
I sighed and continue reading my book.
I felt a bit peaceful being alone in the library
I didn’t even let’s Anna know where I am but how did Andrew knew am in the library.
Did he saw me entering into the library?

Few minutes later.
” Hey nerd” Andrew called sitting beside me.
I looked at him.
” Here have this” he said dropping what he bought on the table.

I opened it.
It contains so much snacks.
I gasped.

” But i..”

” I know you didn’t ask me to get it for you but you just have to accept it” he said.

” Isn’t it too much? I asked.

” I know nerds like you will surely be a foodie” he said.

” But am not one” I said.

” Okay”

“Is it for the both of us? I asked.

” No it is all for you” he said standing up.

” Andrew”

” Eat well nerd” he said walking out of the library.

I sighed.

My stomach grumbled.
I brought out doughnut and a smoothie from what he bought.

I don’t think I can finish all of these.

💐 Andrew 💐
I got into our JAHD boys spot.
I met the Daniel and Henry buttoning up their shirt.
there while Kara, kaima and Kira lay tirelessly.

” Yo man, where were you? Daniel asked.
” Gotta catch up with something” I said sitting down.
” Where is jay? I asked.
” Over there with Kayla” Daniel said.

” Andrew, where were you? Jeremy asked sitting beside me.

“Why don’t we play some games? Kayla asked.

“Let’s go guys, I need some food” Henry said.

Jeremy laughed.
” Foodie”

” What’s you still waiting for? Daniel asked.

” Daniel..

” We are done, now out of here now”

” Let’s go together” Kayla said.

We all walked out going to the cafeteria.
We sat down at our main spot.

We place our order though and started eating.

My mind flashed to Sophie
Has she finished what I bought for her?

” Earth to man” Daniel snapped his finger at me.

I looked at him.
” Why are you smiling? Kara asked.

” None of your business” I said.

” Andrew.. you”

” Am done eating” I said walking away.

I got into the library and saw Sophie still there but asleep.
She is sleeping?

I laughed.
So nerd do get tired of books.

I sat down beside her and took the book she was reading.

I dropped it.
It’s seems boring.
What did she manage to read this?

She didn’t finished what I bought.
I took out of it and started eating.

I stood up and walked out of the library.
I got to the cafeteria.
No one is there.
The lunch break is over.

I walked into the JAHD boys spot.
” Where were you Andrew? Daniel asked.

” No where” I said.

” Don’t we have classes? Henry asked.

” Yeah, we do but I don’t wanna go for that old man boring lesson” Jeremy said.

I laughed.
” You know I think dummy also attend government class, why don’t we go have some fun” Daniel said.

Jeremy shrugged.
We stood up and got into the class.
” Hey you, why are you late to my class? Old man Bernard roared.

This is one thing I hate about him.
So noisy.

We ignored him and sat down.
” Where is the newbie? Henry asked looking around.

” She is not here” Jeremy said.

” QUIET” the old man roared.

I sighed.
Such a boring lesson.

Finally it ended.
” Finally” Henry muttered.
We got out of the class.
” Jay wait up” Kayla said holding Jeremy’s hand.

” What now? He asked.

” I was thinking why don’t we go home together? She asked.

Jeremy removed his hand from hers and walked away.

” Andrew” she called.
I looked at her walking away.

We got back to our place and sat down.
Henry yawned.
” Man, am tired” he said.

Daniel laughed.
” But what happened to newbie? Jeremy asked.

” Why isn’t she in the class? Henry said.

” Dummy like her might have forgotten she had a class or maybe she is somewhere playing dumb” Daniel said.

Henry laughed.
” She is not a dummy but a nerd” I said.

Jeremy laughed.

The bell rang.
I checked the time.
It’s closing.

” Wake up man” Daniel said tapping Henry.
He yawned tiredly.

Jeremy laughed.
” Shut it man”

Daniel took up picking his car keys.
” I need to catch up with a chick, see ya” he winked walking out.

I picked up my keys walking out.
I got into the class but Sophie is not there except her bag.

Maybe she is still in the library.

I got there and met her still sleeping.
I got to her.
She tends to sleep a lot.

How do I wake her up?
I saw her cell phone beside on the table.
I picked it up and got her number.
I dropped it back.

” Sophie nerd” I said tapping her slightly.

” Hmmmm” she hummed.

” Wake up Sophie” I said tapping her.

She raised her eyes up rubbing her eyes.
I tried not to laugh.
She looks funny.

” It’s closing” I said.

” What? She yelled.

I looked at her.
She checked her time.
” Did I slept this long?

” Ahhhhh” she said ruffling her hair

“Don’t worry I will drop you off” I said.

” Uhnmm…no.. don’t worry” she said standing up.

She staggered about to fall.
I held her.

She looked at me and moved away.
” Thanks” she said picking her books and phone.

She walked out and I trailed behind her.
She got into the class and took her bag.

” Let’s go” I said.
We walked over to my car.

We got into the car and I drove off.




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