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July 28, 2021


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He is mine Episode 39 & 40

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Episode 39.



💐 Sophie 💐
” Sophie” Daniel called coming towards us.
I looked at him.
He smiled.
He got to us and sat down.
” How are you Sophie? He asked.
” Am fine” I said.

” Uhnmm kaima, you were saying something” I said.

She was staring at Daniel.
” Kaima” I called.

” Uhn..it’s nothing Sophie, don’t worry about that” she said.

” Hi Daniel” she greeted

He looked at her for while then looked away.
” Where is Andrew? He asked.

” Here” I heard Andrew’s voice.

I smiled as he walked fully into the sitting room.

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” Hey man” he said and shook hand with Daniel.

I collected what he bought.
He smiled and sat down beside me.
” Here you go kaima” I said offering her what Andrew bought.

He bought pizza.

” Andrew” I called.
” No Sophie, it’s for you” he said.

I looked at him.
” Just have some” I said.

” No Sophie”

I took part of the pizza.
” Here, open your mouth” I said.

He looked at me.
” Sophie”

” Andrew” I said.

He smiled and opened his mouth.
I laughed and feed him the pizza.

He chewed it.
” I thought you don’t want it” I said.

” Yeah, but I will eat it if you feed me” he said and winked at me.

I laughed.
” Crazy boy”

” Just for you” he muttered.

Daniel cleared his throat.
I already forgot that he is here.
” Uhnm Daniel you can have some” I said offering him the pizza.

” No Sophie, am okay” he said and smiled.

I nodded my head and continue eating the pizza.

” Kaima, are you okay? I asked.

” Yeah Sophie, thanks” she said staring away.

I followed her gaze.
She is staring at Daniel while Daniel’s gaze is on his phone.

I caught Andrew staring at me as I eat the pizza.
I smiled and stood up.

I took the remaining pizza to the kitchen.
I served myself a glass of juice.

I drank it
Now am okay.

I walked out of the kitchen.

I got back to the sitting room.
” You are okay now? Andrew asked.

” Yeah, thanks”

He nodded his head.

” Now let’s start” I said opening the textbook.

We all sat down to study.
“Now let’s start with this”

💐 Daniel 💐
There is no doubt Sophie is brilliant.
Beautiful and intelligent.
She is just so perfect.

I stare at her as she explained the topic to us.

I never for once open my book to study.
I thought it so boring.

But with Sophie?
It is more fun though.

She teaches just like a teacher or more than those boring teacher in the school.

She is just so intelligent.

” Now we are through for day” she said and dropped her pen.

I looked at her and started clapping for her.
She looked at me then laughed.
” Daniel” she called.

I smiled.
” You are a genius Sophie” I said.

She laughed.
” I will like to study more with you” I said staring at her.

She looked at me then Andrew.
He winked at her.
She smiled.
” Alright Daniel, you are welcome” she said.

” Thank you Sophie” kaima said.

She smiled and nodded her head.
” Andrew” she called.

” Let’s go” Andrew said as she packed her books into her bag.

I took my phone and we all walked out.

We got outside.
” Daniel, kindly drop kaima off” she said with a smile.

I nodded my head.
” Thank you” she said.

“See you tomorrow bro” Andrew said and got into his car.

” Bye” Sophie waved and got into the car.

I got into my car and kaima got in too.
I drove off to get house.

I caught her staring at me
” Quit staring at me kaima” I said not looking at her.

” Uhnm.. sorry” she said and looked away.

During the study.
She was staring at me.
I decided not to say anything but to ignore her.
I started disliking her ever since she humiliated Sophie.
I hate her for making Sophie cry.
I don’t think I can ever forgive her.
I wonder how she managed to become Sophie’s friend.
Sophie has a very big heart.
She is beautiful both inside and outside.
She forgave her so easily without considering what she did in the past.
I still have to keep an eye on her.
She doesn’t move with the K-girls anymore but I can’t be so sure that she is not planning anything against her.

I got to her house and parked my car.
” Thanks” she said.
I nodded my head and watched her got out of the car.
I got out of the car.
” Kaima” I called.

She turned.
” Do you have Sophie’s contact? I asked.

She looked at me and shook her head negatively.

I arched my brow.
” No I don’t have” she said.

” Can you help me get it? I asked.

She stare at me.
” Why? She asked.

” I just need it, can you help me get it? I asked.

” Why don’t you get it yourself?

I sighed.
” Kaima”

She smiled.
” Okay I will get it for you” she said.

” Thanks” I smiled

She nodded her head.
” Bye”

She waved at me and walked into her house.

I drove off going back home.

💐 Sophie 💐
I woke up this morning and yawned tiredly.
I slept quite late last night
All thanks to Andrew.
We were talking on the phone.

I got up from the bed and took my bath in the bathroom.

I wore my uniform.
My phone beeped.
It’s a message from Andrew.
” Good morning pretty, hope those beautiful eyes slept well? It’s read.

I smiled.
” No, they didn’t” I texted him back.

” Why? What’s wrong? He replied.

“It’s all because of you” I texted him back.

” How? He replied

I smiled and walked out of the room.
Am still feeling a bit sleepy.

I checked my time.
I will be a bit late to school today because I have to eat.

” Am waiting for you outside” his message came in.

” Few minutes please” I texted him.

I sat down and prepared bread and tea for myself.

I ate it and walked out of the house.

I got into his car.
He smiled when he saw me.
I smiled at him and he drove off.
We finally got to school.
I came out of his car.
Andrew held my hand as we walked together.
” Didn’t they look perfect together? I heard someone asked.
” Andrew kssed her yesterday”
” She is lucky”
” I wonder what will happen when the K-girls find out”

I heard students murmuring as we walked passed them.

I looked at Andrew.
He winked at me and held my hands tighter.

We walked into the class.
💐 Anna 💐
I watched them as they walked holding each other hand.

I was shocked when Andrew kssed her yesterday.

He didn’t care.
He kssed her in the presence of everyone in the class.

I wasn’t expecting that.

Andrew is deeply in love with her.
He has never kssed any of the K-girls before but he kssed Sophie.

The picture of Andrew kssing Sophie is all over the school.

I wonder what will happen if the JAHD boys or any of the K-girls see it.
I know kaima won’t do anything since she is Sophie’s friend now.

I saw the Kayla, Kara and Kira walking together.

I walked to them.
” Hi” I said.

Kayla laughed.
” What do you want?

” Have the seen the picture of Andrew and Sophie ? I asked.

” And what picture is that? Kara asked.

” So you don’t know about it? I asked.

” What? Kira asked.

I smiled.
” Do you want to keep standing or you just get out from our way” Kara half yelled.

I looked at her and brought out my phone.
I click on the picture.
” Take a look at this” I said showing them the picture.

Kara took my phone.
” What? They shouted.

” This can’t be possible” Kira said staring angrily at the picture.

“Ahhhh” Kara screemed and smashed my phone on the floor.

I gasped.
” What? I yelled.

” You.. smashed my phone…on the.. floor? I stuttered as stare at my broken phone.

They hissed and walked away.
Tears welled up my eyes.

I picked the broken phone and stare at it.
It has damaged.
Tears dropped from my eyes.
” Ahhhhhh” I screamed.

Episode 40.


” Ahhhh” I yelled.

” Does he like her?

” Yes he does, is it not obvious? Kira arched her brow.

” This is Getting unbearable” Kayla said.

I sighed.
” The JAHD boys are after her and kaima!? She is Sophie’s friend” Kayla said.

” I think there is something fishy about that Sophie’s friend” Kira said.

” Who? Dummy Anna? Kayla asked.

” It is obvious she likes Andrew but Andrew likes Sophie so she is acting like a btch” I said.

” Why don’t we make use to her to deal with Sophie? Kayla asked.

Kira laughed.
” Deal with Sophie?

I nodded my head.
” Please count me out, am not in this” Kira said.

” Why?

She arched her brow.
” Why? I don’t think I can take that risk, not after when the JAHD boys threatened us and humiliated us? Oh count me out” she said.

I looked at her.
She sighed.

” Why don’t we just let her be” Kira said.

” Let her be?

” Yeah, am getting tired of killing myself over someone who doesn’t give a damn about me” she said.

” Kira”

” Don’t Kira me, I don’t want to have anything to do with Sophie, you can go ahead with your plan but remember I told you” she said and walked out.

I sighed.
” Kayla”
” Kara”

” What should we do now? Kayla asked.

” I don’t know” I shrugged.

” But I love jay so much” she said.

I looked at her and scoffed.
” Really?

” Yeah”

” Then go and tell him that” I said.

” Kara”

I hissed and walked out.
💐 Sophie 💐
It’s break time.
” Finally” Andrew muttered.
I smiled.
” Let’s go” I said standing up.

We both walked out of the class.
” Sophie” I heard my name.

I turned to see Kaima.
She got to us.

I smiled.
” Hey Sophie” she said.
” Kiama”

” Hi Andrew” she said.
He nodded his head.

Have noticed him he doesn’t respond to kaima’s greetings.

” Let’s go” I said.

” Andrew” someone called.

We saw the JAHD boys walking towards us.
” Hi Sophie” Jeremy smiled.

” Hi Jeremy”
” Hi Henry”.

” Hey Sophie” he said.

I smiled.
We all walked into the cafeteria.

We sat down at the usual JAHD boys spot.

“Uhnmm…. Sophie I need to use the restroom” Kaima said standing up.

” Okay” I nodded my head.

We finished eating and yet kaima is not back.
” Where is she? I thought.

I stood up.
” Sophie”

” I want to check on Kaima” I said and walked out of the cafeteria.

” I want you to stay away from Sophie” I heard someone voice as I walked to the restroom.

I got there.
” And why? I heard kaima asked.

” Sophie is my friend” it’s Anna.

Kaima laughed.
” Really?

” Yeah”

” So? That is none my business” kaima said.

” Stay away from Sophie and also tell her to stay away from Andrew” she said.

” Why?

” She is a $lut,she stole Andrew from me” she said.

I laughed.
They turned to look at me.
” Sophie” kaima called.

” Anna” I called.

She looked at me.
” I thought I have warned you” I said.

” Nothing in this world can make me stay away from Andrew and nothing in the world can make Andrew like a btch like you” I spat.

She raised her hand to slap me but Kaima caught her hand.

She slapped her.
I looked at her surprised.

” Yeah, if you raise your hand at Sophie again, I will slap you all over again, don’t you forget am kaima” Kaima said sternly.

She looked at her as water welled up in her eyes.
I smiled.
” Now listen to me, stay away from Sophie and Andrew, don’t you dare try to mess with me…am kaima and you know what am capable of doing” Kaima said.

I looked at her.
” Let’s go Sophie” she said walking out of the restroom.

I stared at Anna for a while before walking out.

” Kaima you shouldn’t have slap her” I said to Kaima as we walked to the class.

” But she wanted to slap you” she said..

” That serve her right though” I said.

” Yes, I can’t believe she was once your friend” kaima said..

I smiled.
” Thank you” I said.

” For what?

” For slapping some sense into her skull” I laughed.

She laughed.
💐 Andrew 💐
We sat down at the JAHD boys spot.
” Andrew, what is this? Henry asked showing me his phone.
It’s a picture of when I kssed Sophie.
” You kssed Sophie? Jeremy asked.

” Yeah , I did” I smiled.

” It’s all over the school” Henry said.

” So?

” I can’t believe you kssed her” Daniel said.

” Is something wrong?

” Andrew”

I smiled remembering her lips.
” I kssed her and I don’t mind kssing her all over again” I said smiling.

” Why will you kss her? Jeremy asked.

I arched my brow.
” Why?

He sighed.
” You like Sophie right? Henry asked.

” Am in love with her, I love Sophie” I said smiling.

” Ohhh I see” Henry said smiling.

I laughed.
” Lover boy” he said laughing.

I smiled.
I love Sophie.
The school is over.
I walked to the class and saw only Sophie packing her books into her bag.

I smiled and tiptoed to her back.
I hugged her from behind.

She gasped and turned.
I smiled.
She slap my chest.
” You scared me” she said .

I smile.
” Am sorry”

” So tell me, where were you? She asked.

” You missed me right? I asked.

” Tell me where were you?

” I was with my friends” I said.

” Doing what? She arched her brow.

” Nothing”

” Nothing?

I nodded my head.
“Okay let’s go” she said.

” Not so soon” I said and wrapped my hands round her neck.

” Andrew” she called.

” Hmmmm”

” What are you doing?

I stared at her lips.
She smiled not looking at me

” Sophie” I called.

💐 Sophie 💐
I smiled.
I closed my eyes expecting the kss.

What’s is keeping him? I thought.

I was about opening my eyes when he smashed his lips on mine.

He kssed me.
I tried as much as possible to kss him back.

But I don’t know how to kss.

He dipped his t©ngue into my mouth.

I held his shirt tightly.

” Sophie you..” I heard someone voice.
It’s kaima

Andrew broke the kiss.
I turned and covered my cheek.

I heard Andrew laughed.
” Am sorry ” she said

” She has gone” Andrew said.

I turned.
Andrew smiled.
” Let’s continue from where we stopped” he said wrapping his hand around my neck.

I laughed and ran out of the class.

I saw kaima standing.
She smiled.
” You don’t need to be shy about it” she said.

” Am sorry I interrupted you” she said and winked.

I smiled.
” You are blushing Sophie” she teased.

” No am not” I said covering my cheeks.

She laughed.
” Yes you are”

” Let’s go” Andrew said carrying my bag
He held my hand as we walked into the car.

We got in and he drove off.



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