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July 23, 2021


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He is mine Episode 31 & 32

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Episode 31.




💐 Sophie 💐
I woke up this morning, took my bath and dressed up for school.

I walked out of my room and headed straight to mum and Dad’s room.

They are not there.
It’s obvious they already left for work.

I wonder if they rest at all.

I sighed and climbed down the stairs.
I prepared myself Noddles and ate it.

I took my bag and headed out of the house.

I smiled when I saw my car.
I stood beside it admiring it.

Now i have my own car.

Thank you mum and dad.

I walked out of the gate.
Andrew car is not here yet.

Where is he?
Is he not coming today?

I decided to wait for him.

After few minutes of standing.
He arrived with his car.

He parked at my front and came out.
I frowned at him.

” Sophie, I know you are angry at me but am sorry” he said.

I looked away.
” Sophie please” he said.

I looked at him.
” What took you so long? I asked.

” Stop frowning Sophie, you look ugly” he said

I gasped.
He laughed.
” Am sorry”

“Won’t you smile for me? He asked.

I looked away.
” Look at me Sophie, you look beautiful when you smile” he said.

Smile creeped on my face.
He laughed.

” You are looking beautiful now”he whispered into my ear.

I smiled widely.
He laughed.
” Shall we? He asked.

I nodded my head.

He opened the car for me.
I got in and he drove off to school.

He parked his car.
We came out.
I checked my time.
” We are late Andrew” I said.

” Sorry” he said.

I looked at him.
He winked.
” Let’s go” he said and held my hand.

I smiled.

We both walked into the class with our hands entwined.

Students stared at us while some murmur.

We bumped into Anna.
I winked at her and walked passed her with Andrew.

We got into the class and sat down.
“Be right back Sophie” he said.

” Where to?

” JAHD boys” he said walking out.

I smiled and brought out my book.

💐 Anna 💐
I fumed angrily when I saw the two of them together.

I really hate to see them together.

How could she?

She held his hand and even winked at me?

How dare you Sophie.

I really have to act fast.

But what can I do?

They JAHD boys are with her.

If I try anything against her then I will be putting myself in lot of trouble.

I sighed angrily.

I hate you Sophie.
I hate you.

I got to the class and met her on her seat.

I hissed and walked past her to my seat.
She stood up from her seat and sat beside me.
” Hi Anna” she smirked.

I ignored her.
She laughed.
” How are you? She asked.

” Get lost Sophie”

” Really? Am sure you can’t bear to see Andrew with me”

” Yeah, ” I said.

She laughed.
” Okay, you can have Andrew for yourself” she said..

I looked at her surprised.
” Yeah, you can have Andrew, ” she said with a smile.

” Really? I asked.

” Yes” she said and stood up from my seat.

Is she serious?

I smiled.
” Now I can confess my feelings to Andrew”
💐 Sophie 💐
How could she think I will let her have Andrew.

Well she can have Andrew but I know Andrew cant have her.

How could she think of falling for someone who doesn’t care about your existence.

Does Andrew even like me?
Or he is just like the rest of JAHD boys.

I know Anna is gonna confess her feelings for him.

But lets see how it goes.

I will use this opportunity to see if Andrew really like me.
But what if Andrew likes her?

I like Andrew a lot but I can’t be so sure that he likes me as much as I do.
Andrew sat down beside me.
Anna looked at us.

I looked at her then Andrew.
He smiled.

” Sophie” he called.

” Andrew”

” You..

The teacher came into the class.

💐 Andrew 💐
It’s lunch break.
Sophie friend came to our seat.

Sophie stood up walking out without saying a word.

” Sophie” I called.

She turned and winked at me.

” What’s wrong with her?

I wanted to follow her but her friend held my hand.

I looked at her then her hand.
She quickly let’s go of her.

I inserted my hand into my pocket and stared at her.
” What do you want?

” Uhmmm… can I talk.. talk to you.. for..a while? She stuttered.

I looked at her not saying anything.
” Please”

” Okay”

” Can we go somewhere else? She asked lowly.

I looked at her.

” Okay” I said.
She led the way while I followed her behind.

” Where is Sophie? I thought.

She stopped at an empty class.
I sat down on a chair.

I nodded my Head.
” Andrew”

” What do you have to say.?

” Uhnmm…I like you” she blurted out.

I looked at her arched my brow.
” Yes..I like you so much” she said…

I burst out laughing.
She looked at me confused.
” Andrew” she called.

” Okay thanks” I said standing up.

” I said I like you Andrew, I like you so much” she half yelled.

I looked at her.
” So?

” Don’t you like me too?

I burst out laughing.
Like her?

” Why will I? I asked inserting my hand in my pocket.

” Because I like you” she yelled.

I stared at her.
” Are you okay?I asked..

” Andrew am in love with you” she said.

” And who gave you the right to tell me that? I asked.

She kept quiet as tears welled up in her eyes.

I moved close to her and cleaned her tears.

💐 Sophie 💐
I stood at a corner.
Watching Anna and Sophie.

He moved close to her and cleaned her tears.

I gasped shocked.

He drew her to himself and hugged her.

I gasped as tears welled up my eyes.

He likes her too?

Andrew also like Anna?

I ran out of my hidden place as tears rolled down my cheeks.

I bumped into Daniel.
” Sophie” he called.

” Are you okay? He asked staring at me.

I couldn’t say anything as tears rolled down my cheeks.

He likes her too.

I looked at Daniel then ran away.
” Sophie” he yelled running after me.

Episode 32.


💐 Anna 💐
He drew me closer to him and hugged me.
I smiled.
That means he likes me too.
I know he likes me but that Sophie won’t allow him show it.

I never want him to let me go.
I felt happy in his embrace.

He suddenly broke the hug.
I looked at him with smiles plastered on my face.

” You.. you like me too right? I asked.

He stared at me.
” You like me too right? I asked eagerly but he didn’t say anything.

” Andrew…

” I don’t like you” he said.

I looked at him dumbfounded.
” An..

” Yes, I don’t like you and why will I like you? He smirked.

” Then..why..why..did..

” Oh because I hugged you and cleaned your tears? You thought I like you?

He laughed.
” I only did that for a purpose”

I looked at him shocked.
He doesn’t even like me.


” I don’t like you at all”

“You like Sophie? I asked.

” Yeah, I love someone else which is Sophie” he said.

I looked at him speechless.
“Now that you know I love Sophie, get rid of your feelings” he said sternly.

” And also don’t try to harm her if you still want to remain in this school” he said trying to walk away but he stopped and looked into my eyes.

” Stay away from me and stay off Sophie, if you try anything funny…you will pay with everything you have” he said coldly and walked out.

” What?
Fear gripped me.

He just threatened me.
He will surely carry out his threat if I try to hurt Sophie?

He loves Sophie that much?

He told me to get rid of my feelings?

Tears rolled down my cheeks.
Andrew can never like me?

. 💐 Andrew 💐
Where is Sophie? I thought looking around for her.

I can’t believe she told she likes me.
Why will she?
I dont like her one bit.

But did Sophie plan all of these?
Does she even like me at all?

Isn’t it obvious I like her.
How could she planned with her so called friend.

Did she do all that to know if I actually like her?
But it’s obvious that I like her so much.
I couldn’t stop myself from falling for her.

I got to the class but she is not there?
Where is she?

I decided to check on her at the library.

She is not there but where is she?

I sighed ruffling my head.
” Where is Sophie?

I walked to the JAHD boys spot.
I met only Jeremy and Henry.
” What is wrong Andrew? Jeremy asked.

” Where is Daniel? I asked.

” Am here” he said walking in.

” Have you seen Sophie? I asked.

” What did you do to her? He asked.

I looked at him.
” Where is she? I asked.

” Go look for her yourself” he said sitting down.

I sighed.
” Is something going on? Henry asked.

I sighed and walked out.

I got to the class.
She is still not there.

I decided to wait for her maybe she will come to the class.

It’s closing.
She is still not here.

Where is she?

I saw Anna packing her books into her bag.

I stood up and went to her.

I dragged her out of the class.
” Where is Sophie? I asked letting go for her hand.

She arched her brow.
” Where is Sophie? I yelled angrily.

Students already gathered watching.
” I…don’t.. know..

” Don’t you dare lie to me” I yelled.
She flinched as tears dropped from her eyes.

” I don’t know where she is” she said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

I sighed and moved close to her.
” If anything happens to Sophie, believe me I won’t spare you” I whispered into her ears.

I looked at her Sternly and walked away.

I got to the class.
Her bag is there.
I packed her books into her bag waiting patiently for her.

Am sure she is still in school.
But where?

Anna came in and took her bag and left.

There is no one left in the class.

I sat down and brought out my phone.
” Where are you Sophie please” I send a text to her.

I heard something beeped.
I checked her bag and saw her phone.

She is not with her phone?

Then where is she?

I turned and saw her standing by the door.

For how long has she been there?

I stood up and stare at her
She walked into the class and took her bag.

She ignored me.
” Sophie” I called.

She looked at me and brought out her hand.
” My phone” she said lowly.

” Where were you? I asked.

” My phone”

” I won’t give it to you unless you tell me Sophie, where were you? I have been searching for you”

” You can have the phone then” she said walking away.

I held her hand.
She didn’t turn.

” Look at me Sophie” I said.

I walked to her front and held her cheek Making her to look at me but she shut her eyes.

I smiled.
She doesn’t want to look at me.
” Sophie, have I done something wrong? I asked.

She didn’t say anything.
” Am sorry if I have done something to hurt you”

” Sophie please look at me and talk to me” I said hopefully.

She refused to open her eyes or talk to me.

I sighed.
” Please Sophie” I pleaded.

She took a deep breathe.
” Do you like her?

I arched my brow.
” Who?

” Don’t pretend Andrew, do you like her? She half yelled with her eyes still shut.

” Who are you talking about? I half yelled.

She opened her eyes.
” Do you like Anna? Tell me Andrew, do you like her? She asked and move away from me.

” No” I said.

” You are lying Andrew, you like Anna” she said not looking at me.

” Believe me Sophie, I don’t like her” I half yelled.

” Then why did you hug her?,she yelled.

I smiled.
Is she like this because of Anna?
Is she jealous?

” Are you jealous? I asked walking to her front.

She kept quiet staring at the floor.
I held her cheek.
She looked away.
” I dont like her Sophie, I like someone else” I said.

” If you don’t like her then why did you hugged her?

” I hugged her because of you” I said.

She gasped.
” Me”

” Yes Sophie, I saw you at your hidden corner, I saw you staring at us, did you plan all that? Why did you do that? Did you do all that to know if I like you or not? It would have been better if you ask me personally instead of sending your friend to me.. Sophie you..

” I didn’t send Anna to you.. I didn’t plan anything” she yelled.

I looked at her.
” It’s true Anna like you..she started behaving strangely towards me because of you..she warned me severely to stay away from you that she likes you so much” she said.

I looked at her speechless.
” She avoided me because of you..it sometime hurt me to see her sad..she is my friend, In as much as she doesn’t want to be my friend..I still care about her.. I told her today to confess her feelings to you if she likes you..I want her to stop hating me for no reason.” She said.

” I was passing by when I saw the both of you I decided to eavesdrop to know your reply if you also like her.. when she started crying you moved close to her and hugged her, I …I.. thought you like her also…I thought you also like her but you couldn’t show it because of me..I have been..

I put my hand on her lips stopping her from talking
She looked at me.

I smiled.
I drew her close to me and hugged her tightly.



written by ✍️ owie oyindamola.

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