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July 23, 2021


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He is mine Episode 29 & 30

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Episode 29.


💐 Andrew 💐
” Sophie” I called.

She looked at me then walked away.

I smiled.

Is she angry with me?
But why?

I couldn’t pick her up today because I had to meet up with my mum.

I got to Daniel.
” Yo man” I shook hands with him.

“What’s wrong? He asked.

I arched my brow.
” Sophie”

I smiled.
” I will sort it out” I said

” Is something going on between you too? He asked.

” I will catch up with you later” I said walking away.

I got to the class and met her with her phone.

I walked to her and sat down.
She frowned immediately she saw me.

” Sophie” I called.

She didn’t reply

” Sophie”

” Won’t..

A teacher came in interrupting from my statement.

She refused to look at me staring at the board.

I nudge her.
She still didn’t look at me.

What will I do now to make her look at me?

” I feel like kssing your sweet lips” I whispered into her ears.

She gasped and looked at me with shock on her face

I forced myself not to laugh.
” Finally you look at me” I said.

” Sophie you..

” Andrew ” the teacher yelled.

I sighed.
Wink at Sophie who still look shock.

I walked out of the class.

I walked to the JAHD boys spot.
” Andrew what’s going on?

” How?

” You and Sophie” Jeremy said.

I smiled.
” I like her and I think am falling for her” I said.

” What! They exclaimed.

” You… you

” Yeah, am loving Sophie” I said

” You’re joking man” Daniel said.

” Am not” I said.

” This can’t be possible” Daniel said.

I looked at him.
” What do you mean?

He looked at me.
I brought out my phone.

💐 Sophie 💐
The bell rang.
It’s lunch break.

I stood up from my seat.

I caught Anna staring at me.
I smirked at her and walked out of the class.

Where is Andrew?

Kaima walked towards me.
” Hi Sophie” she greeted.

” Hi”

” Where are you going? She asked.

” Uhmm..no where” I said.

” How about we go have lunch together? She asked.

” Uhnmm…no am not interested” I said searching for Andrew with my eyes.

” Where is Andrew? I thought.

” Are you looking for someone? She asked.

” Uhnmm…not really”

” Then let’s have lunch together” she said.

I sighed.
” You can go ahead” I said.

” Please Sophie”

” Uhmmm..I..

” Looking for me? I heard his voice behind me.

I turned to see him with the JAHD boys.
I smiled but frowned.
” No, let’s go kaima” I said

She looked at me then Andrew.

She nodded her eyes and we walked to the cafeteria.

I bought my lunch heading out of the cafeteria.

Someone took it from me.
It’s Andrew.
” Sit with me” he said holding me.

I looked at Kaima.
” You can go” she said.

” You should also come along” I said.

She nodded her head.
We walked over to the JAHD boys and sat down.

“Hey Sophie” Jeremy smiled.

” Hi Jay” I said.

” Hi Henry”

“Hi pretty” he said.

” What are you doing here? Daniel asked staring at Kaima.


” Shut up kaima and get the hell out of here now” he half yelled.

” Daniel am sorry” she said as tears welled up in her eyes.

“Get out” he yelled.

I flinched.

Everyone in the cafeteria turned to look at us.

“Daniel” I called.

He looked at me.
” I told her to sit here” I said.

” Please, let her sit”

” Sophie… she.

” I know Daniel” I said.

” It’s okay Sophie, I will leave” she said trying to walk away.

” No kaima, sit with us” I said.

She looked at Daniel.
Henry hissed.

She sighed and sat down.

. 💐Kaima 💐

“Soph” Andrew called trying to put his hand into Sophie’s plate.

She hit his hand with the spoon.

” Ouch” he winced.

” Sophie”

” Shut up” she said sternly.

He whispered in her

” I don’t want to talk to you” she said eating.

” Sophie, what were you doing with Andrew yesterday at his house? Jeremy asked.

I gasped.
She was at Andrew’s place?
What was she doing there?

It’s obvious she and Andrew are so close.

” Why do you wanna know? She asked with a smile.

Andrew whispered into her ear.
She laughed.

” Tell us Sophie” Daniel said.

” Do you wish to join our study group? She asked.

” Study group? They asked.

” Yeah, we are studying together” she said eating her fries.

They all looked at Andrew.

” What? He half yelled.

Henry burst out laughing.
” Andrew study?

They are both studying together.
” I know you all are dull brain” she said.

They gasped.

Kayla, Kara and Kira walked into the cafeteria.
” Hi Jay” Kayla said.

He ignored her.
” Kaima” Kara called.

” Can we sit here? Kira asked.

” No” Sophie said sternly.

She looked at her.
” And who are you to say no? Kara half yelled.

Sophie laughed.
” Am Sophie” she said.

” Then why is kaima sitting here? Kayla asked.

“It’s none of your business” she said.

” Kaima”

” Now leave” she said sternly.

” You heard her, leave” Jeremy yelled.

They looked at Sophie angrily and left.

It seems they all love sophie.
I wonder how she managed to make them like her.

” Am out of here” she said standing up.

I followed her
” Thank you Sophie” I said.

” For? She arched her brow.

” For making me sit with you” I said.

She smiled and nodded her head.

” Bye for now” she said walking to her class.

I smiled.
She is actually nice.

” Kaima” I heard my name.
I turned to see Kayla and Kara walking towards me.

” What are you doing with Sophie? Kara asked .

” None of your business” I snapped.

” Really?

” Yeah”

” What are you planning this time? Kayla asked.

” If it affect me in any way, am gonna kill you” Kara half yelled

I smiled.
” I and Sophie are now friends” I said.

” What! They exclaimed.

I walked away.

💐 Sophie 💐
It’s closing.
I pack my textbooks into my bag.
Anna came to meet you.
” What do you want? I asked.

” I see you are not ready to leave Andrew” she said.

” Yeah,”

” Am warning you Sophie, stay away from what’s mine” she half yelled.

I laughed.
” Really?

” Have you lost it Anna? I asked.

” Yes, I have lost it because of Andrew, am in love with Andrew ” she yelled raising her hand to slap.

But i caught her.
” Don’t you get it? He is mine” I yelled and slapped her instead.

She gasped and held her cheeks.
” Have been quiet because I consider you as my friend..I can’t believe you will behave this way towards me” I half yelled.

” You are nothing but a fool” I yelled.

She made attempt to slap me but someone held her hand from behind.

It’s Andrew.
He looked at her angrily.

” An…drew.” she stuttered.

” What are you trying to do? He asked coldly.

” She…I..

” Shut the hell up” he yelled.

” Now get out” he said and let’s go of her hand.

” Don’t you get it? He yelled.

She looked at me angrily and left.

” You okay? Andrew asked.

” Yeah, am fine” I nodded my head.

“Let’s go” he said.

I looked at him.
” Am sorry I couldn’t pick you up in the Morning, I had to catch up with my mum” he said.

I smiled.
” Am sorry I got angry with you” I said.

” I understand, you are attached to me that you can’t live one moment without me” he said and winked.

I laughed.
” Let’s go” he said.

We walked out heading to his car.

We got in and he drove off.

We got to his place.
I sat down bringing my textbooks from my bag.
” Am hungry” he said holding his stomach.

I laughed.

“I will prepare something for us” he said.

I laughed.
” Please don’t burn down the whole building” I said.

He laughed.
” Just joking” he said.

I smiled.
” Be right back” he said walking out.

” Okay” I said.

It’s been a while now and Andrew is not back.

I decided to check around though.
Am thirsty.
I need water.

I stood up trying to locate the kitchen.

I got there
“Wow” excaped my mouth.

It is very neat and beautifully arranged.
Very spacious and shining.

I opened the fridge.
I brought out a bottle of water and a apple fruit.

I drank the water.
Heading out of the kitchen.

I was looking around when I bumped into someone.

I looked up it’s Daniel.
He held me preventing from falling.

He stared into my eyes which made me feel uncomfortable.

I cleared my throat.
He smiled and let’s go of me.

” What are you doing here? We asked simultaneously.

” Am here to study with Andrew and you?

” Am also here to study with you” he said.

I looked at him surprised.
He is here to study?.

Episode 30.


💐 Sophie 💐
” You are here to study? I asked.
” Yeah” he said sitting down.

” Are you going to keep standing? He asked.

I sat down on a different couch from his.

” Can I ask you something? He asked.

” Sure”

” Do you like Andrew? He asked.

I looked at him.
” Why is he asking if I like Andrew, of course I like him”

” Uhmm..why do you ask? I asked.

” Why don’t you just answer me?

” Uhmmmmm…why did you stop calling me dummy? I asked.

” Nothing” he shrugged.

” Okay”

” So tell me do you like Andrew? He asked.

” What if I like Andrew? Is something wrong?

He sighed
” I like you Sophie” he said.

I laughed
” Cut it off Daniel” I Said.

” Am being serious here Sophie, I like you” he said.

I looked at him surprised.
He looks serious.

” Daniel..

” Sophie I really like you a lot” he said.

I looked at him speechless.
” I have feelings for you Sophie” He said.

” Sophie” he called.


” Sophie” Andrew called entering.

“Daniel you are here? He said and shook hands with him.

” What took you so long? I asked.

” Uhnmm.. nothing” he said bringing out what he bought.

Daniel stare at him Making me feel uncomfortable.
Daniel like me?
He has feelings for me?

💐 Andrew 💐
I noticed Daniel staring her Sophie.
She looks uncomfortable and bothered.
I cleared my throat.
” Why are you here? I asked Daniel.
” To study with you guys” he said.

I arched my brow
” Really? He asked.

” Yeah”

” Sophie” I called.

” Uhnmm.. Andrew”

” Is something wrong? I asked.

” Nothing” she said.

I looked at her.
Did something happened between her and Daniel?

” Andrew” she called.

” I don’t think we wont be able to study” she said.

” Why? I asked.

” Uhmm nothing, am having a slight headache” she said.

“Really? I asked sitting beside her.

” Yeah” she nodded her head.

” Sorry soph, I will take you to a room now to rest” I said.

” Uhnm..no Andrew” she shook her head negatively.

” Why? I asked.

She looked at Daniel while Daniel stare back at her

” Please drop me home” she said.


” Yeah, please drop me home Andrew” she said resting her head on my shoulder.

” Okay then but what about the food?

” You can eat it with Daniel” she said.

” Uhmmm no..you can take it along with you” I said.

” Andrew

” Let’s go Sophie” I said Standing up to assist her.

” Should I carry you? I asked.

She laughed.
” It’s just a slight headache Andrew..am not going to walk with my head but my legs” she said.

I smiled.
” Let’s go”

” Be right back bro” I said taking what I bought with me.

” Bye Daniel” she said as we walked out.

💐 Daniel 💐
I stared at the door.
It’s obvious Sophie like Andrew.

But what about me?
I like her also.

She seems happy when she is with Andrew.
She tends to smile and laugh a lot only with Andrew.

She likes Andrew around her but why will she like Andrew?

He is not the most handsome so why?

I was not actually here to study but to see her and probably spend some time with her.

Andrew got her before I could.

When Andrew said he is falling for her.. I couldn’t believe my ears.

When she said she study at Andrew’s place I couldn’t believe it.

Andrew already find a way to her heart.

It’s hurt me to see her in tears.

When she told me to stay away from her I felt bad.
I felt hurt.

I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

How she smile.

When she yell.

How she speaks.

When she laugh.

She is just perfect.

I like her but she doesn’t like me what should I do?

It hurts me to see her hurt.

I don’t know when this feelings came but I found myself falling for her.

I sighed.

I will just find a way to be more friendly to her.
💐 Sophie 💐
Andrew parked his car.
” Thanks Andrew”

” How are you feeling now? He asked.

I smiled.
” I will be fine” I said

” Do you want me to stay with you? He asked.

” No Andrew, trust me am fine” I said.

” Okay take this” he said handling me the food he bought.

” Thanks” I said.

I came out of the car walking to the gate.
” Sophie” he called.

I turned to see him walking towards me.
He stood at me front.
” Andrew’ I called.

He smiled and held my head.

He placed a kss on my forehead.
I opened my mouth surprised.

He smiled.
” Take care of yourself” he said walking to the car.

He waved and got into the car.

I watched him drove off.

I stood there speechless.
Andrew just kssed my forehead?

Smiles creeped on my face.

I walked in.

I got into my room and fell on my bed with smiles on my face.

I pull off my uniform and freshened up.

Am not really having any headache.
I actually left because of Daniel.
He has feelings for me?
He likes me.

But me?
I like someone else.

I couldn’t stand him staring at me.
There is no way I will be to study with him there.

Am sorry I lied to Andrew and he got worried about me.

I smiled.
He cares so much about me.

. I ate the food that Andrew bought for me.

I opened my textbook and study for a while before heading downstairs.

I met mum and dad there.
They are back?

” Dad” I called.

He smiled.
” My princess” I hugged him.

” How are you princess? He asked.

” Am fine dad” I said.

” Mum” I called.

She smiled and kissed my cheek.
” I missed you both” I said.

” I missed you my darling” mum said.

” I and your dad have a surprise for you” she said.

” Really? I asked.

” Yeah, come with me” she said as we walked out.

I got out.
I saw a brand new black car

I hope it’s not what am thinking?

We got to where the car is.
” Mum” I beamed

” Yeah my dear”

” Dad”

” It belongs to you” he said.

I screemed and jumped on him hugging him.

He laughed.
” Really? I beamed.

” Yes princess” he said.

” I love you so much dad” I said kssing his cheeks.

He laughed.
” Thank you so much mum” I said hugging her.

” You’re the best mum in the world” I said and kssed her cheeks.

She smiled.
” And you are the best daughter in the universe” she said pecking my cheek.

I laughed.
” Am so happy” I said jumping up.

They both laughed.
” Take” they said giving the keys.

I opened it and got into the car.
I smiled.

” But honey you have to learn how to drive” mum said.

” I know mum” I said.

” We will get you a driver” dad said.

She smiled.
” Thank you so much..you are the best parent ever” I yelled happily walking inside.

I got into room.
I checked my phone and saw 30 missed calls from Andrew.

I decided to call him back.
I dialed his number.
He picked up immediately as if he has been expecting me to call back.
” Sophie, is that you? Where were you? Are you okay? Is something wrong there? Should I come over? Are you…

” Andrew” I said cutting him off from his questions

” Sophie, where were you? Why aren’t you picking my calls, I was worried about you” he said worriedly.

” Am sorry Andrew but am fine.. I was with my parents and left my phone is my room..am so sorry”

” It’s okay, so how are you feeling now?

” Am fine Andrew” I said.

” And the headache?

” It’s gone” I said.

” Now am relieved so have you eaten? He asked.

” Yeah” I said.

” That’s is good, am glad you are fine” he said.

I smiled.
” Guess what Andrew? I beamed.

” What? You sound happy” he said.

” Yeah, am so happy” I said.

” Okay tell me what’s behind your happiness” he said.

” Guess Andrew”

” It’s girls stuff..I can’t be guessing, just tell me” he said.

” Mum and dad just got me a brand new car” I yelled happily.

” Really?

” Yes Andrew, now I have my own car” I said.

” Woah, it’s good though” he said not sounding Happy.

“Is something wrong Andrew? Are you not happy about that? I asked over the phone.

” No Sophie, am happy about it” he said.

” But you are not sounding like you are happy” I said

” Sophie, now you have your car…you won’t be coming to school and going home In my car…I won’t be able to pick you off..now that you have your own car you might wants to stay away from me Sophie but I still want you in my car.. Sophie you

” Andrew” I said cutting him off.

” Are you worried about that? I asked

” Yeah”

” It’s nothing to worry about…even though I have my car..I will still be riding with you in your car..I won’t stay away from you..I will wait for you to pick me pick me up in the morning and drop me off after school” I said.

” Really?

” Yeah Andrew, I want you beside me” I said.

” Wow Sophie, am so happy” he said.

I smiled.
” Am also happy”

” Thank you so much Sophie, you are an angel” he said.

I laughed

” Is Daniel there with you?

” No he left”

” Did something happen between you guys while I was away? He asked.

” Uhmm.. nothing happened” I said.

” Okay Sophie, you need to rest now”

” Alright”

” See you later, take care of yourself”he said.
” I will and you too”
” Sweet dreams about us” he said.

I laughed.
” See you tomorrow Sophie” he said and hung up.

i smiled
He is just so sweet.

I lay on my bed to sleep.




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