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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

He is mine Episode 19 & 20

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Episode 19.



💐 Sophie 💐
I finished eating and clear the dishes.
I walked into my room.
I took my bath and wore my clothes.
I sighed and brought out my book from my bag.
I lay on the bed.

I remembered I haven’t spoken to Anna, what if she is worried about me?
But she should have at least call me also.

I checked my time.
It’s already first period.
She might be in the class.

I decided not to call her.
I will call her by break time.

I dropped my phone to concentrate on my book.

My phone rang.
I checked the caller.
It’s Andrew.
Why is he calling?
It is obvious he didn’t see me at school.

Well I don’t think I can pick his calls.
I left the phone ringing.

💐 Andrew 💐
I walked into the class but she is not there.
She is not in school but why?

I brought out my phone and dial her number.
It rang severally but she is not picking up.
Is something wrong?

I sighed and walked away.

I got to our spot and sat down.
” Hey, what’s wrong? Henry asked.
” Nothing” I shrugged.

” Who else notice? Jeremy asked.
” What? Henry asked his brow.
” Is Sophie not in school? He asked.

/> ” Ohhhh…I haven’t seen her today” Daniel said.
“Let’s check on her” Jeremy said standing up.

” She is not school today” I said.
” Ohhhh” Jeremy said sitting down.
While Daniel looked at me awkwardly.

” But why? Henry asked.
” Don’t know” I shrugged.

” Okay” Daniel said.
It’s lunch break.
We walked out going to the cafeteria.

Students are gathered at the cafeteria.
We sat down.

💐 Anna 💐
Am so sorry Sophie” I said within me.
I shouldn’t have agree with the K-girls, it is obviously it is because of what happened on Friday.
But did he actually r@pe her?
Tears dropped from my eyes.

Sophie has been a very good friend to me.
She loves me and also care.
She will never do anything to hurt me but what did I do?
I betrayed her love and trust.
” Please forgive me Sophie”

If only I had told her what they are planning.. she would have been in school today.

Am such a bad friend.

If only the JAHD boys know I was part of the K-girls plan
I would have been disgraced with the K-girls.

The video of what happened to the K-girls Is all over the school.

I pitied them though.

My phone rang.
It’s Sophie calling.

Am sure she doesn’t know I know about what the K-girls did to her.

Since that Friday we haven’t spoken to each other.

I felt bad.
I felt guilty.

I left the phone allowing it to ring.

💐 Andrew 💐
We sat down at our spot.

Why don’t we go check on Sophie” Daniel said.
” Sophie? Not dummy? Henry arched his brow.
He laughed.
” Yeah, you called her Sophie not DUMMY? Why the change? Jeremy asked.
” Nothing, I just feel like calling her by her name, is something wrong in that?

” Really?

” Yeah” he said.

We looked at him.

” Okay, so we are going right? He asked.

” Yeah” Jeremy said.

The K-girls walked in.
Already in a new clothes but not uniform with their faces bruised.
We looked at them as they walked in
They fell on their knees.
” What’re you doing here? Jeremy asked coldly.
” Jay I..
” Shuushh”
Daniel laughed staring at them.
” Daniel…am am sorry” kaima said trying to touch him.
” DON’T YOU DARE” he yelled standing up.
Kaima flinched.
” You” Daniel said pointing his finger at each of them.
He raised his hand but I was quick to held his hand.
He looked at me and sighed angrily.
“Chill man”
” Why did you do that? I asked.
” Am sorry” Kayla said as tears dropped from her eyes
“That is not my question” I said trying not to yell.
” Andrew..I..
” Why did you do that to her? I yelled angrily.

They flinched.
” Why? I asked gently.

” Andrew, we did it because of you guys” Kara said.

I arched my brow.
” We?

She nodded her head.
” Ever since she came to this school, you all started giving her your attention, you treated her differently” she said.

” She is slapped me and you JAHD boys couldn’t do anything, she embarrassed the K-girls In front of everyone, you never tolerate against us to because of her you couldn’t do anything, you only laughed at us”

I looked at them.
” Really? Daniel asked.

” We love you so much and was Afraid to lose any of you” Kayla said.

” How could you even compare yourself with Sophie? I asked.

” You are all nothing but sluts” Jeremy yelled.

They gasped.
” Now get out” Henry yelled.

They stood up.
” Jay Believe me, I..I.

” You what? Jeremy yelled.

” I love you” Kayla yelled.

We burst out laughing as they looked at us confused.

” Love?

She nodded her head.
” Out” Daniel yelled.

They scurried away.

” Love? Henry asked laughing.
” $luts” Daniel muttered.

The bell rang.
I checked the time, it’s closing.
” Let’s go” I said.

We walked out heading to my car.
We got in.
I drove off.


I stopped at Sophie’s gate.
We got out of the car.

” Now, how do we get in? Jeremy asked.

I brought out my phone and called her but she is still not picking her calls.

I sighed.
” What’s wrong? Daniel asked.
” She’s is not picking up” I said.
” You have her number? Jeremy asked.
” Yeah” I said.
He nodded his head.

” Can I have her number? Daniel asked.
” No” I said sternly.
” Why?
” Nothing” I shrugged.

” Text her” Henry said.

” Hey Sophie, have been here waiting for you please come and open the gate, you have not been picking my calls, please am tired of standing” I sent the text.

” Let’s sit in the car” Henry said.
We got into the car and sat down waiting for her.


💐 Sophie 💐
I was in the kitchen preparing my lunch.
My phone rang but am too busy to pick.
I checked the caller
It is Andrew.
I sighed.

My phone beeped.
” It’s a message from Andrew.
I checked it.
” Hey Sophie, have been here waiting for you, please come and open the gate, you have not been picking my calls, please am tired of standing ” it’s read.

I smiled.
” So Andrew is here?

” I think that was the reason he was calling me”

” I have kept him standing.

” But what is he doing here?

” Should I change my dress?
I thought.
Am putting on a blouse and a short skirt but not too short though.
I loose my hair that I packed in ponytail.

I got out of the door.
Walking to the gate.

I opened the gate and saw his car.

The doors opened.
The JAHD boys walked out.

I gasped shocked.
” What?


Episode 20.


💐 Sophie 💐
We both walked to the cafeteria together.
I saw the JAHD boys sitting at their special seat.
We bought our lunch walking out of the cafeteria.
” Sophie” I heard my name.
I turned.
It’s Andrew.
I smiled.
” Hi Andrew”
” Am glad you are in school today”
” Yeah, thanks” I said.
” why don’t you come and sit with us” he said.
I arched my brow.
” Just for lunch” he shrugged.
I looked at Anna.
She nudge me.
” I will only join you if Anna will be coming along” I said.
” Sophie” Anna called lowly.
I smiled.
He hesitated for a while.
He looked at Anna.
” Okay” he said.

I smiled.
We walked to were the JAHD boys sat down.
I stood there.
” Hi dummy” Daniel smiled.
I frowned.
I sat down beside Andrew and Anna beside me.
” Why is she here? Daniel asked.
I ignored him.
” Uhmmm.. you decided to join us today? Henry asked.
” Thanks you all for yesterday” I said.
” Yesterday? What happened? Jeremy asked.
I sighed.
Anna sat down quietly not saying nothing.

I looked at her.
She seems lost In thought.
I nudge her.
” Are you okay? I asked.
She nodded her head.
” Let’s eat” I said.
” Here? She whispered.
” Yes of course” I said.

I saw the K-girls walking into the cafeteria.
They got to where we sat down.
” Ohhh” Kara said looking at me.

I wanted to stand up but Anna held my hand.
I looked at her.
She shook her head negatively.
” What are you doing here? Jeremy asked.
” Jay, what is she doing here? Kara asked staring at me angrily.
I winked at her.
” Jeremy,what are they doing here, they have lost the right to be here” I smirked
” Sophie” Kara called.

Kayla laughed folding her arms.
” If only what we planned worked out am sure you won’t be here today”

I stood up.
” How I wish the plan was successful”

I walked up to her angrily.
” You wretch” I yelled and slapped her.

Everyone in the cafeteria turned to look at us.
She looked at me.
” You ba$tard” I said holding her neck.

She tried to free my hand from her neck.
I let’s go of her neck.

She gasped for air.

“Am aware of what you all did at the party” I said pointing my finger at them.

” What were you thinking huh? I yelled.
” That I would fall into your trap? I asked.

” You only got save by Jeremy if not you..

I slapped Kara she fell on the floor.
I wanted to pounce on her.

But someone held me.
I looked at the person.
It’s Jeremy.
” This is a waste of time Sophie, they are losers” he said.

I removed my hand from his and walked away.
I got into the restroom and splashed water on my face panting.

💐 Kaima 💐
I watched Kara fumed angrily.
I hissed.
” Now we have lost, we lost our position, we lost our power and now we lost the JAHD boys” I yelled.
” And all these happening because of Kara” Kayla yelled angrily.
Kara looked at her.
” Yeah, you are nothing but a dumb brain” she screemed to her face.
” Kayla, watch your tongue” Kara yelled
” I won’t let’s go easily” I said with gritted teeth.
” I don’t want to have anything to do with any of you any longer, I will fight for myself, I won’t let’s go of Jeremy, he is mine alone” kayla said.

” Stay away from me all of you, I hate you all, it’s all because of you Daniel slapped me I have been so humiliated in my life before, I will get my Daniel back” I said.

” I hate you all” Kara said walking out.

I sighed angrily.
” Am gonna deal with that Sophie myself” Kayla said walking out.

Am left with only Kira.
” I like Henry so much, I don’t think I can let him slip off my hand because of a newbie, a lowlife” she said.

” Daniel is getting free with her and I can’t allow that, I can’t allow her come in between I and Daniel” I said angrily.

“But Daniel doesn’t like you” she smirked.

I looked at her.
” And Henry doesn’t like you too” I smirked back.

” Are you sure?

” Yeah” I said folding my hair.

” Watch and see” she smiled and walked away.

I sighed angrily.
” I really need to act fast, I love Daniel so much but with the look of things, he is beginning to like her”.
💐 Sophie 💐
The bell rang.
Finally today is over.
Anna came to me.
” Thank you Sophie” she said.
” For what?
” For forgiving me, am sorry once again”
” It’s okay Anna, we are friends okay” I smiled.

She smiled.
Andrew walked in.
” Hey nerd” he said sitting down.
I looked at him.
” You ready to go home? He asked.
” Yeah”
” I can drop you off” he said.
” No don’t worry, I will get a bus” I said.
” Sophie” he pout.

I looked at his funny face trying not to laugh.
I looked at Anna, she was staring at Andrew.
” Anna” I called.
” Uhn” she looked at me.
” You’re not going home? I asked.
” Uhnm..my driver won’t be coming today” she said.
” Ohhh”
” I will just take the bus for today” she said.

” Sophie” I heard someone called.
I turned to see Daniel, Jeremy and Henry as they walked in.
“. I will leave now” I said.
” Come Anna” I said.

Andrew held my hand.
” Sophie”

I looked at him.
” Maybe some other time” I said and removed my hands from his.

” Bye” I said walking away with Anna.

I walked out of the school with Anna.
She seems lost in thought.

What’s is wrong with her?
💐 Anna 💐
The JAHD boys like Sophie so much.
They humiliated the K-girls because of her.
No one has the chance to be with them except the K-girls.
But now Sophie?
She is a newbie but she has gained the most popular boys attention.
Expecially Andrew.
I admire him so much, he never talk to anyone except the boys.
He is the quiet of all and also handsome.
I have always liked him ever since I gained admission into the school but he never for once looked at me.
Does he even know I exist?

I watched the way he played and laughed with Sophie.
I felt extremely jealous but I can’t show it.
Sophie is my Friend.

Sophie told me they visited her yesterday.
I was surprised.
The JAHD boys visited her?
They can’t even visit the K-girls except they went for party.

She told me all that happened at her house.
I felt jealous.

How I wish am the one in her shoe.

It is obvious my Andrew like her but she is only pretending not to know.

I was not close to the Andrew because I was scared of what the K-girls will do.

But now?

The JAHD boys hate them so much.

I think this is my time to start getting close to Andrew.
Since he already knows me as Sophie friend even though he doesn’t like me.

But I know he will like me.

I have to stop being timid.

I will not lose Andrew to someone like Sophie.

” Anna” Sophie yelled jerking me out of my thoughts.

I looked at her.
” Uhnm

” What happened? What are you thinking? She asked.

” It’s nothing” I said forcing a smile.

” Really? She arched her brow.

” Yeah” I nodded my head.

” Okay” she said looking at me strangely.

We got into the bus.
” Why did you refuse to go with Andrew? I asked.

” Nothing, I just don’t want to” she shrugged .

I went silent.

We came out of the bus walking together.
” Sophie” I called.
” Yes” she looked at me.

I cleared my throat.
” Is something wrong? She asked.

” Can I ask you a question? I asked.

” Yeah”

” Do you like Andrew? I asked.

She looked at me.
” Why did you ask? She asked.

” Nothing, just want to know” I said.

She looked at me awkwardly.
” Do you like any of the JAHD boys, expecially Andrew? I asked.

She smiled.
” I can’t tell you that” she said.

” Why?

” See you tomorrow” she blew me a kss and walked away.

I looked at her as she walked away.
I sighed getting angry.
” She likes him”
” She is only pretending not to like him”



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