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August 1, 2021


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He is mine Episode 11 & 12

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Episode 11.



💐 Sophie 💐
I got into his car and he drove off.
It was a silent drive.

He got to the gate and parked.
“Thanks” I said opening the door.
” See you tomorrow” he said.

I got out of the car and waved at him.
He drove off, I got in I saw mum and Dad’s car parked.

Are they back? I asked excited.
I walked to the door, it is opened.
I got in and met dad at the sitting room.

” Dad” I yelled excited and hugging him.
He laughed.
” I missed you princess” he said smiling.

” Where is mum? I asked breaking the hug.
” Here, I am” I heard mum voice coming out of the kitchen with a glass of juice on her hand.

She got to the sitting room and drop the juice on the table.
” Mum” I called hugging her.
” I missed you soph” she said breaking the hug.
I smiled.
” Now, go up and freshen up I have prepared something delicious for my little baby” she said smiling.

I laughed.
” Am not a baby mum”
” C’mon you are still my baby and quickly freshen up ” she said.

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” Okay, mum” I said climbing up the stairs.

I got into my room, dropped my bag and pulled off my uniform.

I got into the bathroom and took my bath.
I got out and change into pink gown.

I got down.
“Mum, am here” I said.
” It’s on the dinning” she said.

I walked to the dinning and opened what she prepared.
” Wow” excaped my lips.

It’s my favourite.
I smiled and devour it hungrily.
I finished eating and took a glass of juice.

I got into the kitchen and washed the dishes.

I got back to the sitting room and sat down with mum.
“How was school princess? Dad asked.

I sighed remembering what I went through this today.
” What’s wrong soph? Mum asked looking at me.

” It’s nothing mum but I don’t like that school” I said.

” Why? Mum arched her brow.

“It’s one of the best school in this city” dad said.

” Best school indeed” I mumbled.

” Did you say something? Dad asked.

” Uhnmm..no dad” I said.

” Sophie very soon we will be getting you a brand new car” mum said smiling.

” Really? I asked surprised.

” Yes, princess” dad said.

I smiled.
” Thank you mum” I said hugging her.

” Thank you Dad” I said hugging him.
He laughed.
” I won’t have to follow the bus anymore” I yelled.

Mum laughed.
” Thank you so much” I said smiling.

” You are always welcome princess” dad Said.

” I will be in my room now” I said standing up

” Okay love” mum said and blew me a kss.
I smiled.

I got into my room and fell on my bed.
” I will be getting my car and I won’t have to get dropped by any of the JAHD boys car and I will be free from the K-girls humiliation”

It’s a good thing mum decided to get me a car.

I opened my bag and brought out my books to study.


I woke up this morning and yawned tiredly.
I sighed remembering I will be going to school.

I just hope today move smoothly.
I don’t want to have issue with anyone.

I sighed and got into the bathroom.
I got freshen up and dressed up.

I got out of the room.
Mum and dad are not in the sitting room not dinning.

I went to their room.
I met them dressed up.
” Good morning Dad” I greeted.
” Morning princess” he said.

” Good morning mum” I greeted.
” Good morning soph, hope you slept well?

I nodded my head.
” Good, please make sure you look after yourself, we are off to work” mum said kssing my cheek

Dad kssed my forehead.
” See you later princess” he said going out with mum.

I stood in their room and sighed.

I got out of their room and got down.
I sat down and prepared tea and bread for myself.
I ate it and stood up cleaning my mouth with a napkin.

I sighed remembering how do I get to school?

My phone beeped.
I checked it, it is a message from an unknown number.
” Hey Nerd, come out am waiting for you” it’s read.

” Nerd??
Who is waiting for me?

I took my bag walking out of the house.
I got out and locked the door keeping the key in my bag.
I walked out of the gate and saw a car.
Andrew got out.
I gasped.

” Andrew” I called staring at him.
” You here?

” Yes, I have here for sometime now,get in and let’s me drop you off” he said

The car was different from yesterday’s car.
Well he is rich so he gets to change car.
” Sophie” he called.

” Uhmmmmmm…no thanks I will get a back” I said.

” Really?
” Do you know for how long I have been waiting here? He asked.

” I never asked you to come pick me up”

” Am only trying to be of help” he said.

” Am sorry but you can drop me off” I said.
He looked at me.
” Thank you for your help,I really appreciate it” I said walking away.

I kept on walking.
I know I will surely get a bus.
I don’t want any bully with the so called K-girls.

“Excuse me ma’am? Please where can I get a bus? I asked her.

“Here, the bus will be coming anytime soon just wait a bit” she said with a smile

” Thanks” I nodded my head.

Few minutes later.
The bus came and stopped at our front picking passengers

I got in.
There was no space to sit so I had to stand.

The driver drove off.
He stopped at a bus stop and people trooped out.
I got down.
” Now how do I walk to school?

I saw few students in the same uniform as mine.
I decided to trailed behind them as they walked to school.

We finally got to the school.
I sighed relieved.
” Finally”

I walked down to my class and met the teacher teaching.
” Miss why are you late? He asked.
All eyes fell on me.

” Uhmmmm…am … sorry” I said.
He nodded his head while I walked over to my seat and sat down.

I met Andrew on the seat.
He looked at me but I looked away.
I brought out my book and started writing .

The bell rang indicating the period is over.
The teacher walked out of the class.

” You are late” Andrew said.
” Yeah” I said.

He stood up and left the class.
” Anna came and sat down beside me.

” Why are you late Sophie? She asked.

” Well that is because am trying to catch up with a bus” I said.

” A bus? You don’t have a car? She asked.

” Soon, to have a car” I said.
She nodded her head.

Another teacher came in.
It’s the music teacher.
” I gave you all an assignment to go listen to a song and come back here to sing it perfectly like the singer” she said.

Everyone mumbled.
” If you are not ready for my class, out” she said sternly.

Some students mumbled and went out.
” Hey you” she yelled pointing at me.

” Uhnmm ma’am am new here so I wasn’t part of the assignment” I said.

She looked at me then nod her head.
” Okay”

” Now let’s start with Aria Lucas” she said.
The girl she called came out and sang.
I must say she has a beautiful voice.
The bell rang indicating period over.
I smiled.
” I can’t believe you couldn’t sing” I said talking to Anna.

” I love music but I have issue with my voice” she said pinching her neck.

I smiled.
” You actually have a sweet voice” I said.

“Uhmmmm…thanks” she said.
I nodded my head.

” Ohhhhhuhhhh” I heard people shouting.
I sighed and turned.
It’s the JAHD boys entering.
I sighed.
” This isn’t the first time seeing them so why are the excitement

Jeremy styled his hair in a curly way and it looks good on him.
” Sophie” Anna called standing up.

Andrew sat down beside me.
While Jeremy and the rest sat down at our front asking the students to stand up.
They stood up fearfully.
I sighed
What do they want now?

I took my book trying to stand up.
I felt a hand pull me down and I sat down

It’s Jeremy
I looked at him
He winked.
I sighed.

The students were staring at us and murmuring
” Hey kids” Henry yelled.
The students sat down and the class went quiet.

” Hi dummy” Daniel waved.
” What do you want? I asked.

I heard students gasped.
I turned and it is the K-girls as they walked into the class.
I sighed.
They all looked at me angrily

” Hey babe” Kayla said kissing Jeremy’s lips.
She smirked at me.
Kaima also wrapped his hand round Daniel’s neck.
He smiled looking at me.
“Henry” Kara called kssing Henry lips and he responded.
I looked at them in disgust.
Kira pecked Andrew’s cheeks.

I took my books standing up.
” Where you going? Kaima asked.
” I bet she couldn’t stand what is happening here? Kayla smirked.

I stood up.
Kara took my bags and threw it on the floor.
I gasped.

I looked at her.
She smirked.

I took it and kept it back.
She took it, opened it and threw the books in there on floor stepping on it.

I looked at her shocked.
Everyone in the class laughed.

💐 Andrew 💐
She looked at Kara with tears welled in her eyes.
” What you gonna do huh? Kara asked smirking at her.

She stood there staring at Kara.
” You can’t do nothing” Kara said

Sophie raised her hand and slapped Kara unexpected.

Everyone gasped.
I looked at her shocked.
She slapped Kara?

Kara stood there shock with her hand on her cheek.

Henry burst out laughing.
Sophie took her books and arranged it in her bag
She looked at everyone of us and left the class.

” That btch” Kara said with gritted teeth.

We stood up smiling and walked out of the class.


Episode 12.


We sat down in an empty class.
K-girls spot.
” That girl” Kara fumed.
” I can’t believe she could raise her hand to slap Kara” Kayla smirked looking at Kara.

” Shut it Kayla, shut it” Kara yelled angrily.
” I never see that slap coming” Kayla laughed.
” This is getting unbearable” Kira said.

” She humiliated me and embarrassed me in front of everyone, I will take my revenge” Kara said with gritted teeth.

” What are you planning to do? Kira asked.

” I will make her pay with her life, I will deal with her in such a way she will never forget, she will regret messing with me” she said with gritted teeth.

Kayla laughed.
Kara looked at her with arched brow.

” Kayla?

” I still find it hard to believe that dumb girl slapped you not jay couldn’t do anything not even Henry or Andrew?

” It’s such a pity” Kayla laughed walking out.

Kara ran to her and pulled her hair tightly.
She slapped Kayla.
Kayla slapped her back.
They started fighting.

” Stop it , stop” Kira yelled getting in between them.
They moved away from each other looking at each other with so much anger.

” What are you both doing? I yelled.
” You both are fools” I yelled angrily.

” Shut it kaima, did you just call me a fool? Kara asked moving to me.

” Yes, what are gonna do? I asked looking at her.

She pushed me. I pushed her back.
” Don’t you ever call me a fool or else?

” Else what Kayla? I yelled.

” I might just kill you, don’t try messing with me” she said.

” And you Kara, am gonna deal with you in such a way that you will never forget” Kayla said pointing a finger at Kara.

Kara hissed.
” Instead of you both looking for a way to the rid of that btch, you are here fighting like idi©ts” Kira yelled.

” One more insult from you Kira, I will chop off you tongue” Kara said walking away.

Kayla looked at me then Kira, she hissed and also walked out.

I sighed angrily.

💐 Andrew 💐
We sat down at our usual spot
” Yo men, I can’t believe that dummy could slap Kara” Daniel said laughing

” Am surprised as you are dude” Henry said.

” I wasn’t expecting that from her” I said.

Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting her to slap Kara.
I was surprised.
Even the kids in the school couldn’t stand the K-girls but she? She slapped Kara.
Am sure the K-girls won’t back off for embarrassing Kara.
Sophie is in a whole lots of trouble.
Kara won’t let’s go so easily for the slap.

” But it’s fun seeing Kara’s face that way’ Henry said laughing.

He is just so fond of laughing at people.

” I thought she is a chicken” Jeremy said.

” Chicken dummy” Daniel said.
Henry and Jeremy burst out laughing.

“But where is she? Daniel asked.
” Who knows? Henry shrugged.

Kara and Kayla came in with bruises on the face.

We looked and them and burst out laughing.
They looked at us confused.

” Jay” they both called.
They looked at each other angrily.

” Jay” Kayla called walking up to Jay.
I looked at them and walked out.

💐 Sophie 💐
I sat down in the library, couldn’t concentrate on what am reading.

What happened earlier flashed into my memory.

“Did I slap Kara? I thought examining my little hand.

” I mean did I just slap her but how? I asked smiling and looked at my hand.

Well it is obvious I couldn’t take their shit any longer.
Am sick and tired of the so called K-girls and the JAHD boys.
It is time I fight for myself.
They are just humans like me.
No one has any right to treat me like a trash.

” But can I really do it? I thought.
” What will be the outcome?

” Oh dear lord, please help me out” I prayed silently shutting my eyes.

I heard someone snapped finger.
I opened my eyes.
It is Andrew sitting beside me.

” You here? What are you doing here? I asked.

” What else can someone do in a library? He asked with a smile.

I looked at him.
” You are here to read? I asked.
He nodded his head.

” Okay then go ahead” I said Standing up.

” Where are you going? He asked holding my wrist.

I looked down at his hand.
I removed his hand from mine.
” To the class” I said packing my book.
” Why? You’re not reading again? He asked.

” It’s none of your business” I said walking away.

I got into the class.
All eyes fell on me.
I ignored it and walked to me seat.
I sat down putting my books back into my bag.

Anna sat down beside me.
” Sophie, where were you? She asked.
” In the library, why do you ask? I asked.
” Nothing, I still can’t believe you slapped one of the K-girls” she said in a whisper

I arched my brow.
” Sophie, you just got yourself into lots of trouble, the K-girls won’t lets go so easily” she said.

” So? Am ready for the K-girls, am tired of their bull shts and I can’t take it any longer” I said

” Sophie..

” It’s lunch break, you coming along or not? I asked.

She looked at me bewildered.
” C’mon, let’s go” I said dragging her along.

We got to the cafeteria and bought my lunch.
I stood there waiting for Anna to get hers before heading to the class.

I felt something liquid on my head.
It’s a smoothie.

I sighed and turned to see Kara.
” You btch, who you think you are? She yelled pulling my hair.

I threw my lunch away and free myself from her grip.
I pushed her to the floor and pounced on her.
Slapping her.

I felt someone pulled me up by my hair.
I shrieked.
“It’s Kayla”

I stepped on her toes hardly.
She screemed and let’s go of my hair.
I landed her a slapped

She fell on the floor

” You ba$tard” kaima yelled raising her hand to slap me.
” Don’t you dare” we heard a voice and turned to see who it is.
It is Jeremy.

The JAHD boys walked fully into the cafeteria.
Daniel got to kaima and brought her hand down.
” What are you trying to do huh? Andrew asked with his hand pockets.

Kaima fumed.
” Jay” Kara called looking at me deadly.
” You okay? Henry asked.

I looked at him then the rest of them.
I walked out of the cafeteria.

I got into the restroom to wash my hair.
I need something to dry it off.
” Here, take this” I heard someone voice.
It’s Jeremy.
I looked at him, the towel and walked away with my soaked hair.

” Sophie” I heard my name.
I turned and saw Anna running towards me.
” Take, use this” she said handling me a towel.
” Thanks” I muttered drying my hair.

” Here, I got another lunch for you” she said.
I looked at her then the lunch.
” No, don’t bother, am not hungry anymore” I said.

” Just, have a bit of it” she said.

” No, am not hungry” I said walking away.

I got into the class and lay my head on the desk.
The bell rang.
It is closing.
I took my bag, walking out of the class.
” I know dummy like you don’t have a car” I heard Daniel’s voice behind me.

I turned.
He is with the JAHD boys and the K-girls are along with them.

” I can drop you off” he said.

” Daniel” kaima called looking at me angrily.
” Why will keep a lowlife In your car? She asked.
Daniel smiled.
” None of your business” he smirked at her.

She fummed.
” Let’s go jay” Kara said clinging to Jeremy

“Not yet” he said looking at me.

I sighed and looked at all of them.
I walked away.
I heard my name but didn’t bother to look back

Someone held my hand.
I turned and saw Andrew
” I can drop you off” he said

” No thanks” I said and walked away.

I got to the bus stop waited for few minutes.
It finally arrived.
I got in.

He stopped at the bus stop.
I got out.

It is just a few minutes walk.
I started walking.

I got to the gate.
I opened it.
I got to the door I opened it and entered.
I walked straight into my room.
I dropped my bag and fell on the bed.

A smile creeped on my face.
” Am proud of you Sophie” I thought.



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