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July 24, 2021


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He call me a cheat finale

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Episode 15



We explained the purpose of our visit and presented them with the evidence with us. After going through the evidence, the man named Felix was stunned. The wife by the name Kayla was angry and she didn’t bother to hide it.

‘So, are you now trying to tell us that you are here to take our son away from us? Kayla asked angrily

‘Not that madam, we just want you to know the situation of things. It won’t be proper that we know the truth of the matter and keep quiet. Even my wife doesn’t want to part ways with Jedidiah’ John explained to her

‘You see, my wife and I discovered that we were both AS but we ignore every warning and went ahead and got married to each other as we were so much in love with each other. While my wife was pregnant, we got to know that the baby has an SS genotype and has asthma because I am an asthmatic patient.

When the baby was born, we were surprised to know that he has an AA genotype and has no trace of asthma in him. The doctor said maybe a miracle took place not knowing that our baby was switched. Well, this is a delicate matter and we need to act with wisdom so that the children involved won’t be in trauma Felix explained with wisdom

Just like Felix advised, we went home and thought of what to do. Two months later, the Da Silva requested their son after which a DNA test confirmed that Jedidiah was theirs and Leonard ours.

Parting ways with Jedidiah was not easy as he was my favorite child though I didn’t show it. We were all in tears the day Jedidiah was taken away and Leonard was brought to us. To make matter worse, Leonard refused to cooperate with us as he was pampered.

Two weeks later, I received a call from Kayla that Jedidiah was battling with for his life. I didn’t think twice before going to the hospital where he was admitted. Getting to the private ward he was, it hurt me a lot to see him living on oxygen.

I went closer to him and wrap my hand around him. Immediately my hand touches his body, he became calm. Kayla was weeping as she was explaining to me that for the two weeks he spent with them, he refused to eat or drink. He even refused to speak to them and the only thing he did was to request for his mommy, daddy, Jeremiah, and Joy.

I was touched, it was obvious that Kayla was a rich kid who hasn’t gone through the hurdles of life. I calmed her down and explained to her that he would come around and when he does, she would love him as he is a sweet boy.

Jedidiah came out of the coma the following day, he was so excited to see me. He pleaded with me to take him with me but I explained to him that he can’t be with me because I wasn’t his biological mother. I made him promise me to be good to his new parent and even take care of them which he affirmed to

Jedidiah warms up to his new family but he was always calling to speak with me. Though he wasn’t mine, I was always praying for him. Later on, Da Silva relocated to the US with Jedidiah. I wept bitterly when I got the news.

Loving Leonard was not easy at first because he was over pampered and saucy, there is nothing he ever appreciates rather, he was always comparing us with his former family. There was a day I had to slap his face. Well, I left him for John to handle and with time, his character was better.


Episode 16 (FINAL)

Things were going well in my family and everyone was happy. Before the Da Silvas traveled out of the country, Felix collected the name of the court where my stepmother’s case was judged.

He took the case to a higher court and she was sentenced to life imprisonment. When money and connection speaks, who can stand in the way? Now, let’s see how she would come and continue fighting us.

Things were going rosy and I started thinking of going back to school since Joy has started school with her brothers. I was preparing to begin the admission processing when I discovered that I missed my period again. I was scared, getting pregnant again when I am aware that John doesn’t want another child will cause a problem.

Telling him about the pregnancy was out of it so, I decided to abort the baby. I didn’t let him know I was down, I went to a pharmacist and bought some abortion pills. Even after buying, I didn’t have the nerve to take it as I kept postponing the day I would use it.

One evening, while John was watching a cartoon with the children, I decided it was high time I used the drug. I sat in our bedroom and was about to gulp the drug when John entered the room asking me what the drug was all about.

‘Taking drugs? You never told me you were sick, what is the drug for? Malaria or typhoid?’ He asked

‘Term…i mean…as in’ I stammered instead of giving him answer

When he saw my uneasiness, he picked the sachets containing the drug and screamed when he read through and discovered it was an abortion pill.

‘What is this supposed to mean? Tell me, are you pregnant? He asked angrily

‘Eerm eerm, John, please forgive me. I don’t know how it happened, I am on contraceptives. I didn’t become pregnant deliberately’ I pleaded on my knees

‘And you feel aborting my baby is the best option? You didn’t even inform me, that’s callous. You want to kill my child without my knowledge’

‘I am sorry, please forgive me. I thought you would be angry again, I didn’t want anything to destroy the love and happiness we have now’

I was so surprised to see John pull me up from the floor and place me on his laps.

‘It’s okay babe. You see, I wasn’t loving and caring before because I didn’t let go of the past. Even though I was married, I didn’t let go of the pain my ex caused me. Today, I have forgiven her completely and I am able to love you the way I should. This child isn’t a mistake, he or she has come to stay. In fact, I want another baby girl’ John announced

‘Wow! Thank you, my husband, I love this new John’ I replied kissing his lips. As in I am no longer afraid of him. Before, I dare not initiate kissing or sex.

John’s words were just somehow to me as I didn’t believe those words came out of his mouth but he kept to his word by being supportive all through the period of the pregnancy. He didn’t hesitate to assist in house chores whenever I feel so weak, he was always there to massage my feet when it gets swollen, I actually felt like a baby all through the pregnancy period.

Contrary to what John wanted, I delivered another baby who was a replica of me. At last, I had a child who looks like me. My mother-in-law came to help nurse the child and when she came, she tried to avoid me but I wrap my hands around her showing that I hold nothing against her. She reciprocated and we became friends again.

John named our new baby Jude and added Jones to Leonard’s name making us the J-family. When Jude clock three months, John surprised me with a big supermarket. I was short of words, the only thing I did was to hug him and was crying. I never expected it, he also told me to get ready to go back to school once I wean Jude. He went with me to the hospital to get a perfect contraceptive for me as we don’t plan to go through childbearing again.

Today, I am a happy woman with a happy family. Jeddy may not be with me but I keep praying for him.

I have come to understand that when God wants to settle you, somethings have to happen. Are you going through a challenge, please don’t give up. The situation that will lead you to greatness will soon happen.




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