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July 24, 2021


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He call me a cheat Episode 11 & 12

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He call me a cheat

Episode 11


With that I left him at the balcony and went into the room to meet my children. They had finish eating and were playing game. John came into the room some minutes later and made to leave with Jerry but the latter refused to go with him even after I pleaded with him to go.

After much persuasion and Jerry still refused to go with John, we had to let him be. John had to go home alone and since schools were on holiday, Jerry was free to stay with me.

John returned the following day with change of clothes for Jerry and also brought some foodstuffs. At first, I rejected the foodstuffs but when he didn’t stop pleading with me to take it, I collected it from him. He also bought some clothes for Jeddy but Jeddy refused to collect it.

A week later, I received a call from John’s mother. She actually stopped being my mother-in-law the day she joined my stepmother to throw me out of her son’s house.

‘Good afternoon’ I replied rudely

‘Afternoon, John told me what went wrong and since you are innocent, you have to return back to your husband’ she informed increasing my anger

‘Wait, are you now ordering me to go back to your son? And who told you I am still Interested in your son? I replied her vibrating with anger

‘Fine, if you are no longer then return my grandchildren’

‘Can you see how foolish you



are? So, you are now demanding for the grandchildren you once rejected abi? If you ever disturb me again, I will relocate to a far away land and begin life with my children then we would know who will be at loss’

‘Young lady, Did you just call me a foolish woman?’ She asked

‘Yes, in fact, you are a mad woman. You and your son are both sick upstairs. If you ever call my line again, I will disgrace you’

With that, I ended the call and block her number immediately. I was actually surprised I could speak to her the way I did. Well, when a person Is pushed to the wall, he or she has no option but to defend his or her self.

Three weeks later, I was in the room teaching the twins some arithmetic, when I heard a knock on the door. I stopped what I was doing and went to open the door, I was shocked to see John and a lady at the door. I was lost staring at them as I was actually trying to remember where I knew the lady from.

‘Care to invite us in?’ The lady asked jolting me out of reverie

‘Do come in’ I invited them in not without giving John a bad eye

‘Daddyyyyy’ Jerry scream immediately he saw his father

‘How are you son?’

‘Very fine, Jeddy, won’t you say hello to Daddy?’ Jerry asked his brother

‘I have told you that I don’t have a father ‘ Jeddy replied rudely

‘When will you stop this nonsense Jeddy?’ I screamed at Jeddy

‘Until when he start loving us again’ Jeddy replied surprising me

‘I am talking and you are replying me abi? Wait, till I slap you’

‘Please, let the boy be. He is right, if his father had been more reasonable, things won’t escalate to this point.’ She replied surprising me as I thought she also came to cast blames on me.

I gave Jerry and Jeddy biscuits and asked them to go play outside while I discusss with John and the lady he brought.

‘Do you know me?’ She asked

‘No ma’ I replied with all sincerity.

‘I guess so, well, I am John’s elder sister who reside in Ghana. He actually made me travel here to help him apologize to his wife. You see, I *never knew about the situation till three weeks ago. I have listened to his part of the story and I let* him know that he is at fault but I am here to plead with you, I know you are hurt but please come back home because of the kids’

‘Sorry to disappoint you ma, I am not interested in coming back to him neither do I want to have anything to do with him again’

Oh hearing that, John came to where I sat and knelt before me weeping. I was so surprised to see him go on his knee before him, I was just short of words.

‘My wife, please forgive me. I know I have been wicked and unfair to you, I am ready to change. I promise to make you happy and treat you as my wife, please, just forgive me’ John pleaded amidst tears

‘You see, he is truly sorry. I sat him down and talked sense into his dull brain and he promised to be a better husband, please give him another chance’ his sister chipped in

While we were still discussing, Jerry ran into the room crying that Jeddy was finding it hard to breathe. On hearing that, I ran outside and carry him into the house. John collected him from him while I search for his inhaler.

Immediately I saw the inhaler, I helped him use it and he became fine after inhaling it. John drew him closer to himself and started apologizing to him for being a failed father. In no time, Jeddy slept off in John’s arms.

Sister Lucy, John’s sister asked how I was able to cope with an asthmatic child and I made her understand that it wasn’t easy but Christ keep strengthening me.



Episode 12


Jeddy’s health condition that night made John plead with me to go back home with him that evening. He made me understand that sleeping on the mat was what increases the rate of Jeddy’s asthmatic attack.


As much as I didn’t want to go back with him, I had to because of Jedidiah, I just can’t bear to lose my son because of the issues I have with John. I started packing but John told me he would send some boys to come to do the packing, he also suggests I dash the things out with the promise of getting new ones for me.


I went to the landlady and explained to her that I had issues with my husband that was why I came to rent a room in her house. I told her we have settled so I had to go back home.


She was happy that I am going back to my husband but was sad because she was going to miss me. I embrace her before leaving.


I carried Joy, Sister lucy held Jerry while Jeddy was still in John’s arm as we made our way to where John’s car was parked. Getting to the car, Jeddy was carefully laid on the back seat while we also made our way into the car.


After about one hour drive, we arrived home. I remembered how I was forcefully brought in here to be a wife and how I was thrown out of the house with the accusation of cheating. I shake off the memory and assured myself that I came back because of my children.


We all alighted from the car and filed into the house. John carried Jedidiah into his room with the hope that I would join him. Well, I shocked him by going into the children’s room. My coming back doesn’t mean I have forgiven him totally.


Surprised that I didn’t come to meet him in the room, he came to meet me in the children’s room.


‘Sweetheart, are you not coming to the room?’ He asked


‘I am okay here. Mind you, this is my room for the meantime’ I announced to him


‘But you know that your place is in my room’


‘And what if I decide not to stay in your room, will you beat me up? Please, you need to leave as I don’t want my children’s sleep to be disturbed’


I laid back on the bed while he dejectedly walks out of the room. I woke up the following morning and was surprised that I was the only one on the bed. I wash my face in the bathroom and went downstairs, I was surprised to see John feeding Jeddy and Joy while Jerry was eating by himself.


‘Good Morning sweetheart, hope you had a great night rest?’ John greeted cheerfully


‘Yes, thank you’


‘I made breakfast and yours is in the kitchen’


‘Alright, thank you’


After the children had their breakfast, John invited the family doctor to come to examine Jeddy and have him treated.


Dr. Craig informed us that Jeddy’s health condition can be well managed if he is well cared for. He warned us never to expose him to cold so that asthma won’t become worse.


Jeddy was given some injections that made him sleep all day. He was in John’s room as John suddenly doted on him. Joy was also warming up to John and was always in his arm if Jeddy wasn’t in his arms.


When Jeddy became better, he decided to take us out but I wasn’t interested so I told him to go with the kids. The kids came back so excited as they had lots of fun.


John started doing things to win me over but kept on giving him a hard time, he buys me flowers and gifts but I do refuse it. He helped a lot with house chores but that didn’t change anything. Every morning, he was always dropping the apology note beside my bedside.


For three months, I didn’t give him face. I took a look at the notes he has been dropping beside my bedside for the past three months, I concluded that he was really a change then I decided to give him another chance.


That evening, after he returned from work and had dinner, I sent him an SMS asking him to come to meet me in the room since the children were busy with their favorite cartoon.


‘Sweetheart, you sent for me’ he said immediately he got into my room


‘Yes, do have your seat’


‘Thank you’ he muttered


‘You hurt me a lot. I expected you to stand up for me rather you had me thrown out of the house with seven weeks pregnancy. I suffered just to provide Jeddy and Joy’s daily needs. After going through that, you want me to forgive you without stress. Do you think that is possible?’


‘I was such a fool to treat you the way I did but I have realized my mistake and I have made up my mind to treat you like a wife not a maid. I just want you to give me a chance to prove myself’ John pleaded once again


‘I just hope you won’t hurt me again


‘I cross my heart’


John drew me into his arms assuring me of his love for me. After the children slept that night, I tiptoed into John’s room as I needed to be in my husband’s arm again.





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