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July 24, 2021


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He bought me Episode 66 to 70

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He Bought Me.

Episode 66




Donald looked at his side and saw the hole of a bullet at the wardrobe beside him.

I dropped the gun to the floor and looked at him.

He knelt and looked into my face. “Why didn’t you kill me?”

“I forgive you because of Love. Killing you will not resurrect my parents.” I said and was about to walk out when he said: ” I just wanted you to be the one to kill me. Kim killed your parents ”

I turned at him.

“Dad sent me to kill your parents for real. I told Jennifer cause she is close to me and she knows what kind of Job my father does.

She went ahead and executed the mission before I could.

I found out it was K that killed your parents and that K turns out to be Kim.

I did find out whom the K is and on finding out,
I met with him and he told me he killed your parents ,I paid him for telling me the truth after seven days only for him to message the following day me that he never killed them.

Till today ,the killer of your parents is not really clear.

I never killed them but your act just prove to me that you really want me alive.

Maybe you have the same feelings I’m having for you….I think I love you?” Donald said.

“A male killed my parents so it’s either Kim or you?”I insisted.

“Kim has no reason to lie ,he thought I did and I thought he did too. No one knows who really kill your parents but I guess it’s none of us. “Donald said.

“Okay.” I said and kept looking at Donald’s face

He stood and walked to me.

“Do you love me?” He asked.

“It’s forbidden for a property to love his master ” I reminded him.

“Love breaks any rule. Do you Love me?” He asked again.




Episode 67

^ Jessica ^

I guess my reply met him in shock. He took few steps back and I could perceive disappointment on his face.

“You …did…not …love….” He said the words one after the other. “me…” He completed his sentence slowly.

I looked into his very handsome face. The truth is I really can’t explain the kind of feelings I have for him. I find absolute happiness in just seeing him around.

I just love myself being around him but I do not know If I’m to call that Love or not.

Plus he might think I’ve being protecting him all his while just cause I Love him.

No, I do not think I love him.

“I do not ….” I wanted to repeat the statement again but it seems difficult this time.

We both maintained a firm eye contact. He later took his face away.

“Jessica! ” He called my name while I remained mute. ” I’ve being a shadow of myself for a while now. I use to be happy many years ago but everything changed. Maybe you could actually make me happy once again. ”

I wanted to speak but words were not protruding ,I sincerely didn’t know what to say exactly.

“This is why I had never being scared of death. Life makes no sense to me. Jessica… don’t love me out of pity but if you do Love me ,just tell me.” He said.

My heart became heavier. If there is one thing I want about Donald ,it’s for him to be happy.

I just loathe seeing him sad.

“Sir!” I called and he still didn’t look into my face.

“I did not Love you. ” I said and turned from him.

I walked away from his room and ran to my room to release my uncontrollable weak emotions.

I closed the door on myself and cried gently.

Loving the killer of my parents will be the last thing I will ever do.

I don’t care who might be the actual killer of my parents ,the most important fact I read in the diary is that his father sent him to kill my father.

How in the world can I have a world with such family.

If it turns out to be marriage ,even my parents will curse me from where they are for marrying the son of their murderer.

Never , that’s not going to happen.

Plus ,I’m not certain yet If I truly love him or not. I pray I will never fall in love with him.



Episode 68

^ Jessica^

‘Following Day’

I was at the gym training myself when I began to hear the visitor’s bell sounding repeatedly .

I suspended what I was doing and walked to the main gate of the house.

I opened the gate wide and the car drove in. I recognize whom the car is for instantly.

Kim stepped down and I wondered why he had come.

I stood still ,shock and unable to move. I remember how I thought I killed him the last time I went to his place.

“Where is Donald?” He asked.

“In…Inside.” I stammered and he nodded and smiled faintly as he walked inside.

I walked sullenly still heavily disturbed for what he might have come for.

On getting to the sitting room ,I saw that he had met with Donald and Jennifer at the living room.

“Have your sit ” Donald said and Kim obliged.

Kim came to look into my face and smiled faintly before he finally concentrates his attention on Donald.

“Don’t be surprised … I came for a reason.” Kim said and we all were silent seriously, anticipating for what he had come for.

“Well , Jessica here …” he gestured at me. “She came to kill me in my house with claim that I killed her parents. ”

Every where was silent as before he spoke.

“Can you tell her that I never killed her parents!” Kim told Donald.

“Are you scared of her? And even if you killed her parents…you can just teach her the greatest lesson of her life whenever she comes to your place for some foolish revenge sh!t. ” Jennifer said.

“I wish I can hurt her but I can’t.” Kim said.

“Why? Same with Donald ,I guess. Did you guys forget this girl is just an ordinary property! You have shot many ladies dead in the past ,what’s so special about her that you can not send her to the grace where her parents live ” Jennifer said.

“Oh! I get…Because she probably won the camp competition.” Jennifer added.

Kim smirked and rested well on the chair.

“It’s way bigger than that. Jennifer has a special place in my heart and that’s why I always want her around me. “Kim said.

“A special place? ” Jennifer thought for a while then spoke up again. “You mean…you may Love her or what? ”

Kim grinned and rested his hands on his laps. “Not ‘may’ . I Love her.” He said to my utmost surprise.

“Love who? Jessica?” Jennifer laughed. “I know you are joking, how can anyone love an ordinary ugly property like this?”

“She may be ugly to you but she’s very beautiful to me ” Kim said and Jennifer became mute and remained stunned.

“You Love Jennifer?” Donald asked to be sure.

“Yes ,I do. ” Kim answered him. “Can you please tell her that I never killed her parents?”

Donald looked into my face and said; ” Jessica! ”

“Sir!” I answered.

“Kim wasn’t the one that killed your parents ,neither am I?” He said.

“Then who in the world killed my parents? ” I yelled angrily “But you once told me it was Kim that killed my parents?”

“I said it cause he’s the closest suspect but the truth is he didn’t kill your parents.” Donald said.

“Can you help me to find whom the killer is?” I asked.

“Personally , I had tried everything to find whom the killer of your parents is but I couldn’t ” Donald said.

“Same here.” Kim said.

I closed my eye and hoped gently that I will one day find whom the killer of my parent is.

I opened my eye and was stunned to see Kim standing before me with a firm look.

“Jessica ,did you know I love you?” He asked softly and I took few seconds before I replied by shaking my head.

“I do…so much. I ….Love you.” Kim said and I lowered my head at a point when I couldn’t maintain eye contact with him anymore.

I did not know what to say to him cause I do not even think I have any thoughts or feelings for him.

“Do you love …me?” Kim asked softly and I shook my head almost immediately.

“I do not love you ,sir. “



Episode 69


I watched as Kim lowered his head to the left. I saw a look of disappointment on his face as he bite his lower lips softly.

“You never loved me?” He asked softly out of pain and I nodded.

Kim looked at Donald and then to Jennifer.

He looked at me and said; “How do you intend buying your freedom? Or you want to be Donald’s property for life?”

I thought for a while before responding. “I wish I will get enough money to buy my freedom someday”

“That day may never come cause the money to buy your freedom is very exorbitant. An average rich American can not even afford it. If you start working from now till another four years,you still may not be able to afford it.” He said.

I scuffed.

“Well ,I can buy it for you right now ” he said.

“Huh! And why would you?”

“It’s obvious. I love you.”

“If you buy my freedom , will you own me then ?” I asked to be cleared.

“No ,you are freed forever. No one’s owns you after I buy your freedom. There is a different between buying you from Donald as my property and buying your freedom.” He clarified and I sighed.

“Okay…Go ahead ” I said.

“I wish….but what will be my gain?” He asked.


“Yes,gain! You need to retort my Love. I need you to love me back.”

“But you can not force love?” I said.

“I can. If I buy you from Donald, I can make love with you every single day with or without your permission. I can make you my wife with or without your permission. ”

I chuckled . “And who said Donald is willing to sell me again!”

“Oh really? You really think he won’t sell you?” He said and faced Donald.

“How much are you selling her ,Donald?”

Donald stood gently and walked up to us.

“#300,000 dollar is not bad.” Jennifer said.

“Donald ! #300 thousand dollar! Are you agreeing?” Kim asked and Donald nodded to my surprise.


Episode 70

^Jessica ^

“Donald ,you selling me
off to Kim?” I asked to be sure. Sweats were rapidly forming from my body already.

I do not ever want to be Kim’s property.

“No. I can’t sell her for one billion dollar.” Donald told Kim.

“Why?” Jennifer asked.

“Cause I love her.” He replied Jennifer and both Jennifer and Kim furrowed their brow at a time.

“You….Loved your property?” Jennifer asked.

“Donald ,tell me this is a joke.” Kim said.

Donald came to me and held me by my wrist.

“Jessica ,I love you.” He said to me and those words went deep into my heart.

I closed my eye gently cause I kind of like him too but I’m not sure on if I actually love him or something.

Kim grinned surprisingly. “I can’t believe this…Jessica ,do you Love Donald?”

I hesitated for a while and wondered what perfect answer I could give at this sensitive moment.

“No ,I do not Love Donald. ” Even though ,those words protrude out of my mouth , I felt like I betrayed the truth in my heart.

“You see,she never loved you.” Kim said. “Just sell her to me.”

Donald smirked as he let loose of my wrist.

“Donald ,sell this girl off.” Jennifer supported Kim.

“I do not love her because she loves me ,I love her because I find myself falling in love with her. Maybe because of her good heart ,I can’t say. ”

“But Donald, I’ve got a good heart. And you know pretty well that I love you. ” Jennifer said and Donald scoff.

“You never loved me ,you loved my money. “Donald said.

“Donald!” Kim called and Donald went to look at his face. “We all know that Jennifer loves you. She use to be your girlfriend and for whatever reason ,you guys break up. Forgive her and go back to her and let Jessica come to me. ” Kim said.

“I’m not a child. I know what I’m doing. I know who truly loves me between the both of them. ”

“The girl just said she never loved you. ” Kim said. ” But common ,Donald. Stop behaving like a kid. You know it won’t work out between Jessica and you ” Kim said.

“Why?” Donald asked.

“Jennifer won’t watch that happen. She will rather kill her than watch you marry her.” Kim said.

Donald lowered his head and raised it about few seconds later . “Jennifer would never defeat Jessica easily. I trust her.”

Kim smirked. “You want to hear this? I hope you know Jennifer and I work together. I can’t watch the two of you go into relationship. I will loose that way. And you know Kim doesn’t loose. If you think she can defeat Jennifer ,can she also defeat me?” Kim said in a threatening tone.

“I knew it….you guys wants to force love. Let’s allow Jessica make her choice ” Donald said.

“What choice!” Jennifer bursted.

“Choice! Do you just say choice? We both know a properties doesn’t have a choice of their own ,we decide for them ” Kim said.

“I’ll buy her freedom from the grand master ,then. ” Donald said.

Kim smirked and came close to Donald. He tapped him by his shoulder.

“I love Jessica ,just sell her to me …” He paused and scoff. “You won’t like what will happen after this. You know me very well. I don’t want you to regret the fact that you never sell her to me. ” He said and darted his face at me. He glanced at me from head to toe with a dry smile.

He walked out.

I exhaled in nervousness mixed with anxiousness.



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