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July 24, 2021


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He bought me Episode 5 to 10

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He bought me????

Episode 5




I directed the gun to my leg and looked into his face pleadingly.

“Shoot” He said and I pulled the trigger but I targeted the floor instead.

It cracks and he moved back while I stood.

“He checked my leg to see if I really shoot myself because he was surprised that I was still standing.

” Oh! You didn’t shoot yourself , let me teach you how ” He said and snatched the gun from me

He stretched it to my leg but he couldn’t shoot it. He looked into my eye and walked inside.

I exhaled feeling relaxed that he didn’t shoot it.

I shot the gun to the air just to scare him and it worked , before he could look back in surprise mixed with fear at what was happening , I fell to the floor and placed the gun before my neck like I had really shot myself.

What I really want is for him to place that handsome hand on my skin again ,he’s so handsome and I just wish those hands will never stop touching me.

He walked to me and was probably examining to confirm if I shot myself or not but I closed my eyes still

“Hey!” I heard him say but I refused to stood.

You this stubborn handsome man , you must touch me today.

“Jessica” I heard him called my name and men! It was so sweet in his mouth. I love every bit of it.

Handsome boy , please keep calling my name , I really love it but touch me too.

He finally brought his fingers closer to my nose to examine If I was breathing

But I was quick enough to notice that something is approaching my nose and so , I stopped breathing for a while.

“Are you dead for real?” I heard him say but I still refuse to reply.

He squatted before me and placed his two hands on my cheeks

Huh? Am I dreaming? Is that his hand Or?


Episode 6



^ Jessica^

I finally opened my eye and looked into his handsome face…soft and beautiful as always. I felt like grabbing it forcefully and planting a romantic kiss on it.

“I stood up and he just kept looking at me without expressing any emotions.

” did you try to shoot yourself?” He asked.

My days! He forgot he said I mustn’t speak again.

He walked inside when he probably realized the rules he set for me and I followed.

“I was almost dead there , those gangs betrayed me and wants to kill me to have the money….henceforth, I will stop going to deliver the stuff myself, you will now do?”

I wonder what the stuff is ,though. I wish I can ask but his order sealed my mouth.

But really, what would become of me if I dare to disobey his rules. Will he perhaps shoot me?

I will dare him on the day he is not having a gun with him…hey…why didn’t he shoot my legs the other time?

“Are you here?” He asked when he realized that I was lost in thought and truth, I was really lost in thought.

I can never stop fantasizing about how beautiful he is.

“I have a plan of visiting two gangs today to deliver stuffs but the attack from the first gang  devastated me already. Now…take this and deliver it to this address ” He said and handed over a stuff inside a whitish nylon to me.

I received the leaflet in which the address was and I nodded.

“Make sure you do the job perfectly?” He said and I nodded and was almost walking out when he called me back.

“Where is your gun?”

I showed   him where I kept my gun in my body and he nodded.

I ran to his car , handled the wheel after many years of my parents departure and drove to the address.

On getting there , I stepped down and seven men gathered around sniffing some dark things that I can’t really place what it is.

Everywhere was smelling toxic and I loathed the atmosphere.

“I was asked to deliver this stuff to you and receive the money in return “

Two of the men chuckled. One of them came towards me and thought he could bully me. I noticed his hand was about entering where my chest is located.

I gave him an upper cut blow that sent him knocking to the floor. the other men were surprised at first but giggled at how I was quick to defend myself.

“Come and have your money ” One of the men said and I walked to their mist and picked the money.

By then , I had dropped the stuff for them but I suddenly realized that the money is fake.

“It’s fake ” I said and before I knew what was happening , they had hurriedly surrounded my head with guns


Episode 7



I raised my two hands up in surrender , one of them stood and rough handled my hair as he made me lay on the table.

I realized that he wanted to rA-pe me right there and then , I waited patiently till he unhooked his belt , he dropped his gun on the floor and try to lay on me to start to rApe me , but I gave him a strong kick in his chin instead.

I did a backflit before they could shoot and held one of them by the neck with my gun on his head ready to shoot him if they try to fight me.

“Drop your guns” I ordered and they obliged at the instance.

I made a reverse and walked out of the room , I used the guy as a shelter till I get to my car , I opened the door and use the bottom of the gun to hit him at his head.

Blood start to gush gush his head but I do not care, he fell to the floor and I entered the car and , made a U turn and I before I could drive out , sounds of gun could be heard all over my car.

Since the car is not bulletproof , I tried to guide it by driving recklessly, but before I could fade out of their sight , a bullet hit me by my shoulder.

I screamed and used my other hand to drive , I was bleeding seriously but I’ve always learnt to be strong.

I finally got weak and I felt like I will die soon , of drove home ,I pressed the horn button in the car a number of times before I saw Donald walking towards the car sluggisly

I fell to the floor , weak and tired , bleeding and feeling terrible , Donald noticed what was happening and walked sluggishly to me

“Just this battle , you can’t win…Is this how you wanna die? If so…then die ” He said and walked away.

I tried to call him but my eyes were closing fast ,he’s as wicked as he has always portray himself to be.

My sister and my uncle could punish me all day but they wouldn’t have allowed death.

I was about giving up when a car drove in. I do not know if they were the enemies that were after me that had come to finish their mission

I tried so hard to look intently towards the direction of the car. Even though my hands were weak to handle a gun not to talk of pulling a trigger , I still held the gun as a means of self defence.

A young man with a tinted hair , a bit fleshy and handsome , he was dressed in white suit and blue jeans , I had never seen him before neither do I know who he is.

He sighted me and rushed towards me , he carried me at the instance straight to his car.

I felt so glad that someone finally saved me. I wanted to tell him that it’s too late because I was feeling like I was closed to death.

And truth , I closed my eye without having any more idea of what was going on: I loosed absolute consciousness.


Episode 8



I opened my eye and found myself in an hospital, all sorts of medical gadgets were connected to my body and I was feeling strong and agile.

I looked around and was wondering how I got myself here when I suddenly heard steps approached my sit.

“Thank goodness , you are fine now ” He said and I nodded.

I recognized him; he’s the guy that helped me.

“Thanks” I said and he sat beside me.

“I was scared when I saw you in that position , did Donald shoot you?” He asked.

“No” I replied.

“My bad! I should have introduced myself. Well,I’m Justin…a brother to Donald ”

“Oh! Thanks for saving me ” I said.

“You are welcome. Would you tell me what really happen now?” He asked and I swallowed.

“Yeah…Donald sent me to deliver some white stuffs to a gang and in the process , they tried to rA-pe me, I had to fight for my escape and while trying to survive the dangerous saga , I got shot by my shoulder ” I explained.

“Did Donald see you this way?” He asked

“Yes ” I answered.

“He would never change ” Justin muttered to himself.

“Sorry dear ” He expressed his caring attitude and I appreciated it with a smile.

“What would you like me to get for you to eat?”

“I’m fine , Sir , thanks.” I replied and he placed his hand on my arms as if examining it.

“Get better dear” He said and looked into my face for quiet a that time that I start to feel uncomfortable.

Seems he like me…

His phone rang and he picked , he exchanged calls with the individual on the other side. I need no one to tell me that he’s on phone with Donald.

“Donald said he needs your attention , right away ” He said and I arched my brow.

“But I’m still under treatment ” I replied

“He doesn’t care but I do… I will try to find a way to get you from him and make you live a free life ” Justin said


“It’s alright…I’ll invite the doctor over now to get this things off you so I can drive you to his place” He said and stood.

“What if I had being dead ” I said to him and he smirked.

“A different case to Donald , but since you are alive ,it’s good you oblige to his command…I’ll help you but it will take time ” He said and walked away.

I sighed and closed my eye.

This Donald is just very wicked unlike his brother and I know what to do for him.


I was standing before him at the living room while he sat , he was putting on an armless blue sweatshirt, handsome as always but wicked.

“Glad , my brother made you survived ” He said and I lowered my head a bit.

“I need you to deliver this stuff to another gang immediately” He said and brought out the white stuff from a white briefcase beside him

“Which stuff?” I asked.

“What the h3ll! Did you forget the rules?” He asked

I was scared but kept the fear hidden , I just pretended like I wasn’t bothered.

“I think I lost my memory , nevertheless ,I’m not going to deliver any stuff , I can’t keep risking my life for you while you sit at home and have fun…worst of it all,you don’t care ” I said and he his face dropped into that of deep surprise.


Episode 9


(Inside hot water)

^Jessica ^

Sincerely , I can’t believe I just said that to Donald. He will practically shoot me now…I just felt frustrated as a result of his silly act and I had to voice out.

I do not know what my fate holds now.

“Brother , are you sure this girl isn’t affected mentally?” He asked his brother ; Justin

Justin smiled and looked away.

He stood and walked towards me

“Have you forgotten who I am , did you remember that you are nothing but a thing that I bought and that I have absolute power over you?” He asked directly to my face and I just stood looking at his handsome face.

The more he threatens me , the more I felt like kissing his pink lips.

The more he gets angry , the more he looks cute to me. I wasn’t even moved by his threatening act , I was lost already in thought of him.

He held my hair and pulled it so hard , it hurts me and I cried out for help but he refused. Justin just watched without expressing any emotions.

Donald forced me into kneeling down and barged away from my presence , he came back with a flask and placed it before me.
He removed the cover of the flask and hot water was steaming from inside.

He brought his gun from beside and commanded me saying ” Dip your hand into that water or I blow your head off”

He can actually blow my head off for real? No! I do not wanna die now.

I closed my eye and dipped my hand inside the flask , it hurts so bad that I hurriedly removed my hand , I cried but he barked at me again ” Dip your hand inside that water now “

I obliged and when I saw that the gun was directly pointed to my head ,I bore the pain and cried so hard ; my hand inside an hot water

He kicked the flask away and the water poured to the floor. He walked out while I maintained my kneeling position and began to cry.

My skin was itching so bad and I felt horrible , the pain was much. Indeed , Donald is a wicked devil.

Justin looked towards the direction that Donald had just passed and when he saw that Donald had faded out of sight , he came to me and said “sorry”

He walked away and   came minutes later with ice  , he placed it on my hand and the pain began to relieve me

So sweet of Justin , unlike his brother. I hope I won’t die someday like a mere Christmas chicken at the hand of Donald.


Episode 10


^ Jessica ^

My hand still hurts even after Justin had helped me but at least , I was relieved a bit because of what Justin had done.

“I know you are nothing to him but his property and he doesn’t joke with any of his property , nonetheless , I will see how I can buy your freedom” He said

“Thanks Sir ” I said and he helped me up the ground.

He watched me as I walked inside my room.
On getting there I just sunk to the bed and wondered what made the guy so cruel that way.

I would have said it’s a family issue but his brother is so cute , what made him a terrible being?

I can’t stop asking myself and…should I perhaps find out why he’s like that.

I can’t imagine how an handsome man like him can be a practical devil.

After a while , I slept off without knowing.

In the middle of the night , I was awoken by terrible and horrible scaring sounds , it was as if some people somewhere were breaking something.

I can’t place it yet and I wondered if Donald is aware already of the horrible sounds.

I stood and went to the bathroom to wash my face with water. I dried it and came out of my room.

The sound increased and I can’t but wonder who or what is behind the sound.

I reasoned on either to go to Donald’s room to check if he’s also awaken or go straight to the direction of the sound.

What if Donald himself is the one causing the sound?
I’m confused here.

I went to Donald’s room and planted a soft knock on the door.

I heard few steps approached the door and after a while the door gave way and he stood before me.

“Sorry , sir. I’m hearing some terrible sounds and I do not know why or what the caused is? ”

“Enemies…The enemies are trying to break into my house ” He said and I furrowed my brow

“Sir , you do not look scared , do you have a plan already?”

“No, they will kill me and I’ll die. That’s all ”

“Huh? Aren’t you scared of death , sir?” I asked and he looked away as the sounds increased the more

“I am. But a depressed somebody like me shouldn’t be too bothered about death” He said

I’m even glad that he’s replying me. But why is he depressed ,though?

The sound suddenly gave a huge breaks and I need no one to tell me that the door the enemies are trying to break is broken and with sounds of heavy footsteps , I had already known that they are inside the house.

“I will protect you Sir ” I said and ran inside my room to pick my gun



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