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July 24, 2021


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He bought me Episode 21 to 25

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He bought me

Episode 21

(Jennifer’s offence)




I was inside the sitting room watching movies , I have no idea what Donald and the agent are doing inside. .

“I do not like this , just stop it ” I listened to Donald who was coming towards the living room.

“Common, Donald!” The agent said and I was forced to stood.

“Just leave him already” I said even though I did not know what had transpired between them. I just didn’t want her to hurt Donald.

“Excuse me? What’s your business?”

I kept mute and refused to reply her.

Donald sat on the chair and she went to sit beside Donald.

I sat at the other side of Donald without saying a word.

“What are you doing there?” The agent asked me and I smirked.

“I should ask you that same question. Leave Donald alone , please. ” I said to the agent and her face changed to that of anger.

“Donald , warn this useless thing of yours ”

“Jennifer , Leave me. Please ” He said and her face dropped.

The agent’s name is Jennifer.

“You mean I should stand and leave?”

“Yes, please “Donald replied, obviously frustrated.

Jennifer stood and sniffed angrily. She shot me a killer look and barged away angrily.

” sorry!”

“Thanks ” He looked into my face.

“I’ll leave now so you can have your space ,don’t let that Jennifer of a girl disturb you again” I said and stood.

“Have your sit , Jessica” He said softly to my surprise and I sat back beside him.

“You do not care to ask what happened? ”

“I do not want to intrude into your privacy, sir ”

“I understand. I’ll tell you if you don’t mind ”

“Sure , sir ”

” She came to my room and start talking of the time we were dating and how she loved me so much. She said I’m wicked for not forgiving her and not wanting to be with her again even after many years ”

“Oh! She must have done something terrible”

“Yes , she did. I caught her red handed making lust with my driver once, she made lust with my closest friend also twice and I caught them red handed and I still forgive her after many days of pain,sadnesses and depression because I loved her so much ”

“Horrible. She must be a d0g”

“You know what she did that made me vow never to forgive her again? She had being taken my weak side for her for granted and I need to let her go after this very sad occurrence ” Donald said and cried.

I inclined my ear to listen to what that Jennifer of a girl really did for the last time that made Donald made the decision never to forgive her again.”

“She kidnapped me for three days without food just so she could get a ransom from my father. I found out by her silly mistake and she didn’t deny it. How in the world would you call that kind of person your girlfriend?”

“Sad. She obviously didn’t like you , sir. Or, she just claimed to love you cause of the money you have”

Donald nodded ” It hurts so bad that someone I love so much could do that to me, do you think love only exist in movies? I do not think there is anything like mutual love in reality. It hurts till date. My heart is broken , no one can heal it. ”

He cried.


Episode 22

(Our faces interlocked)

^Jessica ^

I came out of the house to the compound of the house to do some exercise but I saw Jennifer training herself. She was punching some punching bags and her posture was fit.

“Hi” I greeted and watched her still punching but she just snubbed.

“Seems you do not like someone greeting you?” I said and she paused what she was doing.

“Jessica , I do not want to bully you in this house. You know I can beat you right?” She said and walked closer to me. ” Learn to respect me” She slapped my cheeks gently and went to continue her punches.

“Why do you feel so proud…that’s your problem, though. But I just come to warn you ,don’t ever make Donald cry again” I said and she busted into a dry laugh.

“Very funny Jessica is warning me. For real? Are you serious? You mean I should not make Donald cry or you will…beat me” She laughed again and walked close to me.

She bent and looked into my face cause she’s taller than I am.

“Now ,listen to me. You are nothing to Tucker. While I had once being his girlfriend. He use to love me and my primary mission here is to make him love me again. So please , miss Jessica ; the fighter. Mind your business ” She said.

“You had hurt him in the past and it’s obvious you are only after his money. what you have for him is not true love…and , there are many men in the world, why choosing Donald”

“None of your business. Whatever I choose to do to Donald is none of your business ”

“Of course ,it’s my business. I may not have dated him in the past but I can’t stand and let just any…anything hurt him”

“Sorry? Who is anything?”

“You of course ” I said and she arched her brow.
She looked away and smirked.

She sent me a blow suddenly at my forehead and I fell to the floor.

My head aches so bad.

“Jennifer!” I heard the voice of Donald and I turned my head to his directions.

He was just on his play singlet and three quarter Jean. “Why are you hurting her? ”

“Tell her to be respectful ”

“Ouch!” I held my forehead in pain as I stood.

I looked at her angrily and stood like a fighter , my fist pointing to her and ready to fight her.

She smiled and signaled for me to come.

I ran to her and we began to exchange blows , she was guiding all my blows perfectly that I was almost getting frustrated at just how good she is.

She sent me a heavy blow in my stomach and I cried out. My stomach hurts.

She sent me another blow in my left shoulder and the heaviness of the blow made me fall but Donald ran to stop me from falling.

He used his right hand to hold me and looked into my face. Our faces interlocked and I could see myself in his beautiful dark eyes.

His pink lips made me forget the pain going through my body.

He is just so handsome!



Episode 23

(Jenifer , the bullet )


He made me stand and I stood so close to him that I could almost listen to his heartbeat. His beautiful scents clouds me and made feel like hugging him.

He took few steps back and watched me intently.

“I do not understand what is happening? Is there something between the both of you?” Jennifer asked.

I looked at her and smirked.
He simply cares for me cause I meant something for me.

She cat walked and went to where Donald stood. She rubbed Donald’s chest through his singlet and hugged him but Donald wasn’t receiving the hug.

“Don’t allow this thing of a girl get into your head. Remember that she’s just an ordinary personal assistant

“And you are an ordinary agent sent to protect him and not to caress him” I scolded Jennifer and she paused what she was doing to Donald but didn’t turn her head to glimpse at me.

“I shouldn’t reply a fool. Baby, look into my face…can you please find a space in your heart to forgive me. I know you still love me and I love you too. We can make this thing work out again”

Donald looked away , trying all his best to avoid eye contact with her.

“Donald , you know we are meant for each other right?” She pulled Donald’s face to hers and took her lips closer to k!ss him but I shouted hurriedly.

“Aaaai! Are you sent here to k!ss him?”

She turned back angrily ” And what is your problem with my mission here?”

“We have equal right here , miss Jennifer. Enough of you hurting him. You do not love him, you love his money. Just leave him already ” I said and she walked angrily to me.

She pulled my hair in such a way that it hurts and I angrily punch her on her face , let my self loose from her grip quickly and ran away.

She began to run after me while I just dribble her around the compound. She fell all of a sudden and began to gasp.

I was scared and went to tell Donald what happened to her.

Donald ran inside and brought a tablet , he ran to her and quickly inserted the tablet in her mouth.

She opened her eye and gripped me all of a sudden in my neck. I began to chock. She gave me a blow on the neck and I passed out.


Episode 24

^ Jessica ^

Three days later , I was angrily training at the backyard of the house. I won’t allow this girl to keep bullying me. I need to know how to fight the more.

“Welcome ” I heard a voice behind me and I turned. ; It’s Donald.

“Get dressed. We attending a function together ”

“Oh! Alright sir ” I said and took few step away then I turned again. ” Is Jennifer following us?”

“I didn’t inform her ” He said and I nodded.

I walked inside and began to dress , I hope he would not begin send me away because of the color of my dress?

No , he shouldn’t. He’s now beginning to converse with me. I’m happy that Jennifer isn’t invited to follow us cause I loathed that girl so much.

I walked to meet Donald outside and he peeked at me from head to toe.

“Decent ” He said and walked inside the car. One thing that baffles me about Donald is that even though he doesn’t smile , his face is still handsome.

We both sat inside the car and we saw Jennifer walking swiftly from the entrance of the house to the car we were.

“Donald, where are you going?”

“Out” He replied bluntly placing his two arms on the wheel of the steering.

“Huh? How can you go out and not let the personal agent assigned to you know. Aren’t you aware that if anything happens to you ,I’ll be held accountable ”

“Did I have my own freedom here? You do not expect me to be reporting my movement to you like I’m a kid ” Donald replied her and she bite her lips.

“Must you leave with this thing. ” She pointed her hand at me.

“I choose to ” Donald replied

“I’ll have to follow you Donald. I can’t allow anything happen to you. Give me a minute , let me get dressed ” She didn’t wait for Donald’s reply before she ran swiftly inside to dress.

Donald exhaled and shook his head. I know he’s frustrated.

“Let me help you drive , sir ” I suggested.

“Oh! That would be better ” He said and we both stepped down to exchange sits.

Just as I sat holding the wheel of the car , I saw Jennifer walking towards the car.

I smirked at her from the car , started it and made a U turn and drive away leaving her behind.



Episode 25


“We are leaving Jennifer behind?” Donald said turning back to see Jennifer jugging after the car

“Yes , you didn’t invite her sir ” I said and drove faster away from the house before Donald could change reconsider to tell me to halt the car for her.

“Aren’t you scared of her?”

I chuckled at Donald’s question. “I’ll be able to defeat her someday , I believe ”

“You believed? Hilarious. Do you think the day you will ever be able to defeat her will come? This is someone that had a special training in fighting and is accredited by the government. You have no special skill to defeat her. She has subjected herself into so much torture at school , I could remember those days when we were together.”

“That’s not a factor , sir. Ronald and Ryan are special agents and I defeated them still ”

Donald nodded and kept quiet.

I’ll just have to keep developing my fighting skills.

Following the map that Donald had set , we finally arrived at an event center. We entered and I saw many men sitting in couple.

Donald and I found a sit and sat.

“If anything beyond control happened to me , Jennifer would put the whole blame on you , are you aware?”

“Nothing is going to happen to you , sir. Be rest assured. And sir…are you really scared of Jenifer?”

He hesitated and looked straight “I can’t say”

I hummed and began to listen to the programmes as it evolve.

“I want to ease myself , wait here for me ” Donald said and stood.

I watched him walked away and I stylishly followed him. Nothing must happen to him for real cause Jennifer would put the whole blame on me

* Side scene *

“She is very frustrating and disrespectful”

“Just command us , boss”

“Alright , Kidnap Donald so I can use that opportunity to let Donald know that she’s not capable of protecting him and also use that opportunity to sue her for being responsible for the kidnap of Donald. She should learn her lessons the hard way like that ”

“No problem boss , on it “




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