Hasty decision Episode 3

******HASTY DECISION**********
I woke up late as I often did on every Saturday morning. Checking beside me I realized he had woken up sooner. I stood up and having folded my blanket, I put it beside the pillow and left the room. I could hear noises and laughter coming from the living room.
“You are not serious. You think I am like you…have you forgotten what name they gave you then?”
“Those guys were as$holes…”
It was Felix, Henry’s friend, he had come very early this morning. I walked in on them. They were both holding a cu-p of tea each while there was a third in the tray on the table.
“You see, you have disturbe-d my wife’s sleep” Henry accused Felix, who was smiling at me as my husband extended his arm towards me, pu-lling me closer.
“Good morning darling” He said, handing me a cu-p of h0t tea as I sat down beside him before he k!$$£d me on thel-ips.
“Morning Beauty. Sorry we woke you up with our incessant noise” Felix apologized, giving me one of his dashing smiles which I knew so well.
He was in a pink shi-t, black jean and a pair of black trainers, his sun glas-ses were hooked in his hair. I used to love him in a pink shi-t, he is fair, I used to tell him that pink color makes him look more… h0t especially with his pinkl-ips.
“You think I’m not used to that after all these years I have known you two?” I replied, trying to ignore the effect his smile was having on me.
They both chuckled. Felix maintained his eye contact at me but I looked away.
“So what are we discussing this morning?” I asked, placing a hand on my husband’s shoulder.
“Nothing special love, he c@m£ across an old picture during NYSC so we were just discussing old days.” Henry said.
“Days of harvesting” Felix put in, laughing so ha-rd .
“What do you mean by days of harvesting?” I asked, picking the picture on the table.
There were a group of students in their school uniform while Henry sat in the middle beside a girl carrying a cake.
“Oh, someone was celebr@ting her birthday?” I asked.
“Yea. That is Tori, the brightest student in my clas-s” Henry replied.
“WOW! Its good seeing your NYSC pictures.” I replied. “Thanks for bringing this Felix. You know I never saw any of his service pictures.”
“Really?” Felix asked.
“You didn’t…” I started but Henry interrupted-
“Sure. You remember I was robbe-d of one of my bags in the train that brou-ght me back to Lagos”.
“Oh..that…sure” Felix replied uncomfortably.
“So this was your brightest student in the clas-s, you must really be proud of her” I said to Henry.
“Yea” Henry said.
“No…Tori wasn’t your brightest student Henry. Have you forgotten your baby-Benita? That girl loved you so much. Her whole family worsh!ped you. You know the period you were doing home lesson for her and the principal thought something was going on between you two and almost reported you to the Inspector?” Felix asked excited.
I shivered at the name… why did it sound so familiar?
“Excuse me plea-se.. I nee-d to pick something in the room.”
I watched as Henry stood up abruptly and began to climb up the stairs that led to our be-droom. Then I faced Felix but he was alre-ady pu-lling me closer to him.
“St©p it Felix, are you high?” I snapped at him quietly, pu-lling my arm from his grip.
“Oh my God! You still smell so amazing when you just wake up.” He said, sniffing at my hair and holding me closely and f0rç£fully by the w@!st.
“You nee-d to st©p this nons-en-se this minute.” I ordered, beating his arm and looking hesitantly towards the staircase.
“You know I love it when you hit my arm pla-yfully.”
I gro-an ed and using all my will power, I pu-ll-ed away from him, maintaining a considerable distance.
We were looking at each other. He looked as handsome as the devil, giving me that low Se-xy look while b!tt!g his lowerl-ip.
“You should have been mine, you know that.” He growled.
‘Well, you are too late.” I replied before changing the subject.
“What did you call the girl’s name again?”
“Which girl?” He asked and I pointed at the picture.
“Benita. I think she died or so, she is not in the picture. I don’t really un-derstand what happened with her.” He replied nonchalantly.
The name rang a bell, where have I heard it before?
“Honey, I’m hungry. Can you plea-se fix us something to eat?” Henry’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts. He c@m£ into view as he climbe-d down the stairs.
“Sure baby.” I replied and stood up, ignoring Felix as completely as I could before heading towards the kitchen.
Question: Is d wifey too having a skeleton in her closet?
(Question from episode 1: Is talking to your friends about your first night of S-x with your spouse ideal? plea-se let’s hear ur opinion and reasons )
To be continued…..