gunshots episode 25 & 26

{ Orgasms & Guns… }

THEME: Kill It!


By, Naomi Cindy B.



Never wanted to talk ’bout this, but shii, this is f**king mad. Yesterday I wasn’t home throughout as usual, I was busy like a manic, and I wasn’t in my house till the usual 7pm.

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Y’all think I just wake up and pick my phone to start writing like a fool? Ohh…, I plot and draw an outline of every story before I even think of writing a chapter! It’s a dark romance F.C.O.L! So now if I lose it and act like I’ve been threatening, even the f**king ghosts will start saying OH SHE’S SO FULL OF EGO, and ion even care oy vey! Yeah ion f**king do!

Y’all claimed to love the story, so why messing with my friggin temper by not doing what you need to?

Ahswear2gawd… This is will be my first and last complaint on this book over low reactions, next time it’ll be action over words. Note it.



He’d f**k her till she remembers, he’d f**k her till their memories floods her brains again, f**k her till she regurgitates the sweet moments.

She’s his to f**k, his to have…. Anytime he wants.


Toyota’s eyes slammed shut, and her memories did a throwback to thirteen years ago.

“I’m gonna be blindfolded during the s*x?” Toyota asked nervously, standing in front of Toxica who was smiling fondly at her.

“Of course dear” Toxica stroked her hair.

“Staring at the face of your f**ker might be a total distraction, so I have no choice but blindfold you”

“But… It’s gonna be Denzel, right?” She asked, and Toxica smiled again.

“Of course, I know how much strong the bond you share is”

“Ok… Master” Toyota replied, turning her back on her.

Toxica took the red blindfold and covered her eyes with it from behind, tying it in a knot behind her head, so she’s completely blindfolded.

“Undress” Toxica ordered, and she took off her leather trousers and tight singlet, releasing her medium sized b**bs and @ss.

The hot air in the room met her shaved hole, and she held her breath.

“Lay down” Toxica ordered, and she lay on her back.

The door opened immediately, and she’s so sure that it’s Denzel who came in.

She held her breath again as his footsteps approached, and she could hear the clatter of his belt metal as he unbolted it.

Two minutes later, she felt his body above hers, and she began breathing with her mouth as he grabbed her left b**b and pinched it deeply, making it bleed.

“Denzel!” She gasped, and he poured a liquid on the sound to make it darken, then he penetrated deeply into her tightness, making her body blaze up

“AHHH!!!” She screamed as he began the f**k.

“Harder!” Toxica ordered, and he thrusted so hard, making tears escape her eyes blindfolded.

“Denzel! Argh!!!”

Toyota’s eyes opened, and Tiger finally collapsed on her after the last thrust, hooking his face on her shoulder.

“Tigress” he mumbled, dipping his fingers in her hair.

“Yota” he called again, massaging her scalp as his d**k slid out of her.

He raised his head and saw her eyes open.

“Why the muteness?, Cat’s got your tongue?” He teased.

“I hate you” she whispered, and her eyes closed immediately.

She slept off for real, leaving him to wonder if she was really that tired.

He continued looking at her face, then he kissed her forehead and caressed her face gently.

“I won’t leave again till you recognize me, I promise” he whispered, kissing her lips before rolling off of her.

He covered them together with the duvet, and he continued staring at her as the moonlight peered in through the open window.

It showered it’s light directly on her face, and that brought back the memory of when they were watching the moon together back then in Atlanta.

Toyota was already seated at the rooftop when Denzel climbed up walking to her with two cans of beer.

He sat beside her, but her eyes never left the moon.

“You love the moon that much?” He asked, opening one of the beer.

“I hate it” she replied, and he blinked.


“If only it could shine directly on my pains and take them away, seriously I won’t ask for more, but there it is, shinning uselessly and sitting on all the glory of the sky like an alpha” she replied, and he smiled.

“At least, it provides light for us to see at night”

“There are torchlights” she replied, finally looking at him.

“Not everyone has it, fool” he replied, and she smacked his head.

“Ouch!” He winced, rubbing the spot as she took the can of beer from him.

“Be kind for once, bully” he said.

“I’m already kind enough, idiot” she replied.

“Look at me, Rachel” he suddenly said, and she faced him.

He leaned in and kissed her on the lips, then he broke it and closed his eyes.

He was expecting a hard slap, but he got none, so he opened his eyes slowly and found her face in front of his own.

“You could have done it well at least” she said, reconnecting their lips in a deeper kiss.

Tiger smiled handsomely, the stud on his nose shinning with the moon as he touched her face again.

“Will you ever forgive me for leaving you all alone? It was never my plan, amorina” he whispered, drawing her to his chest to cuddle her closely.


Delilah opened the tap as she entered the bathroom, allowing the flowing water to drown her voice as she spoke to someone on phone.

She’s still on it when someone entered in the main room, and she cut the call quickly, pocketing her phone before going out.

“Jezebel?” She said surprisingly.

“Some fresh air together?” Jezebel replied.

“Oh… Let’s go” she replied awkwardly, and they left the apartment together.

“What were you doing in the bathroom anyways? You seemed restless” Jezebel asked.

“Was purging, I think I had too much to eat” Delilah replied.

“Oh…b**ch has a big throat too, not only a big p*ssy” Jezebel nodded.

“Whatever, thought you’d be in the underboss apartment, enjoying some good f**k” Delilah replied, changing the topic.

“I’m letting Toyota enjoy the luxury for now, I have a plan to make her regret ever messing with what’s mine” Jezebel said.

“Did you just call her by her name?” Delilah laughed.

“So? Heard her real name is Rach…

She hasn’t finished saying it when a black wire wrapped on her neck from behind, and her eyes widened as she began choking.

Delilah looked back in horror to see Lambo.

She’s holding the other end of the wire which has leather with an hand, then a remote control with the other hand as she walked closer with a murderous look on her face.

“Lambo no” Delilah said, but it was too late.

Lambo pressed the remote control, giving Jezebel crazy electric shock.

“AHHHHH!!! AHHHHH!!!!! Arggggghhh!!!!!!” Jezebel shrieked, falling on the ground as Lambo pressed the remote again.

“AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” She cried, rolling around the ground in pains as currents passed through her flesh and bones

“Lambo f**king stop!” Delilah shouted and ran to her.

Lambo let go of the wire before she could get to her, and when she finally got to her, they exchanged just one lunch before Lambo gave her a kick in the throat.

She fell heavily on the ground, bleeding from the mouth.

“I’m The Terminator’s bulletproof for a reason, b**ches aren’t allowed to call her name so go to hell!” Lambo shouted, kicking Delilah’s tummy.

Delilah rolled down the field and joined Jezebel who’s still lying unconscious.

Lambo threw the wire at her, then she smirked as she raised the remote.

“Bloody “b**ches” she smirked, pressing the red.


“Lambo stop it!” Sylvester shouted from behind, rushing to snatch the remote from her.

He dropped it on the ground and marched it to ruins before pulling Lambo’s arm, taking her out of there.

He didn’t stop till he got to the front of the lab, and he faced her.

“I’ve never seen you that angry before” he said slowly, and she sighed.

“It’s expected, they were disrespecting Rachel, I couldn’t have stayed still”

“You’re really The Terminator’s bulletproof” Sylvester smiled, and she giggled.

“You’re watching the systems alone tonight?” He asked.

“Yeah, Zenith is off” she replied.

“I’ll watch with you, I’m going at staying awake too” he said.

“Whatever” she said freely and entered the lab.

“Sylvester smiled before entering with her.


Pulling out of the trainee he’s f**king, Jaemin smiled and turned his face up, shaking his c**ming d**k to drizzle on the face of the girl

“Can we go one more round? Please Jae” she begged, and he smiled again.

“Isn’t it amazing how y’all always fight for my D? Is it that sweet?”

“The sweetest around, you need to see the way I was fighting a girl cos I…

“I saw it, I witnessed everything on the field” she cut her off, and she smiled.

“So… Can we go one more?”

“After I come back from my stroll, wait here” he winked, bolting his belt before walking out of the apartment.

The fresh air that hit his face made him smile, replenishing the list energy as he walked deeply into the clan.

It’s not silent, Sin-Nation is never silent at night. The moans coming from different angles, erupting from f**king trainees, the smell of gangsters smoking in corners, the nocturnal ones boxing in the ring, and the b**ches among the trainees stripping for handsome fellas in another ring.

Sin-Nation is even more lively at night so far you’re ready for fun, you’ll get it.

Jaemin was still walking around when he felt suspicious of something, and he stopped walking to turn back swiftly, but he saw nothing.

“What was that?” He muttered.

“F**kboy” Taylor’s voice suddenly said beside him, and he turned to see her sitting at the base of a pole, smoking.

“Taylor? What the hell are ya doing smoking alone?” He smiled, sitting with her.

He snatched the smoke from her and had two puffs before giving it back.

“Forget it” she rolled eyes, and he laughed as he continued smoking, controlling the smokes.

“Weren’t you supposed to be with Chance?” He said.

“And what about you? Is Sylvester dead?” She replied, and he laughed.

“You’re a Savage”

“Whatever” she sighed, and they both felt the chill at the same time.

They turned their necks to look back at once, but they saw nothing.

“Wait… Have you been feeling the chills? Like suspicious?” She asked.

“Of f**king course, you too?” Jaemin replied, and they stood at the same time, getting their guns.


Zenith is still on Chance’s laps, and she’s asleep already, head on his chest as she straddled him, trapping him stylishly.

Chance’s eyes are widely open, and he’s currently thinking of a way to escape from this mad girl.

Why the f**k did she suddenly tell him not to go to Taylor? She sat on his laps and slept on his chest?

Is this another crush? It’s impossible no matter how much he thinks about it, Zenith will never like him, but what other explanation fits this???

He looked at her sleeping face and sighed, then he tried dropping her, but she slipped her arms on him, and she blinked.

“What! Zenith please…

“Don’t leave” she replied.

“But I don’t wanna f**king stay here!” He shouted, untangling her arms from himself.

She stood and dropped her on the couch, but she stood too.

“Chance don’t…

“Bye, mad girl” he winked and left.



Lambo’s eyes are wide opened as she fixed them on the intruder beams, watching closely for a distortion.

She barely sleeps at night. Though there are able-bodied guards who watches over the clan every night, but nothing beats tech anyways, so this is actually faster.

She looked over at Sylvester and saw his eyes still wide too.

“You meant it when you said you’d be watching with me” she smiled.

“I always mean every of my words, no going back” he winked, and she laughed.

“Now i realize you’re fun to be with”

“Me?” He said surprisingly.

“Of course!”

“Thanks for saying that” he smiled, and she sighed, returning her eyes to the systems, and that was when she noticed.

The blue protection light suddenly started blinking red, then it changed back to blue.

“What’s happening?” Sylvester stood.

“Ok this isn’t f**king cool” Lambo stood as it started blinking red again, and this time, it didn’t go back, it kept the red up.

They both ran out of the lab immediately.


The usual nightmare woke Toyota up, and immediately she spranged up in bed, Tiger sat up too. He hasn’t been sleeping.

“You ok?” He asked, holding her face, but before she could reply, a red light beeped on the near wall, and their eyes widened at once.

It’s a signal from the lab.

“Intruder alert!” They both said at a time, getting down from the bed.

It only took them a minute to throw their clothes on and run out of the apartment.

About twenty guards followed them from the front of the apartment, and they ran to the field together, meeting the rest of the gangsters there.

“Y’all have just five minutes, the bloody Intruders must taste my sword! Fish him out!” Tiger ordered.

“Yes boss!” They chorused, and then he noticed Chance is missing.

“Chance?” His eyes widened.

“He left my apartment twenty minutes ago” Zenith replied, and Tiger started running madly towards his apartment immediately.

The other gangsters dispersed, searching the whole clan.


Thanks to excessive smoking, he got so hot after the seventh stick, and he decided to have a bath before midnight.

He entered the bathroom and pulled off his clothes before stepping under the shower for a quick bath, but his instincts kicked in immediately. He felt weird, like he’s being watched.

He stopped the flow of water from the shower head and swept back his wet hair with his palm before looking around.

“Taylor? Zenith? Stop the f**king games” he said, but he was replied by the crashing of a bullet into the wall of the bathroom.

The glass shattered to smithereens, and before he could dodge, the bullet got his shoulder.

“F**k!” He gasped, rushing out of the bathroom nakedly, but he has barely gotten to the door when another hit came, getting his back.

“Argghhhhh!!!!” He yelled, and he was forced to his knees immediately.

He fell on the bathroom door, his blood oozing out profusely.

The bedroom door opened violently, and Tiger ran in fast, bit his heart sank at the scene he saw immediately.

Right in front of him, Chance was shot for the third time, and tears came out of Chance’s eyes as he opened his mouth and gasped hurtfully..

“Denzel… Denzel… Sav…e…me”