gunshots episode 23 & 24

{ Orgasms & Guns… }

THEME: Kill It!


By, Naomi Cindy B.


“Let’s take care of these dummies first”

“Sure, baby” he replied, standing behind her_BACK TO BACK.

Tonight…will be bloody.


Tiger calculated the number of guards in the room with his sharp eyes, and he found 21 in total.

“Take care of 10, I’ll handle 11” he told Toyota.

“No, you handle 10 and I’ll take care of 11” she replied, and the guards advanced towards them at once.

They separated, going for their individual angles as the bloody fight started.

The first one to incur Toyota’s wrath is a hefty one with thick muscles on his bare arms.

one would think he’s got some energy to exhaust, but that wasn’t the case.

He threw six consecutive punches at he face, but she still stood gallantly like nothing happened, then he looked up her face which was already bruised by the fist, and she smiled.

“Dummy” she mouthed, and when he raised his leg to give her a kick, she grabbed it and crowned his kneecap with her palm before pulling it out roughly, rendering that leg useless.

“Arggggg!!!!” His scream made her skin tingle with happiness, and she pulled out the second kneecap immediately.

Thanks to her always sharp red fingernails, it was easy to tear, and she dug the nails into his neck, slitting it in a circle before letting go of his limp body, then her second victim came…

Tiger is currently holding one by the shoulders, and though he wants to grab Tiger too and either punch or jab him, but it was impossible. Tiger’s hold rendered him powerless as he tried freeing himself from him.

Tiger suddenly dug his fingers into the flesh of his shoulder, locating the bone embedded below it, and before he knew it, he pulled out the bone, and his eyes widened when he felt something missing in his body.

Tiger let go of him, and he made to raise a punch to Tiger, but he couldn’t move an arm, and that’s when Tiger showed him the bones he removed, and his eyes widened terrifically.

“Love what you see?” Tiger smiled, dispersing the bones before grabbing his head.

He hit it on the wall beside them, and the wall bounced the head back, making him land on the ground heavily.

His head banged on the floor too , and he got a crack, making his brain reveal, then Tiger’s next victim came. Two at a time this time around.

Meanwhile, Toyota is on her second victim, a lady guard this time around who’s even tougher than the males.

They exchanged few punches on their faces, and Toyota raised her heel to her neck.

Her eyes widened when she felt the sharp edge on her oesophagus, but Toyota smiled and dropped her leg.

She won’t kill her yet, she’d have more fun with her since she’s the only lady.

She came for her immediately, Toyota stood her groud till she got to her and placed a leg on the wall.

She raised the second leg to Toyota’s face, and it hit her brutally, sending her flying to the far groud.

Toyota smiled when she felt blood escaping the corner of her lips, then she saw the lady coming for her again with a proud smile

She hates that smile, but it’s entertaining at the same time, to think that she’s unaware that she’s only making a fool out of her by making her believe she’s stronger… Nothing beats her plans.

The lady got to her and dragged her up by the hair, she allowed her to drag her to the wall and hit her head on it, making her bleed from the nose.

“F**k!” Toyota laughed loudly as the blood dripped out of her, and that surprised the lady

How could someone who’s supposed to be in pains be laughing?

She tried punching Toyota on the face again, but then Toyota decided it’s time over already.

She grabbed her fist and returned it to her, punching her mouth with it.

“Arggggg!!!!” She cried out when all her front teeth flew out.

“Painful? Sorry doll” Toyota smiled and went for her b**bs.

She grabbed them in her palms and gave them wicked presses, rolling her n**ples in her fingers murderously.

“AHHHHHH!!!!!” She screamed out, peeing in her pants.

“Aren’t you supposed to be enjoying it? B**ch?” Toyota laughed and punched her face three times, making her eyes roll around as she felt dizzy.

Another hit landed on her face, and she finally went on her knees, falling weakly on the ground from there.

Toyota flew to the metal below the rails, tangling her fingers on it before climbing up the rails.

She stood on the sharp edge, her heels glossing with Kay’s blood as she stared at the lady guard from there.

She smiled inhumanly before jumping down, straight into the lady guard’s back.

Her two heels penetrated into her, and her blood poured out in large quantities as another victim came.

Tiger is currently dealing with his fourth, and they’re taking turns to punch each other, but es expected, Tiger is enjoying the punches while the guard groaned in pains at every punch from him.

He suddenly grabbed Tiger’s waist, pushing his back to the wall in that posture,but that was a costly mistake unknown to him.

Tiger’s back hit the wall so hard that it cracked, but he stood strong, and the guard hit his back on the wall again.

His back is exposed to Tiger, and he did what he does best, destruction.

He hit his elbow on his back, targeting the region of his backbone.

“Ahhhh!!!!” A loud scream came from him, and Tiger smiled as he released him, but even after the release, he couldn’t stand straight cos of the broken bone.

Tiger grabbed his hair without waiting, then he pulled him to the wall and released him, kicking his butt like that

He staggered forward, and his head rammed hard into the wall, creating a deep dent.

His blood flushed down the wall, mixing with the blood of the dead guards on the ground.

He faced another guard, and it went on and on like that till they’re left with few of them, but another batch of guards poured in, more than the previous dead ones.

They’re surrounded once again, and they stood back to back just like before.

“Ion think there’ll be an end to them” Tiger muttered.

“They’re eager to die, let’s just shed more blood” she replied.

“No, it’ll be too risky to stay longer here, we need to get out” he said, and she looked at the army of guards before agreeing with him, her silence said it all.

They counted just one minute with their breaths, and Tiger threw down a smoke bomb.

Smokes filled the place, and they took the opportunity to jump on the rails, climbing up the metal.

Immediately they landed, they went down through the other door, breaking the lock easily.

They went down another long flight of stairs which led to another door, and when they opened, it led to the power house.

Tiger disconnected just two wires, and blackout took over the building.

They created a crack in the ceiling and crawled in the thin space till they got to the end and jumped down to another room.

Tiger opened the door, and they found themselves in the driveway.

They got in their car, and it was Toyota who drove the car this time.

They were already out of the area completely before Tiger spoke

“You’re a devil, seriously” he laughed.

“And you’re my advocate” she replied, and they both laughed.

“Got anything from Kay before you sent him to hell?” He asked.

“Trust me. He collates phone numbers with his gang to submit to Sancho Ramos, and the next batch of submission is tommorow, at the Jungle” she replied.

“Cool, I really wanna meet him face to face, and destroy his face” he said, and she sighed.

“I’m sure you had the time of your life with strippers in the dressing room, they raped you, right? No one would be able to resist your face anyways”

“No one? Does that include you?” He came closer.

“I’m not just anybody, I’m…

“You’re Toyota, my Tigress, I know” he winked, and she rolled eyes.

“I left the room immediately I woke, and I saw someone” he said.

“Who?” She glanced at him.

“You probably won’t believe me”

“Then don’t say it” she replied.

“How were you able to make Kay confess so easily?” He asked.

“Gave his d**k little touches” she replied, and he nodded.

“Nice” he said, opening the window to stare out at the night.

Toyota drove into the clan, and they came down at once.

They walked in at once too without another word, meeting Lambo by the main door.

“How was it?” She asked.

“The usual, tell the others we’re visiting the jungle tommorow” Toyota replied.

“Sure, boss” she smiled, going back into the lab.

Toyota entered her apartment and was about to close the door when Tiger placed his leg in-between, and her eyes met his.

“Any qualms?”

“Told you I was gonna punish you, and it’s not cos of the injection anymore, but because of the pleasure you gave to another man” he replied, tearing the door open.

He stepped in and shut the door, taking Toyota aback as he grabbed her face…

“Feel free to inject me, I won’t sleep tonight” he whispered.

“I don’t want you to sleep either, f**k me and don’t stop, Tiger” she replied, and he smiled before kissing her lips hard…


“How was it?” Zenith asked when Lambo came in.

She’s eating some veggies with Thunder who’s standing in front of her.

“As usual, they won” Lambo smiled, and Zenith raised her spoon in victory.

“Wasn’t expecting less anyways, if it’s involving Tiger and The Terminator” She said proudly, and Lambo stroked her hair.

“Why do you like stroking my hair?” Zenith asked.

Lambo sighed and sat.

“Maybe because… You’re… like a sister to me?”

“Cool, you’re like a sis to me too” Zenith smiled.

“Wait … What’s your take about bisexuals? Have you ever been with one?” Lambo suddenly asked.

“I don’t know about anyone else, but I find them disgusting, why would a girl be interested in another girl when there are millions of guys around, and why would a guy be crushing on a fellow guy? eish!” Zenith replied, making disgusting faces.

“Talking about them even made me lose my appetite, I can’t eat this anymore, gross!” She said, standing with the plate of veggies.

She left the lab with Zenith.

Lambo continued standing hurtfully, feeling so bad with what she just heard.

She picked the cup of water on the table and drank, but it’s too warm, so she spit it out, and Sylvester came in with a bottle of water immediately.

“Here” he gave her, and she took it, drinking it after uncapping.

“Anything the problem?” He asked, and she sighed.

“What’s your take about bisexuals?” She faced him.

“They’re humans too, and I don’t discriminate since it’s not their fault, they didn’t chose to be that way” he replied, and she smiled.

“Thanks for saying that”

“Wait… Are you bi?” He asked carefully, and instead of answering, she hugged him.

“Can you hug me back? Whenever I’m down , I always need an hug to bring me back” she whispered, and he smiled before hugging her back.

“Whatever it is, forget it” he said, and she looked up at him.

“Why suddenly acting manly?”

“I’ve always acted manly” he replied, and she smiled again

From the door, Delilah was watching, and right now she wants nothing but tearing Lambo’s flesh apart from her bone.


“I told you I’d get better, you didn’t believe me?” Taylor said, wiping her sweaty face.

They just finished duelling after she exercised for minutes, and none was able to win against each other. They’re back to the same level.

“You should be thanking me” Chance laughed, and she giggled, removing her gloves.

“I have a question though”

“What’s it?” He asked curiously.

“Why do you hate your brother so much? I saw you trying to hurt him in the training hall the other day” she said, and he swept back his hair before talking.

“I dunno why I hate min either, maybe cos he’s more handsome?”

“You’re mad” Taylor laughed, and they left the gym together, but immediately they stepped out…

“Hey, madman” Zenith said by the door. She has been waiting

“Hey mad girl, any f**king thing for me?” Chance replied freely.

“Need to tell you something” she replied, taking his hand

“What? And where the hell are you taking me to?” He asked, and she smiled.

“Secret, come with me” she started taking him away.

“Taylor I’ll see you in the morning!” He shouted, and Taylor nodded, hiding her jealousy till they went out of sight together.

Zenith took him to her apartment, and she pushed him to a chair before sitting in front of him.

“What are we here for?” He blinked.

“Nothing, let’s keep staring at each other like this” she replied.

“Are you kidding me?” He smirked and tried to stand, but she pushed him back and sat on his laps.

“Hey Zen…

“Don’t go to Taylor” she whispered, and he frowned.



Currently in the ninety ninth cloud, Toyota’s moans echoed repeatedly in the hot room as Tiger penetrated into devilishly.

She’s still wearing the heels, it’s the only thing on her naked body as he slammed hard into her, serving her rough hits at every thrust.

Her legs were up in the air, and her hands were holding her own thighs apart, giving him so much space to ruin her. She badly wants the ruins.

She wants him to ruin her beyond repair, hurt her till she wouldn’t be able to take it anymore, she wants the pains that comes with his brutality, and she began feeling it as he f**ked her harder, creating a larger hole in her middle.

“Yeah! Yes! Tiger!” She screamed, spreading her thighs further apart.

“Good girl, you take everything so good” Tiger said, drilling himself brutally into her p*ssy again, and she sent her hands to his back, drawing circles on it with her nails as her delicate spot got hit.

His back began bleeding, but she tore him even more. The more he f**ks, the more she tears.

He’s never gonna be a gentleman in bed, she got to know that during their first, and that even adds to the fun. Getting f**ked till her p*ssy tears apart, sounds so fun.

Handfuls of c*m splashed out of her before she knew it, and her fingers fell from his back.

He withdrew his d**k from her, supporting himself with his elbows as their eyes met.

“You f**k so good” she breathed, and he smirked.

“I become a professional only when it’s about your p*ssy”

Despite the chilly air blowing, she could feel sweat under her feet, and that made it gum to the shoe, her heels pointing to the ceiling.

He suddenly grabbed her right leg and took off the shoe, throwing it off immediately. He threw off the second one, then he hung her legs on his shoulders before laying back on her.

He held her face with an hand and connected their lips, biting deeply into her softness as he plunged his d**k back into her p*ssy.

It wasn’t like the first time he thrusted, it was brutal than brutal itself, so much that she had to break the kiss to scream.

“F**king stop!”

“What? Is it too much for my b**ch to take?” He replied, knocking it in again, so bad that tears were forced out of her eyes.


Another thrust interrupted her words, and she tilted up, resting her palms on the bed as she watched his d**k slid in and out of her p*ssy.

He was f**king so hard that she could clearly see the knocking of his d**k below her bellybutton, this devil is gonna rip her apart for real…

“Don’t complain, just take it” Tiger said, driving himself out of her then pushing it back in harder…

Her breathing seized, and she felt her arms weakening as she c**med all-over again, but he kept f**king like a maniac.

“Motherf*cker!!! Stop!!”

Without listening, Tiger pushed her back down, capturing her lips in another kiss as he screwed her hole so hot

She cried into his mouth, but that only made him more energetic as his bangs got rougher.

“F**k! Tiger!” Her muffled cries penetrated into his throat, and he pinned her hands to the bed, spreading her apart to f**k her over and over again.

It’s already so annoying that he didn’t get to take the virginity of his first love, but now that he has the chance claim her, he won’t stop at anything.

He’d f**k her till she remembers, he’d f**k her till their memories floods her brains again, f**k her till she regurgitates the sweet moments.

She’s his to f**k, his to have…. Anytime he wants.

<><><> TBC…