Good woman final episode

“` *Ladies Corner* 👭
*GOOD WOMAN* 🙍🏾‍♀️
Episode 10
(Last Episode)
The next day, Sunday took Michael to Madam Rose’s house, so he could met Elizabeth but Michael was disappointed as Elizabeth had returned to Canada with her Fiance Bernard Shaw. But she left him a note. h0t tears rolled down from Michael’s eyes as he re-ad the note that’s re-ads: Dear Mike, I’m glad you are out from jail, I could not wait to see you because my Fiance and I decided to go back to Canada and plan our upcoming white wedding, We had our traditional wedding few days ago in Port Harcourt, I wish you all the best too as my life is better than ever, I have forgiven you and I wish you all the best, I have left you a cheque of 5 million to rebuild your life, be Happy, till we met again.
From Elizabeth.
Michael couldn’t hold back tears, he bec@m£ so emotional and he cursed the day he got that Job that brou-ght him to Lagos. Sunday tried all he could to console him but he was inconsolable.
“I have lost a Good woman” He thought still in tears.
Madam Rose handed over the Cheque for 5 million to Michael as _Elizabeth requested and he refused to collect the cheque but his Friend_ Sunday collected the cheque on his behalf. He wept bitterly, he wallowed in regrets and in self pity.
A very big thanks to each and everyone of you whom as being following the story from the very first episode to the end.
********THE END********“`