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January 27, 2021


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Good woman Episode 6

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*GOOD WOMAN* 🙍🏾‍♀️

Episode 6


Just about 30 minutes later, Michael was at the doorstep of his house and his car parked a little bit far from home so the sound of the car’s engine would not wake Tracy up. Michael had called up the security guard and he quietly opened the gate for Michael .


When he got into the compound, he was surprised that thier sitting room’s light was on. The TV was on too. Michael turned the knob slowly and it was locked. He inserted his key and opened the door. There he was. A familiar young man. He was wearing only a boxer short and holding the TV remote in his hand. The shock in his eyes when he saw him satisfied Michael’s spirit. It was like a victory of some sort to Michael and at the same time he felt betrayed


One close look at the gentleman, Michael almost had an heart attack

“Solomon why?” Michael said in tears.

Solomon was so scared and shocked the same time.

“I’m sorry Mike,I can explain, please, it’s the devil’s work, let me explain please my friend” Solomon said calmly

“Explain what? That you, my best friend had been sleeping with my wife, you made me lose a good woman like Elizabeth, the first day you spoke to Elizabeth on the phone, you told me she was not good for me because she sounded uneducated that I should marry Tracy, I never knew you had other plans to ruin my life, what is my offence, what have i ever done to you? where is Tracy?” Michael entered but Solomon didn’t utter a word, he was still in shock but Michael had to repeat the question three times “Where is Tracy?”


Then Solomon pointed the remote at the bedroom indicating where Tracy was. Michael walked there and she was sleeping, Naked. Her pant was on the floor closed to a used condom and Solomon’s Jeans trouser. Michael screamed her name and she jerked off from her sleep. You can imagine the horror in Tracy’s eyes when she saw Michael.


She started looking around—Michael guessed she was looking for Solomon so he said; “I left your lover at the sitting room, for how long have you been sleeping with my friend? For how long have you been cheating? Oh my God”

Tracy started pleading profusely and asking him to forgive her. Michael was so shattered,

“why will you do this to me Tracy? Solomon is my friend, we are like brothers, You were not lacking anything, you had everything you wanted, money, good sex, designer bags, clothes, name it, I always tried my best to satisfy you, what have i ever done wrong?” Michael said in tears.


Michael was not hurt that Tracy cheated on him, he was devastated by the fact that he lost a good woman because of a useless woman like Tracy,

“I can’t believe I replaced a good woman with a useless and loosed woman like you, oh my God” Michael said still In tears while Tracy stared in confusion as she wondered what Michael meant.


Solomon walked into the bedroom, he was completely dressed up except for his jeans trouser and he had only walked in to get his jeans and to also find out, if Michael had not descended all his anger and disappointment on Tracy but he met Michael in tears instead and he began to plead for forgiveness and that provoke Michael the more

“Solomon, you are still here, you have no shame and you call yourself my friend” Michael said as his sight wandered to an empty bottle of wine beside the reading table and he picked it up and smashed it on Solomon’s head and he slumped at the floor unconsciously with blood gushing out of his head, few minutes later, Solomon died at the spot and the next day Michael was arrested by the police.


A week after, The murder case was taken to court and after several hearings, the Judge sentenced Michael to death by hanging but his lawyer was brilliant and smart, he appealed in an higher court and Michael was sentenced to life imprisonment instead.

One of the worst things that can happen to anyone is to be sent to jail forever.


Life in Prison is halfway house to Hell on earth especially for a prisoner Like Michael who was charged with Murder.

Michael spent each day in misery and in deep regret of losing a GOOD WOMAN like Elizabeth.


Each day Michael wept bitterly, he wallowed in regrets and self pity. He paid a high price for losing a good woman who stood by him and loved him unconditionally.

Nigerian prisons are like Nazi concentration camps. The food is calamitous, healthcare is none existent.


Michael had seen a fellow inmate (prisoner) holding his eye ball in his hand, it was still attached to his eye socket by a tendril. Someone used a spoon to scoop out his eye ball in a fight. The nurse was off duty. Nobody cared, The prisoner died.


The food given to prisoners was not fit for human consumption, even animals should not be made to eat such rubbish. Life had taught Michael big lessons in a hard way

But the lesson he would never forget in a hurry was:

“Avoid trouble, in fact, flee from trouble. Anything that will involve police charging you to court is trouble”


“I wish I walked away when I confirmed my suspicions that Tracy was cheating on me” He thought as tears rolled down from his eyes

Prison in Nigeria are not different from other places in the world. Prisoners are affiliated with a gangs. These hardened gang members were hardened criminals who were ruthless and had killed uncountable times, Michael was always scared of them, They quickly understood that Michael was scared and they don’t miss a chance to beat him up. “More than twice they had inquired

“Mike, what have brought you here? What offence did a weakling like you committed”

“I murdered someone” Michael would say

and they would all make jest of him, it was obvious they did not believe him.


To Be Continued

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