Good woman Episode 5

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Episode 5
Michael opened the messages from His Wife with a big smile. “Tracy is falling in love with me” He thought in smiles But as he saw what the message contained, he almost lost his breath. The first message had two nûd£ ph0tos of Tracy with a message; “Hello dear, the way is clear now. I can’t wait to have you here,” and ended with the k!sssmiley.
Immediately, Michael’s hands started shaking and his heart started beating very loud and out of rhythm. All of a sudden, his feet couldn’t support his weight and he had to lean on the car. Michael rushed to open the second message and it said; “Hello dear, don’t mind me. I’m only trying to pu-ll your legs and show you what you’re missing while away.” The message also ended with the tears of joy smiley.
There and then Michael knew what was happening. The little voice in his head kept screaming at him; “Your wife is cheating. She’s cheating on you. Your wife is cheating.” Michael stood there for some minutes to calm himself down and regain his composure. He wanted to call Tracy immediately but he didn’t want to sound worried or disturbe-d. He wanted her to know that he believed what she said that it was a joke. Michael wanted an as-surance in her voice when he spoke to her.
When Michael finally called Tracy back, he smiled and said; “Do you think I wouldn’t know you were joking?” Then he f0rç£d himself to give out a loud laughter. He sound calm when they spoke. They both laughed at it and Michael hung up to continue his journey.
Yeah, he had the message and the nûd£ that showed she was cheating but it wasn’t enough proof. He nee-ded to find something solid to nail her. That night for the first time Tracy stayed on the phone with Michael throu-ghout talking about things that were mostly unnecessary. Tracy wanted to prove a point. Somehow, she wanted to prove to Michael that indeed, she didn’t invite anyone over that’s why she was able to talk to him all night.
Michael could s-en-se her desperation to prove a point.
When Michael got home from the trip, he woke up at dawn to re-ad Tracy’s phone messages but her pas-sword was changed. That heightened his suspicion and the nee-d to work ha-rd to find out who the man was.
For the next six months, Michael tried all the avenues of how to catch a cheating wife but none yielded a result. One-day Michael told her that he was traveling as usual but then hang around the house in the night to see if a man would walk into the house or if she would leave the house to see someone. She was always in the house and no one walked in and she didn’t walk out.
It bec@m£ frustrating for Michael and he could ba-rely enjoy his life because of these suspicions and CID jobs, He was constantly in de-ep thoughts as wondered if Tracy was actually cheating on him. “I won’t forgive myself if I find out that Tracy is not faithful, that means I allowed myself to lose a good woman like Elizabeth and I settled down with a prostitute, oh my God plea-se” He thought.
Michael tried to let everything go so he could concentrate on building his marriage with Tracy. But he couldn’t.
Few months later, Michael maternal aunt died and he had to attend the funeral in Port Harcourt. For obvious reasons, Tracy didn’t attend the funeral “I don’t want your people to be staring at my stomach and counting years that we got married without having a child, plea-se let me stay behind” She had said and Michael had to go alone.
When Michael got to Port Harcourt on that Friday evening, he called her phone, she didn’t pick. Later in the night, she called to tell Michael she was slee-ping and that she had developed a severe headache when she woke up. She asked him to take care as she wanted to continue with her sleep.
Michael said his good night and hung up the phone.
But something didn’t feel right. Michael didn’t know what that was but he could feel it. All of a sudden He wasn’t happy and felt like crying, He bur-st into uncontrollable tears . He started battling with his thought but there was nothing he could l@yhands on as the reason for his feeling, He concluded that his coming to Port Harcourt reminded him so much of Elizabeth and then he called few of his old friends to inform them that he landed Port Harcourt for his aunt’s funeral And they promised to show up the next day.
“Have you heard anything new about Elizabeth?”Michael threw in
And they said no, Michael was shattered but he comported himself, he talked with his friends for few minutes more before he finally hanged up.
After the Funeral, Michael didn’t stay few more days as he had told Tracy he would, he was on his way back to Lagos but when Tracy called him on his way to Lagos, he had to lie, he told Tracy that he was with his parents.
“I’m about to have Lunch, do you want to talk to my parents?”Michael said calmly but Tracy who disliked her in-laws refused. “Mike, don’t worry, I just want to say hello and to know how everything about the funeral went down” Tracy said softly.
That same day, It was close to 10pm when Michael arrived Lagos and was heading back home to see what his wife was up to, Michael still hadn’t overcome his suspicion of her. It was ha-rd to let go of his conviction that the woman he married was cheating on him.
To Be Continued