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April 17, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Good woman Episode 4

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Episode 4




Most nights, Michael would be awake in his matrimonial bed at night and he felt alone. even with Tracy sleeping next to him. Tracy was beautiful and educated But Michael was alone. Michael missed the way Elizabeth cared for him. Tracy doesn’t worth anything to him. Michael barely slept at night because he kept thinking about Elizabeth, most times, he burst into tears and he wallowed in deep regrets.


Few months after, It was a warm evening in the 16th day of July, And it also happened to be Michael’s birthday, all morning he kept receiving birthday wishes and prayers from his family, friends and colleagues but none came from his wife, Tracy. Michael felt bad as he returned home that evening, he kept reminiscing about the past with Elizabeth and how she used to surprise him with nice gifts or delicious meal on his birthday.

When he walked into the house there was no sign of Tracy in the living room, She had gone to bed and no meal on the dinning table. He gently drove off without telling even the security man where he was heading to.


” The only woman who had loved me genuinely was Lizzy, Tracy doesn’t love me at all, Tracy loves my money. I can’t believe she doesn’t remember my birthday

again this year” He thought. From that day, it became Obvious that Tracy was a mistake and everyday he was always in deep thoughts thinking about Elizabeth, The thought of Elizabeth even made him wander restlessly through the bars and clubs of Lagos city,

Night after night, looking for something to replace Elizabeth, He gradually became an alcoholic.


This thought of Elizabeth will keep Michael staring at the ceiling of his bedroom with his eyes wide open all night long. This thought will never let him go any further in life, more than twice he had received a query letter from his boss because of his absent mindedness. More than twice he had show up to work late and unprepared.


Michael will think back so often and yearn to see Elizabeth in that red dress again, that Red dress she wore every Valentine’s Day to celebrate the first time they met.

Every February 14th Michael would remember that Elizabeth was gone. Michael will remember how he himself let her go. He had slap himself uncountable times for his stupidity, he remembered how many times Elizabeth called him that she wants to visit him in Lagos.


” if I had allowed her to come, maybe our relationship would had be saved, I was so ashamed to introduce her to my friends and colleagues but where are my friends and colleagues now that I’m unhappy and in regrets, now I know that my life is mine, I should live it the way I want, there’s no need

to impress anyone” Michael had thought . He had realize what a jerk he was and how selfish he was. He hated himself.


So many times Michael wished he could be able to turn back time and see Elizabeth once again with her beautiful faithful eyes. He wished to have another chance to give Elizabeth the recognition and love she deserves from the beginning.

each day Michael suffered, He missed Elizabeth so much that the worst was he found no one to replace her not even his educated wife Tracy, could replace Elizabeth in his heart.


Michael would always ask his friends in Port Harcourt about Elizabeth and if she was back but no, she was not back and with the look of things, Elizabeth might never return back, as she had no one to return to.

Michael hoped and prayed for that one day he will come across her again. “I know she will look stunning and her eyes will shine. I will see how well she has done over time without me, How much she has grown and flourished without me. How well she is, without me and how much she does not need me”.


Tracy and Michael were never like a real couple, they barely spend time together. All Tracy cared about was Buying designer bags, shoes and expensive wears with Michael’s money, she wasn’t bothered if Michael was investing his money or not, she doesn’t care if Michael was happy, sad or hungry. She nags each time Michael refuses to give her more money or anything she wants.

They have been married for 4 years with no child but Michael was not even bother, all his thought were always on Elizabeth and his complicated life.


Anyone outside thought Tracy and Michael had a peaceful home and that they barely had anything to disagree on but reverse was the case, They are not compatible and most times they ignore each other.

Michael decided to focus on his Job to avoid losing his Job as that was the only good thing he had- A Good Job. He was a Sales manager. He handle the biggest territory in his company’s supply chain channels. Due to this, he travel a lot but most of his travels don’t take him away for more than two days.


Occasionally, Whenever Michael was away, His wife Tracy would had nothing else to do other than incessant shopping, Michael was not a stingy husband, he always satisfied Tracy financially and he hated it whenever his wife complained or nag. Tracy’s complaints always had something to do with money. She was only concerned about herself and having expensive things to impress her friends.


The only thing that was keeping Tracy and Michael together was Money, No wonder Michael always gave her huge amount of money, Tracy was not bothered about Michael, most times Michael would had to travel deep in the night.

she barely called him when he was working.


But, One Friday morning, as Michael was leaving home for work, he told his wife Tracy that he had to travel to Abeokuta after work.

” I might not travel unless a call came through from Abeokuta that they needed the supplies urgently” Michael had told Tracy and she nodded reluctantly.


In the afternoon, to Michael’s utmost surprise Tracy called to ask if the call had come through and Michael said yes. He sent her a message around 6 pm that he have set off and she wished him a safe journey.

Michael was happy for the first time in a long while, he had thought that Tracy was becoming the ideal wife.

“There’s hope for our marriage after all, Thank God, I guess my wife had began to care about me” He had thought


About thirty minutes later after Michael had set off for Abeokuta, his phone flickered, indicating he had a Whatsapp message from Tracy, his wife. He didn’t open the message. About three minutes later, another message came in from her, and then a call followed. Michael usually doesn’t pick calls while he is driving so he found a safe spot and parked so he could call her back.



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