Good woman Episode 3

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Episode 3
Michael looked into Elizabeth’s eyes and walked closer to her, they both sat on the be-d in the h0tel room as Michael held her soft hands.
“Lizzy, I want to ask for your forgiveness in advance for what I’m about to say right now, but it’s the truth, Lizzy I can’t marry you, I have met some one that I want to spend the rest of my life with, you are not educated and I am educated, so I nee-d someone who will be in the same level with me, Someone who un-derstands me better but I will compensate you, I will not leave you empty because you contributed to my success story, I will establish you, you will have a big business, a fashion sto-re or anything you want, I will give you anything at all, just name what you want” he said in a low tone.
Elizabeth stared at him in disbelief, she had thought Michael had returned to fulfill all his promises, she had something important to tell him too, she was selected in the Canadian immigration program and she had thought of forfeiting her trip to Canada for Michael, but with the bad news she got from him, she wasn’t going to forfeit her trip to Canada, She kept mute as h0t tears rolled down from her eyes. More than twice, she had a nightmare where Michael abandoned her, now the nightmare had turned into reality.
“Lizzy, I ‘ll give you anything you want, I will start up your own fashion sto-re in town. plea-se forgive me for wasting your time and leading you on, you are a good woman and you deserve to be happy. Try and be happy Lizzy, plea-se forgive me!”. Michael continued
Elizabeth gently left his hands, she tried to wipe the tears on her face but the tears were rolling over in her face uncontrollably, “Mike, why will you do this to me? What have i done? You always knew that I was a school drop out and you know I st©p school at primary 4 because my late grand mother couldn’t afford to pay school money, Mike you know everything and you always told me you love me, plea-se tell me you are pla-ying, it’s a joke abi? Why you go do me like this? After everything we pas-s throu-gh together, everyb©dy for port Harcourt know me and you, no, it’s not good na” Elizabeth said as tears fell uncontrollably from her eyes.
While she was in tears, Michael was dumbfounded and he just sat there staring at her in pity. It broke his heart when he saw how broken Elizabeth was but his mind was made up. As Michael stared at Elizabeth in pity, he was not aware that he might never find such a woman like Elizabeth again. When he will realise that he had missed out on a lifetime of happiness with a woman that truly loved him by then it will be too late for him.
Elizabeth couldn’t help but cry,. It was painful for her to realise that Michael wants to leave her after 4 years of relationsh!p”Lizzy, here is a cheque for 5 million for start, I will give you more, plea-se take it” Michael said calmly
“I don’t want your money, I have heard all you said, nothing spoil, life will go on” Elizabeth said as she wiped her tears and then she walked away silently.
“Lizzy plea-se wait, take this cheque, what about the gifts, plea-se take the gifts at least plea-se find a place in your heart to forgive me” Michael said but Elizabeth ignored him and walked out of the h0tel room, empty handed, She left the h0tel shattered and broken.
Michael didn’t hear a word from Elizabeth, after that day, he returned back to Lagos, but he was more confused than ever, he had mixed feelings about the whole situation, at one hand he was happy that finally he got rid of Elizabeth but at the other hand, he felt extremely bad for hurting Elizabeth.
“Lizzy doesn’t deserve what I did to her, I love her, she stood by me and was always there for me but when I made it, I left her because she was uneducated, I knew that she was not educated when I asked her out few years ago, oh Lord plea-se forgive me” He thought soberly.
Many months later, Michael who was bothered about Elizabeth, kept inquiring from his friends in Port Harcourt, how Elizabeth was doing but he got a news that shocked him
“Lizzy, won a visa
Lottery and she had relocated to Canada” Sunday, Michael’s friend told him and Michael was very surprised and he was so happy with the news that he decided to move on with his life hence Elizabeth was not hurt anymore.
He proposed to Tracy and they tied the knot in an elaborate wedding and they lived together as husband and wife.
Few months into thier marriage, Michael found out that Tracy was not the ideal wife and she didn’t possess all the qualities he wanted, she was a terrible cook and was not caring. Michael began to compare her to Elizabeth and everyday he was convinced that he made a mistake by letting a good woman like Elizabeth go.
But he was determined to make his marriage with Tracy work out even though it felt like he was the only one who was putting in some effort for thier marriage to work.
Their Marriage was not up to a year, When Tracy started showing some signs of stubbornness, she was too authoritative, and she always wants Michael to dance to all her decisions. of which whenever Michael rejects to dance to her decisions, she will keep malice the whole day, to the extent of leaving him in thier be-d room at night to sleep in the living room or guest room.
Michael began to notice Tracy’s bad behavior, When Michael’s parents visited, she was rude to his parents and she lacks respect for Michael and his Parents, She doesn’t only demand for Money from him alot, She always claim to have rights to everything Michael owed even before he met her.
she had refused to be productive like any other responsible woman and she hates to be corrected, and the worst was that she Nags alot.
In that moment in Michael’s life when he didn’t expect it, the Reality hit him like a b!ow. He reminisced on the past, his thoughts went back to Elizabeth, the woman who has long been gone and whom he have let sl!pas if there were nothing in it.
“I thought my life would be better with out Lizzy, I thought she was not enough for me and she was not my type, I did not see what I had until it was gone, I have lost a good woman, She is 100 times better than Tracy” He thought soberly