Good woman Episode 2

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Episode 2
Everything seemed like it was going to be alright for these lovebirds. They called each other everyday. it was obvious that they missed each other overly, they had a lot to talk about, they both filled each other in on what had happened in thier lives.
Until a year after, Michael had finally broke free from poverty. He Bought a land situated in a calm and beautiful estate in Lagos and was building gradually, without Elizabeth’s knowledge, Michael also bought a New car, He was no more squ-atting with his Friend Solomon, Michael lived in a Four be-droom ap@rtment, while he was building on his land gradually.
When Michael squ-atted with Solomon, he picked up some of Solomon’s bad habits and lifestyle and the worst habit he picked up was womanizing.
Michael was living the good life, he had made new friends whom were well expo-sed and they hailed from influential families in Lagos. In 12 months Michael had d@t£d many girls who were beautiful and attrac-tive and He started taking Elizabeth’s love for granted.
He doesn’t call her like he used to and whenever Elizabeth called, they always end up fighting over the phone.
One Friday evening, Elizabeth’s call c@m£ in, Michael was at a very clas-sic bar with some of his friends and of course he was with his new babe, her name was Tracy, he had to move away from the bar to his car to pick up the call.
“Hey Lizzy”Michael greeted
“Hello Mike” Elizabeth said plainly
The last time they spoke to each other, they ended up fighting over the phone and ever since then they had not spoken to each other until that evening when Elizabeth decided to give him a call. “How are you?” Michael asked
“I’m not fine, Mike what’s up?” Elizabeth said at once, from her voice Michael could tell that she was upset and they might end up arguing with each other like they do always.
“For 12 months I never see you, anytime I want to come over, you always say no” Elizabeth complained
‘Why are you so desperate to come to Lagos, I have told you to relax, let’s take things slow, s£nd me your account number, I want to s£nd 100k into your account” Michael said calmly
“Mike, I don’t know what is going on? But I don’t want money, I want your love and attention, you don’t call me, I call you, sometimes you don’t even pick, it’s not fair oh” Elizabeth said calmly
“I love you Lizzy and I miss you so much, plea-se give me time to sort things out and we will get married and start our own family, plea-se” Michael said lovingly and Elizabeth was speechless and she reluctantly agreed to all Michael had said even though it broke her heart that Michael was always full of excuses and promises which he had not fulfilled for the past one year.
One thing Elizabeth was not aware of was that Michael had found someone new – Tracy. And they seem to be seriously ma-king plans for their future together. She was educated and very clas-sy. She spoke good English fluently and that’s what got Michael attra-cted to her in the first place. Michael always took Tracy everywhere to show off, because she was very beautiful, very pres£ntable and She had good diction.
Michael was beginning to show his true colors ever since he broke free from poverty, he could afford to d@t£ high clas-s babes like Tracy and he had come to the conclusion that Elizabeth was no longer his type.
“She is not educated and she is just a seamstress, what was I thinking when I committed myself to someone like Elizabeth, she is not my type at all. I can not settle down with Lizzy anymore, my heart now beats for Tracy, I don’t know how I will free myself from Elizabeth, yes I love her but I nee-d to be practical, I have well expo-sed friends and colleagues now, I can’t introduce a woman like Elizabeth to them as my wife, she is not educated, I want an educated wife, not a school dropout, who ba-rely made it out from Primary school, even Solomon’s Girlfriend is well educated, why will mine be different” Michael thought as soon as he ended the call.
At Port Harcourt, Many good looking guys kept pestering Elizabeth for a relationsh!pbut she kept turning them down.
“I Don get person wey I wan marry and we love ourself so much” Elizabeth would say to them.
Just as Michael was ma-king progress, Elizabeth was also succeeding, as a seamstress she had made a lot of customers, she was a well known Seamstress in town, because of her skills, she had bec@m£ familiar with the high and mighty ladies and of such ladies was a middle aged woman named Madam Rose, she was a well known successful politician in Port Harcourt as she was the commissioner of tourism appointed by the state governor. People wondered how Elizabeth was able to make such contact, because Of how much Madam Rose had grown so fond of her, Madam Rose had even recommended Elizabeth to lots of her friends too and Elizabeth was so appreciative.
One day, Elizabeth c@m£ over to Madam Rose’s house to deliver the clothes she had made for her, The beautiful middle aged politician welcomed her warmly, she was so hospitable as she made sure Elizabeth was properly entertained. Afterwards they started chatting, They were conversing when the female commissioner decided to inform Elizabeth about a Canadian immigration program for skilled workers
“Lizzy dear, There are looking for people who are skilled like you in Canada, Lizzy give it a try, you might be selected, The form is so expensive but don’t worry I will get the form you” Madam Rose told Elizabeth who stared at her in confusion, Madam Rose had to explain herself better, so that Elizabeth would un-derstand what the immigration program was all about.
“Canada immigration program is for skilled workers like technician, plumber, Carpenter and even Tailors or seamstress. Skilled people from all over the world are eligible to make an Express Entry for Canada Residency, providing they have the right skills, experience and qualifications in their home country
The average Tailor or seamstress in Canada Recieves $31,200 as salary per year or $16 per hour. Entry level positions start at $27,300 per year while most experienced workers makeup to $50,369 per year” Madam Rose explained
“Wow, Mama, I’m interested oh” Elizabeth said as soon as she un-derstood what Madam Rose was saying.
“I will get the form for you, don’t worry” Madam Rose promised and Elizabeth thanked Her.
When Elizabeth left Madam Rose’s house, her thought went to Michael.
“what if am selected? How will I leave my Michael in Nigeria? My mind no reach there sef and I have alre-ady told Madam Rose that I’m interested, how can I go back and tell her that I’m no longer interested, when she is only being nice and wants to help me?” Elizabeth told herself but on a second thought “I go think on the matter, then I will know what to do, I might not be chos£n sef” She concluded.
Few months after, One weekend, Elizabeth got a call from Michael.
“Lizzy I’m around, I just landed not quite long, but I’m not at home, I’m in Shanghai h0tel near the post office” Michael said calmly at the other end of the phone
it’s a lie, My Love st©p na, I don’t like this kind of joke” Elizabeth entered.
” Lizzy, I’m serious, I’m with some of my friends, Uche, Patrick and Sunday, you know them na, I want to see you now, plea-se come” Michael said at once
Elizabeth was so excited, she was overly happy but she wasn’t aware that her happiness would soon turn to sorrow.
In few minutes, Elizabeth was on her way to Shanghai h0tel, as soon as she saw Michael, she ran to him and gave him a pas-sionate hvg but Michael was just staring at her, he felt extremely guilty for leading Elizabeth on, When he knew he had other plans for his future. He decided right there to open up to Elizabeth.
“Lizzy is a wonderful person, she doesn’t deserve to be deceived, I have to open up and st©p raising her hopes up” Michael thought.
When Michael’s friends left, He took Elizabeth to one of the h0tel room he lodged, He had kept everything he bought for her in the h0tel room, So the first thing he did when they got into the h0tel room was to bring out all the expensive gifts she bought for her and Elizabeth was so appreciative.
“My love thank you” Elizabeth said calmly as she looked into the things Michael brou-ght for her. They had a delicious lunch and chatted for a while and then Elizabeth begged to take her leave and Michael told her to wait a little bit.
“I have a lot of work, my customers wants those clothes tomorrow and I don’t want to disappoint them, you can join me at the shop na” She told Michael.
“just wait for five minutes, I have something important to discuss with you” Michael insisted and Elizabeth agreed to wait but for few minutes, he was just staring at Elizabeth, he was in de-ep thoughts as he wondered how he would break up with Elizabeth without hurting her feelings.
“Lizzy, I want to tell you something” Michael said in a low tone.
“ah… See me oh, I almost forgot, my love I have something to tell you too but you say your own first” Elizabeth said and Michael smiled faintly at her bad grammar.
Michael took a de-ep breath and c@m£ closer to her and held her hands.