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Golden high school 26 & 27

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( High School Drama )

Chapter 26




” How did you ask my sister out??” He asked

Gavin and Noah faced each other and then back to Michael,, they burst into laughter,,,

” What’s funny?? He asked but they continue laughing

” You mean,,,,you don’t know how to ask a girl out ??” Gavin asked pointing at him which only resulted in more laughter

Michael sighed feeling annoyed,,he took his headphone and turn on the music,,he shouldn’t have asked

” Is he angry??” Noah asked and they both stopped laughing

Gavin cleared his throat,,,,

” He’s listening to music,,he can’t hear you ” Noah said

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Gavin removed the headphone from him

” What is that for??’ Michael asked and took it back

” Am going to tell you how I,,,asked Sharon out ” Gavin said trying not to laugh

” Oh thanks,, I don’t need it again. ” Michael snapped and put on the headphone

Gavin turned to Noah and they both started laughing again

” This is hilarious ” Noah said as he fell on the floor laughing so hard that he could hardly breath

” Am I alive? ” Gavin asked

Tears rolling down his eyes as a result of the laughter

” No we are not ” Noah replied and they started laughing again.

Michael on the other hand was burning with anger,,,how can they mock him just because he wanted to learn something?? He sighed and dropped the headphone,, he walked into the bathroom to wash his face.

” I can’t stop laughing,, I need help ” Noah said

” You shouldn’t be laughing,, you can’t even approach Lily ” Gavin said and burst into laughter while Noah kept quiet

” I can’t stop laughing ” Gavin said and continue laughing

Noah glare at him before laying on the bed

” I won ” Gavin said and smirked
************* Next Day

Emily walked into the cleaners laundry house,,they all got up in respect,,what is the school doctor doing here??

” Hello mam ” They all greeted

” Morning to you all,,,I have a little request to ask from you ” She started and they all faced each other in confusion

” Who are the cleaners in charge of the grade 5 students?? ” she asked

” Did we do something wrong??” Two of them asked,,she immediately grab that they are the one

” You two should come with Me ” She said and went out
They followed her silently still wondering why she want to see them,,,

” You did nothing wrong,, ” Emily said and they breath out in relief

” But I want you to do something for me ” She said.
” Hey Michael ” Someone called him from the back ,he turned and smiled when he saw Lisa

” Hi,,where are you going?? ” He said

” I saw you going out of the class,,so I followed. It’s boring anyway ” She replied

” Now you’re stalking me ??” Michael asked with a smile

” No am not,,I only followed. But do you have any idea why Hazel is not in school ??” She asked

” Yeah,,she went to do something important. Am sure she will be back tomorrow ” Michael replied and she suddenly became mad
How can he know everything about her??

” Why did you ask?? ”

” It’s nothing ” She replied with a smile

Michael chuckled and hold her hand,,

” Are you jealous?? ” he whispered

” Why will I be?? Am not jealous,, ” She replied and looked away

” Okay,,fine. ” Michael said

” Okay??”

” Then what do you expect me to say?? ” he asked

” Nothing,,where are we going?? ” She asked

” We?? I never said I was going somewhere with you ” Michael replied

” Silly,,where were you going before ??”

” Restroom ” Michael replied and she gasped

” Oh no,,,,I will have to go back,,”

” Why?? You can come along if you want ” Michael said with a wink

” In your dreams,, am off ” She said and ran off

Michael couldn’t control his laughter,,,

” She’s so cute ” He said with a grin

Lisa went back into the class with a smiley face,,

‘ he’s naughty’ she said in her mind and continue smiling.

” You suddenly went out and now you’re back smiling all over,,what’s going on?? Lily asked

” Nothing ” Lisa snapped and sat down

” well,,okay,,” Lily replied

” Here it is mam,,,” The cleaner handed over the little hair to Emily

” You did a great job,,,have this ” She gave her some cash before walking into her office

She asked one of the cleaners to remove the hair from Lisa’s hair brush,,she’s going to perform a DNA test as requested by Leo who doesn’t seem to believe her.

Even though she was sure Lisa is really her child,,she was still scared of the result,what if she’s not the one?? What if the name and birthmark are just coincidence?? What if??

She stopped thinking about it and decided to be positive,,it’s her daughter. She’s the one.

” Do you like her??” Vanessa whispered into Rowan’s ear who was busy starring at Lisa like she’s a movie

” What’s your own business with that?? ” Rowan snapped

” Well,,you like her ” Vanessa smiled

” And why do you care??”

” Well,,I don’t really care. But I can help you have her to yourself ” She smirked

” I can do that myself, I don’t need your help, ” Rowan said

” Good for you,,you should know she like Michael and not you,,such a pity ” Vanessa said shaking her head

” We can do this together,,, you want Lisa and I want Michael. What do you think?? ” She asked

” Am not interested ” Rowan snapped

” Well,,you can tell me when ya ready to have her ” Vanessa said and made a fake smile

Michael got into the class and eye searched for Lisa,,he saw her talking with Lily and he wonder when they became friends

” Hey Michael,Come see this ” Ethan waved at him

He walked closer to them and sat down,,

” But why are we no doing anything today??” Noah asked

Michael looked away ,,,

” The teachers are having some silly meeting about the coming exam,,,the final grade students are leaving soon remember?? ” Michael said

” Wow,,I can’t wait to get to that grade,,,I will be the happiest ” Ethan said

” I can’t wait to go to college ” Noah said

” You guys should better study harder and stop thinking of getting to the class,, ” Michael scoffed

” That’s harsh ” Ethan said

” let’s gist you about what happened last night ” Gavin said and they both pulled Ethan closer

Michael chuckled and looked away feeling embarrassed,,

” He really asked for that?? ” Ethan asked

” Yes,,,I almost died ” Noah said

” This is not funny,,stop it,,I don’t need your help anymore ” Michael said trying not to laugh at himself

” Who is the lucky girl?? Tell me ” Ethan whispered

” Lily,,” Michael said with a smirk

Noah immediately faced him,,

” You won’t dare,,” He said with a smile knowing he’s trying to make him jealous

” I don’t know how to do all those stuffs,,but if I get to her right now and ask her to be my girlfriend without trying,, she will say yes without thinking twice,,,that’s Michael for you ” He said proudly and winked

” Silly ” Noah said feeling defeated

” Well,,you can’t do that to mine ” Gavin said confidently and they all laughed

” You’re crazy” Michael said still laughing

” Your partner is not in school??” Lisa asked as she walked into the school lab,,Michael was the only one there,,,

” You are done with Rowan already??” he asked

” Almost 1 hour,,can you really do this alone or you want my help??” Lisa asked

” Am doing this for Hazel and I,,tomorrow is the deadline ” Michael said and Lisa’s eyes went dark

Why must be bring up Hazel in everything??

” If I don’t do this,,,she’s going to fail,,and same goes to me,,it’s a team work ” Michael said

” I will just watch you until you’re done,, ” Lisa said and sat down on the table next to him,not the one he’s working with

” You really look like those great scientists ” Lisa teased

” Shut up Lisa,am not concentrating “Michael said

” Okay sir !!” She said And continue watching him without saying a word

After some minutes….

” I think I got it,” Michael said with a smile

” Wow,,finally you can talk to me ” Lisa pouted and Michael turned to face her

” You were only worried about me talking to you,,” Michael chuckled

” I know you’re a genius,,you will get it right” Lisa smiled

” That doesn’t mean I know everything Lisa,,I still have to study more and more ,,till eternity, nobody knows it all ” Michael said

” Am sorry ” She said looking down

” You don’t have to be sorry,,I got it right.” Michael said and took off the lab gloves in his hand,,,

” Am glad ” Lisa smiled

Michael moved closer to her,,she became nervous,, what’s wrong?? Why is she suddenly nervous??

She took her lips in and fondle with a finger

He was now standing in front of her as she sat on the table,,,,he moved his face closer to her,,

” He’s going to kiss me ” She said inwardly and closed her eyes

” Why are you closing your eyes??” He suddenly asked and she opened her eyes feeling embarrassed

” I told you if I kiss you, I won’t be able to stop” Michael said

” Then don’t stop ” she mumbled under her breath

” I have something to tell you Lisa ” Michael said breaking the long silence

” What is it??” She asked

” I don’t think it’s the right time to tell you,,, ” Michael said thinking about the upcoming exam,,he want her to concentrate on her studies

” Why??” Lisa asked

” You don’t have to be sad,,,, am going to tell you,, soon. And make sure you study harder,,, ” he said and she nodded

” Let’s go,,we are done ” Michael said but Lisa refused to move

” what’s wrong?? ”

” How about a peck?? That’s okay right?? ” she asked and Michael was surprised

” Let’s do none of that,,” he replied

” but why?? Gosh,,,” she said and got down from the table

” Am leaving ” She said

” Are you mad at me??” Michael asked

” Of course,,, ” she snapped

” okay wait ” He said

Lisa sighed and turned back to him,,,,he pecked her cheek shortly

” This is crazy ” Lisa scoffed

” You look cute when angry ” Michael said with a grin

Lisa rolled her eyes and walked in front,,

” Am sorry Lisa,,, ”

” Fine,,” She replied and suddenly wanted to slap herself

Now she’s mad at him because he didn’t kiss her??
“Oh no,,,what is wrong with me” she thought within herself


Chapter 27


Leo smiled at his wife as she served him dinner,,she’s the most lovely woman he will ever know. And if there’s anything he will never do,,it’s making her cry,she have done so much for him. But he can never lie to her,,he will have to tell her about Emily,he should have told her,but he never thought Emily’s child is alive.

The DNA result is yet to come out, but what if the child turn out to be his?? That’s why he have to tell his wife before it’s too late.

” Enjoy your meal,I made it specially for you ” Mrs Leo said with a smile

She pecked his cheek before sitting down,,they both started eating in silence until Leo broke it..

” I have something to tell you honey ” He said

” What is it?? Bad or good??” She asked still eating

” I don’t know Flora,, but I have to tell you ” He said

She dropped her cutlery and listened to him

” I once told you about Emily right??”

” Yeah,,you told me she’s your ex girlfriend ,and that she once got pregnant but unfortunately she lost her baby ” Flora replied with a smile

” That’s the issue right now,” Leo sighed.

” What’s wrong??”

” She found her child ” he replied

” You mean,,your child??” She asked in shock

” Am sorry Flora,,I didn’t plan for this,, I was also,,,,”

” Why are you sorry?? Is that not amazing?? Wow,,finally Hazel is getting a sister,, she’s older than Hazel ??” She asked

Leo was surprised,,, why is she acting like she doesn’t care?? What type of woman is she??

” Yeah she’s older,,just few months though ” Leo replied

” When are you going to introduce her to Hazel and I?? I can’t wait ”

” The result is not out Flora,,what if she’s not my child??”

” You’re right,,but make sure you tell me Immediately the result is out ” She smiled and continue eating

” Don’t tell Hazel about this for now ” He said

” Why??”

” They don’t get along ” He replied

” Wow,,they know each other?? ”

” They are in the same class,,,they even attends the same school in America,, bad thing they don’t like each other ” Leo sighed

” Wow,,that’s shocking. But it’s fine “she said and pressed his palm softly.

Rowan watched from afar as Michael and Lisa flirt with each other,, Lisa always look more happier whenever she’s with him,,he sighed and continue starring at them, is there any reason why she choose Michael and not him??

Is he not handsome enough??

” You are lost,” A voice suddenly said behind him

Rowan turned back and scoffed when he saw Vanessa grin

” Why the hell are you stalking me?? Wait,,do you like me??” He asked

” You’re not my type,,I like Michael not you ” She replied

” Good for you then,, why don’t you just stay away from me ”

” Let’s help each other,,, that’s what am saying ” Vanessa said

” He can never be yours Vane,,just give up. If he doesn’t end up dating Lisa,,he still have Hazel,,definitely not you,,you’re just a push over ” Rowan said and smirked at her face

” How dare you talk to me like that!! ” she shouted at him

” You look ugly when ya angry ” Rowan said and got up,be carried his backpack And faced her

” We can work together ” He said

” Really?”

” Yes,,by avoiding each other ” He snapped and walked away

” That arrogant idiot” she hissed ” Gosh what do I do??” She asked herself.

” Am sorry Lisa ” Michael said calling after her

” Fine,,” She replied and suddenly wanted to slap herself

Now she’s mad at him because he didn’t kiss her??
“Oh no,,,what is wrong with me” she thought within herself

” I just wanted you, to concentrate on your studies.” He said finally catching up with her

” It’s fine ” She replied without facing him

” Can you look at me Now?” Michael asked

” why will I do that?? ”

” Come on Lisa,,, fine what do you want??” He asked

” what is it that you wanted to tell me?? ” She asked

” I can’t tell you now ,,am telling you after our exams ” He smiled

” Fine,,,bye ”

” Wait,,” he said and grab her hand

” what are you doing?? ” Lisa asked as he continue walking still holding her

” am kidnapping you,,no one will be able to find you ” Michael said with a wink

” Am not scared,,since it’s you ” Lisa smiled

” Why did you bring me back here??” She asked as they both entered the school lab,,,

Michael locked the door and pulled her to himself,,

” Don’t try to get away from me ,,,” He said and without hesitating, he captured her lips softly,she immediately responded to the kiss,,,gosh she missed the warmth of his mouth,,

He hugged her so tightly between the kiss like she was going to run away,,he lifted her up and sat her down on the table,,he kissed her passionately,,,Lisa was loosing her breath that she wanted to pull away but remember him telling her not to get away from him.

She just breath into the kiss,,,how can he just feed on her lips and tongue like it’s some food?? She felt him releasing her,,she opened her eyes and saw him starring at her.

They both caught their breath slowly,,

” Don’t think about this too much ” Michael said and she nodded

” I won’t,,,, ” she replied

” Good,,then I can add more ” He smiled and wanted to kiss her again but a call came on his phone.

Lisa saw the name,,Hazel???Michael cleared his throat before picking the call

📞 Hey Hazel

📞 Gosh Michael,,, I missed you so much

He looked at Lisa

📞 I also missed you,, are you not coming back today??

📞 I have to wait till tomorrow,, am fed up. Why did I have to lost my ID carelessly??am so tired

📞 It’s going to end tomorrow,,

📞 Yeah right,, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

📞 Me too

📞 Bye Mich,,,,don’t miss me too much

📞 Yeah,,,

He hanged up and faced Lisa whose expression could kill,,

” It’s just a friendly call ” Michael said

” Why telling me?? I didn’t say anything ” She said

” Your expression says something,,, ” Michael smirked

” shut up and kiss me again ” She snapped

” You’re becoming naughty ,,who taught you??” Michael teased

” You are the one,,only you ” She replied

************* A WEEK AFTER


Was that a goodbye kiss?? Lisa asked herself as she study in the library,, Rowan was with her,,they’ve become more close this last few days.

Michael hardly have time for her,,she wouldn’t blame him though,, he’s always with his friends,, they always study together,they aren’t the only one.

But talking about friends,,Hazel is included, that made Lisa even more mad,,

Everyone seems to be busy,,,even Lisa’s friends are reading hard,,

But seeing Michael everyday and not talking to each other is really driving her crazy,,not like they ignore each other, they still talk,,but what does ordinary greetings have to do with her feelings?

She even have to tell him she’s having difficulties in some subjects just to meet him,,,they met in the school garden,she could remember not listening to him,, because she was busy starring at him. How can someone be as cute as this??

” Lisa,,stop starring at me and focus ” He had told her

” I miss you ” She had blurted out truthfully

Michael sighed and closed the text,,

” Don’t miss me ” He said and got up

” I can’t help it,,,” she said and also got up from the bench

” It’s for your own good Lisa,,,you’re an average student,,, this school is not America,, you have to pass excellently if you want to get to the final class,,,,tell me anytime you want my help ” He said and walked away

She had to control her tears and just sat down alone,,,,,she tried not to think about him but he keep on coming to her head.

” Lisa,,I’ve got something to tell you ” Rowan’s voice made her come back to reality

” What is it ?” She asked dropping the book in her hand

” am sorry,,but I have to say this. I love you Lisa ” He said and her eyes went wide open sc




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