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July 23, 2021


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Golden high Episode 63 & 64

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( High School Romance )

Chapter 63

By: Summer Gold



Hazel pat his hair slowly waiting for him to calm down and explain what happened,why is he tearing up?? It’s really unusual of him.

After some minutes,,he raised his head and unlock from the hug.

“ Am sorry,,,” he said with a smile which disappeared immediately, it’s obvious that he forced himself to smile

“ What’s wrong?? Tell me ” Hazel said and wipe his tears with her thumb

“ It’s nothing,, am fine ” He replied and sat down

“ I thought we are friends now,,so you can’t tell me what’s happening?? I can help ” She said and sat beside him

He nodded and told her everything that happened,,,,,Hazel kept quiet for a minutes before letting out a scoff

“ She never seize to amaze me,,,am sure she’s not mad at you. She’s only trying to make you realize your mistake, but she’s not aware that she’s doing the wrong thing. ” Hazel said

“ Am so f**king sorry,,,I think my heart is gonna stop beating if she keep on ignoring me. Am ,,,helpless. I can’t even calm down,,I need her,,I need her warmth,I need her kiss,,I just,,I miss her a lot,,” Michael said

Hazel smiled and pecked his cheek before standing up,,,

“ Trust me,she won’t dare ignore me if I talk to her. I should be the eldest,,” Hazel said and Michael let out a smile

“ But Mich,, didn’t she see your hand?? Am sure she would cry her eyes out if she sees it ” Hazel said

“ She saw it,,,,it’s just like,I don’t know her anymore. She’s not the Lisa I use to know,,I must have hurt her so much. ” Michael said

“ Sofia is a bitch,,,,” Hazel said
“ Don’t blame her,,,,I caused everything. ”

“ Don’t leave this place Mich,,she will be here in few minutes trust me ” Hazel said and roughed his hair before walking out

She walked into the class and met Lisa sitting alone,,she was not with her friends either. She walked to her and Lisa looked up,,

“ Come with me ” Hazel said and went out of the class without turning back

Lisa sighed and got up,,she was not feeling herself right now,,she went out.

“ Lisa, what do you think you’re doing?? You’re hurting Mich,, and yourself too. Come on,,he is really sorry for what he did. Fine he’s at fault,, but don’t you think you’re taking it too far?? Am so disappointed Lisa,,,you even saw him hurt his hand,,he had to release his frustration and ended up hurting himself. I was surprised you didn’t even care ,,,,,,,”

“ No,,,I care,, I really do!!! Am hurt too seeing him that way,, am just being controlled by my anger and jealousy. I care about him,,,” Lisa burst into tears

“ If you really do,,then go to him Now and settle everything. I’ve never seen him that way,,you made him cry a lot Lisa,,now you should blame your self. What he did is nothing to me,,it’s just a kiss. Not like he’s in love with Sofia, am just speechless right now ”

“ Is he in the Library?? ” Lisa asked and she nodded

“ Am just going to,,,,,”

“ Tell him you’re sorry too,,,you also hurt him,,even more than he hurt you. ” Hazel snapped and walked off

Lisa let out a sigh and started walking to the Library,, she saw the teacher going into the class but even if she stays, she wasn’t gonna understand anything.

She got to the Library and met him there,, he was already reading the novel but dropped it immediately he saw her.

She moved closer to him,,,,,trying to control her tears. She sat down beside him and pulled him into a hug,,, Michael held her so tight that she could hardly breath

“ Am sorry if I hurt you,,,,I was just too angry to think ” she said

“ It’s my fault not yours,, I promise never to try that again. I never knew you’re going to get so much mad at me,,,,am so sorry sweetheart ” Michael said

Lisa unlocked from the hug,,she used her thumb to wipe his tears,,,

“ Your tears,,,, breaks my heart ” She said in tears

“ Please,, don’t ever cry again,, and ,,,don’t ever hurt yourself again. It hurt to see that,I only pretended like I was okay with that ” She said and he nodded immediately

She touched his lips slowly,,,

“ I missed you ” She said
“ I thought I loose you already ” Michael said ,,she shook her head negatively

“ That’s never gonna happen,,,, we are never going to break apart no matter what,, and don’t ever think I don’t trust you. I do trust you,,,I was just too hurt, that’s why I called you a liar. You’re not a liar,, I don’t hate you. How can I hate my life?? Am really,,addicted to you. I don’t think I can live without you. That’s why I always get hurt seeing you with other girls, I guess am scared of loosing you to them one day,, it’s crazy ,but that’s how I feel ” She said

“ Lisa,,, I love you. I can never hurt you. Always remember that,, am never going to hurt you, never ” He said and she nodded

She immediately slammed her lips on his,,oh,how much she missed his lips,how much she missed his touch, how much she missed his sweet scent. How much she missed everything,, it’s not even up to two days and she’s running so mad without him.

The kiss was a really hot one,,Michael lifted her up and she sat down on his laps. He couldn’t just get enough of her,,she was like his drug. He’s really addicted to her ,,her kiss always do magic in his body,,her warmth make him feel something he never felt.

Oh,,how much they adore each other. Their bond is really strong, they can’t live without each other and they know that.

He broke the kiss and they both stared at each other with so much love and affection,,, catching their breath as they stared sweetly at each other.

“ I love you Lisa,,,” he said
“ I love you more,,,baby bear ” She said and pecked his lips softly

“ Touch me Michael,,, please ” she whispered into his ear

“ What if,,,,,” she has cut him off with a kiss

“ Everyone is in class now,,,I really missed your touch. It’s killing me ” She sighed

“ Not here,,,” He said and kissed her again

Chapter 64



Hazel walked out of the chemistry lab,she was almost out when she bumped into someone. The books in her hand fell off,,

“ Oh,am so sorry ” The voice said and immediately helped her pack the notes

“ Here ” Ethan said handing it over to her

She looked up and recognize him to be one of Michael’s friends. Though they’ve never talked to each other,, she doesn’t even know his name. He was not smiling either, he only kept a straight face,but he’s still cute.

Maybe it’s because she have never seen him this close,,

“ Hazel?? ” Ethan called and she came back to reality

“ Oh,,thanks ” She said and immediately grab the books from his hand

Ethan nodded and walked away without any expression,, why is he always like that?? He always laugh only when he’s with his friends.

She brushed the thoughts off and continue walking,,,,
“ Wow,,I can’t believe our final exam is coming so soon,,I cant wait!!! ” Florence shouted

“ Did you study hard?? I don’t think am ready for that exam ” Sharon said

“ Don’t believe her,,it’s not true,,she’s more than ready. ” Lily laughed

“ We know,, she’s lying. ” Florence said with a smile

“ How about you Lisa ” Sharon asked

“ It’s cool,,I can’t wait to get out of high school. It’s stressful, ” Lisa said with a sigh

“ Stressful?? That’s new ” Lily said

“ I don’t think she’s gonna have any problems,,, Michael is there to teach her. Unlike me ” Florence pouted

“ Tell me ,,,you don’t have any crush?? ” Sharon winked

“ What?? No I don’t ” She replied

“ You always stare at Ethan like your life depends on it,,are you still going to denial that??? ” Lily said

“ Wow,,so it’s Ethan??? ” Lisa smiled

“ No,,that’s not true,he’s just a friend. No hard feelings ” Florence said with a flushed face

“ But you like him,,that’s it ”
“ No I don’t ” She replied

“ Fine,,,guys am off,,I will see you later ” Lisa said after checking the time,she immediately took her chemistry text and ran out of the class

“ Am jealous,, she’s going to Michael again. I won’t be surprise if she come second in the final exam ” Lily said

“ I don’t think she can,,,,Hazel,is really smart. She always come after Michael,Vanessa too,,,but let’s just watch. She’s coming back here to explain everything to us ” Sharon said and they all laughed.
Hazel was studying alone when the door opened,she looked up and was surprised to see Sofia coming in.

“ Gosh,, you again ” Sofia rolled her eyes and sat down beside her

“ Can you just move away?? You are annoying ” Hazel scoffed

“ You can just move instead, I came here to study and nothing else ” She replied

Hazel sighed and continue studying,,, it was so silent until Hazel broke the silence.

“ Hey Bitch,,can I ask a question?? ” She asked

“ You just did ” Sofia replied without raising her head

“ When?? ” Hazel asked

“ Now ” She replied and Hazel chuckled

“ Okay,,am serious,,,, ” Hazel said and Sofia looked up

“ What is it this time? ” Sofia asked

“ Tell me who your brother is,,am curious. ” Hazel said

“ You don’t have to know him,,,it’s nothing important ” Sofia replied

“ I don’t care,,just tell me ”

“ Fine,, but on one condition ” Sofia smirked

“ I know you’re gonna say that,,what’s the condition ” Hazel asked

“ You’re gonna teach me some physics principles,, I really suck in it,,and I guess you’re brilliant ” Sofia said

“ Vanessa is also brilliant ” Hazel replied

“ deal or no deal ” Sofia asked ignoring what she said

“ Fine,,now who’s your brother ” Hazel asked

Sofia took her phone and after operating it for few seconds she gave it to Hazel,,

“ That’s him ” She said and Hazel scoffed

“ Are you trying to make a fool of me?? This is Alex Williams,, he’s an actor,I know him. He’s my favorite celebrity ” Hazel said

“ He’s your favorite celebrity and he’s my brother, Alex Williams, Sofia Williams. That’s it ” She said

“ how do you expect me to believe you?? ”

She showed her pictures she took with her brother and Hazel was shocked,,,

“ You really mean it?? He’s your brother?? ” She asked in shock

“ Yeah that’s right ”
“ Reason why you always act like a bitch,,,” Hazel rolled her eyes

“ Don’t tell anyone,,,, ”
“ Why?? ”
“ I don’t know,, but it’s a secret for now. So ,,,,the physics ”

“ Let’s start tomorrow,, my brain is hot right now,,I need to go to the dorm and rest,,bye ” She carried her bag and went out

Sofia sighed and stared at her brother’s picture,,,

“ I miss you so much ” she said and decided to call him

It was his manager who picked up,,

“ Hello mam Sofia,, ”
“ My brother?? Where is he?? ” she asked

“ Am sorry,, but he’s really busy right now ” He replied

“ Fine,,don’t tell him I called. I just wanted to make sure he’s okay. Bye ” she hanged up

Michael checked her out for the third time,,why the hell is she still sleeping?? She slept off two hours ago while studying together,,,

He took his phone and took numerous pictures of her,,

“ Sleeping beauty,,so cute ” he said and smiled

He lean closer to her and kissed her gently,, she didn’t move. He deepened the kiss a little,,she only moved and then slept off again. He kissed her again, this time using his tongue,, she kissed him back and he immediately broke the kiss.

“ Why did you move away?? ” she murmured sleepily

“ Sweetheart wake up,,we need to go. ,,everyone will be looking for us now ” Michael said and got up

“ Let’s just stay here,,” she said and Michael sat down again

Lisa smiled and sat up,,,her head resting on his shoulder.

“ I love you ” She said
“ I love you too ” Michael replied


“ F**k,,am so sleepy ” Anna said as she put on her night wear,she just took her bath and she’s still wet all over.

The rain was falling so hard and it really make her wanna get on the bed and wrap the duvet all over her body.

She got on the bed and closed her eyes,, but was short lived when a call came on her phone.

“ What?? ” she was surprised,, who is calling her at a time like this??

She took the phone and checked,,,wait,,she immediately sat up and cleared her throat.

“ Alex?? ” she called

“ Hey Babe,,are you home ” his voice came on

“ Yes,,why?? ”
“ Come open the door,,am outside ” He said and she was shocked

What the hell??

“ What do you mean?? ”

“ Can you just come open the door first?? I can’t die in the rain,,come with a cover or something ” Alex said

“ Fine,,just wait in the car ” she said and hanged up

She hanged up and went out of the room,,she took an umbrella before going out. She sighed when she saw his car,,she walked to where he is

He immediately opened the car and hugged her,,,

“ You should at least get in,,,” she said
“ I missed you ” he said

“ You’re kidding right?? We saw each other last night ” she said as they both made way into the house

“ It’s 24 hours already ” Alex replied.

They finally got in,,she locked the door and faced him.

“ So what are you doing here?? ” She asked but he couldn’t reply

He was starring at her,,not her face, her body. Why is he starring at her that way??

She checked herself out and that was when she discovered that she was in her night wear,,it was really transparent that he can easily see everything,,

“ Alex!!! ” she scream

“ What,,”
“ Am going to put on some clothes,, don’t you dare follow me, pervert ” she said but he pulled her back and hugged her

“ Don’t do that,,, you’re beautiful this way ” he said

“ That’s because you have to eat me with your eyes ” She scoffed

“ Am sorry,,my eyes couldn’t take in your hotness ” he said and kissed her neck

“ Don’t do that Alex,,I need to get some sleep,,,I am going to work tomorrow ” she said and pulled him off

He groaned,,

“ Can you just let me go now?? ” She asked

“ Not yet ” he replied and kissed her,,she reciprocate instantly,, but suddenly pulled out

“ You can’t just kiss me anytime you want ” she rolled her eyes

“ Why?? ”
“ Are you my boyfriend or something?? ”

“ Then become my girlfriend,, ” he said and her eyes wide up

“ What are you saying?? ”
“ I love you,, isn’t it obvious?? Let’s just make it official,, please don’t say no ” he said in a pleading tone.



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