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July 23, 2021


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Golden high Episode 47 & 48

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( High School Romance )

Written By: Summer Gold.

💛 Chapter 47 💛



“ Hey brother guess what ” Sharon winked
“ Tell me ” Michael said

“ Well,,your girlfriend is back ” She said
“ Lisa?? She’s home right now?? ” Michael asked

“ Yeah,,” Sharon replied
“ I need to see her,,” he said and got up immediately
“ Take your time ” Sharon laughed as Michael ran out of the house

He didn’t bother to knock the door, he entered, Anna was not even home so how can Lisa be home

“ Did Sharon play some stupid prank on me right now?? ” He roughed his hair and turned to leave
“ But,, then,,who opened the door ?? ” He asked himself
“ Hey,what are you waiting for?? ” He heard Lisa’s voice and immediately turned back
“ Sweetheart?? ” He called and Lisa came from where she was hiding

“ Wow,,it’s really you ” Michael smiled
Lisa immediately ran to him and hugged him,,
“ I missed you so much ” She said sadly
“ I missed you more,,,I was really worried about you. Are you okay?? Did you get hurt anywhere?? ” He asked worriedly
“ Am fine,,,am not hurt ” Lisa replied and smiled

“ Am so happy having you back here,,, am really happy ” Michael said
“ Well,I can see it in your face. ” Lisa said and poke his cheek
“ Come here ” He pulled her closer and lifted her up
“ What?!! Drop me ” She shouted even though she was laughing hard
“ You should be happy am doing this ” Michael said as he entered her room.

He finally dropped her on the bed and Lisa caught her breath,,

“ Why are you breathing that way?? I carried you and not the other way round ” Michael scoffed
“ Why are we here ?? ” Lisa asked
“ Why do you think we are here?? ” He smirked
“ Hmm,,I don’t know until you tell me ” Lisa replied

“ I told you I missed you,, ” Michael said and sighed
“ So,,I want us to stay together all day ” He smiled
“ That’s great,,but am hungry right now ” Lisa pouted
“ I have a special food right now ” Michael said

“ What is it?? ”
Michael smiled and joined her on the bed ,,,
“ What are you doing?? ” Lisa asked nervously
“ Are you scared??” Michael asked and she swallowed
“ No,,,am not scared. ” Lisa said and bite her lips slowly

Michael nodded and climb on her gently,,, he leaned closer and slammed his lips on hers. She respond to the kiss slowly and wrapped her arms around his neck asking for more.

He broke the kiss and proceed to her neck,he kissed and sucked every part of her,,she closed her eyes tightly moaning silently,,,
“ Oh ,,,” She whimpered
Michael smiled and stopped
“ Why did you stop?? ” She asked
“ You want me to continue?? ” Michael asked and she nodded.

He claimed her lips again ,this time a little bit rough than the first. His hand moved to her blouse ,,he loosed the bow on her blouse which immediately exposed her chest.

She broke the kiss and stared at herself and then back to his face,,she bite her swollen lips nervously. He touched her cheek and resumed in kissing her again,,, he run his hand from her neck until it captured her left br**t ,,a loud moan escape her lips.

His touch doing magic in to her body,, she don’t want him to stop,, not now. She love the way he touched her gently, the way his hand send shivers to her whole body,,the butterflies in her stomach were just too much.

He broke the kiss again and finally unbutton her blouse,,what is he doing?? Are they going to have s*x?? She wouldn’t mind but she really want to know what’s going on in his mind.

“ Michael,,, ” She called feeling breathless
“ You want me to stop?? ”
“ No,,,but,,will you be able to stop?? ” she asked and he looked at her with a smile
“ You’re so beautiful Lisa ” He said and kissed her chest, he got up.

“ What,where are you going?? ” Lisa asked and sat up on the bed
“ You said you’re hungry right?? Am also hungry, so let’s get something to eat ” He said with a smile

Lisa sighed and stared down at her open chest,,

“ Come closer,,am going to help you button up since it’s my fault ” Michael said and she chuckled before she stood up and moved closer to him.

He helped her with it and stole a kiss from her,,,

“ Am going to cook,, ”
“ Really?? Wow,can’t wait ” Michael said as they both walked out of the room.
“ You want a piggy back?? ” Michael asked
“ We are going to the kitchen not somewhere else,,,you’re so sweet ” Lisa said and roughed his hair like he’s a child.

“ So,,are you guys getting along?? ” Michael suddenly asked as they entered the kitchen
“ Who?? ”
“ Hazel of course,who else?? ”
“ I guess we are getting better,,I like her. But ,,,I don’t think she feels the same,,but,,she really helped me somehow. I don’t want to talk about it ” Lisa said

Michael smiled and sat down,,,

“ Want my help?? ” He asked
“ NO,,just watch me ”
“ Like your husband?? ” Michael teased and she faced him
“ No,,like a cute boyfriend ” She said
“ You don’t want me to be your husband?? ” He asked

“ No ” She teased
“ Oh,,,,,,,okay,, ” Michael said feeling disappointed
“ I was just kidding,, your expression is really funny come on ” Lisa said and laughed out
“ I love you Lisa,, don’t forget that ” He said

“ What if I forget?? ”
“ Am gonna die ” He replied
“ That’s bad,,I can’t let you die. I won’t forget,,” she smiled and pecked his lips.

He pulled her more closer and kissed her ,,his hands resting on her butt. Lisa was surprised and broke the kiss.

“ You’re becoming naughty these days,,I thought am the naughty one here ” she said with a smirk
“ What happened?? ” he asked innocently
“ Why do you suddenly enjoy touching me?? ”
“ You’re hard to resist,,, am sorry ” He smiled and released her

She lean closer to his ear and lick his earlobe which almost turned him on,,

“ I love it anyway ” She said seductively
“ Stop doing that Lisa,,you are pushing me to do things I don’t wanna do ” Michael said and she laughed
“ Am sorry boyfriend ” She said


Chapter 48



“ Wow,,it’s so good to be back ” Lisa said closing her eyes
“ Yeah ” Michael smiled and Sharon scoffed.
“ This is our last year here,,I can’t wait to get my ass out ,am tired ” she said
“ Lazy ” Lisa murmured

“ Hey Michael,waiting for me ?? ” Ethan shouted immediately he got down from the car,,
“ Why the hell will I wait for you ?? ” Michael scoffed
“ Hey Lisa,,And Sharon ” Ethan smirked
“ Sounds like a fake greetings ” Lisa rolled her eyes

“ Are we going to stay here forever?? Let’s go in ” Sharon said
“ Am somehow nervous ” Lisa said
“ Nervous?? For what?? ” Michael asked
“ I don’t know either ”

Michael hold her hand and fold it softly,,

“ You have nothing to be nervous about,,it’s all the same ” he whispered to her
“ Gavin and Noah arrived yesterday,, they seem serious about their lives ” Ethan laughed
“ Not everyone is like you Ethan ” Sharon said
“ That’s not good to say Sharon ” Michael said

Lisa immediately cleared her throat and grab Sharon’s hand

“ Bye guys,,see you in class tomorrow ” Lisa waved and pulled Sharon along.

“ I guess this place got cleaned recently, it look amazing ” Sharon said as they entered the dorm.
“ yeah it is,,am so happy ” Lisa said and fell on the bed.
“ Am not going for dinner tonight,, am gonna sleep,,its gonna be a long day tomorrow ” Sharon said
“ Same here,,am tired ” Lisa said and closed her eyes drifting into her dream world.


Lisa walked out of the room with Sharon,they keep on talking about how the new session is going to be,,Lily also joined them after some minutes.

“ It’s really gonna be long ” Sharon sighed
“ Long and interesting,, ” Lily corrected
“ Anyhow ” Sharon scoffed

Lisa only kept quiet and they finally entered the class,, just the same old faces though. Lisa made a eye contact with Rowan as she stared at everyone in the class,she immediately looked away.

“ Hey Lisa,,nice to see you again ” He waved and smiled at her
“ Yeah, same here ” she faked a smile
‘ I really have to stay away from him ‘ she said inwardly

She sat down,, Sharon also went to sit down,just then Gavin,Ethan and Noah came in,but without Michael,where the hell is he right now??

“ Hey Lisa ” They all grinned at her
“ That’s weird ” Lisa said and they laughed sarcastically
“ This is the first time seeing you in a week ,,” Gavin said and Lisa nodded
“ Okay ” she said with a raised brow
“ Hey Lily ” They greeted Lily also
“ Thought I became invisible ” She scoffed

“ Sorry about that ” Noah smiled
“ She’s jealous,, ” Ethan said before they walked away
Lisa wanted to ask about Michael but they already left,she sighed.

“ what about Mich?? ” Lily asked
“ I don’t know,, maybe he’s on his way ” Lisa replied

Minutes later
The teacher walked in,,but not alone,he was with a strange girl, obviously a new bae, she was putting on a uniform already though. She have a long hair which is almost yellow , brown eyes,pointed nose,plump lips ,to crown it all,she look so beautiful.

❤ Wow,,she’s so pretty
❤ Look at that hair ,,so beautiful
❤ I love her eyes

“ She’s pretty ” Lily said with a straight face and Lisa scoffed
“ Yeah she is,,” Lisa replied and they all kept quiet to listen to the teacher

“ So,we have a new student here,,,uhm,,these are your classmates,so introduce yourself ” The teacher said to the new girl. She smiled widely,

“ Hello class,,I’m Sofia,,I hope we get along well ” She said and winked,,most of the boys were already drooling, some of the girls admired her while some doesn’t care about her,and among those people are Lisa and Sharon,,they didn’t even look up.

“ Sir?? Who is Michael?? ” She asked and that was when Lisa looked up,like seriously?? Michael?
“ Why are you asking?? ” the teacher asked
“ Well,,according to what I was told,,he will be the one to show me round the school,,” She replied dryly
“ He’s not in class right,,,,” the teacher was interrupted when Michael appeared

The class all turned their gazes on him and he was confused,,

❤ Am I the only one or Michael is looking more handsome everyday?
❤ Gosh,, those lips

Michael removed the headphone,,.

“ Oh,,he’s here ” The teacher said and Sofia turned,, she gasped and faced the teacher back
“ He’s,,Michael?? ” She asked
“ That’s right ” The teacher replied and she took a glance at him again

“ OMG ” She muttered with a wide eyes


To Be Continued

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