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July 30, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Golden high Episode 45 & 46

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( High School Romance )

Chapter 45



Michael put on his hood before walking out of his room,,he just got a call from Anna telling him to come over. He wonder what’s happening, his head was banging really hard,he didn’t get a good night rest,how will he sleep when the only person he love is not okay??

“ Where are you going?? ” Sharon asked
“ I will be back,,I want to see Anna,,” He replied and walked out

He sighed out before knocking on the door,,

“ Come in ” Anna said and he opened,, he was surprised to see Leo,,is Lisa back??
“ Where’s Lisa?? ” He asked immediately
“ Calm down,,Lisa is not here ” Anna said
He roughed his hair before having a seat
“ Michael,,,, I know you’re really worried right now. So that’s why I have no choice than to tell you,,,,, ” Leo started

What the f**k is he saying?? Did something bad happen?? Michael’s heart was beating faster than normal.

“ what’s happening?? Is she okay?? ” He asked
“ It was all fake Michael ” Leo dropped the bombshell
“ I don’t get it ”
“ The kidnappers are fake,,they are not kidnappers but armies,,,I made this plan with my wife in order to bring the two girls together. I know it’s risky but that’s the only thing I could think of,am tired to see Hazel hurting herself ”

“ You mean,,they are in safe hands?? ” Michael asked
“ But,,, They don’t know?? ” he asked again and he nodded

Michael breath out ,,,

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“ Can I at least see her for once?? Am dying ” Michael said and Leo pat his back
“ You can’t,,, it’s going to destroy our plan. And besides,, even after they are released, am not going to tell them that it was planned,, so you have to endure it ” Leo said
“ How many more days?? ”
“ Two week ,,,,but I don’t want it to be up to that ” Leo sighed
“ That’s too much,,,, it’s really too much ” Michael said

He’s not going to see her for two weeks?? How will he live ?? She’s like his drug,,

“ Don’t worry Mich,,she will he back tomorrow ” Anna smiled
“ That’s better ” Michael sighed and rest his back on the couch

The girls were both sleeping when the door suddenly opened,,, The men were surprised to see them cuddling with each other while sleeping, how did they even get to that position??

“ Wake up girls!! ” His cold voice shouted at them
Hazel was the first to open her eyes,,she immediately threw Lisa hands off her body

“ How the hell did you get close to me!!! ” She shouted angrily
“ Am sorry,,,” Lisa said and got up
“ Here,, this is your breakfast. You should eat faster because you will be doing something important today. One of you will die ” He said and they both flinched
“ What do you mean by,one of us will die ?? ” Hazel asked
“ Don’t ask me question and eat!! If you don’t eat,you will end up dying anyway ” He said and walked out of the room

Lisa and Hazel turned to each other and then to the food,,,

“ Do you,,think,,,dad already made up his mind?? ” Lisa asked almost in tears
Hazel looked away trying to control her tears,,she cleared her throat and sat down,,she opened the food,,,,

“ Just Cake and coffee?? ” She asked sighed
“ I don’t like chocolate cake,,you can have it,,I will have the strawberry ” Lisa said
“ Thought you won’t eat ” Hazel said
“ If I don’t eat,I will still end up dying. ” Lisa sighed and took the fork,, she took a bite from the strawberry cake and moaned softly
“ It’s great ” She said to Hazel who haven’t started eating yet

“ What are you waiting for?? Eat up before the coffee gets cold ” She said and Hazel sighed
“ Do you think,,,,, dad will really choose one of us?? I am sure he can’t do that ” Hazel said and Lisa dropped her fork
“ Then,,what should we do?? ”
“ Let’s escape,, that’s the only way,,,they look like someone who mean everything they say,,am scared. I can’t die now ” Hazel burst into tears

Lisa cleared her throat,, she wanted to hug her badly but she’s sure Hazel is gonna push her away.

“ I don’t think there’s a way to escape,,,,let’s just eat and wait for what they will do ” Lisa said
“ Are you crazy?? Wait for what they will do?? What if they end up killing one of us?!! ” She yelled
“ Stop shouting Hazel and eat!! ” Lisa yelled back
“ who are you to tell me what to do?? ” Hazel asked angrily
“ Am your sister!! And am older!! So just keep shut! You’re only going to put us in more trouble if you keep on shouting, why can’t you act cool for once?? ”

“ I hate you! ” Hazel shouted and burst into another round of tears
Lisa suddenly felt guilty,,,, she just shouted on her,what came over her??

“ Hazel,,am sorry,, I didn’t mean to,,,”
“ I don’t care,,,just go away ” she snapped and stood up
She moved to another corner of the room crying her eyes out,,
Will she end up dying this way?? What will be her fate,,

Suddenly the door opened and two men came in,,,,

“ Hey you,,” They said to Hazel and one of them move closer to her

“ Where are you taking me to?? Leave me alone?!! ” she cried And Lisa immediately ran to them,,
“ Please let her go,,,you can just take me instead ” Lisa said And also started crying
“ are you both trying to make a fool of me?? ” he threw Lisa off and she fell down

They ended up taking Hazel out of the room,,she didn’t even care about herself ,she was crying hard.

“ Have your seat ” They said to Hazel,, she obeyed immediately
“ Why did you bring me here?? ” She asked
“ Well,,you’re free to go home now,,” He smiled
“ Wow really?? You want to take us back?? Thank you so much!! ” She said in tears

“ Just you Hazel,,just you. We will be killing her,,am sure she’s a thorn in your flesh,,so we are going to kill her to make things easy for you, you’re happy right?? ” He smiled
“ You’re going to kill her?? Why?? What the hell did she do to you guys?!! Just leave the two of us,,let us go please ” She cried out

“ You should be happy we are taking your rival away ”
“ She’s my sister,,,not my rival! ”
“ But you hate her,,why pretending?? Guys,, take the gun and kill her ,,”
“ No!! Don’t do that!!! Just,,kill me instead!!! You can’t do that please ” Hazel said
“ Really?? Then you won’t be able to go home,, take her back ”

“ Please,,release us,,please ” She cried as they take her out of the small office

They threw her into the room and she fell down,,hurting her ankle

“ Ouch!! ” She shouted
“ Are you okay?? ” Lisa immediately ran to her
“ Don’t touch me!! ” she shouted and managed to get up
“ it’s going to get worst if you don’t rub it ” Lisa said and grab her leg,,she helped her rub it

“ It hurt,,stop ” Hazel said
“ What did they tell you?? ” Lisa asked
“ You are going to be killed ” Hazel said with a smirk
“ And,,you will be released?? ” Lisa asked and she nodded
“ Then why are you Here? ”
“ Am leaving soon,,” Hazel said and smirked again

“ You really feel happy about this?? ” Lisa asked
“ Why won’t I be happy?? I won’t see your face again,, ” Hazel replied and Lisa heart broke into pieces,,, she will be killed?? She’s going to die??


Chapter 46


Lisa and Hazel waited patiently for the men to get back at them,,they are both very scared but it’s only obvious in Lisa’s face while Hazel kept a straight face.

It was in the middle of the night,, Hazel have been watching Lisa as she slept off. She keep on watching her since she could not sleep,,what if they come back?? She breath out and stood up,she continue moving round the room nervously when suddenly she discovered an opening in the room,,she immediately went out of the opening slowly.

She passed gently making sure there’s no sound, she can really get out through this opening. She walked back into the room and immediately tapped Lisa gently.

“ Wake up,,wake up ” She tapped her
“ What is it?? Did something happen?? ” Lisa asked looking confused
“ We need to get out of here,right now ” Hazel said checking the door if no one was coming
“ What do you mean by right now?? ”

“ Why are you so dumb?? Can’t believe you’re older, I should be the eldest ” Hazel said and Lisa smiled

She finally accepted that they are sisters

“ Okay,explain better ” Lisa said
“ I find an escape root,,we need to go. Am sure they are going to kill us tomorrow,,, they didn’t even give us dinner,,am so tired right now ” Hazel complained

“ Where?? ” Lisa asked and immediately got up
“ Follow me,, gently, don’t make a sound ” She whispered

“ It’s so dark,I can’t see anything Hazel ”
“ Hold me,,I have a sharp eyes,,hurry !! ”

Lisa immediately grab her hand and she continue leading the way,,,,it got to a point where Hazel’s ankle suddenly hurt,she fell down and hold her leg.

“ Oh no,,are you okay?? ” Lisa asked looking worried
“ I guess it’s becoming worst,,I should take care of it when I get home,,,” Hazel said

“ Can you walk?? ”
“ I can,,it just ,,,,,never mind, let’s go slowly ”

They continue walking and finally got out of the house,,
They both looked up at the house,it look like some uncompleted building.

“ We need to find a way to get home ” Hazel said looking around but everywhere look so unfamiliar

“ I’ve never seen this place Hazel,,this look like a restricted area,,there’s no mansion anywhere. We need to go back into the house ” Lisa said pulling Hazel’s hand

“ You can go back,, you’re really dumb,,do you want to get killed?? ” Hazel asked with a scoff

“ Fine,,do you have any idea where we can go?? Am sacred,, it’s late ” Lisa said

“ Let’s keep on walking,, we will surely find a way once it’s morning. I can’t go back to that place again ” Hazel said

Suddenly a bus appeared from no where,, and it stopped right in front of them,,

“ I think we need to run ” Hazel said and immediately they started running while the bus followed them

“ Oh no,,they are after us ” Lisa said looking scared

“ Let’s wait,I can’t run anymore. My leg hurt so badly ” Hazel said and fell down

“ Get up Hazel,, come on ”

“ You can leave,,I can’t continue ”

“ I can’t leave you here,I don’t know anywhere ” Lisa cried

Just then the bus get to them,,they both gulped down hardly finding it difficult to breath. One of the men came down and they saw the uniform he’s putting on

“ They are,, police ” Hazel said

“ Hey girls,,we mean no harm. We are here to help you,, come on,we will take you home ” He said warmly

“ Do you know where we live?? And how can we trust you?? ” Hazel asked

“ You both are Mr Leo’s daughters right?? Come on ”

“ Am going to help you up ” He carried Hazel who winced out in pain

“ Did you get hurt?? ” He asked

“ She broke her ankle yesterday,,, ” Lisa replied as they entered the bus

He dropped Hazel and the second man took off immediately,,,

It was about 2:00am when they drove into Mr Leo’s mansion,,they were aware all from the start when they’ve been planning to escape,,the opening was done on purpose, and the police were aware of everything.

“ Hazel!!! What happened to her leg?? ” Flora shouted and ran toward them

“ My ankle got broken,,but it’s fine ” she replied

“ Lisa are you okay?? ” Flora asked and pulled her into a hug

“ You girls stink,,,, go on ” Leo said and Flora chuckled..

“ Is it our fault?? We got kidnapped ” Hazel scoffed

“ You’re back now,,,” Leo said

“ Have the police captured the kidnappers?? They should be punished ” Hazel said

“ Of course they will all be punished ,,take her to her room,,and Lisa too ” Leo said

Lisa nodded and followed them,,

“ I guess our plan worked ” Flora smiled

“ I knew it’s gonna work,,but I feel guilty. ” Leo said

“ It’s okay,,,,Emily called some minutes ago,, I told her they are back even when they are not,,such a liar ” Flora said and they both laughed

The man came down,,

“ Goodnight Mr Leo ” He said with a bow

“ I will see your boss,,,” Leo said

“ Thank you Sir ” Flora said

He nodded before walking out of the house,,

“ Let’s go sleep,,,am tired ” Leo said pulling Flora along

They went upstairs but stopped in front of Hazel’s room,,they were eavesdropping

“ I have nothing to put on after taking my bath ” Lisa said

“ You can use one of my pajamas,, I have more enough ” Hazel said

Flora and Leo smiled at each other before walking away.

“ Thanks ” Lisa said before going into the bathroom

“ Can I use one of the new toothbrush here?? ” Lisa asked from the bathroom

“ Sure ” Hazel replied

Minutes later,,Lisa came out of the bathroom,,

“ Gosh why did you use this towel?? You should have used any other one,,this is my favorite ” Hazel said

“ Am sorry,,,I will just go and drop it ” Lisa said and turned to leave

“ Its fine,,I will go and take my bath now,,,,the pajamas on the bed ” Hazel said showing Lisa.

She groaned as she hop into the bathroom,,,,

Lisa stared round the room,,it look really beautiful, it was painted with purple all over,,maybe purple is her best color unlike her,she prefer pink. Her bed is also decorated with purple all over, the teddy were also purple

“ Wow,,,beautiful ” She muttered and put on the pajamas,,,it was purple too and she couldn’t help but to chuckle.

She sat down on the bed gently ,,,,soon Hazel came out

“ Wow,,,I miss this place,,,” She sighed and tried walking with her leg

“ Oh no,,,” She screamed out

“ Are you okay?? ” Lisa asked immediately and ran to her

“ Am fine don’t touch me ” She snapped and went to her closet, she brought out a night wear and put it on.

She laid on the bed,,

“ You’re not sleeping?? You didn’t sleep all night ” Lisa asked looking concerned

“ Because I was watching you ” Hazel murmured

“ Huh?? ” Lisa asked

“ That was because I wasn’t sleepy,,but now I want to sleep so badly. ” She said and hug one of the Teddies

“ Goodnight ” Lisa said and also closed her eyes


To be continued……

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