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August 1, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Golden high Episode 43 & 44

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( High School Romance )

Chapter 43

By: Summer Gold.




“ Don’t you think they are taking too long than normal ?? It’s almost two hours and yet they are not back ” Ethan said
“ I told you they will take longer ” Gavin said
“ No,,I don’t feel so good,am going to call him ” Ethan said and dialed Michael’s number,,
“ Oh,,he left it home ” Lily said showing them the phone on the couch
“ Why am I having a feeling that something is wrong ?? ” Ethan sighed and just then the door opened,they all turned only to see Michael panting hard like he ran all the way here.

“ Michael!!! What happened?? Where’s Lisa?? ” They all ran to him
“ They took her away ” He said almost choking on his own voice
“ What do you mean? Who took her away ?? ”
“ How do you expect me to know that!! She just got kidnapped!!! ” He yelled in tears
“ Oh my God,,, kid,,kidnapped??? ”
“ What do we do?? We have to get her out,,,,but,,,I don’t even know where,,,,Geez ” He roughed his hair

“ Am going to call Anna right away ” Sharon said
“ Mr Leo is her dad right?? We should inform him,,he can contact the police instead ” Gavin said
“ Yeah you’re right,, let’s go ” Michael said and ran out
They all followed and soon on their way to Leo’s house.

They rushed out of the car and knocked the gate,,the gateman opened but stopped them from going in,,

“ Who are you guys?? ”
“ we are Golden High students, we came to see Mr Leo,it’s really important ” Sharon said
“ Is there any problem?? ”
“ Yes,,can we go in now ?? ”
“ Okay,, go in,,but there’s something going on,so you have to be careful ” He said and they all nodded looking confused about what is going on

Nevertheless, they rushed in only to find Mrs Leo crying her eyes out,two cops were standing with Mr Leo who keep on trying to console his wife

“ What’s happening?? ” Noah asked
They moved in and Mr Leo was surprised,,
“ Michael?? You heard about what happened?? ” He asked
“ What happened?? ” He asked in confusion
“ Then,,why are you here?? Is everything okay ?? ” He asked
“ It’s Lisa,,,,”
“What happened to Lisa?? ” He asked
“ Some unknown men,,kidnapped her ” Michael said and his eyes went wide

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“ What do you mean?? Lisa was also kidnapped?!!! ” He yelled and the others flinched
“ Also?? ” Michael asked
“ Yeah,,someone took my daughter away,,right in front of me and I couldn’t do anything ” Mrs Leo said and burst into more tears
“ What?? Hazel too??? ”
“ Don’t worry sir,,we will surely find them no matter what,, and we are going to make sure they are jailed ” The Cops said in assurance

“ Make sure you find my daughter!!! Make sure of that!!! ” Flora shouted
“ The two girls are my daughters,,, please am trusting you for this ” Leo said
“ Yes sir!! ” The cops walked out of the room and everyone remain quiet except for the soft cry from Flora.

“ What do you think is happening?? Hazel and Lisa got kidnapped at once?? Are you sure they are together or kidnapped by different people?? ” Gavin asked
“ I don’t know what’s happening,,, ” Leo said
“ What if you’re the one the one they want?!!!! Make sure my daughter get home tonight!!! ” Flora shouted
“ We are leaving sir,,,please,,, don’t hesitate to call us if you find out anything ” Noah said
“ I will ” Leo replied and pat Michael’s back

They almost walked out when Mr Leo’s phone rang,,they immediately stopped and turned back

“ Pick the call,,am sure it’s the kidnappers ” Michael said
“ Calm down Mich ” Gavin touched his shoulder

Low picked the call and they all kept quiet ,,he put it in a loud speaker ,,

📞 Hello
📞 Wow,,His voice is more cool than I expected

The deep voice said and they heard some background laughter

📞 Who are you guys??
Leo asked
📞 He’s still asking,, let him hear the voice of his precious daughters

📞 Let go of my hair!!

“ That’s my daughter’s voice !! ” Flora cried out

📞 Did you hear that??
The voice came on again

“ Do you think Lisa is also there?? ” Michael asked

📞 You want to listen to the second one’s voice?? She doesn’t seem to like trouble,I don’t think she will speak up

He laughed again,,,

📞 Don’t touch me or you’re gonna be a dead man

They all heard Lisa’s voice,,

📞 She even threatened me,,now am scared

📞 Don’t touch them!! Tell me your price!!!

Mr Leo shouted

📞 No,,we can only release one of them,, so tell us who you want so we can kill the other one

“ What the f**k is he saying??!! ” Michael shouted and almost took the phone from Leo but Gavin held him back

📞 You have just two days to decide,,or we kill the two

The person hanged up

“ What the hell are we going to do ?? ” Michael asked
“ I don’t know,, I can’t do what they request for,,,” Leo said
“ But,, why will they reject money?? Why?? ” Flora cried
“ We need to track that number ,,right now ” Michael said
“ I think I can do that,,, ” Noah immediately took the phone from Leo

“ No location ” He said
“ I knew it,,they are using a burner phone, you can’t track it ” Ethan said
“ So you mean,,we can’t do anything?? ”
“ You have to save Hazel,,, ” Flora said
“ What do you mean by Save Hazel?? Lisa is also there,,you want her to get killed ?? ” Michael asked angrily

Even Leo was surprised, he have never seen Michael getting so angry before.

“ We are leaving,, ” Gavin said and they all walked out
He was holding Michael,,
“ You should calm down ,,,” Noah said
“ How do you expect me to calm down?? Did you even listen to what they said?? He can only save one of them, and do you think Mr Leo will save Lisa for Hazel?? ” Michael said
“ It’s really complicated,, I already informed Anna,,she’s waiting for us right now,,let’s go ” Sharon said

The men finally walked out of the room,they closed the door behind them which made the room dark,,,

Lisa tried getting up from the chair but their hand was tied,,,,

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“ What the hell!!! Get me out of here right now!!! ” Hazel shouted struggling on the chair but it was fruitless
“ The rope will only tighten up more ” Lisa said
“ Who asked you!! ” Hazel yelled
“ This is not the time to fight,,do you get that?? We need to find a way to get out of here ” Lisa said
“ don’t even dream about it,,,, am sure dad is going to save me,,you can die here all you want !! ” Hazel yelled

“ You’re right,,,he’s going to save you because you’re his favorite,and they are going to get me killed, but can you please stop shouting before they change their mind?? ” Lisa said
“ I hate you ” Hazel said and rest her head on the chair

Lisa on the other hand was crying silently,, if Leo have to do the condition they gave him,,,there’s no way he will choose her over Hazel. She continue praying for help,,,,maybe the police can just come over,,but this place doesn’t look like somewhere close.

She was missing Michael so badly and she was so tired,,, right now she thought he’s the only drug she needed.

But what if she doesn’t see him again?? What if her dad ask them to bring Hazel ?? What will happen to her??


Chapter 44


“ I still find it hard to believe that it’s 24 hours already ,,,what the hell is happening?? ” Delilah asked
“ I don’t know,,I don’t want them to hurt her,she’s the only one I have,,” Anna weep silently
“ It’s okay,,am sure she will be fine ” Delilah patted her back
“ How is Michael?? ” Anna asked
“ He’s a mess,,he doesn’t want to talk to anyone ,,am worried about him,” Delilah said and Anna sighed.

There was total silence between them,,nobody expected this,it’s really heartbreaking.

Sharon knocked on Michael’s room but got no answer, she entered and closed the door behind her,she rest her back on the wall watching as Michael sat down with his head buried in his arms.

She walked closer and sat down beside him,,,,she pat his hair and rest her head on his shoulder,,

“ Stop crying okay?? She’s gonna come back ,it hurt seeing you this way ” Sharon said but Michael didn’t move,he was so lost in thought. What is happening to her right now?? What if they try to hurt her ,she’s going to be really scared right now,she’s going to be in tears and that’s what he hate,,,seeing her tears always hurt him. But now,,he can’t even do anything to help,,,,

“ Michael,,,, ”
“ Stop Sharon,stop calling my name ” he snapped
“ I know you’re worried ,,am also worried,everyone is worried about her, but you’re only gonna get sick if you cry too much and I won’t like that, so just stop ” She said
Michael sniffed in and raised his head,,he pulled Sharon into a hug and hugged her tightly while she pat his hack slowly.

“ Am scared,,really scared. I don’t even know what to do,,am so scared. What if,,”
“ She’s not going to be killed,,don’t think that way,,,it’s not going to happen ” Sharon said
“ If anything happen to her,, am not going to forgive myself, am just,helpless ” Michael said
“ That’s enough Mich,,, stop,,am already tearing up,for real ” Sharon said and unlocked from the hug.

She wiped his tears with her palm and sighed,,,
“ Am also scared,, but,,,I know nothing is going to happen,I have that feeling. So ,,,pull yourself together, okay?? ” Michael nodded and laid his back on the bed,she also laid beside him and they keep on staring up like something is there, total silence,nobody talked.

The door opened and immediately the two girls raised up their heads,,Two of the men came him,their faces were cold and it brought fears into Lisa and Hazel,are they planning to kill them already??

“ You two must be hungry ” One of them said but the two girls kept quiet
“ When I talk to you,you reply!!! Do you get that !!!! ” He yelled and they flinched, they immediately nodded their heads
“ Good,,, bring in the food ” He said calmly this time and another man came in with the food,,,it was in one plate,,

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They were surprised that they served them good food,,fried rice and chicken?? Their best food,,but why is it in one plate??
“ Untie them ” The cold one said and the men obeyed immediately, they untie them
“ you two are gonna share the food,it’s enough ” The man said
“ I don’t like eating with someone,, especially her ” Hazel said with a scoff
“ Do you think I have more than one plates here?? You don’t have a choice, or you starve and nobody will care about that,,, let’s go boys ” He said and they all walked out of the room

This time,,they put on the light,,the room look untidy, like a food store or something.

Lisa stood up and moved closer to where the food is,,she was starving really hard. She took the bottle water and opened it,,she gulped down almost half of it.

“ Are you going to finish the water?!! ” Hazel yelled
“ Thought you are not interested in eating or drinking with me ” Lisa said
“ Do I have a choice?? I was on my way to eat with my mom when those idiots took me and brought me here ” Hazel said and moved the chair closer to the food.

They both sat down and took the spoon,,Lisa was the first to have a taste,,

“ Wow,,it’s great ” She said with a smile
“ Eat so you can die well ” Hazel smirked and also took a spoon,,,they continue eating in silence until they finished everything.
“ Gosh am full,,,,” Hazel said touching her belly
“ The chicken? ” Lisa asked
“ Am going to take a bite first,,,” Hazel said and took the chicken devouring almost half of it.
“ You can just eat everything,guess you like it ” Lisa said

“ Wow really??!! ” Hazel shouted happily,she was about eating it when she suddenly frowned
“ Now you’re trying to act nice?? If you don’t want it,,throw it away,all I care ” She hissed and moved away from her.

Lisa scoffed and drank water before standing up looking round the room to see if there’s anyway to escape. She stared out of the window,,but the ground was really far from them.

“ Don’t even think of that,, you will be paralyzed for ever ” Hazel said
“ Why do you care if I become paralyzed?? Am sure you will be happy about it ” Lisa said
“ That’s true,,you can jump,,maybe you can die as well,that will be the best ” Hazel replied
Lisa shook her head and sat down,,,
“ Why do you hate me so much ?? ” She asked
“ I don’t need a reason to hate you,,, you disgust me ” Hazel said
“ Really?? But we are sisters,,”
“ You’re my father’s daughter, not my sister ,do you get that?? I can’t imagine myself calling you my sister,,eww ” Hazel replied

“ You,,,,,you have always stayed with our dad,,,,you’ve always called him dad,,you’ve always called your mom,,more than 100 times in one day,, for 17 years,,,,but me,,,, I haven’t experienced that before,, I don’t know how it feels to call someone dad or mom,,,I have never felt a mother’s love or a father’s love,,” Lisa stopped and smiled out tears

“ Anna,,is the best person in the world,,she gave me everything,,,,,,, but,,,,,,the more I grow up,,,I was able to know the importance of having my parents beside me always,,, watching my mates having fun with their parents always make me mad,,,,I always thought within me,,why did my parents abandon me?? Am I so worthless that they can’t live with me??? But,, I decided to forget about them. I don’t need a mother nor a father,, Anna is my only family ” She stopped and wipe her tears

“ The second person who made my life worth living for,,,,,,,I felt true love in him,,,he love me like himself. I really love Michael a lot,,,,I know you guys met first, you guys were friends,,, and am sorry if you think I took him away from you,, am really sorry but I can’t give up on him,,,,and for your dad,,,you can have him to yourself. I’ve lived all my life without a father,, I don’t think it mean anything anymore. Michael is the only one I can never give up on,,am sorry. ” Lisa concluded

Hazel scoffed,,

“ You will make a great journalist,bad thing you choose science ” She said and closed her eyes

“ So,,how is everything going ?? ” Leo asked the man in all black,his face look so cold and it’s obvious he’s a soldier.
“ The two girls are really hard ,,especially Hazel. But I made them eat in a plate,,, ” He replied
“ Wow,you mean they ate together?? ” Mrs Leo immediately asked
“ Yeah,they did even though they wanna prove stubborn at first ”

“ That’s great,,but how many days will everything take?? I can’t wait to have my daughter back ” Flora said
“ Don’t worry,,,,two weeks is okay for me ”
“ Two weeks?? That’s too much,, please make it faster ” Leo said
“ Okay then,,I guess I will go on with my next plan ” He said before walking out.


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