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May 11, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Golden high Episode 41 & 42

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( High School Romance )

Chapter 41

By: Summer Gold.



” Okay guys ,that’s enough. Let’s continue ” Michael said and took a glance at Noah,
” Noah next,,” Gavin said
” If you think am gonna ask for a dare,you’re wrong ” Noah said and they all laughed except Michael and Lisa.
” Anyhow,,” Lisa scoffed

” Noah,,,if you want to spend all day with one of the girls here,who will it be ??” Ethan asked
” Lily,,” Noah replied with a smile
” Why??” Michael smirked
” Just a question ” Noah said
” Nope,,everyone is gonna ask ” Lisa grinned
” You guys are trying to pay back!! ” Gavin half yelled
” If it’s just a question, then let’s cancel my dare ” Michael said

” No!!!!!” they all shouted and he frowned
” Fine,, Noah answer the question ” Lisa said
” Because she’s cute” Noah replied and Lily cleared her throat
” Am cuter,,tell us something deep” Lisa smiled
” What??”
” Answer the question Noah ” Michael said
” Fine,,because I like her. Lily,,,I like you a lot ” Noah said

” Nice one bro ” Gavin said and they all faced Lily
” I know” She said
” What?? You know? ” Noah asked looking surprised
” Yeah,,Lisa

told me,,” Lily smiled
” Well I helped ” Lisa said and made a high five with Michael
” You guys should enjoy your time now,,,it will be morning soon” Gavin smirked at them

Lisa groaned

Michael walked out of Gavin’s room,,the four boys are sleeping in his room while the girls used the guest room. Michael was rolling from one side to another so he decided to just leave the room not to disturb the others, he plugged his headphone and went downstairs.

He opened the fridge and brought out a bottle of water,he gulped down everything and breath out. Suddenly he felt a presence behind him

He turned back,,Lisa smiled and hugged him without thinking twice.

” What are you doing here??” He asked
” I can’t sleep,,” She replied
” Me too,, am worried about tomorrow ” Michael said and dropped the bottle in his hand
” I don’t think I can do that ” Lisa said with a scoff
” Well we have to,,,it’s my fault though ” he said
” Am glad you know that ” Lisa said with a frown

” Am sorry ” Michael chuckled
” You’re chuckling?? It’s not funny ” She snapped
” Hmmm,,,okay ” Michael cleared his throat and there was total silence between them
They both rest their back on the island like they are thinking of something,,
” When are you sleeping?? ” Lisa finally asked
” I can’t sleep ” Michael replied
” You’re joking right??”
” Am not,,,,,but maybe I can

sleep ” He said and faced her

” Then sleep ” Lisa said
” Sleeping pills needed ” He smiled
” Where are you going to get that?? ”
” Right beside me ” Michael replied
” Where is it??” She asked looking around
” It’s you,,why are you searching when you’re my sleeping pill?? ” Michael smiled and she turned red
” Really? You can’t sleep without me?? That’s great,,but am still mad at you ” Lisa said

” Am sorry,,,,, ” He pulled her into a warm hug.
” I wish we can escape ” Lisa murmured
” Should we go home before they wake up tomorrow” Michael suggested
” Are you crazy?? We can’t do that ” Lisa said
Michael laughed silently,,,
” Let’s get closer right now ” Lisa smirked

” Get closer?? Are we not close?? ” Michael asked
” Gosh,,,who is this?? ” Lisa groaned and looked away
Michael chuckled,, he knew what she meant, only want her to say it out.
He touched her face and made her turn to him,he pressed his lips softly on hers. She immediately opened up and pulled him closer hungrily,,

He lifted her up on the countertop getting more deep in the kiss, Lisa held him tightly like he’s going to run away, he unlocked from the kiss and they both caught their breath. Michael looked down at her swollen lips and smiled, he touched her lips slowly.

Lisa snapped his hand away and kissed him again,, Michael chuckled and gave in to the kiss. His hand going under her light night wear,,Lisa was surprised, this is the first time he ever make an attempt to touch her,she smiled and kissed him more.

He played his hand on her thigh softly and slowly,Lisa made a quiet sound giving him more reason to move on. He went ahead and tickled her not really big br**st,,she unlock from the kiss immediately.

” Oh my ” She moaned out with her eyes shut
” Am,,,am sorry ” Michael immediately brought out his hand and moved away
” Why??” Lisa asked
” I was just,,,carried away. ” He replied
” Can you get carried away and do that again???” Lisa asked and his eyes wide up
He shifted closer to her and went between her legs,,

” No one is allowed to touch you that way,, except me ” He said
” I know ” Lisa smiled and slammed her lips on his again going into another round of make out.
_____________🍀🍀next morning

Michael opened his eyes and breath in the morning air,,it was really cold and the snow was not doing any good,it keep on falling. The boys are nowhere in the room, he opened the window and looked up the sky,,he brought out his phone and took pictures of the snow.

He immediately closed the window back before his hand turn too cold,,,he walked into the bathroom. He brush his teeth and took a shower,, with warm water which was almost hot. After he’s done with everything, he put on his headphone and walked out of the room. He was putting on a hood and a sweatpants making him look more handsome with his messy hair.

Sharon and Lisa also walked out of the room,,they made eye contact.

” Morning brother ” Sharon grinned
” Yeah ” Michael replied not taking his eyes off Lisa who smiled at him
Sharon grab her hand and they went downstairs,,, Michael sighed and tucked his hands into his sweatpants.

” Wow,,who made this tea!!!” Florence shouted
” I did ” Noah smiled
” Wow,,it’s amazing ” Lily said
” Wow,,really??” Noah asked
” Yeah,,” Lily replied
” Thanks ”

Michael joined them and sat down quietly beside Florence,,Gavin touched Ethan and they both grinned seeing the look on Michael’s face.

” Michael,,,,, have this. I made it specially for you ” Gavin said giving him a cup of tea
” Did you add poison?? Why acting nice all of a sudden ??” He asked and drank everything
” Yeah Love poison ” Gavin replied
” Sorry it can’t work on me,,I don’t love you again ” Michael said and they all laughed
” Sorry” Gavin said and touched his hair

” Why am I feeling so cold?? I even used a glove ,but it’s not enough ” Lisa said rubbing her palm together
Michael looked up and almost got up to meet her when he remember he can’t,, he sighed.
” You want to go to the furnace ??” Gavin asked
” That will be better,,,,where is it?? ” she asked and stood up

” I will show you ” Michael said
” No dude you can’t, I will show her,,enjoy your music ” Gavin smiled
” I hate you ” Michael whispered to him
” I love you more ” Gavin replied
” What?? ” Michael bite his lips and watched as Gavin and Lisa walked out of sight.

” Guys let’s play a game ” Florence said
” Nobody is playing game here ” Michael said and they all burst into laughter
” It’s not even half of day yet,,,why acting this way ” Ethan said and laughed more.
” Shut up Ethan ” He snapped

” We can’t go out today, so sad ” Lily pouted
” Are you not cold??” Noah asked
” Of course I am,,but it’s fine ” she smiled softly
Noah nodded and chewed on his tongue nervously,,

Soon,,Gavin and Lisa came back. Michael made eye contact with her,she looked away.

” What are we going to do today?? Just starring at each other?? ” Sharon asked
” Let’s do something fun ” Ethan said
” Let’s do things separately,,, for now ”
” Video game group ” Noah raised his hand
” Me two ” Gavin said
” Me three ” Ethan said
” Me,,four??’ Michael said
” Sorry,,just three players. ” Gavin said

” Watching movie group ” Florence said in a funny way that they all laughed
” Me two ” Sharon said with a smirk
” Me three ” Lisa said

” How about Michael and Lily??” Ethan asked
” You like taking pictures right?? ” Lily asked Michael
” Yes,,”
” Here ” Lily brought out her camera
” Wow,,,” He immediately took it from her with a wide smile playing on his lips

” I’ve never used a real camera,, you know how to operate this?? ” He asked
” Of course,,” Lily smiled
” Wow,,,,,” Michael said still checking it out

” I guess we all have what to do ” Ethan said
” Am sure gonna win this ” Noah said
” In your dreams,,am winning ” Ethan said as they got ready for the game

” Am the boss here,,you guys should learn ” Gavin said
” Then should I exchange with Michael to see who the boss is??” Noah teased
” Don’t you dare ” Gavin said

” Wow,,Gavin really have a lot of movies on his laptop,,, I can’t choose ” Florence said
” Am watching my eyes out ” Sharon said

They all sat down comfortably with popcorn between them,,

Lisa scoffed when she saw Michael and Lily laughing and chatting,,,, they are even showing each other some things on their phones.

” Lisa,,why are you squeezing the popcorn ” Florence asked
She sighed and brought out her hand,, she was taking out her anger on the innocent popcorns

” I have to get a bottle of water ” She said and left the room


Chapter 42


“ Am going to take your picture ” Lily said with a smile
“ No,,am going to take yours. ” Michael said and took the camera from her
“ How do you operate this, sorry ” he asked
“ It’s simple,,,, ” She moved closer to him and showed him the steps
“ Okay,,do something cute ” He said

She posed cutely and he took her pictures,,

“ It’s beautiful,,, I guess am good in it ” Michael said
“ Am going to keep this, it’s cute ” Lily said
“ Let me show others ” She ran to where the boys are
“ See this,,” she showed Noah
“ Wow,,,,Michael took a picture of you? ” Noah asked and she nodded
“ It’s cute,, ” He said and roughed her hair
“ You’re going to show him Alone??” ” Ethan asked

“ You want to see it too ??” she asked
“ You didn’t even asked him that question ” Gavin said
“ Anyhow ” she snapped and went to show the girls
“ He take such good pictures,,,it’s cute ” Florence said
“ My brother is good in everything ” Sharon said proudly

Lisa came back to the room and eye searched for Michael, he was alone but his focus was on his phone. She sat down,,

“ Michael took her picture, it’s really amazing ” Sharon said showing it to Lisa who frowned but immediately faked a smile
“ Yeah it’s cute ” She said and faced the movie instantly
“ Thanks guys ” Lily said and ran to where Michael is
“ I told you it’s beautiful, they all like it ” Lily said and poked his cheek softly
“ Thanks ” Michael replied without looking up
“ What are you doing?? ” Lily asked and peeped into the phone

“ Wow,,you love comics?? ” she asked
“ Yeah,,it’s interesting to read,and I love the images too ” Michael replied
“ Maybe that’s why you’re handsome like a comic character ” She said
“ That’s funny ” Michael said with a smile
“ It’s true,,” Lily said
“ You’re also pretty ” Michael said
“ Thanks ” She turned red immediately

“ Am f**king hungry ” Gavin said and yawned
“ Can anyone go out and buy something for us to eat?? ” Noah asked
“ I can’t walk ” Sharon said
“ Am tired ” Lily groaned and collapsed on the couch
“ Me too ” Ethan said

“ Okay,,I will go,but I can’t go alone ” Michael said
“ I will go with you ” Lily immediately said and they all faced her with their brow raised
“ You just said you’re tired ” Noah said
“ Oh,,yeah that’s right am tired. But he said he can’t go alone ” She defended herself
“ Well,,am not tired. We can just go alone ” Lisa said

“ That’s not allowed ” Gavin said
“ Then,,we will all die of hunger ” She rolled her eyes
“ Fine you can go together ” Ethan said
“ Foodie ” Michael smirked and got up

Lisa also followed and they walked out of the house,,

“ Am sure they are going to take more time,I pity myself, hunger is gonna kill me ” Gavin said
“ Good for you,, you were the one who dare him ” Sharon said
“ Then why did you support him ” Noah scoffed
“ Shut up,,we all supported him ” Sharon replied
“ Can you guys just fight?? I want to watch ” Ethan said
“ Are you crazy?? Why will they fight,,,, ” Gavin slapped his head and they all burst into laughter.

Lisa walked ahead of Michael without taking a mere glance at him,he was confused ,is she avoiding him?? They are not even home again

“ Hey Lisa wait up,,why are you walking like that?? ” He caught up with her
“ Are you concerned about that?? ” She asked with a scoff
“ And why won’t I be concerned?? We should talk before getting back home so why the grumpy attitude?? ” He asked and hold her hand
She threw his hand off,
“ Can you just tell me what’s wrong?? We are good right? ”
“ We are not good Michael ” She replied
“ What,, how?? ”

“ You flirted with Lily,,it was annoying ” she snapped
“ I just needed something to keep me busy since I can’t talk to you,,,” He explained
“ That’s not enough reason to flirt, you could have just talked and nothing else,,you even took her pictures,you’ve never done that with me,,she keep on doing silly things with you and you were smiling at everything she does!!” She half yelled

Michael sighed and kept quiet,, he just continue walking without saying anything

“ Now,,I don’t deserve a reply?? ”
“ Lisa what do you want me to say?? It was just something harmless,, you also enjoyed your Moments with your friends ” He said calmly
“ It’s totally different,, she likes you and you know that ”
“ It’s just a normal crush,,she will get over it,,,you don’t have to get mad over that ” Michael said
“ Fine ” She replied and there was total silence

They got to the supermarket and bought everything they needed without talking to each other,, they were on their way home when Michael spoke up

“ Am sorry ”He said
Lisa kept quiet
“ I said am sorry Lisa ,,I never knew it was gonna hurt you. Okay?? I didn’t mean to make you mad,I was just stupid, am sorry ” He said
“ Let’s not talk about it ,,okay?? It was something harmless ” She replied
“ Gosh,,,, what else do you want ?? ” He asked and grab her hand

She was now facing him,,,,she looked down avoiding his eyes
She tried to calm down but it was not working,,
Michael pulled her into a hug and pat her back,

“ I overreacted ,,am sorry,,I was just,,, mad to see you guys laughing together when I can’t even move closer to you,am sorry for yelling at you ” She said
Michael pulled away from the hug and smile,,
“ We are good now,,I don’t like it when you’re sad because of me ” He said and pecked her cheek which cause some butterflies in her stomach

“ What a nice view ” A voice said and they both looked up only to find four boys grinning at them, the grin was something else. Lisa immediately recognized one of them,, it’s Kevin,, he have a small bandage on his side face which she assumed is Michael’s work.

“ What do you guys want?? Were you stalking us?? ” Michael asked
“ Yeah,,but you didn’t come out. It was a good thing we waited a little more ” One of them said and they all smiled
“ What do you want ?? ” Michael asked.
“ You did that to him,,,because of her ” Another one said pointing at Kevin and then Lisa
“ I only taught him a lesson for touching what’s mine,any problem with that?? ” Michael asked

“ You just dug your grave dude,,,” another one said and they all brought out thick sticks grinning fakely
“ It’s either you hand her over to us,,or we beat life out of you,,choose one ” one of them said and Lisa gasped, she looked up to see Michael’s expression but it was straight
“ Do you really have to do that?? ” Michael asked with a scoff
“ You’re wasting my time dude,,, if you refuse ,,you will be loosing her and then your life,so think wisely ”

Michael cleared his throat and pat Lisa,,

“ Drop the stuffs in your hand,, when I let you go,,you should run without turning back ,,,can you do that?? ” He asked in a whisper
“ I can’t leave you ” She said almost in tears
“ Am not stupid to fight them,,am going to escape anyhow ” he replied

“ Are you guys okay?!!! ” One of them yelled
“ Get away from me !!! Go meet them,, I can’t continue to risk my life because of you!! Do you get that?!!! Leave!! ” He pushed her away from himself
“ Michael don’t do that,, don’t push me away ” Lisa broke into tears
“ I knew it,,he wanted to f**k you,,now see ” Kevin said
“ Go with her ” Michael said like he doesn’t care

Kevin immediately gran Lisa’s hand and they walked away from them,,

“ Let go of my hand dude ” Lisa said and Kevin scoffed
“ Your boyfriend left you,,and you’re still proving stubborn ” She said and tried to caress her cheek

She kicked his little man and punched him in his eyes,,,she ran off

Kevin groaned and fell on the ground,,,,Lisa ran to an open place waiting for Michael to join her but it was taking forever,,,

“ I already let her go,,can I leave now?? ” Michael asked
“ It’s a good thing you choose life over your girlfriend,,, ”
Michael scoffed and walked away,,he knew where Lisa was going to be so he started running even though the bags are still in his hand.

He could see Lisa waiting for him

“ Lisa!! ” He called and she turned to him with a smile

He stopped running feeling exhausted already so he began to walk but all of a sudden a car packed beside Lisa,,two men in mask came out and carried Lisa,,

“ Let go of me!!!! Leave me alone!! Michael !!! ” She screamed out
“ Lisa!!! ” Michael shouted and picked a race running after the car but the car was too fast ,,,,it drove out of his sight.

“ What the f**k just happened?? ” he asked himself still not believing what his mind is telling him. Did they kidnap her or what’s happening?




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