Golden high Episode 4 & 5

[ High School ♡♡ Drama ]
” That’s bad,,,,,” Florence said while Lisa kept quiet
” Let’s go back to clas-s,,three more clas-ses and we are done,,” Juliet said and they all walked back to the clas-s.
Florence suddenly bu-mped into someone and the books she was holding scattered all over the floor
” Are youfu-cking blind ??!!” The student yelled
” Am not blind okay?? Am going to help you with it,,” Florence said
” Don’t you dare use your dirty hand on my notes,,”
” Hey Vanessa ,you should calm down,it was a slight mistake” Juliet tried to save the situation
That was when Lisa discovered that it was the same Vanessa she just told them about,,,
Wow she’s so rude,,she thought within herself
” Next time you try that,, I will make sure you regret it,,bunch of empty heads ” Vanessa said angrily and walked away
” Did she just call us,,empty heads??” Lisa asked
” let her be,,that’s how she is,,let her not spoil our mood ” Juliet smiled
They nodded and finally entered the clas-s,, this time Michael and Rowan were there,, and soon,Vanessa also c@m£ in. Lisa shook her head as she tried sitting down beside Michael but another girl was there,,,
” Can you get up,,that’s my seat ” Vanessa said
” And you can see am busy,am talking to him,,I thought you’re brilliant, you should be able to interpret this ” The girl sitting beside Michael said and rolled her eyes
” Are you talking to me like that?? How dare you ” Vanessa half yelled
” Who are you?? ”
” It’s okay,,she’s right here,,we will talk later ” Michael told the girl sitting beside him
” Am watching you,,,,” The girl said to Vanessa before standing up
Vanessa hissed and sat down,,,,She didn’t hear what Michael said but Vanessa rolled her eyes.
” Are those two in any relationsh!p?? ” Lisa find herself asking Juliet
” Well,,I don’t think so,,but am sure Vanessa have a hvge crush on Michael ” She replied
She looked back and saw Rowan starring at her,,she smiled at him and he returned the smile
” I guess he’s calm now ” She said
” What are you saying??” Juliet asked
” It’s nothing,, ” Just then the teacher c@m£ in
School is over,, half of the students gro-an ed and walked out of the clas-s,while the rest stayed to talk and laugh,
” Come with me,,I want to see the school counselor ,,she told me to come after school ” Juliet said
” Am sorry I can’t,,am really tired ” Lisa replied
” Am coming with you ” Florence said and they both walked out of the clas-s
” This school is just,,,why are theyfu-cking ha-rd on studies?? Damn am tired ” She said to herself
” Hey,,” A voice said beside her and she turned to see the person
” Rowan ” She called with a smile
” Am glad you remember my name ” Rowan said
” Of course,,,”
” What are you doing right now??” Rowan asked
” I should be asking,, what do you guys do after school?? ” Lisa asked
” Everyone is different,, but I always go to the practice field,,, ” Rowan said
” Wow,,Soccer right??”
” Yeah,or you wanna come with me??” he asked
” Wow,that will be great,,,but with uniform??” She asked
” No,,,you can go and change,, but we have our practice wear,,,,”
” Oh,,I will just go and get ride of this uniform, ”
” Let’s go together ” Rowan said and she wi-de her eyes
” What are you thinking?? I won’t go in with you,I will stay outside and wait ” Rowan said and she smiled shyly
” Okay,let’s go ”
They both went out of the clas-s still chatting and laughing at the same time,,
” You don’t have any friends?? ” Lisa asked
” I do have friends,, they are probably Waiting right now ” He replied
” Okay,,I won’t waste time ” Lisa said and went into the dorm
She immediately brou-ght out a shi-t and short Sk-irt,,she took off her uniform and dropped it in the laundry room,she put on the Sk-irt and then the shi-t, she tucked it in slowly and rushed out of the room with the school shoes still on,,
She was about going out of the dorm when she heard voices and decided to listen.
” What are you looking for??” A female voice asked
She knew the person was referring to Rowan
” I didn’t come here for you Sharon,,,” Rowan replied
” I never said you c@m£ here for me,,why will you come for me in the first place??” Sharon said and opened the door. She flin-ched
” Oh my heart,,,who thefu-ck is this!! ” she shouted still p@n-ting
Lisa remember her,,it was the same girl who Vanessa shouted at because she was sitting beside Michael
” Hi,am Lisa your new roommate, I hope we get along well ” Lisa said bringing out her hand for a shake
” Wait,,you mean,I have a room mate now??” Sharon asked
” Yes”
” oh my God!!!! Am so glad!” She shouted and hvgged Lisa ti-ghtly
She wasn’t expecting that though,,
” You’re going somewhere with Rowan??” She asked
” Yes,,I will be back ” Lisa said and went out
” Am back ” Lisa said
” Thanks to you am late,,,I have to go,,just follow me with your eyes,,” Rowan said and ran off
She chuckled and followed the direction he ran toward with her eyes,,
She continue walking and then finally got to the practice field,,,it have roof,and it was very large,,the sun can’t even get to them,,,
” Watch where you’re going sweetheart ” Someone said in front of her and she looked up,that was when she discovered that she almost bu-mped into him and it’s no other person than Michael.
” Am,,sorry ” She said nervously
Why is she suddenly nervous in front of him??
” It was you,the new student,, ” Michael asked
” Yeah,,that’s me,,”
” Why are you here?? You pl@ysoccer?? ” Michael asked
” What?? Of course not,,I c@m£ with a friend ” She replied
” Who??”
” Rowan ” She replied
” Oh,,okay,,See you later sweetheart ”
” Am not sweetheart ”
” Well,I can’t remember your name,,and if you tell me am still gonna forget ” Michael said
” Then how come you’re brilliant when you forget things easily?? ”
” Am not brilliant,, am only smart,,being smart is better than being Brilliant,,, br@in ” He said tou-ching his skull before walking out of her sight
” What does that mean?? Smart and Brilliant,, are they not the same?” She asked herself
She sat down on one of the benches which look more like a stadium ,,the large field was below and she wonder how the main field will look like if this is just the practice one,,
Rowan waved at her and she waved back,, he was alre-ady changed,it was the same thing Michael was putting on.
” Wow,,who’s that h0t chick you just waved at??” Jayden ,one of his friends asked
” The new student in my clas-s,,,” Rowan replied
” Wow,now I wish am in 5B and not 5A ” Nolan said
” Good for you all,,let’s just start the practice before that old man get here ” Rowan said and they chuckled
” Don’t call that man old,,he’s still our coach. Am sure he’s not even 30 yet,,” Jayden laughed
” Who cares,,” Rowan replied and just then Michael and his best friend Gavin c@m£ in,,the two were always seen together ,,
He have other friends but Gavin is his best and maybe it’s because they both pl@ySoccer, his other three friends are in the basketball team.
” I hate him ” Rowan said after starring at them for a long time,,
” I don’t know why,,but I don’t like him either ” Jayden scoffed
” He’s not bad,,,but he ha-rd ly talk to others, ” Nolan said
” Just shut up Nolan ” Rowan said and hissed
” Okay boys!!! Get together,, am here now,,” The coach said in a loud voice ,,another lady was beside him
The boys c@m£ together as he commanded.
” Boom!” Someone screamed into Lisa’s ear and she almost freaked out and fell
” Come on,,it’s me ” Sharon rolled her eyes and sat down beside her
” What are you doing here??” Lisa asked
” I just c@m£ to talk to Michael,he promised to talk to me after the practice, I don’t want him to forget that’s why am here ” She explained
Lisa took herl-ips in ,,,
” What are you thinking,, we are nothing ” Sharon smiled
” I wasn’t thinking about anything ” Lisa said even though she knew it was a lie
She actually thought they are in a relationsh!p
” He’s my cousin ” Sharon said and Lisa turned to her
” Your cousin??” She asked
” Yeah,,so there’s no how I can d@t£ my brother okay?? Even if he’s as cute as that,, he’s still my brother ” Sharon smiled
” So,,Vanessa?? ” Lisa asked
” I hate her,,I hate the fact that she’s close to him,, I hate seeing them together. I just wish it’s someone else and not Vanessa ” Sharon said angrily
” By someone else,,that means,they are d@t!ng?? ”
” No,,,I am saying that, I wish he’s close to another person and not Vanessa ”
Lisa was about talking when they heard a loud yelled ,,they faced the boys and it was Michael and Rowan yelling at each other while the other boys are trying to hold them back
And as far as she could see,,it was Rowan who hit Michael first on the face,,,
She g@sped as Michael fell on the ground holding his alre-ady bruised face,,he was about hitting Rowan when the coach shouted.
“fu-ck ” Sharon muttered un-der her breath
What the hell just happened?? Just Now?? She asked herself inwardly.
“fu-ck ” Sharon muttered un-der her breath
What the hell just happened?? Just Now?? She asked herself inwardly.
” What the hell is wrong with the both of you??!!” The coach shouted angrily
” It was him,,he’s really getting on my nerve!!” Rowan yelled
Michael only kept quiet
” Can anyone tell me what happened just now??!! Michael!!” The coach shouted at Michael
” Why are you shouting at me?? He was the one who hit me just now ” Michael said
” He wouldn’t have done that if nothing happened ”
” Really???” Michael said and walked away
” Michael!! ” Gavin shouted and almost ran after him
” Leave and don’t come back ” The coach said and he st©pped
” He wasn’t at fault!! Why not find out what happened before yelling?? To hell with the team!” Gavin said angrily and ran after Michael
” Rowan what did you do this time??” The coach faced Rowan
” I guess am satisfied now that he’s gone ” Rowan sm-irked
” Am not suspending him,he’s coming back ” The coach said and left angrily
” Old man ” Rowan muttered and his friends bur-sted into laughter
” You shouldn’t have done that,, you almost hurt him ” Nolan said
” I don’t care” Rowan replied and turned back only to find Lisa gone
” Where did she go to??” He asked himself
” Hey brother ” Michael heard Sharon’s voice and immediately wipe the slow tears coming out of his eyes,,
” Hey,,,why are you here??” He asked
” We should see each other after your practice right??” She said and sat beside him
” It didn’t end well,,,” He muttered
” You’re going to be suspended?? ” Sharon asked
” I don’t know,, but I don’t care ” He replied
” You know that’s a lie,you care ” Sharon said
” Does it hurt??” She asked tou-ching his face
” No,,,,st©p doing that ” He chuckled and hold her hand
” Why?? Am not your girlfriend,, so why should I st©p ” Sharon laughed
” Hey” Gavin called and they both turned to see him with Lisa,
” Thought you don’t wanna come along ” Sharon said to Lisa
” Why did you come here?? The coach might punish you ” Michael said
” Who cares,I hate him ” Gavin snapped and sat beside Michael
” Okay,,I will just see you tonight,” Sharon said and stood up
” Let’s go ” She said dragging Lisa out
” Is he okay??” Lisa asked without thinking twice
” He’s fine,,” Sharon said
” Are you worried?? ” Sharon asked with a wi-nk
” What??? Well,,,,,he’s your brother right? So you may be feeling bad ” She said and Sharon scoffed
” This isn’t the first time Rowan will hit him,,,and then Michael will always be the one taking the blame,,the worst thing is that he will only keep quiet without trying to defend himself,, such a lame brother I have ” Sharon hissed
” What?? You Mean,,, Rowan is the only who always hit him and everyone’s gonna blame him??” Lisa asked
” You saw what happened minutes ago right?? How sure am I that the coach won’t suspend him because Rowan hit him in the face?? I hate them ” Sharon said angrily
Lisa suddenly remembered the first day he saw him ,,his face was bruised all over but the teacher was shouting at him,,,,,
” but,,why are they always fighting?? ” Lisa asked
” I don’t un-derstand,,I don’t know,,nob©dy knows,am sure there’s no reason behind it than the rivals they are,, let’s talk about something else,,,we will be having dinner by 8:00pm,it’s always fun,,” Sharon said happily
” Why will dinner be fun? It’s just dinner ” Lisa rolled her eyes
” Trust me,,you’re gonna see ” Sharon said and win-ked at her
” You know what?? When I saw you shouting at Vanessa the other time,I thought you’re also rude, I never knew you are gonna be the best,,,am glad ” Lisa said
” Am like that because of Vanessa,,, but it’s fine because am not re-ady to back off whenever she tries any ru-bbish
” I heard what happen,, is your face okay?? Did you put ice on it??” Vanessa rushed her questions looking worried
” Am fine Vanessa, you don’t have to worry about me” Michael replied as they both take a walk
” I should be worried Michael,,,” She said and Michael faced her
” Why will you be worried?? ” He asked
” Why won’t I be worried?? Am sure you also get worried about me whenever I get hurt too” She said with a smile
” I just hate that Rowan,,” She hissed
” Why will you hate someone who did nothing to you?? That’s bad” Michael said
” You’re unbelievable,, he hurt you and you’re still taking his side?? You should try to hit him sometimes too,,,am tired of seeing your face getting bruised all because of him ”
” You’re only feeling sorry for me,nothing else. But don’t do that,, I don’t like it when someone pity me ” He said with a slight smile
” You should leave now,,,we’ve gotten here,I still have to walk back ” Michael added as they got to her dorm
” See you at dinner,,” She said and placed a k!sson his cheek
” Yeah ” He replied and turned to leave while Vanessa also went in.
Just then Lisa c@m£ out ,,since it’s the female dorm,,she st©pped immediately she saw Michael,,
” What,,,do I look ugly??” Michael asked seeing that she was shock
” What are you doing here??” Lisa asked
” I c@m£ with a friend,, and am on my way back ” Michael replied
” Oh,,” She nodded not knowing what to say
” see you around ” Michael said walking away
” Are you okay???” Lisa asked and Michael st©pped before turning back to her
” Why won’t I be okay??” He asked
” Earlier,,, you got into,, a fight. Does your face still hurt??” She asked
” Want to know maybe it still hurt??” Michael asked
” How??”
” Move closer,,” He said
She hesitated for a minute before moving closer
Michael took her hand and placed it on his cheek
” See?? Am fine,,” He smiled
She immediately dropped her hand
” Hmm,,that’s good,,,Sharon was worried. So it’s a good thing you’re fine ” She said nervously
” Tell her am fine,,,,,” Michael said and covered his head with the hood he was putting on before running off.
Lisa sighed out before walking back into the room only to find Sharon searching for clothes badly
” Sharon,,what’s happening?? Why are your clothes all over the room??” She asked looking confused
” I nee-d to look good,,,we always put on uniform during school hour, it’s dinner time so I have to dress so cute” She replied and continue looking for whatever she was looking for
” For goodness sake,,it’s just dinner!!” Lisa shouted feeling frustrated
” I nee-d him to notice me,,” Sharon suddenly said and covered her mouth
” What?? Who??” Lisa asked getting more interested
” Hmm,,am not telling you ” She said
” plea-se,, tell me ”
” Okay,,it’s Gavin,,Michael’s friend ” She said shyly
” Wow,,he’s cute and you guys will make a great couple ” Lisa smiled
” am scared that Michael will get mad at me if I tell him I like his best friend ” She sighed
” Am sure he won’t,,, come on cheer up ”
” And you too,,,you don’t have any crush yet?? You see my brother right? He’s cute right??” She asked with a wi-nk
” What?? Come on,,,st©p thinking like that ” Lisa scoffed
” Oh,,so,,it’s Rowan,,wow,,,it’s cool though ” Sharon said with a smile
” I never said I like him,we are just friends ”
” You like him,,,the look in your eyes says it all,,don’t worry am fine with it. ” Sharon said
” I think this will look good on me,,,oh my God! It’s 7:00pm ,,,I should study for 30 minutes before dinner or Michael will break my head if I fail the upcoming test ” Sharon shouted rushing toward her bag
” He will break your head?? That’s funny ” Lisa said and also brou-ght out her texts
” He want me to study ha-rder,,we are now 50 in clas-s,,the last session, we were 45,,,I was in number 30,,,am so poor ” Sharon pouted
” You mean,you’re in number 30?? ” Lisa asked to be sure
” Yeah, I know it’s bad,,and am going to try more this time” She said
” So,,how about Michael and Rowan??” Lisa asked
” Are you kidding me?? Michael is always the first and Rowan is the second,,, while Vanessa always come third,,,” She said
” And the fourth? ” Lisa asked
” The girl sitting by your right” Sharon replied
” Oh,,that rude girl?? ” Lisa scoffed
” She’s not rude,maybe she was on her mood swing when you spoke to her,she ha-rd ly talk to others ” Sharon explained
They both kept quiet and continue to study without any disturbance
” Wow,,that was interesting ” Lisa said getting off from Sharon’s be-d
” I love the fact that we are two now,I find re-ading boring but it wasn’t boring studying with you ” Sharon smiled
” What’s your worst subject? ” Sharon asked
” Chemistry and Maths ” She replied
” I guess we are the same,,but my brother always help me though, I just think re-ading is not p@rt of me” Sharon laughed
” It’s almost time,,let’s freshen up before going, am really starving I didn’t have lunch ” Sharon said
” Me too”
” Come let’s take our bath together, we are both girls ” Sharon said dragging her hand into the bathroom
” It’s weird,, this is the first time but it’s cool ” Lisa said after they both walked out of the bathroom,,
” I told you ,,,,” Sharon said with a wi-nk
Lisa watched as Sharon dressed up like she was going to a p@rty and shook her head
” She’s crazy ” She muttered and brou-ght out a joggers with a crop t©p,,
” This is nice,am going there to eat not to show off to my crush ” She said ma-king sure Sharon heard her
” I know you’re talking about me,,” Sharon chuckled
” I guess we are re-ady ” Sharon said
Lisa quic-kly put on a snickers
” Am good to go,,” Lisa win-ked
” Wow,,you look beautiful, now am jealous ”
” Let’s go ,,,”
They both walked out and locked the door
Lisa g@sped when she saw the view of the school in the dark
” This is amazing!! ” she almost shouted
Different light bulb and others ma-king the school look really unique,,,
” I told you,, dinners are the best here” Sharon smiled at her
They finally got there,,not many students arrived alre-ady, just few of them chatting silently,
” They are so cool,,” She muttered
” Hey Lisa ” Someone called her from the back
” Oh,,,Rowan ” She called with a smile
” Come meet me when you’re done ” Sharon whispered to her before walking away
” You left without telling me” Rowan said
” You got into a fight, so I decided to leave,I don’t want to see your angry face ” She replied
Rowan chuckled
” I can’t get mad at you,,,” Rowan said softly
” You think so?? ”
” Of course,, why will I get mad at you for nothing??? And besides, you’re different ” He said
Suddenly someone bu-mped into them ,,,
” Gosh,what the hell??” Rowan said trying to gain his balance
” Am sorry” The voice said and helped Lisa to prevent her from falling
” Am sorry,,,” He said to Lisa
It was Michael,,she bec@m£ silent the moment he smiled at her
Gosh, the smile,, she thought within herself
” Get lost ” Rowan half yelled
Michael turned to Lisa like he wanted to say something but walked away,She immediately turned and stared back at him until she could no longer see him again
” Are you okay??” Rowan asked
” Am fine,,let’s go have a seat ” Lisa smiled
To be continued