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July 30, 2021


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Golden high Episode 33 & 34

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( High School Love )

Chapter 33

By: Summer Gold.




Michael smiled after he unlocked from the kiss, Lisa shook her head and got down from the table,,

” I need to go,,,” She said
” Why??” Michael asked
” Are you kidding me right now?? I have to go home ” Lisa said

” Anna is not done with Mom,,” He said checking them out
” I don’t care,,,I need to wrap myself in a duvet right now,,am really cold ” Lisa said and Michael chuckled

” Fine,,,, I will just go with you ”
” Huh??? ”
” What are you thinking?? Am going to come back home,,I just want to make sure you’re fine ” Michael said and Lisa nodded

He grab her hand and they both walked out of the kitchen,,

” Where are you guys going to??” Delilah asked
” She’s leaving, ” Michael said
” Really??” Anna asked

” You don’t have to worry about me Aunt,, you can just stay as long as you want. I wanna sleep ” Lisa said with a smile
” Okay,,,” Anna replied and faced Delilah again
” Only God knows what they are talking about ” Michael said

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” Shut up,,,let’s go ” Lisa said dragging him out.
” We are here,,are you sure you will be okay??” Michael asked
” Sure,,,goodnight ” Lisa said and was about going in when he pulled her back

” What,,,don’t even think about that. ” Lisa said and ran in
Michael laughed and went back home

Someone tapped Lisa and she mumbled sleepily,

” Wake up sleep head!!!” Sharon yelled and threw the duvet out of her body
” What the hell,,,I want to sleep more ” Lisa said and hugged the pillow
” Geez,,,girl it’s 2:00pm!!! ” Sharon shouted and Lisa’s eye opened immediately

” 2:00pm or AM ???” She asked
” PM babe,,get the hell into the bathroom ” Sharon said
” F**k” She muttered and got out of bed,she walked into the bathroom. Her stomach made a loud noise and she scoffed

” Can’t believe I slept for so long ” She said as she brush her teeth
After taking her bath she went back into the room,Sharon was still there checking out something on her phone.

” What are you doing?? What about Mich?? ” Lisa asked
” Michael Michael Michael,, can’t you guys stay without each other for a whole day?? Anyway for your information,, you won’t see him today. He went somewhere important ” Sharon said
” That’s not possible?? He didn’t tell me ” Lisa said shaking her head

” Check your phone sweetheart,, am sure he called more than ten times but you were sleeping ” Sharon scoffed
Lisa immediately rushed to take her phone,, she gasped and slap herself
” I’m so stupid ” She sighed and threw the phone on the bed
” Get dress Lisa,,let’s hang out ” Sharon snapped

” Okay ” She pouted and got dressed
” Gosh,,am so hungry ” Lisa said
” I found some bread and Jam on the dining table,,I guess it’s for you ” Sharon said

” Thank goodness,, am going to eat now ” Lisa said running out of the room
” Sorry I ate it ” Sharon said and she stopped
” Everything?? ” Lisa asked

” Yeah,,,I was waiting for you so we can go hang out and possibly have lunch but you didn’t wake up and I was hungry,,so I consumed it ” Sharon said
” Good for you,,let’s go ” Lisa said
Sharon got up and they both walked out of the room,,
” What important place did Michael go to??” Lisa asked

” I don’t know, it’s nothing important I was just joking ” Sharon said and Lisa nodded
” Fine,,let’s just go. I need to find something to eat. Did you even bring money along?? I don’t have anything ” Lisa said
” Don’t worry,,everything is on me. I ate your breakfast ” Sharon said and they burst into laughter.

Lisa and Sharon walked into a restaurant,they sat down and one of the attendant came to them

” What would you like ??” She asked handing over the list of what they have to them
” just give me a cup of Hot coffee,,,” Sharon said
” How about you??” She asked Lisa

” Ramen,,,, that’s okay ” Lisa replied
” Okay,,,I will be back ” she left
” Wow,,,oh my God ” Sharon smiled

” What is it??” Lisa asked
” Am sorry,,I have to go right now. ” Sharon said and got up
” Oh no,,,you’re leaving me? ” Lisa asked

” Am sorry,,I really need to see Gavin right now. Have this ” Sharon gave her some cash before running out of the restaurant
Lisa sighed and bite her lips sadly,,,gosh this is crazy!!
The attendant came back with the Ramen and Coffee
” Thank you,I will just take the two ” Lisa said with a smile
” Okay”

After eating she paid and left,,,

” It’s really boring!! ” she yelled inwardly
An idea suddenly came to her mind,,,,Florence,, yes She knows where Florence house is. She decided to call her ,,,

📞 Hey Lisa what’s up

📞 Am bored, can I just come over??”
She asked

📞 Oh,,,I’m not home. I went to mom’s office

📞 Damn,,okay,,fine

She hanged up

” I will just go home instead,,am tired ” She said to herself

” Lisa!” Someone called her name as she was about taking the taxi,,she looked back
” Wait,,Rowan??”
” Hey,,,” Rowan said with a smile

” It’s really you,,,wow ” Lisa said even though she was nervous about it
” You’re not happy to see me ?” Rowan asked with a frown
” Oh,,,,,,” She bite her lips not knowing what to say

” I guess that’s a no,,,am happy to see you anyway. Where are you off to??” Rowan asked
” Am going home ” Lisa replied
” Home?? ”

” Yeah,,home ” She nodded
” Why?? Come on let’s have fun ” Rowan said, before she could respond, he was already dragging her along.
” Rowan wait,,,” She said trying to free herself from him

” What,,it’s just a friendly stuff. Why acting like am going to hurt you?” Rowan said
” Okay,,,,okay,,,” Lisa said and he smiled

Lisa was feeling uncomfortable,, what if Michael see them from anywhere?? He will think it’s something else,,and for her thinking about how he told her about his feelings, it doesn’t feel good to hang out with him.

” Do you wanna see the fire work??” Rowan asked
” It’s not night yet,so how can we see the fire work?? ” Lisa asked
” It’s getting dark already ” He replied and Lisa gasped

” Oh no,,,it’s almost 7!!! Rowan,,I need to go home,,I need to go ” Lisa said
” Just ten minutes,please. I don’t even know when am going to see you again,,,” he pleaded
” Okay,,ten minutes,,just ten minutes ” Lisa agreed

” Why did you even leave her in the first place?? Why?” Michael asked angrily
” She’s not a baby Mich,,stop blaming me ” Sharon said
” Gosh,,,” Michael said

” When do you think Anna is coming back??” Sharon asked
” I don’t know, but am sure she will be back soon,,,,,I need to go find her,,right now. It’s gonna be cold soon ” Michael said and took his hoodie before running out of the house.

” Take the car!!” Sharon shouted after him
” I can’t,,, I will lose focus ” He replied

” Where are you right now?? Are you okay?? And why the hell is she not picking up her calls!! ” Michael shouted at no one in particular

” Wow,,it’s really beautiful ” Lisa said admiring the fireworks being displayed
” I told you,am glad you love it ” Rowan said with a smile
” Yeah,,it’s lovely ” She replied

She checked the time and gasped ,,,

” F**k!! Rowan!!! I need to go,,” She said
” Okay,,,I will take you home ”
” No!! Just leave,,,am going to get into trouble Because of you,,gosh” She said

” Lisa wait,,”
” What do you want ,,what”
” Just a hug before you go,,,” He said

” What??”
” Friendly hug,,nothing else ” Rowan said
” Fine ”

He immediately pulled her to himself and hugged her,,,,with his eyes closed,,thinking of how much he love her,,how she rejected him.

‘ Am not going to give up,,you’re mine Lisa,no matter what’ he said inwardly

And just then a voice called her name,,

” Lisa?”

They both disengaged from the hug immediately and faced where the voice came from,,

” Michael,, ” Lisa called
” What the hell do you think you’re doing with her?!!” Michael shouted and immediately grabbed Rowan’s collar angrily
” Let go of me ” Rowan said

” Don’t you ever show your Face in front of her again,,she’s my girlfriend. Do you get that?!! ” Michael shouted
” Who cares if she’s your girlfriend?? I love her,,and am going to make her mine,just watch out ” Rowan said in a whisper, Lisa couldn’t hear what he said

Michael pulled him away and scoffed,,

” Really??” He said
” Are you afraid of losing her to me?? Just watch out ” Rowan said and pulled Lisa closer to himself
” Rowan stop! ” Lisa shouted trying to free herself

” Calm down babe,,I just want to say goodnight ” Rowan replied and pecked her cheek
He smiled at Michael before walking away,,,
Lisa looked at Michael but couldn’t say a word,,what is she going to say??

” We need to go,,,everyone is worried ” He said and she nodded
He pulled off his hood and gave it to her,
” Thank you ” She said but he did not reply

They both got down from the Cab,Michael paid and they walked in,,Anna’s car was outside already. Lisa turned to Michael who haven’t spoken a word to her,,

” Michael,,,,,, ”
” I guess your Aunt is back ” He cut her off and they both entered.

” Oh,,you guys are back?? Sharon told me you went out together ” Anna said from the kitchen as she heard their voices
” Yeah we are back ” Michael replied
” Sharon,, am leaving. You’re planning to stay here??” He asked

” Yeah,,am sleeping over,,goodnight ” Sharon said
Michael walked out without taking a glance at Lisa
” Wait,,,what’s wrong with the both of you ??” Sharon asked

Lisa ignored her and ran after Michael,,

” Michael wait,,,” She called
” Goodnight Lisa,,,” He snapped and left without turning back at her.

She bite her lips as a tear dropped from her eyes,,,,she immediately wiped it off and went back in.



Chapter 34



” Am not hungry ” Lisa said and went upstairs

” What’s wrong with her??” Anna asked

” I don’t know,, maybe she ate something with her boyfriend ” Sharon said with a smile trying not to make it obvious that she’s lying.

” You’re right,,I just hope she’s fine ” Anna said and they continue eating

After eating, Sharon decided to do the dish while Anna went to sleep. After she’s done,she went upstairs and entered Lisa’s room. She was not looking fine,,,she look worried.

Sharon took off her clothes and tied a towel,,

” Lisa can you tell me what’s going on with you and my brother?? ” She asked

” He’s mad at me ” Lisa said and sniff in

” Why?? For being late or what? ”

” Not that,,,,”

” Then what ”

” I was with Rowan when he saw us,,but trust me. It was nothing,, it was really nothing ” Lisa said

” That’s bad,,you should know the two doesn’t get along with each other. And besides,, Michael is aware that Rowan has a crush on you,,,maybe that’s why he’s mad at you. But don’t worry,he will come around ” Sharon said and pat her back

” You can’t understand,, I feel bad when he’s mad at me. ” Lisa said

” Come on Lisa,,forget about it and have a good rest ” Sharon said and went into the bathroom

Lisa sighed after calling him again and he didn’t pick up,,

Lisa was the first to wake up,,but definitely not before Anna left,it’s normal not to see her sister in the morning. She went into the bathroom and clean up,, by the time she returned to the room,Sharon was also awake.

” Morning lover girl ” She said and Lisa scoffed

” Thank you ” She rolled her eyes and opened her closet

” Do you have any plan for today??” Sharon asked

” I don’t know why,,,but I want this break to end soon. It’s really boring!!” Lisa yelled

” I hate school,,I prefer staying at home like this ” Sharon smirked at her

” Then go and find work ” Lisa laughed

” Which work?? Am sure dad is planing to hand over the family business to my brother,, soon ” Sharon said

” Soon?? He’s going to finish high school right?? ” Lisa asked curiously

” It’s not even up to a year again Lisa,,we will be done with High school stuff,,,,I’m tired ” Sharon replied

” I can’t wait,,but am not tired of high school ” Lisa said and rolled her eyes

” Sharon go take your bath, you stink ” Lisa groan

” F**k you!!” Sharon shouted and Lisa laughed out

” I will be back,,” Sharon said

” You can’t take your bath here??” Lisa asked

” You’re missing me already?? I will be back ” Sharon said and walked out

Lisa finally got dressed,,she took her phone and a novel before going downstairs. She was hungry but doesn’t have appetite, she walked to the fridge and took an apple,she sat down and started eating while reading the novel.

Her mind suddenly went to Michael and she sighed,,

Is he still mad at her??

” Should I go to him and apologize?? Gosh I can’t,,,, ” She shook her head and continue reading.

Minutes later, Sharon walked back in

” What about Michael?? ” Lisa asked worriedly

” He’s in his room playing video games ,,it’s annoying ” Sharon said and sat down

” I need to see him ” Lisa said and got up

” Fine,,I want to watch a movie,,I will be waiting for you guys ” Sharon said

” Okay,,but are you sure he won’t get mad ??” Lisa asked

” He’s your boyfriend not mine ” Sharon snapped

Lisa nodded and walked out of the room,

📞 Do you have to take Rowan’s word to your mind?? That guy is crazy

Michael is on a video call with Gavin

📞 He was serious Gavin,, I can see it in his eyes,,he’s in love with her. Not just anyone, my girlfriend

Michael said

📞 You should calm down Mich,,don’t you trust Lisa?? She can’t ditch you for him

📞 I met them hugging each other,,, you can’t understand how am feeling. Bye Gavin

📞 Okay,,,,,,bye.

Michael closed the system and sighed,,he roughed his hair and jumped on the bed,,,he was about closing his eyes when a knock came on his door

” Sharon go away ” He snapped

” It’s Lisa ” The voice said

He didn’t say anything but she came in looking innocent,,,

” Michael am sorry ” She said and walked closer to him

” Am still mad at you Lisa ” He said and sat down in front of the system trying to focus on it

” It was a harmless hug Michael, it’s nothing ” Lisa explained

” You guys really decided to hang out together?? I was worried sick about you but you were happy with Rowan?? I called but you ignored it ” Michael said

” Am sorry,,it’s all my fault ” Lisa said folding her fingers

” Fine,,,” Michael said

” You’re not angry with me anymore?? ” Lisa asked

” Please stay away from him,,,I was hurt when I saw you guys together ” Michael said

” I will,,,” Lisa said and smiled

Michael pulled her closer making her sit on his laps,,, he moved his face closer to hers,,he inhale her sweet scent and kissed her neck.

Lisa closed her eyes enjoying the way he was sucking on her neck,,it feel so good. A slight moan escape her lips,,

” Mich? ” she called

” Huh?? ”

” Sharon,,,she’s waiting for us ” She said

” Why will she wait for us??” Michael asked

” She want us to watch the movie together ” Lisa replied

” Gosh,why now?” Michael said and sighed

” Am not running away you know ” Lisa said and winked at him

” Stop doing that,,, ” Mich said

” Why?? Why why why why ” Lisa teased and pouted her lips cutely

” Are you trying to punish me right now?? Come on stop ”

” No I won’t ” Lisa said and laughed

” Kiss me ” She said with a wink

” Not now Lisa ,,,” He said and told her to get up from his laps

” But why?” She asked sadly

” It won’t end up well ” He replied and pecked her cheek

” I don’t want it to end well ” Lisa whispered

” What??!!! Lisa get out ” Michael said pulling her out while she continue laughing

” Sweetheart,, you’re only punishing yourself ” Lisa said

” No,you’re the one punishing me ” Michael replied as they both went out

” Am not going to complain, trust me ” Lisa said

” Are you not scared of getting pregnant?? ” Michael whispered to her ear and she gasped

” Let’s not talk about that ” She said and they burst into laughter

” But trust me,,,,you can’t control yourself forever ” Lisa whispered

” Okay ,,,you won,,let’s stop this game ”

” I won!!!!!” She screamed and ran into their own building

Michael shook his head,,if only she knew what she’s doing to him.

Rowan stared at her picture on his phone, it was taken unaware but she still look beautiful like an Angel. Why did she have to choose Michael??

He tried not to think about her but couldn’t it,

” I must make you mine,no matter what Lisa. I don’t care if you have a boyfriend, I don’t care ” he said as he caress her lips from the picture




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