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August 1, 2021


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Golden high Episode 28 & 29

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( High School Drama )

Chapter 28




” am sorry,,but I have to say this. I love you Lisa ” He said and her eyes went wide open

” I really have a strong feelings for you,,,,” He took her hand and folded it softly

” I love you a lot,,will you be my girlfriend?? ” he asked staring into her eyes

Lisa immediately shifted back,,

” I know you’re joking,,, ” She managed to smile

” That type of joke is expensive,, let’s just continue reading, okay??” She said

” Am not joking Lisa,,am telling you the truth. Am f**king serious,, ” he said and pulled her closer to himself

” Rowan stop,,,,” She got up and took her notes

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” Lisa wait,,” He also stood up and moved closer to her

” Do you like someone else??” He asked and she became quiet

” It’s Michael right?? Lisa he doesn’t even care about you,,, do you think he have the same feelings for you?? He’s all over Hazel and you know that,,, ”

” Stop it Rowan,,, Hazel is just a friend to him. ”

” Are you sure of that??? Lisa just give me a chance in your heart,, I love you so much. I really do ” He said and hugged her

” Am sorry Rowan,,, I can’t ” She said and pulled him away walking out of the Library

Rowan sighed and roughed his hair, she really rejected him,, she did. He sat down with his head down,

” Wow,,that was a bad rejection ” A voice said beside him. He knew it was Vanessa,he scoffed and faced her

” Vanessa what do you want from me?? It’s obvious you like me,,just tell me. Bad thing I don’t like you,,” Rowan said and stood up

” You can stay here by yourself,,am leaving ” he said

” Am not surprised you got rejected,,,you are just too dumb ”

” Don’t you dare say that to me ,,do you get that?? ” he half yelled

” I don’t care,,you can’t do anything to me. ” she winked and walked out of the Library

Rowan sighed and sat down,,maybe Vanessa is right?? He’s just too dumb,, he’s really dumb.

” I just heard the visitation got cancelled ” Sharon said sitting down with others

” Yeah me too,,,gosh I dont like this ” Florence said

” I guess it’s because we are going on a session break soon,, it’s fine. I can’t wait to go home ” Juliet said happily

Lisa only smiled and remember her aunt telling her she have a surprise for her,she wonder what it is,

” Lisa you’re not saying anything?? ” Sharon asked

” It’s fine,I also can’t wait to go back home. I miss my aunt ” She said

” I miss mom,,and dad. But dad won’t be around even when he get home,, he’s always out of the country ” Sharon said

” Let’s study harder and come out in flying colors ” Juliet said

” Guys,,, I told Michael to come over,,,we were not able to get the further maths right yesterday ” Sharon said

” Wow,,that’s great ” Florence said with a smile

” Am coming,, I want to use the restroom ” Lisa said and went out.

Michael came in immediately she left,,,

” hey brother, it’s a good thing you’re here,thought you won’t make it ” Sharon teased

” Good for you ” Michael smiled and sat down

” Hey Mich” Juliet and Florence smiled at him

” Hi,” He also replied with a light smile

Just then, Lisa came in and he turned to her starring at her like he missed her so much, well that’s true,he really missed her a lot. Lisa noticed he was starring ,she sat down.

” Can you start now?? ” Sharon asked curiously

” Where is the problem?? ” Michael asked and Sharon show him

” Am sure Lisa can do this ” He said and they were confused

” Which one??” Lisa asked

” Here ” he pointed at it

She immediately remember that be once taught her,,

” Yes I can,,it’s simple ” she said

” what?? But you didn’t tell us ” Florence said

That’s right,, she didn’t teach them because she also want to see him.

” am sorry,,am a bad teacher so it’s better you learn from him ” She smiled
**************** Minutes later

” Wow,,that’s amazing. I never knew it’s as simple as that ” Sharon said

” Dumb head ” Michael shook his head and stood up

” Sorry I can’t see you off,,Lisa can you please do that?? ” she said and winked at Michael

” Yeah I guess ” Lisa replied and got up,,they both walked out of the dorm,,

” it’s a good thing to see you Mich” Lisa smiled

Michael took her hand and pulled her closer,,

” You look so beautiful,, I couldn’t take my eyes off you ” he whispered to her ear

” I noticed you were starring,, did I suddenly become beautiful overnight?? ” Lisa teased

” I think so,,” He said and they both laughed

” Michael,where the f**k were you?? I’ve been searching for you all over,” Hazel suddenly appeared

” I told you I will be back so why are you still searching for me??” Michael asked

” never knew you went to see her ” She said glaring at Lisa ,,if look could kill,Lisa will be dead by now.

” Yeah I went to see her,,anything wrong with that?? ” Michael asked and pulled Lisa even closer,,

” Let’s go ” He said and they both walked away

Lisa turned back and winked at Hazel,

” F**k you ” She muttered under her breath

” Why did you do that?? ” Lisa asked

” Why did I do what” He asked

” You shunned her,,,,because of me. That’s unusual ” She said

” I don’t have a reply to that,,,let’s skip it okay?? ” Michael said

” You don’t need my help with anything?? ” He asked

” No,,,am just happy to stay with you right now. ” Lisa said

” Exam is next week,,,am happy but am a little bit sad ” She added

” Why?? Do you have any difficulties with anything?? ” Michael asked worriedly

” No,,,am sad I won’t be seeing you for a month after the exam,,I’m really going to miss you so much ” She pouted

” I will also miss you ” Michael replied and turned to face her

” Make sure you pass this exam,,I have something for you ” he told her

” Wow,,really??” She asked with a bright eyes

” Yeah,,something you will love so much, trust me ” Michael said and pecked her cheek

” Can you do that again?? ” she said shyly,,Michael smiled and pecked her lips instead.

” You can go now,,,” He said

” I don’t want to leave you,,am sure you won’t talk to me when we see each other again,,,I always feel bad about it ” She said with a pout

” just endure the silence,,” He chuckled and roughed her hair

” Bye Sweetheart ” He winked at her before walking away.

She smiled and turned to leave only find Hazel in front of her

” What do you want??” Lisa asked folding her arms together

” I know you seduced him,,,how dare you ” Hazel said angrily

” I seduced him,,so what?? what are you going to do about it??” Lisa asked with a smirk

” You’re just a bitch,,,ugly bitch ” Hazel said

” Am not in the mood for this,,but am sorry,, Michael likes me,,not you ” Lisa said with a wink before walking away

Hazel sighed,, even if she want Michael for herself, she could see it in his eyes that he love Lisa,,he have never stare at her the way he always stare at Lisa.

” Am glad he likes her,,at least he’s my best friend. But I don’t like her,,I won’t like her no matter what ” She hissed inwardly and continue walking round the school

” The result is out Leo ” Emily said sitting in front of him

” So what’s the result??”

” As expected,,, it’s positive ” She replied giving him the result

” I told Flora about it,,,,she doesn’t have a problem with it. Am going to accept her,,,but not you ” Leo said

” Am not asking you to love me again Leo,,,I only want the best for my daughter ” She replied

” Good,,but I want to meet her aunt,,she told me she’s staying with her aunt,who is she??” Leo asked

” I don’t know,, let’s find out. But do you think they will get along??”

” You mean Hazel and Lisa??” He asked

” Yes,,,,am scared they might even hate each other more ” Emily said worriedly

” You don’t have to worry,,Hazel might be stubborn and dangerous,, but she surely have a soft heart. She will accept her with time ” Leo smiled

” Thank you so much Leo,,thank you ” Emily said

” It’s fine,,she’s my daughter after all ” He replied


Chapter 29

By: Summer Gold




” Wow,,I can’t believe this!!!!” Sharon shouted seeing her result as they all checked their result on the school post board.

” How many percent?? ” Florence asked her

” 70% this is my first time of getting this, am so glad. Michael will be happy to see this ” She said happily

” I got 75,,I guess I tried ” Florence smiled

” Of course,,, how about Juliet?? ” They both faced her

” Biology,,,,, ” She said sadly and they both checked her result

” Oh no,,,,58%??” Sharon said looking sad as well

” My mom will be disappointed,,, I knew biology was gonna bring me down,,,” Juliet said trying not to cry

” You should have told me,,, ” Florence said and pulled her into a hug

” Let’s check Lisa’s ” Sharon said and they search for her result

” Wow,,” They all chorused

” she got 80% ,,,that’s high ” Sharon said

” Can’t believe she got all the marks on Further maths and Chemistry,, how did she do that?? ” Juliet asked

” I guess it’s Michael’s work ” Florence replied

” My brother?? ” Sharon asked

” Of course,, I’ve seen him many times teaching her,,,mostly chemistry, she once told me she is bad in chemistry ” Florence explained

” Yeah she told me ” Sharon nodded

” As expected Michael topped the class,,he got 100%,” Juliet said bringing their attention

They checked everyone’s result,

” Guys!!! Did you check mine,what did I get??” Lisa asked running toward them panting like a running lioness

” 80%” Juliet replied

” What’s that?? Is it pass?? ” she asked checking for herself

” Of course,, you passed,,,I got 70 while Florence got 75″ Sharon said

” Wow,,75?? I expected her to pass more than me,,she got more when we did the admission test ” Lisa said

” Well maybe it’s because Michael didn’t tutor me ” Florence teased and they all laughed

” Stupid,, how about you ” She asked Juliet

” She’s having problem with Biology, she got 58″ Florence said

” Oh no,,,but it’s still average right??” She tried consoling her

” Yeah,,it’s fine ” Juliet smiled

” How about Mich ??” Lisa asked

She checked and smiled

” I knew it,,dumb head ” She said and they all gasped

” Dumb?? He got 100%” Juliet said

” Just kidding ” She smiled still checking the results

” Wow,,Hazel,she hot 98,” She said

” 98?? She’s amazing,,she came second then what about Vanessa??”

” 90% and Rowan got 95% ,,,wow ” Sharon said

” Those are the four best students this session,, but check Lily’s,, she’s also,,”

” She got 90,,,wow,,same as Vanessa,,I can’t wait to see Vanessa screaming because someone is competing with her ” Sharon said and they all laughed

” Did you check for your boyfriend?? ” Juliet winked

” Oh Gavin?? Trust me,,he got 80,,same as Lisa. ” Sharon replied

” Wow,,finally my twin ” Lisa said with a sigh

” Am curious about Ethan and Noah ” Lisa said and they started searching for their names

” I got Ethan,, here it is,,he got 85%” Florence said with a smile

” Wow,,he passed more than me?? I thought am number 6 ,now am 7?? Gosh why” Lisa pouted

” Bad you’re number 8,, Noah got 87,” Juliet winked

” Wow, the guys are amazing,,, now am sure Michael is going to scold me ” Lisa said slapping her head

” But why is he not coming to check ??” Florence asked

” He doesn’t care,,he’s going to top the class anyway,,” Sharon said

They all left,,more students were rushing to check theirs,, they were the first to get there,,, their parents will be the one receiving the hard copy of their results

” Wow,,so guys this is the last day we are seeing each other,, I’m missing everyone already ” Sharon said

They all hugged each other

” Let’s do better next session ” Lisa said

” Yeah!!!” They chorused and hugged each other again

” We should be getting ready,,our parents will be here soon ” Juliet said

” Yeah my aunt is on her way” Lisa said

” Our driver will be coming,,, mom is at work ” Sharon smiled

” I already arranged everything,,, I will see you guys later. I need to get somewhere ” Lisa said running off

She need to see Michael before leaving,,she ran to the school garden,he was there waiting for her,,

” Mich!!” She shouted happily and ran to him

” You look happy,, ” She interrupted him with a tight hug

” What’s wrong??” Michael asked

” What’s wrong with me hugging you?? ” She pouted and left him

” It’s fine,,,did you check your result??” He asked curiously

Lisa nodded and sat down,,

” So,,how is it??” He asked starring at her

” Thanks to you I got the whole mark in Chemistry and further maths,,,” She said

” Then the overall??” He asked

” Am sorry,,,I got 80%” She said playing with her finger

” In the class??” He asked

” 8th,,” She replied sadly

Michael took her hand and smiled

” You will do better next time,,you really tried,don’t feel bad” He said

” You’re not mad at me??” She asked

” Of course not,,Gavin told me Sharon got 70%,,that dumb sister if mine ” He joked and they both laughed

” Come on,,,she’s not dumb. ” Lisa said

” Am really happy,, but Juliet,,, she got 58,,am so sorry for her,,” She said said sadly

” Wow,,,” Michael said

” It’s biology,,, let’s forget about that. Can’t believe am missing you so badly already ” She said

” I told you I have a surprise for you and a gift if you pass your exam ” Michael said

” Are you going to give me both??” She asked curiously

” Yeah,,right now ” He replied

” Can’t wait ”

” Do you want the surprise first,,or the gift ” He asked

” Hmm,,the gift first ” She grinned like a baby

Michael smiled and pulled her head backward with a finger

” Close your eyes ” He said

She closed her eyes,,,,

She felt something cold around her neck,, is it a necklace?? And then another on her wrist

” You can open ” He said

She opened and gasped

” Wow,,this is pretty,,you really got this for me??” She asked checking the necklace around her neck,,, it look at so expensive and beautiful

” Wow,,I love bracelets,,, you’re the best ” She said and hugged him

Michael only smiled,, he remember when he got the gift,,that was three days ago


He smiled as he checked what he got,,he ordered for it since he can’t go out of the school to get it,,they can still do that.

Hazel walked in,,she screamed and grab it from him

” Wow!!! This is pretty!!! Is it for me?!!” She screamed

” What??? Of course not ” Michael replied trying to take it from her

” Why?? I love it,,who is it for??” She asked sadly still checking it out

” Its for ,,,,,,Lisa ” He said and she went quiet

” What?? Lisa?? Why are you giving her this?? ” she asked angrily and jealously

” Is there a reason why I should give her??” He asked and took it from her

” You like her right??” She asked and sat down beside him

” Michael,,,,,,, why can’t you like me instead???” She asked in tears

” What are you doing?? ” Michael was surprised to see her crying

He tried wiping her tears

” Don’t touch me,,,,,,I’ve always loved you Michael,,,but you choose Lisa and not me?? Why?? She’s prettier?? What is it about her that you like so much?? ” she asked and stood up

” Hazel,,,,”

” Don’t call my name,,,,, am really hurt ” She said wiping her tears

” Am sorry Hazel,,,,,I only see you as a good friend,, ”

” That’s it!! Friend, friend, friend, what the hell?!! I don’t want to be a friend to you Michael ,can’t you see?? I love you so much!! ” she yelled bursting into more tears

” Hazel,,,”

” No,,,don’t touch me ”

He ignored her and pulled her into a hug,she tried getting away from him but he was more strong,,and then she also hugged him

” I love you so much,, I really do ” She said

” Am sorry,, I didn’t mean to hurt you. But,,i fell in love with her,,am so sorry ” He said which resulted in more tears

” I hate her ” She muttered and pulled away from the hug

” I f**king hate her ” She said walking away with red eyes

Michael roughed his hair and sighed,,, is he doing the right thing??


” Am glad you love it ” He smiled

” I love it,,I promise never to take it off,,,” she said

” That’s crazy,,,you can take it off if you want ” he said with a smile

” No I won’t,,,,it’s a gift from you,,,” She said

” Lisa you can take it off anytime,,, but,,,,make sure it doesn’t get lost,,am going to get hurt ” He said

” I promise ” She smiled

“,The surprise” Michael said

” Okay,,” she said curiously

” Lisa,,,,,,,am really dumb in this aspect but,,,”

” Is there anything you’re not good at??” Lisa asked and he smiled

” Of course,, and am doing it now,” He said and stood up

“But even if it’s dumb,,,,,,I want a positive answer,” He said

“,Anything for you” Lisa smiled

” I love you,,, ” He said and Lisa seems not to hear him well

” I don’t understand,, ” she said

” I love you Lisa,, I want you to be my girlfriend,, ” He said and moved closer to her

” Am not joking,, I really love you a lot,,,, ” He said

” I thought we are dating already ” She mumbled and bite her bottom Lips

TBC 😹😹

I have a good news 😑,,for those on my second page,,the problem have been solved, so our story continues today ❤❤


Brought to you by Summer Gold. ✍❤❤

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