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Golden high Episode 16 & 17

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Long Chapter 😍😍

( High School Drama )

Chapter 16



Michael was shocked immediately their lips met,,,what is she doing??? But he reciprocate after all,, maybe it was to calm him down because it really did. After some minutes she pulled away and smile at him.

” Are you okay now??” Lisa asked ,,he nodded and breath out.

Michael suddenly wonder if it was just an ordinary kiss or it meant something,, still couldn’t get the fact that Rowan kissed her off his mind. She sat on the table watching him with a worried look,,

” You should leave,,I don’t want you to get into trouble because of me ” Michael finally said after the long silence between them

” Getting punished together is cool,,,so am fine with it ” Lisa replied and he smiled

” You think so?? But it’s not,really ” Michael replied and look outside the window

” You like watching the sky,,why??” Lisa asked and got down from the table,, she stood beside him

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” I don’t know,, I just love doing it ” He replied

“The Stars and The Moon,,,,which one do you prefer??” Lisa asked and he turned to face her

” I prefer stars ” Michael replied

” Why??”

” I don’t really know,,but,,,I just love them working together as a team,have you ever seen one star coming out?? ” He teased

” Yes,,so many times ” Lisa replied laughing inwardly

” What?? Just a star in the cloud??” Michael asked in surprise

” Yes,and I’ve seen two moons coming out at the same time ” Lisa added

Michael couldn’t control his laughter anymore,,,

” You’re,,, I don’t know what to say. Hilarious,,,,thanks for making me laugh anyway ” He said

” Don’t you have any idea on what to do?? You can’t stay here all day ” Lisa said

Michael sighed,,

” Rowan is just behaving immaturely,,, how can he do such a thing?? He need help,” He said and shook his head

” Don’t think too much,,,, ” Lisa said

Emma walked into the dorm and was surprised to see Lily still sleeping,, like seriously??

She immediately tapped her and she woke up,,

” What’s happening? Why did you wake me up?” Lily asked still feeling sleepy

” How can you sleep here like that?? It’s almost two hours,” Emma hissed and sat down

” So?? It’s my eyes not yours ” Lily said and got up from the bed

” Well,,Michael is in trouble ” Emma muttered and Lily turned back to her instantly

” Trouble?? What trouble?? ” she asked almost shouting

” You should calm down,,,”

” Tell me what happened ” Lily said

” Well,,Rowan got a picture of him kissing his sister last night,, no one believed though. But right now Michael is in the suspension room,,the teachers want him to prove himself innocent, but he have no evidence that what Rowan posted was not true ” Emma explained

Lily grab her phone to check the post she’s talking about but couldn’t find it,,,

” Rowan deleted it already,,,” Emma said

” Oh no,,,” Lily said and rushed into the bathroom, she splash water all over her face and clean it with the face towel. She rushed back into the dressing room,she put on a snickers and then took her phone.

” Where are you going?? ” Emma asked

” I need to do something ” Lily replied and took her camera along.

She ran out of the room ,she have to see the principal.

” Come in ” The principal said and Lily walked in with her face buried on the floor

” Wow,,,Lily?? It’s really unusual to see you, is everything okay??” The principal asked

” No sir,,” She replied

” Have your seat ” The principal said

” Thank you sir ” She said and sat down

” How may I help you??”

” It’s about Michael sir,,” She started

” What about him??”

” He’s really innocent,, he didn’t take advantage of his sister,he wouldn’t have done that ” She said

” Lily,,,I also know Michael as a good student, but right now ,,,,,”

” I have the evidence ” She said interrupting him.

” Really?? Where??” He asked

Lily stood up and went to his side,, he switched on the camera and scroll to where the video is,,yes she have recorded it. She didn’t go to the party last night,,she was in her room looking out to the darkness as usual when she sighted Michael coming with Sharon in His hand,,

She immediately took her camera having it in her mind that she’s going to take his pictures,, his outfit was really hot,,but then she ended up taking the video without her even knowing.

She wanted to delete the video last night but decided to keep it,,,since it’s Michael,,it’s nice. Thank God she haven’t deleted it.

The principal watched the video,,,from where Sharon called Gavin’s name to where she pulled his face and kissed him to how Michael yelled and almost pushed her off.

” It was a mistake sir,,Michael is not at fault,, as you can see” Lily said

The principal nodded and immediately pressed the Blue button by his right,,it’s a call to the suspension room,,and immediately Michael picked up

📞 Sir??
His sweet voice said from the other side

📞 Come to my office now Michael

He said and hanged up,,,in less than a minute, Michael walked in and her nervousness began almost immediately.

” We just got an evidence that you are innocent,,thanks to Lily ” The principal said with a smile

Michael looked by his side only to find the girl sitting on the chair, she seems nervous and keep on playing with her finger

” I don’t understand, how did she,,,” Michael asked

” Well,she probably have the full video of everything,, so now,,you are free to go. Rowan will be punished for posting a fake news,,,”

” No sir,,,you don’t have to punish him. ” Michael said

” Why??”

” Am fine with it,,,we can solve it between ourselves ” He replied with a smile

” Okay,,you two can leave. And Lisa thank you ” The principal said

They both bowed their heads before walking out of the office.

There was total silence as they both walk together,, it’s kind of weird, they’ve never spoken to each other before,,and now she’s helping him?? Michael thought but decided to talk since she’s not ready

” Thanks ” Michael said and she stopped to face him

” It’s nothing,,,, ” she replied and immediately looked down

” You take pictures??” Michael asked trying to make the moment more lively than the silence

” I love doing that,, it’s fun ” She smiled

” Can I take a look??” Michael asked and she gave him

He smiled Sweetly, she immediately looked away to avoid him seeing his pink cheek.

Michael continue checking out the pictures as they walk but was confused to see that almost everything was filled with his pictures,,why?? Even some short videos of him laughing and doing all sort of things.

He stopped and sighed,,,

” They are pretty” He finally said and handed over the camera back to her and she nodded.

” But why??” He suddenly asked

” Huh??” Lily asked wondering what the question means

” Why don’t you talk to me when you like me that much?? ” he said

She didn’t reply but only stared at him

” Am not gonna bite,,, ” He smiled and roughed his hair

” thanks for saving me,,and now I guess we are friends. You don’t have to take my pictures anymore,,,” Michael said

” Really?? You want to be my friend?? ” Lily asked looking surprised

” Yes,,or you don’t like that?? ”

” Of course I do,,,,am so happy ” She said happily

Michael smiled and tap her shoulder before walking away

” Wow,,,I guess today is great. He’s my friend now,,,this is amazing ” Lily smiled to herself.

Michael entered the dorm feeling tired as ever,,he got in and the three eyes turned to him,,

” Ethan,,you’re here??” He asked

” Glad you recognize me ” Ethan smiled

He scoffed and pulled off his shirt and then walked into the bathroom,,, he really have to wash those fight away from his body,he still find it hard to believe,,, he should have controlled himself other than going to Rowan and do that,,

” Do you have to blame me?? I was planning to tell him,,I never knew she was going to do that and burst everything out ” Gavin said worriedly

” I will advice you not to talk to him,,,,you know how he’s always like when he’s angry ” Noah said

They heard a knock on the door,,

” I will go and take it ” Gavin said

” Did you order for anything?? ” Ethan asked

” Pizza ” Noah replied

Gavin went out and took the pack from the person who brought it,,,he went back in and was about sitting down with the other boys when another knock came in

” I will take this ” Ethan said
He turned back to them

” It’s Sharon ” he said and they all stared at each other

” Hey Sharon ” Ethan smiled

” Michael is in right?? Can you tell him am waiting?? I want to talk to him ” She said

” Okay,” Ethan replied and went back in

Michael also was coming out of the dressing room,,with a different outfit ,he looks so hot as usual.

” Michael,Sharon is outside ” Ethan said

” So?? She’s probably here for her boyfriend not me ” He said and the boys faced each other and then back to him

” She’s asking for you ” Ethan finally said

He scoffed and walked out of the room,,,

Sharon was happy he came out,she wasn’t expecting that.

” What do you want Sharon ” His voice was cold

” Michael,,am sorry,, am really sorry. Please forgive me,,I promise to always listen to you,,please ” She said in tears

That’s what he hates,,seeing her in tears. But he looked away,,he still have to ignore her,, she have always promised to listen to him but then will end up disobeying.

” That’s what you always say,,I guess am not worth to be your brother,,, why?? Because you feel like we are age mates??? I’ve always tried to take care of you, I’ve always protect you,,I will never do something to hurt you,, but you doesn’t seem to care about all that,,, ”

” No,,,,” Sharon said and hugged him

” You’re the best brother I will ever wish for,,just forgive me this time. I promise to always listen,, I promise ” She cried.

” Stop crying,, it hurt ” Michael said and hugged her tightly to himself

” You’ve forgiven me??”

” I was not angry with you ” Michael smiled and pecked her cheek.

” Good to see you crying anyway ” He laughed and ran in

” What??!!! You!!!! ” Sharon yelled and ran after him

They both laughed and the boys were happy to see them that way.
Michael watched as Gavin stared at Sharon as they all played their normal games,,,,

” I don’t mind you guys dating ” Michael said

” What?? Really???” Gavin asked immediately

” Yes,,but don’t try to break her heart or I break your neck ” He said seriously

” Trust me I won’t ” Gavin said and hugged him

” Wow,,now I can die peacefully ” Ethan said and they all burst into laughter.

” But guys,,,,,,Where is Lisa??” Noah suddenly asked and that was when they all remember that she’s not there

” Sharon,, where is she??” Michael asked

” I don’t know,,she haven’t came back after coming back to you in the suspension room ” She replied

” What?? Oh no,,she was probably waiting for me there,, I forgot her. Guys, I will be back,,Sharon go back to your room right now ” He said

” Okay ” Sharon replied and Michael ran out.


Chapter 17


Lisa keep on waiting for Michael and was becoming impatient, what is keeping him so long?? Did the principal decided to punish him or what?? She breath out and rested her head on the table with Michael’s thought all over her mind, is he okay ??

Suddenly the door opened and she raised her head expecting to see Michael but it was someone else. She stood up immediately,,,,

” Rowan?” She called as Rowan walked in with his two hands tucked in his joggers. Some bruise was still visible in his face though.

” What are you doing here??” She asked

” I should be asking you that,,, Why are you here??” Rowan asked

” I,,,I came to see Michael,he left some minutes ago after the principal called him ” Lisa explained truthfully

Rowan scoffed,, he saw Michael and Lily while coming here

” Good for you,I guess he forgot about you ” Rowan said and sat down

” What do you mean??” Lisa asked looking confused

” He left already,,I saw him ” Rowan replied

” Oh,,maybe he have something to do ” Lisa said even though she was mad at him,how could he leave her like that?? But she definitely wouldn’t wanna show Rowan that she’s mad at Michael

” Something to do indeed ” Rowan let out a fake smile

” I have to go,,” Lisa said walking out of the room

Rowan grab her hand and pulled her back,,,

” What do you think you’re doing?!! ” Lisa yelled and throw his hand away

” You hate me now right?? ” Rowan asked

” No I don’t hate people, but I hate what you did to Michael,he doesn’t deserve that. Why are you so hard on him?? You two will be good as friends but I guess that’s never going to happen because you keep making everything worst. There’s no way I can remain as your friend if you keep on hurting him ,,” Lisa replied and walked out of the room.

She sighed and started walking slowly to their dorm,she still find it hard to believe that Michael actually left. Maybe she’s not really important to him after all. What is she thinking?? Why will he like her all of a sudden?? And besides, other girls are tripping over him,,,

She should just forget about him,,,but she find it hard to do,,

She met Sharon about going in,,

” Hey Sharon ” She called with a smile

” Oh you’re back??” Sharon asked and she nodded

” Michael just ran out of the dorm to look for you,,,he said he forgot you were waiting. Did you meet him??” Sharon asked looking concern

” No,,,he was looking for me?? Really?? ” Lisa asked immediately

” Yes,,he’s probably on his way to the suspension room ” Sharon replied

Lisa suddenly became happy ,she almost ran back to see him but controlled herself. She’s still mad at him

” It’s okay,,it’s nothing. Let’s go in ” She said and they both entered.

” Guess what ” Sharon said happily

” I can’t ” Lisa said

” Okay,,Michael and I are good now,and he said he doesn’t mind Gavin and I dating ” Sharon said

” Wow,,that’s amazing ” Lisa smiled

” Yeah,,am really happy right now ”

Michael ran out of their dorm rushing toward the suspension room,,how could he forget her?? How,,maybe he was just too happy when the principal released him,gosh.

He finally got there,,,,he opened the door and walked in,he was surprised to see Rowan there but no Lisa,,,why is he here ???

Rowan turned to see who entered,, he saw Michael and scoffed

” Why are you here ??” Rowan asked

” Am not here for you, Where’s Lisa ” Michael asked

” She left some seconds ago,” Rowan replied

” Was she angry when she left??” Michael suddenly asked not knowing when the word came out of his mouth

” Go and ask someone else not me,I only answered because it was Lisa you’re asking for,, ” Rowan snapped and looked away

” Tell me ,,,”

” I told her you left with another girl ” Rowan lied

” What?? How dare you do that?!! ” Michael yelled feeling frustrated

” but that’s the truth,,you don’t expect me to lie to her ” Rowan smirked

” You are not getting any better,,you should be taught a good lesson, you dont even know why i left with the girl” Michael said and roughed his hair before going out.

Rowan scoffed,,,,

Michael sighed,, how will he face Lisa right now?? But he still summoned courage and walked to their dorm,he called Sharon on the phone informing her that he’s outside.

Sharon came out immediately grinning hard,Michael scoffed and looked away

” Lisa is in??” He asked

” You want to see her??” She winked

” It’s not what you’re thinking, I just want to apologize okay??” He defended himself

” Anyhow ” She rolled her eyes and left him,she went back in and Lisa came out with a straight face.

” Hey,,am sorry ” Michael said

” It’s fine ” Lisa said almost getting embarrassed

She was planning to play really hard but Now she’s just giving in like that??

” You saw Rowan right??” Michael asked and she nodded

” What did he tell you?? ”

” He told me you already left,I guess he saw you while coming ” Lisa replied

” That’s all??” Michael asked

” Of course,, what else??”

” Oh,,nothing. Am glad you’re not mad at me. Bye ” He said

” You’re leaving already?? ” Lisa asked without thinking

” Yeah,I have to go ” Michael replied and walked away.

Lisa sighed and walked back in not really in a good mood,,

” I knew it,,you really like him ” Sharon teased her seeing her face

” No I don’t,, I never said that ” Lisa said

” Well,,anyhow,just suit yourself ” Sharon replied and continue smiling over her phone.

Lisa shook her head knowing that she was obviously talking to Gavin,,,it’s Gavin all over her head right now. Lisa picked up her chemistry text and a calculator,,she have decided to focus on her chemistry maybe she can get better.

She wonder why she suddenly want to be intelligent,, back in America, she never cared about her studies,but right now she really want to do well.

Maybe because all the girls she doesn’t seem to like are brilliant while she’s just an average student.

Michael walked back into the suspension room looking confused ,why the hell did Rowan lied to him that he informed Lisa about seeing him and Lily together??

” Why did you come back?? ” Rowan asked without facing him

” Why did you do that?? You didn’t tell Lisa anything ” Michael said

” Why?? Are you touched in the heart??” Rowan asked with a smile,, this time it was not fake

” No,,,you’re just a liar ” Michael snapped

” Fine,then why are you here?? Just to say that?? ”

” Why are you in this place?? ” Michael asked

” Who are you to ask me that?? ” Rowan scoffed

” Bring your pride down,,and answer me ” Michael said

” Am getting punished,,so what are you going to do about it??” Rowan replied

Michael was surprised,, why did the principal have to punish him even after he already pleaded on his behalf??

” I know what you’re thinking,, The principal told me you told him not to punish me,,” Rowan said

” Then why are you still here??” Michael asked

” I don’t need your help okay?? Can you leave now?? I hate your presence ” Rowan said

” Good for you,,you deserve it anyway. I don’t know why I pleaded on your behalf when you don’t deserve it,,I was so stupid to think you will learn your lesson,,” Michael said

” Just leave,I don’t need your silly lesson,,” Rowan snapped

Michael went out of the room,,,,

Vanessa walked into the dorm with smiles all over her face,she was not in school all day. She always meet with her mom every Saturday,she’s given this opportunity because on most visiting days her mom will probably be busy with works.

” Finally you’re back,,I was really lonely ” Emily pouted

” I know you can’t live without me ” Vanessa said proudly

” I brought ice cream ” She said handing the packet in her hand to Emily who smiled immediately

” Thanks ” Emily said and brought out the ice cream cup

Vanessa sat down taking off her shoes gently

” It’s bad you missed school today,many things happened ” Emily said

” What happened?? ” Vanessa asked

Emily explained everything to her and she almost screamed,,

” That’s crazy,,Rowan should be punished,, I hate him ” Vanessa groaned

” It’s a good thing Michael taught him a lesson, ” Emily smiled

Michael entered to his dorm and finally breath out in relief,,

” Guys,,,” He called

” Did you see her??” Ethan asked and Michael nodded

Ethan also replied with a nod,,, Michael noticed the unusual silence in the room.

” Why are you guys so quiet?? And is Noah looking so angry and sad??” Michael asked innocently

” A girl brought a gift for you ” Gavin answered and Michael scoffed

That’s not the first time he will be experiencing that,, those female students can be annoying sometimes,, even some juniors are not left out.

” So?? Why does it have so much effect??” He asked still not getting it,why is Noah angry because of that?? He have always be the one who joke around whenever such thing happen, telling him he’s gonna become ugly if girls admire him too much

” Michael,,the gift is from Lily ” Ethan said

” What???!!” Michael almost shouted in shock.



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