Golden high Episode 10 & 11

( High School Drama )
Chapter 10
Everyone was shocked and have to g@sp at the same time,,,Vanessa was the first to rush to him since she was the closest to where the finish line is,,,,
She ran in tears and tried lifting him up,
” Michael,, Michael!!! ” she shouted and he opened his eyes
” Am fine Vanessa ” He said but closed his eyes again,,, that was when the whole students got to them
” Get him to the school clinic right away!!” The caches shouted
Gavin immediately pu-ll-ed Lisa away from him and carried him on his back,,,Sharon was alre-ady in tears while Lisa feel lost. What is wrong with him?? Why did he suddenly pas-s out just like that??
” He will be fine Sharon ” Noah said
” Let’s follow them ” Lisa said and they all walked to the school clinic
Many students were waiting eagerly for the school nurse to come out and tell them he’s fine,, some teachers too were pres£nt, no doubt they all love Michael.
” it’s my fault,, I should have come here with him when he told me he’s feeling sick,, it’s all my fault ” Sharon said in tears
” Come on,,,he will be fine ” Gavin said fighting the urge not to hvg her
Finally the nurse c@m£ out and the students rushed to her immediately,,
” Guys let her talk, don’t choke her ” one of the teacher said
” You don’t have to worry,,it’s just a slight sickness, he will be fine when he’s awake. ” The nurse said and they all breath out in relief.
” Students,, you can all go back to clas-s ” One of the teachers said and they all walked out
” You can leave,,am gonna wait until he’s awake” Sharon said to Lisa who kept quiet
” Am staying with you ” She said
” Both of us can’t miss the clas-s at the same time,,,go now,,,” Sharon said
” Okay,,I will be back after clas-s ” Lisa said before walking out
Sharon faced Vanessa who was backing the wall looking as worried as ever,,
” Don’t you get?? I said leave” Sharon said trying not to yell
” You can leave,,am staying here” Vanessa replied without facing her and she scoffed
” Who the hell are you to tell me to leave?!!” Sharon shouted angrily and just then one of the doctors c@m£ out
” Sharon,,you’re yelling. This place should be quiet,, not the other way round. You should leave ” He said
” But ,,,,,”
” Leave,,your brother will be fine ” He said
Sharon faced Vanessa angrily who sm-irked in return,,
” Study ha-rd ” She win-ked
Sharon almost sl@pped her but got hold of herself before going out.
Vanessa walked into the ward and sat down on the chair beside the be-d where Michael was ,she took his hand and k!$$£d the back on his palm.
Michael opened his eyes slowly,,
” Oh my God,, you’re awake !!” Vanessa almost shouted but controlled herself.
Michael faced him and was surprised to see her,,
” Vanessa?? ” he called and she nodded
” How do you feel now?” She asked
” Am fine,,, ” He said still wondering why she’s the only one here,,she was the one he saw when he pas-sed out and now she’s the one ??
” The others were asked to leave,, everyone was here some minutes ago ” Vanessa said truthfully
” Oh,,,” He said and sat up
” We’ve missed a clas-s right??” Michael asked and she nodded
” It’s Lunch now,,,are you really okay?? You should rest a little more ” She said worriedly
” No,,,let’s go. I hate the smell of this place ” He said
She helped him get down,
” Am fine,you don’t have to do that, really ” Michael smiled
” I was really worried,I was scared something bad is going to happen. I won’t be able to stand that ” Vanessa said and that made Michael turned to face her
” Nothing bad is going to happen ” He said and she hvgged him instantly
Michael also hvgged her back and that was when Lisa c@m£ in,,he was the first to see her,,,,,,they re-leased each other and faced Lisa.
” What do you want?” Vanessa asked
” Go on,,I will see you in clas-s ” Michael told her
She rolled her eyes before walking away,,
” Hey,,,are you okay now??” Lisa asked still feeling hurt for seeing Michael and Vanessa that way,,
‘ Why am I feeling so sad ?? ‘ she asked herself
” Yeah,,am fine ” Michael replied
” Everyone was really worried,,,why did you have to f0rç£ yourself when you are not okay??” She asked looking worried
” I don’t want us to fail just because of me,,am glad I won after all ” He replied with a smile
” Don’t do that again,,” She said and sniffed in
” Were you worried??” He asked and she nodded
” I thought I said we shouldn’t talk to each other,,” he added and she kept quiet not knowing what to say
” Am sorry,,I just can’t do that ” Lisa said in a low voice
” Let’s leave ,,,” Michael said and they both walked out
” You’re fine now??” Sharon asked running toward them
” Oh,,,my che-st,,,it hurt” Michael said pretending to be hurt
” Oh no,,what’s wrong?? Am going to call the doctor right away ” She said in tears trying to run but he gr-ab her hand and smiled
” I was joking ” He said
” That’s not funny ” She said and hvgged him
The chemistry teacher walked in and the students bec@m£ quiet
” Michael, you okay now??” He asked and Michael nodded slightly
” Good,,,” He replied and started his lesson while the students listened so quietly.
” This session on chemistry is going to be based on mainly practicals. I guess we’ve done enough of Theories,,so right now it’s going to be few theories and lots of practicals. Am going to make you into different groups,,two students in a group is enough. The list of practicals will be out by tomorrow and then I can choose the groups” He said
” Okay sir ” The students chorused before the teacher walked out of clas-s.
The students started murmuring among themselves,,
🚺 I wish to p@rtner with Michael,, am going to score high marks
🚺 Gosh,,,it’s going to be fun but am not really good in practicals
🚺 I hope am in the same group with someone intelligent as I am
” What do you think about this?? I want us to be p@rtners,,that will be amazing ” Vanessa said happily
” No it’s not,,,the two of us can’t be in the same group. ” Michael said and she frowned
” Why?? ”
” The teacher won’t allow that you know ” Michael replied
” Oh,,,,,that’s stupid ” Vanessa said and pouted
Michael and Lisa made eye contact and immediately looked away from each other.
Rowan was seeing the whole drama and his blood was really boiling that he have to hold his fist really ti-ght trying to calm himself.
” You just,,,wait,,tell me it’s not what am thinking. You’re blu-shing?? For who??” Florence asked since she was the one sitting with Lisa
” It’s nothing ” Lisa replied
” Nothing?? Ive never seen anyone blu-shing for nothing, come on tell me ” Florence insisted
” I said it’s nothing,,, ” Lisa snapped pretending to be offended
” Wow,,okay,,but am going to find out” She said
Lisa felt a pres£nce beside her and she turned only to see Rowan,,After the k!ss,she have been avoiding her and now he’s here??
” Rowan,,” She called in her low voice which made Rowan feel more attra-cted to her
” I nee-d to talk to you,,” He said
” But,,,,,”
” Right now ” He snapped and took her hand walking out of the clas-s
” What do you want to talk about? ” Lisa asked folding her arms together
” Why are you avoiding me? ” he asked like he was hurt
” Am not avoiding you” she replied
” What?? You’re not avoiding me?? I’m not dumb Lisa,,,”
” Okay I was avoiding,,,, can I leave?? ”
” What?? Because of the k!ss?? Is that your first?? ” He asked looking surprised but she kept quiet without saying a word
” Am sorry,,, but it’s not even my fault, I asked if it was okay with you,, ”
” can you st©p talking about it?? It’s embarras-sing ” she said
” okay,,but st©p avoiding me,, plea-se ”
” Fine” she said
” okay,, I will see you later ” Rowan said and pe-ck her cheek before running off
She t©uçhed where he pe-cked and sigh,,she turned to leave but was shocked to see Michael standing with his two hands tucked in his trou-ser.
” Michael,,what are you doing here?? ” she asked nervously
” he,, was your first k!ss??” He asked ignoring her question
Does that mean he heard everything??
” I asked a question ” Michael said and she finally nodded
” Wow,,,,he’s really lucky ” He smiled and turned to leave
” Wait,,,” she called and ran after him
” It was a mistake,, I was not in my right state of mind ,,,”
” And he asked for your permission,,, why are you even explaining? Not like am your b©yfri£ndor something,, you guys look good together anyway ”
” st©p it ,,,,,I don’t have a crush on him,,,, I don’t have anyfu-cking feelings for him. We are just friends,,, ”
” friends with benefit?? Gosh,,,,let’s not talk about this OK??? Let’s go,,Sharon was looking for you ” He said and they both went back into the clas-s.
” Where did you go with that girl?? ” Vanessa asked
” are you stalking me right now?? I don’t think I owe you an answer to that ” Michael replied and took a text out of his locker before walking out of the clas-s leaving Vanessa speechless.
Chapter 11
The female doctor sat down with her legs resting on one another, she was de-eply in thought. She have seen a girl just now,one of the students in grade 5,,why does she look so familia??
She was really disturbe-d that she keep on fighting the urge to s£nd for her just to see her,,she made up her mind to ask for her last name from one of the teachers.
She put off her uniform and walked out of the office,,she made way into the English studies teacher’s office,,they seem close to each other
” Hello Mr Williams ” She said with her light smile.
” Miss Emily?? What are you doing here??” He asked calmly telling her to sit
” Am here for something really important actually ” She said and that seem to bring his interest.
” Really?? So what is it??” He asked calmly
” Well,,I will like to know about one of the new students in grade 5″ Miss Emily said
” Do you know his name? Or her??”
” No I don’t,,, but I guess you have their pictures right??” She said hoping he does
” Sure I have them,, but is there any problem?? Was the student rude??”
” Not at all,,,I just have to check her last name that’s all ” She smiled
” Give me a minute ” He said going throu-gh his system
” Okay,,we have just two new student in grade five B but in A ,,they are,,,,”
” It’s 5B,,she’s in Michael’s clas-s ” She said immediately
” Okay,,,here,,,it’s Lisa and Florence ” Mr Williams said showing her their pictures
She was right,,,its Lisa,,Mona Lisa,,,it’s her,,,,
” They relocated from America down here,,I guess with her sister ” Mr Williams said
” Thanks so much for your time Mr Williams ” She said and walked out without looking back.
” What’s wrong with her ??” Mr Williams asked himself but faced his work again.
Lisa watched as Michael walked out of the clas-s,,she sighed and decided to go after him,,she also took a novel.
” Where are you going?? ” Juliet asked
” Am not interested in your gist ” Lisa replied and they bur-st into laughter
” You’re going after my brother right??” Sharon win-ked
She took herl-ips in,,,
” You’re right,,she always does that when nervous” Florence said pointing at herl-ips which is still inside her mouth
” You guys nee-d help ” She snapped before walking out of the clas-s
” She’s crushing on Michael but doesn’t want to admit it,,” Juliet said almost in a whisper
” But,,do you think Michael feels the same ??” Florence asked
” I don’t know for now,,he have never talked about having a crush on anyone. But I will be glad if it’s Lisa,,not that arrogant Vanessa ” Sharon hissed
After walking for almost five minutes, she finally saw Michael in the school garden re-ading on one of the short trees. He doesn’t seem to notice her and she took her time to stare at her,,,,
He really look so handsome, you don’t have to get confused about who’s more handsome between him and Rowan,,,Michael is more handsome than him,,,, she smiled at how serious he looks while re-ading.
” Am I that handsome?? ” Michael suddenly asked even though his face was on the text
Lisa looked away feeling embarras-sed for starring at him for so long,,,,,
Michael faced her and smiled,, seems he’s not mad at her anymore. But why does she feel so guilty after the k!ssfrom Rowan?? She suddenly wish it was Michael,,,
” Is that a novel??” Michael asked pointing to the one in her hand
” Yeah,,you love re-ading them?? ” she asked finally getting her voice back
” I re-ad anything ” Michael answered
” You re-ad anything?? That’s weird ” She tea-sed which made him chuckled
” What are you doing here??” Michael asked
” What else?? I c@m£ to re-ad ” She replied and sat down on the bench
” I am the only one who always come here to re-ad,,others go to libr@ry, am sure you followed me ” Michael said
” No I didn’t, why will I do that?? ”
” Are you sure??” He asked but she kept quiet
” What’s the genre of the novel you’re re-ading?? ” He asked
” Michael don’t you think you should continue re-ading?? ” Lisa asked and faced him
Michael smiled with the way her smalll-ips p@rted while talking and suddenly got mad when he remember Rowan actually k!$$£d her ,,,,what the hell??
” Michael?? ” Lisa called ma-king him come back to reality
” What’s the genre ” He asked
” I just said it’s r0m@nç£,,but you were lost in thought, what are you thinking?? ” she asked
” It’s nothing,, what’s the title??” He asked
” MELTED HEARTS ” She replied
” Wow,,,,I really love anything r0m@nç£, ” He smiled
” Good for you then ” She said and faced the novel back
Michael continue starring at her face and how her long lashes move when blinking,,,,, he suddenly smiled and got down from the tree,
He sat down beside her ,,,
” What’s wrong?? You really want to re-ad this?? ” She asked
” You can just tell me about the novel,,am too lazy to re-ad novels ” He replied
” Oh,,,,when ??”
” I don’t know,, but I will tell you ” He replied
” Who do you want as your p@rtner in the chemistry practical?? ” Michael asked after the long silent
” Anyone is fine,,,,but,,am really bad in chemistry,, ” She pouted sadly
” Sharon too,,,I’ve tried all my best to make her good in it but she’s worst,,,,am fed up. ” Michael said like a Caring brother
” Maybe you should try ha-rder ” Lisa said and that made her turn to face him as he sat beside her
” Should I just focus on you ??” He asked and she blu-shed
She immediately covered her red cheek with her hair,,, she took herl-ips in and let out a small smile.
” Can you really do that?? ” she asked seriously this time
” If you want me to do that why not?? But I hope you won’t end up like Sharon,,” Michael said and chuckled
” No I won’t,,,, I want to be really smart like you ” She win-ked
” You still remember that?? ” Michael asked almost laughing
” Of course, you told me you’re smart and not only brilliant. But can you explain?? Is there any difference between being smart and brilliant?? ” she asked
” you really wanna know?? ” Michael asked and she nodded
” What will be my reward?? ” he tea-sed
” What do you want?? ”
” I was joking,, listen, am going to explain.
” Smartness is the quality of a being to be very intelligent and well informed. On the other hand ,Brilliance is the quality of a being to be clever and bright. Both smartness and intelligence are mental abilities. One nee-d to be very sharp in adapting these qualities.
Smartness and in another word Intelligence is developed from childhood,whereas Brilliance is a brightness of giving ideas and suggestions on something.
Smartness or Intelligence is influenced by our own un-derstanding of concepts,intelligence is what one can improve by studies,reasoning, un-derstanding and learning.
Intelligence is completely related to Knowledge and they are highly respected in this world.
So,,let’s just say I want to be intelligent. Brilliancy ends in school works,, but being intelligent is gonna take you to places. ” Michael concluded
” Wow,,that’s amazing. You’re really intelligent. I am moved,,that’s great!!!” She said
” Thanks ” He smiled
” You’re not angry with me anymore right??” She asked
” Why should I??”
” Am glad,,,, I thought you’re going to avoid me from now,,I was sacred ” She said with a sigh.
If only she knew he was only jealous of Rowan taking her first k!ss,,but why is he jealous anyway??
” You don’t have to be scared,, I don’t get angry for too long. ” Michael said and she smiled.
” You mean Michael said that to you??” Eunice asked
” Yes,,it’s because of that silly witch,,Michael never get mad at me,,I hate that girl ” Vanessa said angrily
” Wow,,,but she seems nice to me though ” Eunice said
” I don’t give a damn if she’s nice,,I hate her,if she try any ru-bbish with Michael then am gonna teach her a lesson ” Vanessa gro-an ed
” Then am with you,no one messes with my best friend ” Eunice said and hvgged Vanessa who still look so angry.