Girl of my dream episode 6 – finale

Girl of my dream
Episode 6 (finale)
police:: drop your weapon, if you move I b!ow your your head up.. (but Niger police funny o, if na American, you will hearing freeze, but her if move I b!ow u up, well na p@rt p@rt of watin them take know us be that) by this time, they have handcuffed Kunle, I sprang up with every f0rç£ ran to where Tola is
me:: officers plea-se help her, I don’t want her to die. **they rushed her to where only God know but I know she’s in safe hand. I stoop up to go and see Godwin lifeless b©dy when I pump into my dad**
me:: dad….,you lead the squad here yourself?
dad”:: son you’re safe now let me take you to hospital now
**my dad is is a commissioner & am his only son, so he has no other option than to come and save his only son himself**
me:: my friend is dead because of dad, my only friend. dad I want justic .
Dad:: don’t worry, I will make sure take this case to any level. we will take him to the mortuary now.
me:: my friend is really gone? asking nob©dy in p@rticular.. “” I was just crying like a baby chick, whose mother has been killed”” I remembered the good time we sheared together
Dad:: son st©p crying and let’s go..
I followed him straight to the hospital where Tola was admitted.
the next day Lekan c@m£ to visit us
me:: guy how far na?
lekan:: is she okay?
me:: the doctor said she will be fine o. I just hope so too. **five minutes silent**
me:: but lekan, how my dad take know say I enter gawhu when he take come rescue me?
lekan:: I went to call him myself.
me:: you called him? how you take know too?
lekan:: that day when they abduct una so, I dey the bank, I see you and Godwin as them dey drag una enter motor, na so I st©p cab tell am say make he follow una car. as we see say them dey drag una enter bush and only me nor go fit withstand them. I rush go police station tell them, as they hear me mentioned kidnap, them go turn deaf ear instantly.. na the second day I remember say you talk say your papa na police officer. I I reach there when I mention your papa name, na so they give way. I come latter realize say your dad na commissioner. as I enter dey shake as I dey explain na so he jump go up say my only son. I esc-rt them reach where una motor take st©p.
I went back to Tola to see her, she has not opened her eyes yet. inside me, if this girl die I go fit survive this world? I hold her hand
me:: my love, my Angel, I don’t know if you are hearing me, Lekan has explained everything to my dad now, so no more secret again. but I want to tell you one big secret. I want to disclose it to you alone b4 others will know it. when you open your eyes, I want to be the first person that will congratulate cos am going to sl!pthis round object into your hand. am sorry for protecting you well.
*my dad walk in*
me:: welcome dad
dad:: thank you my boy, how are you feeling now?
me:: I dey okay now
dad:: (giving me a heavy knock on my head) what is I dey okay?
me:: but dad…. *grinning*
dad:: correct yourself
me:: am okay
dad:: that’s my boy. well Ade, I c@m£ to tell you that kunle case has been adjourn to next week. don’t worry I will surely seek justices for your friend.
(doctor walk in with one nurse)
doctor:: good afternoon sir
dad:: good afternoon doc. thank you so much.
doc:: sir we are only doing our job sir. I c@m£ to check on her if she’s awake but it seems like…..**he paused when he heard Tola scream**
Tola:: **talking to her self while still on sick be-d** plz don’t push me away am begging you, I can’t leave you here plea-se let me go with you.
(I move close to her hold her hand very ti-ght and I whispered into her ear)
me:: plea-se don’t go am waiting for you here, don’t leave me in this lonely world. I love you so much.
(she opened her eyes with her weak voice she muttered the same word
Tola:: I love you too…**she look around asking** where is Godwin?
me:: he’s dead..(I started crying aging)
Tola:: now I know why he was pushing me away not to follow him. I was going to the same direction with him but he keep on pushing to go back… **she was now crying**
me:: baby plea-se st©p crying.. (so you mean say this girl don enter spirit world come back?) baby I want to tell you something
Doc:: let her rest b4 you tell her anything
me:: doctor, it might be too late. let me tell her now then I leave everything to God. **I turn to Tola, I brou-ght one round object that has no end, I went on my knee**
me:: Tola I just want to fulfill my promise to you. I said it alre-ady that this the first thing I will do when you open your eyes.. WILL YOU MARRY ME?
Tola:: **open her mouth wi-de enough that “”Zi-p my mouth””** she look around and turn to me again crying** Adeb!ow, ever since I met you, you’ve never for once maltreat, you are someone I could always rely on. you gave me hope when I lost it,**she stood up come close to me and kneel with me. looking me straight in the eye** YES I WILL
(I sl!pthe none ending object into her f!nger. Coolvall, come see as sick person they k!ssme like say her life dey inside myl-ips. and me when be say I dey shy, she dey k!ssme for every b©dy pres£nt.)
my dad come close to me again give me a knock
dad:: won’t you do the same thing or you want her to do the k!ss!ngalone when you know that she not feeling fine.. **everyb©dy bur-st enter laugh**
we fixed the wedding, everything went successful. two year later I have two team as my children now
question:: how many pla-yer make a team? add them together, that’s what God blessed me with..
one afternoon my dad gave me a call.
me:: hello dad
dad:: son how are doing?
me:: fine dad
dad:: son I just want to tell you that Kunle just escape from prison. so we don’t know what he’s up to now, so be vigilant.
me:: okay dad.. he ends the call.