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Ghosteens episode 2

By: Authoress Diamond
Episode 2
Ethan p.o.v.
‘Mehn!This the first time am seeing such a crazy funny ghost and she looks beautiful! I can’t believe she calls that fun,but on a lighter mood I enjoyed the fun’ I thought, smiling till I entered the school premises.
” Ethy! ” Lolita, the school miss beauty of the year called after me.
She is too oppressive,she bullies alot.
“Hi” I replied nonchalantly.
“You [email protected]£ pretty early today,and where his your car?” Lolita said looking around.
“Are you really that concerned or you just want to mock me?” I replied getting pissed off.
She isn’t nice while is she faking to be.I hate pretenders.
“Ohh,that’s harsh,Mr.Arrongant…I was just trying to be ni…” She said rolling her excessive big eyes.
“Ohh I see, st©p pretending” I yelled interrupting her with that I walked away forgetting to close the school gates.
I went straight to my relaxation stand near the school [email protected] to cool off my [email protected]
I want silence right now.
👻Ghost girl(Shalim)
” Am hungry!” I muttered when my stomach rumbled.
I don’t think there is anyone doing funeral atleast to fill my hungry stomach that wouldn’t st©p rumbling
Don’t be surprise, We do eat if there is a funeral going on or the food was given to you personally by a human but that is not possible my only hope now is a funeral ceremony.
“WTF!” I yelled angrily when I saw some guys m©l£sting a weak pretty girl.
That what I hate most..m©l£[email protected]!on!
How dare this guys?
Are they crazy?
They are up to four in numbers. My main problem is that If I try to rescue this girl,those fv¢king ghost chasers will get notified about my whereabout and I’m not re-ady to go to heaven or hell anytime soon because i’m yet to know about myself.
I walked away but st©pped on my track when I heard the girl’s shout.
“Help me! They are trying to [email protected]£ me” The weak girl shouted.Though she was shouting to no one in [email protected]
I ran with all my strength and kicked the one trying to tear her cloth real [email protected]
I make sure I beat the heaven out of them till they ran for their dear lives.
They might die..I don’t think they can survive those heavy and painful kick.
I tried helping the girl up but she looks scared that she [email protected] back in shock.
“Scared @ss” I muttered.
Who wouldn’t be?
“Ohh!Except Mr.handsome” I thought smiling.
Suddenly everywhere [email protected]£ dark and I could see them in overall black coming closer to me.
“Damn!Ghost chasers are here!” I ran like a mad girl because my living depends on this run.
I ran as fast has my little leg would let me.
“Shalim!” One of the ghost chasers shouted.
‘Oh Ampy!Help me this once🙏”,I prayed within mind.
The ghost chasers keep chasing after me.
Such a h0t chase!
I ran throu-gh the corners on the street…I saw a gate slightly opened
Without any second thought I dashed into the compound🏃
“Oh!It is a school!” I exclaimed dreamily.
I looked back and saw the ghost chasers in the school compound and I suddenly feel like crying.
“Is this how I will leave this earth?”
“Oh my gawd!” I screamed closing my eyes ti-ght tears dripping down my eyes when I felt a t©uçh on my hands dragging me away.
The hands are warm😏
“Pls,I beg you with the name of Ampy, leave me alone…I don’t wanna go now… Give me a chance”, I stuttered
feeling h0t tears run down my chubby cheeks😂.
*Ampy is the god of mercy
👦Ethan p.o.v.👦
I was sitting down humming a song when I felt a familiar s-en-sation.
I looked around confused when I sighted a ghost in the school compound chased by the ghost catchers… It been long I saw those ghost chasers.
” The ghost must be a stubborn,crazy ghost “I said watching the scenerio.
My eyes caught something, the back of the ghost cloth written “Shalim”.
It seems I saw this name somewhere else today.
” Oh yes,Miss crazy fun!”I shouted
So she can cry😊I thought.
Immediately my heart skipped a bit and stooped almost immediately❤
I dragged her away before she gets caught by the catchers but she keeps ranting
“Seems she died of too much talk” I muttered giggling😂
We st©pped at my relaxation stand and she finally opened her eyes slowly.
👻Ghost girl(Shalim)👻
I slowly opened my eyes in fright and to my greatest shock .
“Mr.handsome?” I stuttered dumbfounded.
“Hey!You better find something useful doing than ma-king my bag dirty,my hair rou-gh and later being chased by your fellow ghosts”, he said angrily but it looks sweet.
Am still shocked to marrow that I can’t even talk despite being a talkative.
I just stood transfixed on a sp©t at the same time looking at him.
” Hey!Have you suddenly [email protected]£ dumb? “He asked
All I could do is to shed tears of joy.
All the years of wandering, no human ever saw talk less of speaking or tou-ching me
” Am damned happy”I said in between cry and without any second thought
I hvgged him
I hvgged him
Am more than happy.
I wish am alive!

*To be continued
Am I the only one crying
So Miss crazy Shalom can be this emotional.
Ethan thanks for saving her @ss😁
*Your likes and amazing comments is needed to do wonders.
*Stay tuned
*Episode 3 loading…

Love y’all💋💋💋

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