Ghosteens episode 18

By:Authoress Diamond
Episode 18
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Ethan’s p.o.v.
I bec@m£ so obsessed when I was k!ss!ngShalim…I feel like I haven’t had enough of those v!rg!nplumpl-ips.
I heard her skrie-ked and to my greatest shock this so called transport is about landing us into an ocean that looks more like Atlantic.
Oh my gee!
“What?” I g@sped but am less relieved cus I can swim but Shalim…
“Can you swim?” I asked her looking agitated before she could reply,we felt right into the water.
“Shalim!!Shalim!” I muttered swerving here and there in the ocean looking extremely scared.
After we dropped into the water,I can’t see Shalim at all,it’s been ten minutes have been calling her all along but there is no response.
“Shalim!” I called inwardly and I heard rumbling of water behind me,I turned immediately and I saw her drowning.
Oh my!
“Shalim” I called again in my mind swimming towards her in a swift trying to hold her hands buy the water kept pushing her in.
“This is bad” I muttered gathering all my strength to swim towards her.
“Shalim!” I screamed her name ma-king bubbles of water come throu-gh my nose and water and I was f0rç£d to close my eyes trying to control the moment.
I finally opened my eyes and…
What?I can’t find Shalim anymore.
Oh no!
I continue di-ving down to where I saw her last.
👻Shalim (Elodie)p.o.v.👻
I dropped into water pretending to drown but something keeps weighing down the ocean.
See where pretending leads me,what the heck keeps drawing me down the ocean, different acquatics animals keeps going to and fro .
The water is becoming more and more de-ep.
I sighted Ethan…
“Ethan!” I screamed,almost immediately water rushed inside of me,ma-king me fill myself with the salty ocean water.
My eyelid bec@m£ heavy and we-t,my eyes closed gradually at its own will,I struggled with everything around me but the water is more stronger.
I gave up, my vision bec@m£ blank.
💎Authoress Diamond p.o.v.💎
☁(In heaven)☁
Immediately Ethan and Shalim left,Lucifer was immediately denounced as the ruler in hell,he was thrown into the bottomless pit and another Lucifer was chos£n.
Reich mum was str!pped of her earthly clothes and was f0rç£d to wear a black soft linen in form of a go-wn and was put into the torturing room where she will receive her punishment till eternity.
Reich was announced as a ghost catcher and was given the lowest position.
“Welcome” The leader of the ghost catcher said abruptly but Reich didn’t reply earning him a h0t sl@p.
“What?” Reich flashed in shock.
“That’s for not replying to your master!” The leader replied and gave him another h0t sl@p…Reich bec@m£ mute immediately.
Lolita is in hell weeping and gnashing of her teeth due to the temperature of the fire,she mistakenly di-pped her hand in an half burnt brimstone as she gave out a painful cry…
“Hi” an handsome slave guy that is more like a slave in hell empire cus of the cloth he wore but not on punishment greeted Lolita but she glared back at him in pain.
“Oops,sorry” The guy replied feeling remorseful before walking out.
The supreme one sat looking satisfied after he intentionally made the Ethan and Shalim dropped into the water so she could find the most important thing to become a complete human but the supreme one still have a bad feeling about his just given judgement. He still smells evil around.
Just then the newly appointed Lucifer entered bowing down in the most humble manner.
“My lord,It seems I nee-d more slaves in my empire”The newly appointed Lucifer said.
“In your empire?” Supreme one asked in disbelief and he nodded.
“You can go,I will find something to do about that” Supreme one said and the newly appointed Lucifer bowed down again walking away as he sm-irked.
“Hope I haven’t chos£n the wrong person?” Supreme one asked no one in p@rticular.
Shalim (Elodie) p.o.v.
I j£rked up immediately I hit my head on a rock searching my eyes around my surroundings.
“Am still in the ocean “I muttered feeling discouraged.
“Ouchh” I gro-an ed ru-bbing my hurt head when it dawned on me that am stark n-ked.
“What the heck?!”
I wonder where Ethan is?He mustn’t find me like this,how come am n-ked.
Where the heck am I?
I was busy looking lost when eyes caught something like… I don’t know.
I moved closer and..
“Oh jeez!”
I covered my eyes with my both palm looking scared.
“It’s a dead person!” I exclaimed controlling myself not to puke.
Curiosity made me move closer and saw bruises all over the b©dy,laying peacefully behind the rock. Looks like the rock actually st©pped it from flowing further.
But wait!This person looks like me,exact me!.
“Oh my gee!” I exclaimed as what really happened niggled on my head.
“This must be my b©dy,I remembered vividly my step mom said my b©dy was thrown into a flowing water maybe it is this water or the water actually flowed my b©dy into this ocean.
It must be because of this,I was dropped here,but what am I supposed to do with my b©dy.
Am I meant to carry it or what?
I can’t even carry it then what to do?
Maybe I should just manage to carry it. I made to carry it…immediately my hands t©uçhed the cold b©dy.
It awakened!
Is this another film trick? How come?
It stood coming closer to me and it entered into me.
” Oh noooo!”I screamed fluttering my eyes open.
My gaze met a ceiling fan,I looked by my side and saw a blue curtain.
“Does Ocean have curtains now?” I muttered and heard someone chuckle.
I turned to the direction and saw Ethan.
“Ethan!” I yelled and noticed am in his room on earth.
“I quic-kly di-pped my head into the duvet to check if am still n-ked but am not.
Is it a dream?
” Shalim,you really nee-d some sp@ñkings, I met you right inside the de-ep ocean lying lifeless.”He said standing up having a hand tucked into his side pocket.
It wasn’t a dream after all!Don’t tell me he saw me n-ked!
Oh no!I squee-zed my face trying to imagine is reaction when he saw me n-ked.
My small bo-ob s!Arrgh!!
“I don’t wanna think of that!” I screamed removing the duvet.
“Think about what?” Ethan asked in surprise.
“Nothing!” I yelled back and made for the door.
I feel like the room is suffocating me,I wanna go to the sitting room maybe that one would be less suffocating.
I reached for the door knob when I heard him call me.
“What?” I screamed getting angry and it is because he alre-ady saw me n-ked,am kinda angry but why am I not shy?.
“What?” I screamed again cus he seems lost.
“Oh sorry,I was thinking how come your small bo-ob s manage to shoot out in those baggy clothes” He said and I g@sped.
“Ya crazy!” I yelled as I made to get out.
“St©p screaming, you are giving those small bo-ob s tension and they might not grow any bigger” Ethan concluded with a sm-irk.
“fv¢k you! Damn you!” I said in between gritted teeth as I jammed the door at him but I can still hear him chuckle.
“Go to hell!” I yelled loudly to his hearing before walking to the sitting room.
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