Ghosteens episode 17

By: Authoress Diamond
Episode 17
Shalim(Elodie) p.o.v
“Here is my Judgement, Elodie Rollins is hereby s£ntence to hell where Sulphur burns” Supreme one said.
What? Hell? Where Sulphur burns?
“Oh no!” I heard Ethan said beside me.
After all the sufferings? I later ended in hell.
“Shalim” I heard Ethan called and I turned to look at him.
“Stay strong, hun? Stay determined like you always will” He encouraged and I couldn’t help but shed tears.
Ethan is sniffing also,the tears he is trying to control later escaped his eye.
“Shalim, I realized am nothing without you,I realized I loved you!” He threw the bombshell in between sniffs.
I couldn’t say anything but to stare at him dumbfounded.
“Shalim…I love you and I always will…you gained my love” He said again but still I couldn’t mutter anything but I felt alive immediately he said that.
So what he meant by I achieved love as a Ghosteen is this.
Oh my! He confessed his love for me even he knows am about executing my judgment.
I felt bu-tterflies rummaging my belly,I suddenly felt on t©p of the world.
At least! I know someone loves me,that’s ohkay for me!
“Shalim, don’t you love me?” Ethan asked tearfully with a mix of fear.
“I love you so much” I replied in my mind.
“Why aren’t you answering me?” He asked curiously but ain’t replying.
I don’t feel like replying him, what’s the ess£nce of keeping his hopes high when we both know am going to hell.
Just then the Supreme one cleared his throat drifting our attention to him.
“Well,I haven’t finished my judgment on Elodie Rollins.” He said clearing our curiosity.
“What? What kind of judgement is more worse than going to hell where Sulphur burns? “I muttered mockingly and I saw Ethan face droop.
“Elodie Rollins was deprived of living in a normal way like humans cus of my careless and cus of the immeasurable love Elodie and Ethan shares…I hereby give Elodie Rollins a second chance to re-write her life story”Supreme one concluded.
Jeez! Is this a sort of a dream or movie?
” I can’t believe this!”I muttered smiling.
“I believe this!” Ethan said smiling showing his cute dentition.
“Ethan!” I screamed hvg him.
“Ethan!Am going back to the earth, i’m not going to hell anymore” I said in between sniffs.
“Yes,I know love conquers all things on earth and in heaven” He replied as we dis£ngaged from the hvge.
“I love you more” I replied shedding tears of joy.
“I love you triple more” He replied smiling and I couldn’t help but smile also.
“Supreme One,Thank you for the second chance” I said smiling.
Ethan and I gave him a befitting bow and we both laughed at the same time.
My joy right now knew no bounds, my pain, my regret and my sufferings were erased out of my history.
“You can go now,Go on enjoy what you were deprived of” Supreme one said and I was f0rç£d to waved at him and he used his white staff to waved back.
“Let’s start afresh” Ethan said and I beamed.
In a flash, I felt something carrying us like a wind. I bec@m£ scared but seeing Ethan more scared,I can’t help but laugh.
“Scared cat” I said hitting him.
“You are the scared kitten here” He replied knocking my forehead.
“Ouch” I replied hitting his hands lightly.
The wind is still carrying us in a flash to the earth.
“What if we make this transport memorable” Ethan asked and I looked confused.
Before I could say Jack!
He slammed hisl-ips with mine.
it’s such a sweet k!ss. I de-epened the k!ss,putting my hands across his shoulder and in turns sli-pped his hands around my w@!st.
We totally forgot the fact that we are being carried by an invincible f0rç£.
I suddenly heard the ruffling of waters,like an ocean.
I looked down and behold my greatest shock.
More like an Atlantic ocean.
“What?” I skrie-ked.
“What?” Ethan screamed also.
“Transportation goes wrong” I muttered.
“Can you swim?” Ethan asked and before I could reply.
Down we went…Into the ocean.
“I can swim though but drowning can be sometimes fun” I muttered before finally dropping into the water.
*To be continued
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