Ghosteens episode 15

By Authoress Diamond
Episode 15
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Shalim (Elodie)p.o.v.
I heard someone walking in and I turned to look at the person
Oh!Lucifer,the evil manipulator!
Reich also scuttled to his side…
Birds of same feathers they do fv¢king flock together.He kicked Reich slightly away from him.
“Loser!” He mouthed to Reich
He kept on walking till he got to my front and he st©pped.
“See who we have here” he said with a scoff.
“And see the evil manipulator that had the gut to contribute to the evil doings of human” I lashed back.
He angrily waved his hands at me and before I could say Jack! I went flying and with loud thud,I fell far away from him as I gro-an ed in pain.
“You this worthless human!” He roared while I sm-irk.
I stood up staggering, am re-ady for the worse…Am dead alre-ady anyways.
I looked at the supreme one and back at Lucifer.
I wonder why Supreme one isn’t talking?
“You are also a worthless,greedy and power-driven man,you aren’t meant to be called a spiritual being” I roused
I could see the anger and shock in his eyes.
“You this-
He was cut off by the Supreme one.
“Can you stay still?” Supreme one asked but it is more like an order cus everyone went silent even the whimpering is gone.
“My Lord, pardon my manners” Lucifer said bowng down.
“Do you know Shalim?” Supreme one asked calmly.
“Yes,my lord…Isn’t she the sceptre girl” he said but the Supreme one just nodded.
“What about that woman” Supreme one asked pointing at Ethan’s mum(my step-mum).
“Yes my lord,she is a human who mistakenly got here due to Reich carelessness” he said nervously.
“Really?Spill the truth!” Supreme one yelled ma-king Lucifer flin-ched and went on his knees almost immediately.
Seems the Supreme one never yelled before.
“I …erm…I know her, she c@m£ to me throu-gh a magic mother basically for a child” he confessed.
“A child?After my warnings not to interfere with my utmost creations” Supreme one replied quite surprised.
“I can’t possibly give her a child without me gaining from her also”he said greedily.
” Giving her a child would decrease the population in my realm”
“But fortunately for me,she is alre-ady a week pregnant before she c@m£ to me and I noticed she doesn’t have any idea she is pregnant” Lucifer concluded.
“Am pre…g…nant?A week pregnant?” Ethan’s mum stuttered in disbelief
That the first time she is talking ever since we got here.
“I should have exercise patient,am too greedy and desperate” she said sadly
Lucifer then continued…
“I noticed she is a desperate and a greedy type,I got to know she is Shalim(Elodie)step-mom”
“I switched her one week foetus with Ethan,Ethan is just a foetus that isn’t nee-ded by his parents cus they are teenagers and never planned for it,I did that in order to have Shalim(Elodie)cus she is the sceptre girl” he confessed further
“The sceptre is the staff of authority!”Lucifer further said
“Mitchell Rosa real son is Reich!” Lucifer threw the bomb shell again.
“Reich?” Ethan’s mum asked and Reich raised his head up immediately glancing at both Lucifer and Ethan’mum in shock.
“You gat to be kidding” Ethan mum screamed.
“And you think I can still lie in this kind of situation?” He asked with a scorn
“My son” Ethan’s mum said as a tear escaped her eye.
“Now I get…my step-mum is tired of been barren,she went to a magic mother for a child not knowning she is a week pregnant alre-ady,the magic mother negotiated with Lucifer, Lucifer seized the opportunity in order to have me cus am the only one with the sceptre when he got to know am Mitchell stepdaughter!”
“To achieve his aim,he switched Mitchell foetus with Ethan,a random foetus that is about to be ab-orted by some careless teenagers.
Mitchell real foetus (child)is Reich!
My gawd!
This is too much for me to take in…
Such a great twist!
She is too desperate for a child of her own,she planned and got me killed in the most murderous way.
“But why did she have me killed?” I muttered.
“Are you that foolish?” Lucifer queried.
“If you aren’t dead, how will you get to me?How will I have you?” He asked.
“I warned you not to go the night clas-s cus I know you won’t listen which means when you die,you would be judged to hell cus you disobeyed your stepmother-It’s a sin(Disobe-dience) and I knew you will never concur to my instructions” Mitchell emphasized.
“And in that way you will be with me cus I rule hell” Lucifer concluded.
“Oh my gee! Is it my life you planned this much?Cus of you own selfishness,greed and want of power!” I yelled bulging my eyes out.
I can’t believe this?
“But I never knew you could become this stubborn to the extent that you bec@m£ a wandering spirit and not bowing down to judgement insisting you want to know about yourself” Lucifer groused.
“Have never seen a determined human like you,you really worth being the sceptre girl” Lucifer commended.
“Is that the reason why you wouldn’t st©p anything to get me?You even s£nt Reich and Reich almost got Ethan killed by using that lifeless girl on the floor- Lolita” I replied unbelievably and Lucifer nodded sadly.
Then I heard the Supreme one say…
“Trust no one even the spiritual being do betray”
I couldn’t control my emotions anymore.I just let tears fall freely down my cheeks.
See how my life got controlled.
I never got to live like a child
I never got to cruise the world like a teen.
I couldn’t even cruise the world as a ghosteen.
I wasn’t able to live my life as a human.
I achieved nothing
I was controlled and deprive of living by both humans and spiritual being.
Why me?
“Who should we trust or turn to then?’Ethan asked walking closer to me and patted my back.
I don’t have any choice than to rest my head on his che-st.
I nee-d a shoulder to cry on,I feel safe in his warmth and pat.
“But you achieved something as a ghosteen you don’t know about” Ethan said with an as-suring smile.
“What’s that?” I asked sniffing
*To be continued…
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