Ghosteens episode 14

By: Authoress Diamond
Episode 14
Shalim p.o.v.
Oh no!…Not now
Elodie couldn’t take it anymore, she ran swiftly but her run was cut short when another the two hefty men becoming six surrounded her in all sides.
“No pls” Elodie begged alre-ady going on her knees.
Her phone sli-pped off from her hands earning it a scratch.
“plea-se, Don’t kill me” Elodie pleaded clasping her hands together.
One of the men carried her on his shoulder trying to cover her mouth but Elodie didn’t cease screaming for help.
“Oh $h!t!” Shalim muttered cl!çk!ng her nails on the iron side of the chair
👰Ethan’s mum(Mitchell)
I screeched my car to a halt,stepped down from my car and closing it well.
I wore a black t©p with a black trou-sers together with a black shinning sneakers, only my fashion glas-s is kinda Orange in colour.
I looked around hoping not to see anyone that recognize me.
Have been here for about 40minutes and haven’t seen any traces of anyone.I rested my head on my car bonnet rolling my car key when a muscular guy c@m£ beside me.
“Hey!” He called.
He opened his suit slowly and…
Omg! A gun.
“Follow me” He ordered.
Am geting scared alre-ady, we kept on moving till we got to the main street just immediately, a brown old car st©pped in our front and the driver was smiling.
“Smile back Mrs” The guy beside me said and I was f0rç£d to smile wondering why I have to do that.
“Now Enter calmly with smiles”,The guy said and I walked gently inside beaming nervously then the car zoomed off.
Ethan,stay safe for me…
👻Shalim p.o.v.👻
Elodie was dragged r0ûghly when she fell off from the hefty man’s shoulder.
She was dragged despite the bruises she is getting from the rou-gh drag.
” Who the heck are this guys?”Shalim asked no one in p@rticular.
She was fnally dragged into a completed building.
“Help me!Someone help!”
Elodie yelped in pain earning her a sl@p.
“Keep you stinking mouth shut” One of the hefty man said heaving breathlessly.
Elodie couldn’t st©p crying,h0t tears pricking down her cheeks.
Just then a woman stepped in looking elegant.
“Good job” she told the men.
The screen hasn’t shown the woman face but one could see herl-ips curving a smile.
Elodie took her eyes up to the woman,she closes her eyes again in disbelief and opening it back.
“Step-mom?” Elodie said in utmost disbelief.
“Her step mom or should I say my step mom?” Shalim screamed in shock causing the screen to make some unusual sounds and it went off immediately.
“Why is it that only wicked people surround me?”Shalim muttered sadly closing her eyes ti-ght
She could feel the betrayal around her.She felt a wave in her memory again, she j£rked up from the chair as if the glue melted away, she crashed on the floor holding her head.
Flash of memory filling her br@in,mind and b©dy, hearing distant voices loud and clear forcing her to block her ears with her palm.
” You are a sceptre!”
“You are endowed as a sceptre”
“You are special! You are chos£n by the Supreme one!!”
She kept on hearing voices…Memory keeps flashing non st©p giving her a severe headache.
“I remember now…I remember everything, my memory is back”
“I don’t wanna revenge anymore,it will hurt the one I love,I can’t… I leave everything to the supreme one” Shalim muttered lowly holding her head ti-ght.
“I know my name alre-ady, Am Elodie, daughter of Edmund,what else,I know the reason why I died and how.What else now”
Shalim yelled and vanished into the thin air.
👦Ethan p.o.v.👦
The door to the room I was cracked open revea-ling the mother fv¢ker that got me locked in here.
“Are you here to kill me?” I asked feigning confidence.
“Kill you? Nope” He said looking around.
“Everything shall end today” He muttered.
“Walk in” he said.
Who should walk in?
The door cracked open again…
“Ethan!” Mum screamed in joy.
“Mum!”She ran towards me but was st©p mid way preventing her from coming closer.
” Mum”I called tearfully.
“Son” mum called.
“Your fake son!” The guy that kidnap me yelled.
My mum looked shocked.
What the heck is happening.
Fake son?Who?
“Mitchell, spill it out!” The kidnapper said.
He even knows my mum name?
Who the heck is he?
“Spill it!You know Ethan isn’t your son,you know he got snatched from the spiritual realm” The kidnapper yelled getting impatient.
“Mum,what’s happening” I questioned
“Ermm…You are……child” Mum stuttered leaving me gobsma-cked.
Or she was just f0rç£d to say that to make me weak?
Just then someone opened the door f0rç£fully crashing something on the floor,the thing emitted smoke filling the less ventilated room.
Everyone was coughing including the kidnapper.
I opened my eyes blearily everywhere is still blurry,I opened my eyes well and …
👦Ethan’s p.o.v👦
I opened my eyes blearily trying to adjust to the brightness of this strange place
Where are we?
I turned to look and saw mum on her knees wincing in pain, I saw the kidnapper also wincing in pain at the same time covering his face with his palm.
What’s wrong here?
I turned around and saw…
She is lying lifelessly on the strange floor, blood spilled around her cloth and mouth.
What the fv¢k?Is she dead alre-ady?
And what’s she doing here anyways?
Am the most confused person right now.
Just then a whirlwind rolled around me and something dropped beside me loudly.
“Shalim!” I yelled trying to t©uçh her but I was st©pped by an echo voice.
“St©p!” The voice ordered.
I looked up only for me to behold the greatest and most beautiful throne shining brightly in form of a rainbow.
“Wow” I bemused.
Just immediately I heard shalim cough weakly.
“Shalim”I muttered but she stood up glaring at me.
👻Shalim p.o.v.👻
I stood up and the first person I saw is Ethan.
I wanted to smile at him but my eyes are glaring at him.
Right now, The one I have to face is the supreme one I have to face him now or never.
I have so many questions to ask him,he is the main cause of this!
I moved closer to the front but I fell down back.
Why am I weak?I mustn’t be vulnerable in front of the supreme one.
I stood up again summoning my strength with a stern eyes.
I stood up again dragging myself to the front.
I saw tgd supreme one staring at me with a straight face.
” Supreme one!”I called bowing down but he didn’t reply.
“Supreme one!” I called with f0rç£ ma-king everywhere shook uncontrollably.
“Speak!I can see your troubles, spill it out” Supreme one said calmly.
“Supreme one!I suffered a lot as a human,as a spirit,as anything”
“Why me??” I screamed in tears
“I was born, born as a sceptre which was only known by my mum…I got killed, killed in the most brutal way at the order of my stepmother cus she is jealous and bittered that she can’t give birth in her life…”
She only warned me not to go to the night clas-s so she won’t be suspected as the killer.
Such is life!
No one is to be trusted.
I was even trying to call her to save me not knowing she is the evil-doer!
…I was wounded,R@p£d by three hefty guys,My skin was pierced slowly in the most painful manner by your so-called subject-Lucifer and you are sitted here” I yelled in pain trying to catch my breath.
By now am burning up with fury.
Sincerely why me?
I turned to look at Ethan dragging himself to the front also..
👦Ethan p.o.v.👦
I can’t believe this
Shalim faced all these?Ordered by her step mum?
Who the heck is this wicked woman?
I noticed Shalim is weak,i moved closer to her standing beside her,I tried holding her hands but she j£rked she j£rked her hands off me.
“Shalim why?” I muttered
“Isn’t it because of your so-called called mother!” Shalim yelled at me.
My mother?
I turned to look at mum…
“Mum?” I called but she only shook her head in a painful manner.
“Can someone explain to me?” I yelled.
Am damned confused, stuck in here cus of what some mother fv¢ker did?
Just then I felt a familiar s-en-sation,I saw an handsome looking man entered where we are.His look is the opposite of his face.
“My lord!” The kidnapper called scurrying to his side.
Who is this man?
“Lucifer” Shalim muttered with a scoff.
“Why am I the innocent one here?”I muttered looking confused.
*To be continued
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