Ghosteens episode 13

By Authoress Diamond
Episode 13
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Ethan’s mum
I stood wobbly, different thought racing my mind.
Is this just the end?I pla-yed this game well for three good years!
I am still thinking when mg phone rang,I picked it up but it’s a strange call.I picked up less concerned
“Hello” I spoke into it weakly.
“If you still want your Ethan alive, it’s is better you come to this address” the strange person said.
“Wh…wh..what? I don’t un-derstand y..ou”I stammered visibly angry.
” Mitchell keep your anger to yourself,and come before dusk”The person said yelling.
What the heck!
The person knows my name…
“I think…-”
“You are doubting me,hun?” He asked and I shook my head negatively as if he could see me.
Then suddenly I heard yells and screams, even if am deaf…I recognize Ethan voice…
“Mum!” He yelled.
“Ethan” I called weakly tears forming in my eyes.
I love Ethan,he’s the main reason am rich and living…It was because if him I bec@m£ desperate.
“Name the amount, don’t kill my child,” I begged
“Your child you say?” The person said with a scoff.
“You will receive the address,we want you not your money!And don’t try anything gullible, you know what I mean-The police, or else consider your son dead!” The person yelled and dropped the call.
Oh no!
Just then a message popped on my screen,I didn’t waste time in cl!çk!ng on it.
VINNIE VILLA,before dusk!
A villa?Looks odd.
I have to go…
😈Reich p.o.v.😈
This is the second day
Am very sure Mitchell will come.
“Has he eaten?” I asked one of my hired guys.
“No,he is proving stubborn and rude” He replied.
“Let him be then” I muttered smiling to myself.
💎Authoress Diamond p.o.v.💎
The supreme one is seen sitting comfortably as usual when Lucifer walked in.
“Supreme one” He said bowing dowñ.
“What have you to do with me” Supreme one said in a calm way.
“About the sceptre ghost” he said b!tt!g hisl-ips,one can see he is angry.
“About her?” Supreme one asked looking less concerned.
“I can’t feel her on earth,where is she?” Lucifer asked furiously
“You mean Shalim(Elodie)?she is probably somewhere regaining her memory” supreme one said with a brief smile.
“Oh no!” Lucifer muttered tou-ching his hairy face.
“Why are you this furious, not like you have a hand in her death,why panicking” Supreme one asked innocently.
Lucifer just nodded, bow down and left.
“Probably regaining her memory?” Lucifer muttered for the fifth time.
Wheck the hell is she?
Shalim,you can’t go that far before I get you,you should blame yourself for being a quiet girl if not their wouldn’t be any trouble not to talk of being the sceptre girl.
🚺Lolita p.o.v.🚺
Reich left me!
He left without looking back!
Now he have to pay for it!
I may be a bit-ch,slut or whatever but I still have my own feelings, I rule with my mind.Reich had the gut to ruin everything.
He never kñew I know about him being Lucifer’s mess£nger.
The last time he almost damaged my pu-ssy I mistakenly re-move a mysterious glas-s from his pocket…
“Reich!” I called sweetly.
He went to use the restroom since and he hasn’t c@m£ out.
“Reich!” I called now sounding stern.
He finally c@m£ out looking angry and restless like he just c@m£ out from the pit of hell.
He moved closer to me in a angry manner and I was f0rç£d to talk.
“R..Reich..h” I stuttered fear written all over me.
Have never saw him angry.
He moved closer to me that we are just few inches away. He k!$$£d me r0ûghly, pushed me r0ûghly to the be-d.
“Reich st©p” I muttered but all to avail.
He to-re my clothes and un-derwear until I bec@m£ stark n-ked.
He f0rç£d him self on me r0ûghly,de-eping r0ûghly into me.
It was my worst S-x ever,I was burning un-derneath my pu-ssy like hell
It was during this time,I was waving my hands here and there when NY hand creeped into his pocket,I felt my hands tou-ching gold.
I was more than happy,I sneaked it unknown to him un-der my pillow.
After he left me that day in the room,I noticed it was just a small mirror I took out of his pocket.
I threw it away angrily but it didn’t shatter just started to glow emitting black little smoke.
I was kinda scared,I moved closer to it and saw the shocker of my life from the mirror.
I saw hell burning with fury,I heard voices coming from the mysterious mirror.
My gawd!
Is this a movie?
I only sees this things in horror movies… They aren’t fake anyways.
I was shocked to my marrow.
“Who is Reich?” I muttered lowly and like a movie the mirror showed me all.
*End of flashback
I know what to do with Reich now that his special mirror is with me.
He will regret ever dumping.
👻Shalim p.o.v.👻
Another Scene showed up while I rested my head on the chair to have a perfect view.
“Just do as I say!” Rosa ordered the person on the call before dropping the call.
“Step-mum!” Elodie yelled scurrying down the stairs fully dressed for school.
“Where the heck did you put my school bag!” Elodie questioned her eyes turning red.
“I told you not to call me step-mum!” Rosa screamed back at her.
“My bags?” Elodie ordered stretching her hands and like a robot,Rosa gave her the bags.
“You can go for all I care!But you gonna regret going and defiling my orders,you fool!” Rosa yelled.
Elodie tool her bags and went out closing the door at Rosa.
Just immediately the door opened back showing Elodie smiling.
“Bye step-mum” Elodie waved smiling jamming the door ha-rd this time
“School” she said to the driver as she entered the car,the driver ignite the car and zoom off.
The screen went blank again
I yawned tiredly looking forward for the next scene.
“Why am I this stubborn?” I said in between yawn.
The screen brighten up again…
Another scene.
Elodie was seen fixing her phone,she switch on the phone countless times but it keeps going off.
“And where in the world did this driver went to?” Elodie said to no one in p@rticular.
All the students as went there separate ways, her best friend didn’t attend.
“Seems I have to trek” Elodie muttered weakly.
She keeps on walking when she noticed two hefty men trailing behind her.
“Oh no!Don’t tell me am been trailed?” Elodie muttered lowly trying to switch on her phone but prove ab-ortive.
She turned back slowly and saw them trailing secretly.
Not now!!
*To be continued
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