Ghosteens episode 12

Episode 12
Ethan p.o.v.
I fluttered my eyes open slowly,I felt really weak,how come am here?Where am I?
I moved slowly that when I noticed am tied together with my hands and legs, it’s so painful.
Just then two muscular guys c@m£ in.
“See who finally decided to wake” The first guy said.
“Ordinary Chemical,you sle-pt for a whole day” The second one said grinning.
A day?
What..about mum?and Shalim?
My mum would have gone crazy by now.
At the remembr@nce of my mum,I suddenly felt teary.
Shalim would have been restless by now.
Oh gawd!
👰Ethan’s mum p.o.v👰
Oh Geez!
Where will I find Ethan?
Have made report to almost all the police station we have here but all to no avail.
Oh!I don’t want to think about what am thinking..
What if Elodie has taken her revenge on him?Am in for trouble.
I shouldn’t deceive myself,I know what happened is from the spiritual realm.
“Uhmm” I hummed throwing away the glas-s cu-p in my hand earning me a slight cut.
😈Reich p.o.v.😈
This the beginning of my plan.
I wanted to use the slow plan but Lucifer is really desperate.
The fast one would be executed.
“Now that have captured Ethan,all I have to do now is to patiently wait for Mitchell,Ethan’s mum cus I know she can’t stay a day without her son or should I say her fake son?”I muttered with a sm-irk.
Immediately the guys I hired entered.
” He is awake”One of the said,I just nodded and signal them to leave.
Now let the real fun begin…
He who made deal with the devil and betrayed devil shall smell pepper!
I entered into the secret room and met him struggling with the rope
” Don’t bother your self little br@t”I said with a sm-irk.
“Who are you?What have you to do with me? Would you fv¢king re-move this thing you called rope” Ethan yelled.
I was wearing a mask so he won’t recognize me.
“Just relax okay?Their are still some important things you don’t know yet” I said grinning.
“You this motherfv¢ker!re-lease me now or you become a dead meat” he yelled but am not moved.
Like mother,like son…So desperate
“Your food would be brou-ght here but if you try something stupid,you wouldn’t like the outcome” With that I left him gobsma-cked.
👰Ethan’s mum👰
I dressed up immediately, I packed my hair in a bun after cli-pping it up.
I nee-d to see Magic mother or else…
I don’t wanna think of the else.
I screeched my car to a halt in front of Magic Mother Cave…
“Mother Magic!” I called bowing down
“Stand!Don’t sit!” She ordered taking me aback.
” Keep quiet!”Magic mother yelled at me.I immediately went on my knees.
“Mother,pls come to my aid…Ethan has been kidnapped,Elodie is back!Mother I nee-d your help” I begged crying profusely.
“Stand still!” She ordered again.
I didn’t hesitate before I stood up immediately, she doesn’t repeat her words.
“Mitchell” She called my name
“Yes magic mother” I said quivering.
“After getting a son,you left,have you forgotten Ethan isn’t your son?I snatched Ethan from the spiritual realm! You are so ungrateful!” Magic mother yelled.
“You thought you could have Ethan to yourself,you ran as far as your money could take you, away from me the giver of children! You c@m£ back now having your tails in between you legs”
“I warned you not to let your son fall for any ghost let alone the sceptre ghost!You are a loser alre-ady!”
“Ethan didn’t fall for any ghost” I stuttered looking confused.
I shouldn’t have been so desperate for a child.
“Don’t you know Lucifer,is a greedy god,he does thing in haste,your doom is near,woman!”She groused
“Now leave!” She yelled.
“Magic mother,plea-se…I did that out of ignorance” I pleaded
“Leave!Face your doom!” She yelled her eyes burning red.
Oh my!
“I will” I stuttered walking out of the cave sluggishly.
Oh Mitchell, you fv¢ked up big time!
👻Shalim p.o.v.👻
I sat uncomfortably on the seat,I wanted to stand but it seems am glued on the seat.
Just immediately…
ELODIE LIFE was written on the screen boldly and I was f0rç£d to watch somehow.
I felt real scared about what the screen will show.
What if am not re-ady yet to know about myself?
Why am I this scared?
Gosh!The movie has started…
“Rosa!” Elodie called nonchalantly
“Why are you screaming my name” Rosa replied angrily
“The school imposed it on everyone to attend this night lesson” Elodie said.
“I know Elodie, but I don’t want you to” Rosa said.
“Step-mum,I will and that’s the final!What do you want them to name me if I didn’t attend the lesson, hun?The pompous quiet girl,right?Never!” Elodie yelled rushing her words as she walked out on her step mum crying.
One could see she isn’t the type that loves trouble or talks.
“I hate it when she calls me step mum or Rosa,this girl is too rude for my liking” Rosa groused.
“Go if you like but you will regret it if you become pregnant,you fool” Rosa shouted after her.
“Can you imagine? Night clas-s” Rosa muttered.
The screen suddenly went off and brighten up again ma-king heaved a sigh of relief then…
Another scene showed up.
*To be continued