Ghosteens episode 11

By Authoress Diamond
Episode 11
Shalim p.o.v.
“Oh…no…not again”I muttered inwardly raising up my head to see who I bu-mped into.
” Ethan!”
We screamed at the same time but wait…Did he just called me Elodie?
Oh my gee!
“Ethan,you just called me Elodie?” I possum
“Yh!I found out you are Elodie, the girl killed in a inhumane manner” Ethan concluded.
“I found out also, I regain a bit of my memory” I confirmed.
“Waw!Thank goodness you are back atleast” He beamed showing his sparkling set of teeth and from nowhere he hvgged me.I felt on t©p of the world,I feel so blessed,he tried to dis£ngage from the hvg but I pu-ll him back to feel his warmth.
I so much miss him,I thought I won’t see him anymore.
We finally dis£ngage from the hvg,I walked a bit farther from him to keep space cus I will make him cold but to my utmost surprise, he locked his f!ngerswith mine.
“Are you comfortable with this” I asked staring at the ground shyly.
Why did I suddenly become shy?
“Yeah!It’s my decision!” Ethan replied without looking at me.
Yuk!Too dominative!
We got to a stand he called his relaxation stand**
“So your means you were stucked in Thasham?” He asked confused.
“Am sorry for what my mum made you pas-s throu-gh,am de-eply sorry,Shalim” He pleaded.
“Alright, if I didn’t go to Thashim,I might not have access to my memory” I added immediately so he won’t feel guilty and he smiled briefly.
Just then I sighted the bit-chy girl,Lolita I guess cat-walking towards us.
Then I suddenly had a waved in my br@in that I have to hold the pole in my front for support.
“Elodie!Are you okay?” Ethan asked.
“Am oka..” I trailed off when flashes are dwindling in my br@in.
What the heck!
I looked up at Lolita who is alre-ady in front of Ethan but I only see Ivy in her.
What’s happening?
Why is Lolita in Ivy or Is it Ivy in Lolita?
Is this a memory also or something else?
I had control of myself back the moment Lolita left.
I didn’t listen to their conversation but with the look on Ethan face, it is anger mixed with confusion.
“Ethan,any problem?” I asked staring at him.
“Nothing” he muttered squee-zing his fists.
What happened?Maybe am irritating him alre-ady.
👦Ethan p.o.v.👦
I swear I will kill someone,I will Lolita!
I felt anger build up in me,but I will keep low for now,I must know the truth before I jumped into conclusion.
I turned to look at Shalim and discovered she is no where to be found.
“Shalim”, I whispered gently.
” Shalim”I called a bit loud
Where the heck is she?
I ruffled my hair in disgust then just immediately the bell rang.
*Lunch over
I walked straight into the clas-s before the crazy teacher comes in,at the same time am using my eyes to search everywhere.
I can’t loose you again Shalim,I can’t!
I don’t think I would live…
I was about entering the clas-s when someone jumped from nowhere to my front,the person’s face was painted with red.
“Ahhhhhhhh” I screamed as my face turn red in fright causing commotion in clas-s.
Holy molly!
Shalim?One of her scary pranks,what the heck did she use in painting her face up?
“What the heck happened?” A girl screamed holding her che-st right un-der the table.
“You are chicken hearted” Shalim whispered to me walking confidently to my seat.
Am in for it again…Is she really quiet and less troublesome as they say?
I doubt that! See what she just caused!
I almost had an attack!
She win-ked at me from my seat and I glared at her in return walking slowly to my seat.
“Shift a bit” I muttered but she pretended as if I wasn’t talking to her.
“Elodie! Shift!” I half yelled earning some glares from students.
“I have always known, he’s a psycho” A girl murmured.
“I heard that!” I replied the girl pushing Shalim away so I can sit.
She fell straight away cus I took her unawares.
“Sorry” I mouthed to her mockingly earning me a ha-rd glare.
Like I care?
I care anyways who am I deceiving?
😈Reich p.o.v.😈
I cleaned my hands full of the driver’s blood and uses my handkerchief to clean my f!ngerprint cus I strangled the driver.
Am sure I saw Shalim, if not for this crazy drun!kdriver, he made me loose my chance of getting Shalim and worst p@rt, I replied Lucifer late.
I had no choice than to kill him to quench my anger.
I have to think and act fast,I have only three days to bring Shalim.
How will I?
👰Ethan’s mum p.o.v.👰
When I got to know Elodie is the ghost that keeps following my son around.I had to act fact and I did!
By now,she would have been su-cked dead.
She had the audacity to come back has a wandering ghost!
I know she is back for revenge,I know she wants to kill Ethan,I won’t allow that! Not on my watch!
If I had the chance,I will re-kill her over and over!.
I took the cold jui-ce on the table gulping it down my throat.
👻Shalim p.o.v.👻
*School closes
I really had fun today!It’s been five days I had fun.
After Ethan and I had fun he noticed the severe bruises on me and took care of it. I feel a bit better than before.
Ethan told me he has a desk mate alre-ady, a new weird guy,Reich!
Sounds cool,at least Mr grumpy will have someone to talk to when I finally receive my judgement.I can’t be a wandering ghost forever.
“Where the heck is he?” He told me he would be back within five minutes from now and I can’t see him.
Well,I told him am hungry and he went to buy some food for me,he’s yet come.
I waited for minutes when suddenly I felt a wave again.
Not again!Another memory!Pangs of pain in my head.I held my heads ti-ght trying to get my eyes open but I can’t, I bent and stood trying to control myself but I ended up falling.
I slumped.
I woke up and myself on a chair, the place looked a bit dark,I looked around and saw no one.
This place actually looked like a cinema,red chairs are arranged neatly with a red and cream rug.
Suddenly, something shone at me…A big plasma screen is placed on the stage and again the memory began…more like a movie but am hungry?Will I be able to watch this?
👦Ethan’s p.o.v.👦
I went outside the school gate to buy some stuff especially food for Shalim when a black car st©pped in my front,three hvge guys c@m£ out bringing out a white handkerchief with them and just at the moment, I was covered with the handkerchief left alone to sniff the chemical and In a twi-nkle I lost consciousness!
*To be continued
Ethan in trouble
Shalim about to know the full detail about her but she is hungry now who will give her food… She too much likes food just like some pple don’t let me start calling names sha😂
What do you think Shalim will decide after she watches it?It will be a shocker to you!
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Don’t be a ghost re-ader when you are still alive…biko!
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