Ghosteens episode 10

By: Authoress Diamond
Episode 10
Ghost girl (Shalim)
I fluttered my eyes open,closing it back almost immediately, the bright sun shone at me.
I stood up weakly looking around me,where the heck am I?
I walked a little further, my eyes caught a small signboard written on it boldly is…ELLIOT HIGH
Elliot high?
I moved a bit forward and entered throu-gh the gate.
I looked around and here come another memory taking me in a flash causing pangs of pain in my br@in.
“Elodie!” Someone called her but she keeps on walking.
There were two pretty girls in uniform walking around the school compound.
“Can’t you at least wait if you can’t reply me” A girl of her age said meeting up to her pace but still Elodie isn’t talking.
“Elodie!!” The girl screamed ma-king the Elodie of a girl flin-ched.
“Alright girlfriend, you win!” Elodie,the girl that looks like me said smiling briefly.
“You must learn to stand for yourself,you allowed that Kennedy of a guy haras-s you that way, I wonder what would have happened if I weren’t there!” The girl yelled again.
“But you are there alre-ady, don’t bother me!” Elodie replied.
Seems Elodie isn’t a great talker.
Then the memory cease ma-king me fall.
“Ouchh!” I winced
Another memory
Does that mean am Elodie?
My name is Elodie!
If this is Elliot high then am in Downtown.
I have to see Ethan first……I promised I won’t bother him anymore.
Where should I go then?
👦Ethan’s p.o.v.👦
That name rings a bell but I can’t decipher.
“So who is she?” I asked Ivy.
“Who is she?” Ivy possum and I nod
“Just a rich girl and she is popular for been extra quiet”
“Is this her?” I asked showing her the pics I downloaded.
“Yeah!That her” she said rolling her eyes.
“I have to leave now babe”she pe-cked me and left.
” Elodie? “I muttered with a sigh.
Am missing Shalim alre-ady
I wonder if she is doing fine.😢
😈Reich p o.v😈
” I got an emergency from the realm,I have to get to my house right now.
What the heck happened?
I rushed out immediately, flag down a car.
I entered the car and about time the car was about to zoom off.
I saw a shocker from the car’s window.
“What?” I muttered lowly my eyes almost popping out of its socket.
Shalim?Standing at the school gate?
Before I could say Jack,the car zoomed off.
“Wait Sir!!”. I yelled but it was futile,the driver is a psycho.
Damn it!
👻Ghost girl (Shalim)👻
After I deliberated on where to go…I decided to just have a glance of Ethan to be sure he’s alright.
I stood my the gate, holding my che-st.
” Just breathe in Shalim,breathe out, you are to have a glance on Ethan only,then leave..yes…only that “I talked to myself in a rush.
I walked in immediately bu-mping into someone.
Ohh…ohh no!Not this time…
😈😈Lucifer p.o.v 😈😈
My anger right now can burn the whole empire.How due Shalim got loose,I won’t take it lightly if the Supreme One has a hand in her escape. It’s been thirty minutes since I called Reich, why isn’t he here?
“Where the heck is Reich?” I yelled and immediately he showed up.
“What took you this long?” I yelled but he dare not reply when am burning up.
“I give you three days to bring her Shalim or else you won’t be remembered that you c@m£ into existence” I roared angrily ma-king him spat blood.
This hide and seek game is over!I want Shalim within three days!
“Now leave!” I ordered and he staggered out till I saw him no more.
This is getting out of hand!
No ghost has ever left Thashim without becoming a game in my hands!
If she really left Thashim that means she would regain her memory and that will cause a lot of havoc and I will lose everything!
I wouldn’t allow that to happen I would rather declare war here in heaven than to lose what have worked for,for about a thousand year.
Oh no!
“Larkim!” I yelled
“Yes my lord” he c@m£ trembling.
“A cu-p of green leaves” I said .
“Here it is my lord” he replied stretching it to me.
I gulped it down!
It will make my br@in rest for a  while.
*To be continued