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March 9, 2021


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Ghosteens episode 10

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By: Authoress Diamond

Episode 10

Ghost girl (Shalim)

I fluttered my eyes open,closing it back almost immediately, the bright sun shone at me.


I stood up weakly looking around me,where the heck am I?


I walked a little further, my eyes caught a small signboard written on it boldly is…ELLIOT HIGH

Elliot high?


I moved a bit forward and entered through the gate.

I looked around and here come another memory taking me in a flash causing pangs of pain in my brain.


“Elodie!” Someone called her but she keeps on walking.


There were two pretty girls in uniform walking around the school compound.


“Can’t you at least wait if you can’t reply me” A girl of her age said meeting up to her pace but still Elodie isn’t talking.


“Elodie!!” The girl screamed making the Elodie of a girl flinched.


“Alright girlfriend, you win!” Elodie,the girl that looks like me said smiling briefly.


“You must learn to stand for yourself,you allowed that Kennedy of a guy harass you that way, I wonder what would have happened if I weren’t there!” The girl yelled again.


“But you are there already, don’t bother me!” Elodie replied.


Seems Elodie isn’t a great talker.

Then the memory cease making me fall.


“Ouchh!” I winced

Another memory

Does that mean am Elodie?

My name is Elodie!

If this is Elliot high then am in Downtown.

I have to see Ethan first……I promised I won’t bother him anymore.

Where should I go then?


👦Ethan’s p.o.v.👦


That name rings a bell but I can’t decipher.

“So who is she?” I asked Ivy.

“Who is she?” Ivy possum and I nod

“Just a rich girl and she is popular for been extra quiet”

“Is this her?” I asked showing her the pics I downloaded.

“Yeah!That her” she said rolling her eyes.

“I have to leave now babe”she pecked me and left.

” Elodie? “I muttered with a sigh.

Am missing Shalim already

I wonder if she is doing fine.😢


😈Reich p o.v😈

” I got an emergency from the realm,I have to get to my house right now.

What the heck happened?

I rushed out immediately, flag down a car.

I entered the car and about time the car was about to zoom off.

I saw a shocker from the car’s window.

“What?” I muttered lowly my eyes almost popping out of its socket.

Shalim?Standing at the school gate?

Before I could say Jack,the car zoomed off.

“Wait Sir!!”. I yelled but it was futile,the driver is a psycho.

Damn it!


👻Ghost girl (Shalim)👻

After I deliberated on where to go…I decided to just have a glance of Ethan to be sure he’s alright.

I stood my the gate, holding my chest.

” Just breathe in Shalim,breathe out, you are to have a glance on Ethan only,then leave..yes…only that “I talked to myself in a rush.

I walked in immediately bumping into someone.

Ohh…ohh no!Not this time…


😈😈Lucifer p.o.v 😈😈

My anger right now can burn the whole empire.How due Shalim got loose,I won’t take it lightly if the Supreme One has a hand in her escape. It’s been thirty minutes since I called Reich, why isn’t he here?

“Where the heck is Reich?” I yelled and immediately he showed up.

“What took you this long?” I yelled but he dare not reply when am burning up.

“I give you three days to bring her Shalim or else you won’t be remembered that you came into existence” I roared angrily making him spat blood.

This hide and seek game is over!I want Shalim within three days!

“Now leave!” I ordered and he staggered out till I saw him no more.

This is getting out of hand!

No ghost has ever left Thashim without becoming a game in my hands!

If she really left Thashim that means she would regain her memory and that will cause a lot of havoc and I will lose everything!

I wouldn’t allow that to happen I would rather declare war here in heaven than to lose what have worked for,for about a thousand year.

Oh no!

“Larkim!” I yelled

“Yes my lord” he came trembling.

“A cup of green leaves” I said .

“Here it is my lord” he replied stretching it to me.

I gulped it down!

It will make my brain rest for a  while.


*To be continued


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