Ghosteens episode 1

(When a ghost fall in love with a human)
By: Authoress DIAmond
Episode 1
👻Ghost girl
Shalim P.o.v.
“Arggh! What the heck!” I gro-an ed out of frustration when the rain bec@m£ heavier.
It’s late alre-ady…Everywhere is pitch dark.
“fv¢k you Ophelia!” I shouted,thun-der clasps in response.
Ophelia is the god of rain☔
“I thought ghost don’t feel cold,hun?”,I muttered running un-der a rain shield.
➡➡After some hours
‘Damn!I can’t believe i’m stuck here because of this rain” I yelled angrily using my fist to hit the wall.I sat down impatiently waiting for the rain to st©p as morning c@m£ creeping in.
👦Ethan p.o.v.
“Are you for real?”,I asked mum in annoyance.
” Sweetie,try and un-derstand me also,the car got a lot of damages and it taking a week to get repaired “,mum emphasized but am not moved.
” You gat to be kidding mum!Are you tryna say I would be trekking to school today?”,I asked in disbelieve.
“Yea,and that why I woke you pretty early so you can get to school on time”,Mum explained further.
“In this cold? And you knew the rain just st©pped few minute ago…I mean the fog and the ground would be damned sli-ppery”, I said looking straight de-ep into her eyes.
” Ethan!Can’t you be un-derstanding for a moment? Must you be this rude and arrogant “she yelled getting teary alre-ady.
That’s it! My weakest point!Tears! I hate seeing tears from females especially my mum’s own,she shed enough on the day she birthed me.
” Okay mum!Make sure it doesn’t exceed next week “,I said sternly.
” Sure!Bye👋Be careful of your friends “she said sarcastically and I un-derstand.
” Mum!”I said pla-yfully ma-king her smile showing her pretty dimples.
Mum got the best dimples ever!
I waved at her and she waved back…I quic-kly walk out of the house before I get late.
Mum knows I detest those ghosts especially the female ones… Too ugly and damned problematic.
They made life a living hell for me when I was young and scared because I can see,t©uçh any even talk to them.
“Such a freaking,life su-cking gift”I muttered walking down the street and clutching my bag well.
The fog is still very thick ma-king everywhere unclear. I took my headphone, placed it on my head while humming my favourite song.
I love singing🎧
👻Ghost Girl (Shalim) p.o.v.👻
” At last!Ophelia st©pped the rain “I shouted happily not after stretching my arms well.
I walked down the street feeling afresh while many thought niggled my mind.
Am a freaky crazy ghost living life uselessly, and not knowing are single detail about myself not even my name… All Ghost here on earth knows everything about themselves even how they died.Why is my different??
I’m called ” Shalim” It is the general name for earthly ghosts.
I am too, I trailed off in my thought when I saw what I have never seen in my years of wandering… An over-handsome guy.
Is this human?His can he be so much gifted with beauty…His sharp pointed nose, glistening blue eyes and OMG! Pinkl-ips…I suddenly wish am a human so I could k!ssthosel-ips.
I j£rked out of my thought when he pas-sed by me.
“Hey! Are you blind?” I yelled after him forgetting am a ghost.
He looks so perfect in his uniform❤
“Ohh! he can’t see me,how do I keep forgetting am a ghost!” I muttered painfully.
“Hm”I smiled mischievously.
Have been bored lately, Why can’t I have fun with Mr.handsome.
It gonna be fun!💃
If you don’t know am a crazy, pla-yful and stubborn ghost maybe that why am not yet received by either heaven or hell💁
I moved closer to him in a swift⚡I took hold of his bag,drag it and it fell off almost immediately.
Mr.handsome looked around in disgust,shaked his head wanting to pick his bag.
I’m still not yet satisfied…
I kicked the bag away and bag went rolling.
” Waw!This bag should be used as a ball”I said in between laughs.
“What the fv¢k!” Mr.handsome yelled angrily picking his bag up from the we-t ground,walking further.
“Omg!Mr handsome speaks n@ûghty like me!” I shouted happily like I just won a lottery.
Ohh!it more fun ma-king humans look like a fool.
I’m loving this alre-ady😁
To make it more fun I jumped out to his height and scattered his neatly arranged hair r0ûghly.
“Hahaha!!He looks more like a mad man” I said laughing ha-rd .
“Mr handsome will really be good for a clown”I said giggling waiting for his reaction but to my utmost surprise he arranged it back like he expected that to happen.
“Hun?Looks weird”, I said looking shocked as I stared at him walk away like nothing happened.
” WTF!”
A normal human will look around,gets scared and some would even run for their lives ma-king it looks more fun but Mr.handsome ruin the show.
“Fun killer!” I muttered pouting my mouth.
I thought it would be super fun😡😕

To be continued..
And our Miss shalim👻One word for her😁
Such a crazy fun ghost👻
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