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Get me married episode 8

💃S͙h͙e͙’s͙ a͙ s͙h͙r͙e͙w͙…
A͙n͙d͙ h͙e͙ s͙t͙o͙l͙e͙ m͙y͙ h͙e͙a͙r͙t͙🕺
✍️ Author Viola’s Novels ✍️
🍭 e̲̅p̲̅i̲̅s̲̅o̲̅d̲̅e̲̅ 8: Taming The Shrew 🍭
Jerking free, she scrambled from his grip and raced to the closet. She grabbed the first object she saw– a spray can. She didn’t have enough time to figure out what to wear before Andres came after her. She hurled it at him, stricking him viciously on the face. He groaned in his throat and dived for her.
By inches, she darted away.
“Miranda?!” Andres hurled
“Return me Andres.. I’ll never be yours” Miranda breathed heavily as her fingers circled around the handle of the flower pot on the table.
She hurled it at him with all her might, but he ducked and it smashed against the wall.
“It wouldn’t be wise making yourself a widow so soon Princess” Andres towered above her in an instant, his grip on her arm tight with warning.
“I’ll pass a spear through your throat if you touch me” Miranda swore
His mouth curved in a mocking half smile “you should be pleasing me for sparing you.. You should’ve been rejected”
“I want that rejection”
“I will– when I’m done with you so don’t try to fight” the darkness in his eyes confirmed that his anger had little abated. One look at his muscular body, and the arousal she had already stirred, proclaimed his intentions.
“I’ll fight”
His jaws tightened “okay” he tightened his grip on her arms until she was begging to behave. Andres stood there, his wide chest heaving in and out. Finally his grim look softened “Miranda?!” he called and released her “let’s just talk”
“I’m not talking” she snarled and walked to the closet. Picking randomly, she chose a long night dress and pulled it down her shoulders.
“I’m really angry right now” he stated, raking a hand through his wavy dark-brown hair “there are only two things to calm me down right now”
“I don’t want to know” Miranda seethed
Andres almost smiled but went on “you’ll either talk or you’re in for a fight.. You know what I mean” he glanced at the bed
Miranda heaved a sigh and sat down of a couch “Let’s talk”
Andres kicked the table to her front and sat on it “it’s a question and answer section”
“I’m not going to answer”
“don’t you realize I hate you?” her voice charged with fury
Andres thought her temper more seductive than ominous “I should be hating you too.. I used to just hate you until I saw you at the introduction and I realised I didn’t just have you.. I detest you Princess Miranda”
To Miranda’s surprise she was moved by his words. They were harsh and meant to hurt her and they did but she couldn’t let it show. Wouldn’t let him know she was hurt by his words.
“then why are we here?” she asked nonchalantly
“because it’s tradition”
“it’s not tradition.. I wasn’t a virgin”
“I wouldn’t have known before the wedding”
“and now you know?”
“you’re going to tell me who the bastard you gave my honour to is”
Before she could stop herself, Miranda drew back and slapped him hard across the face, the resounding crack like the sound of the thunder in the distance.
“Erad is not a bastard” she was in tears “he wasn’t a Prince but he was more Nobel and far better than you. He wasn’t an animal, he wasn’t you. He would never hurt me. And I don’t care what you think but I don’t regret a single thing that happened…” she chocked and slowly wiped her tears “I’ll always hate you, you’ll never be a husband to me”
Andres didn’t try to stop her when she walked out of the room and slammed the door shut. Her words were echoing in his head.
… hє wαѕ nσвєl αnd fαr вєttєr thαn чσu. hє wαѕn’t αn αnímαl, hє wαѕn’t чσu….
Andres couldn’t stop thinking of the previous night. Miranda’s words had become an ear worm and he didn’t sleep a wink. To make it up to her he decided to prepare breakfast.
A part of him told him he over stepped his boundary and another part told him he was right.
Miranda was his wife and he owned her. He deserved an explanation but she wasn’t willing to explain.
“Erad?!” he scoffed as he whisked the eggs “idiot! I’ll find you”
Andres sighed and left the eggs for the breakfast table. He hadn’t seen Miranda after their misunderstanding the previous night and he had no idea where she passed the night.
Guess he was wrong and guess he wasn’t, but he wouldn’t apologize.
She was rude and arrogant and needed to be tamed.
He wouldn’t apologize.. He was a Prince and her husband.
“Miranda I’m sorry” he found himself apologizing after he had finished preparing breakfast and she wasn’t coming down for breakfast.
Miranda scoffed and moved from the window to the couch. She had come up to the room shortly after he left to cook. She couldn’t risk having to shower with him around.
“I said I’m sorry” Andres repeated but she still said nothing. He sighed and said “I prepared breakfast– bread and bacon”
Miranda pushed her hair behind her ears then looked at him.
“you’re not hungry?”
“I wouldn’t want to waste your efforts” Miranda snarled and walked out of the room.
Andres inhaled deeply and trailed behind her.
During breakfast 🍳…
“… About what I said last night” Andres suddenly said into the long silence and she looked up to face him “I don’t detest you.. I don’t even hate you” Andres trailed off and looked away
“it’s alright…” Miranda placed a hand on his and added “I hate you too”
Andres smiled “I love you too”
Miranda drew back “don’t say that”
“Miranda let’s give us a chance. We’re a couple, what do we tell our kids if we continue this way?”
Miranda scoffed “and who says we’re going to have kids?” she looked at him “I’d rather have my womb cut off than have babies with you”
“Miranda?!” he slapped the table angrily
“stop dreaming” Miranda hurled “I hate…”
“stop saying that.. I heard already” Andres sighed and walked out.
Miranda just rolled her eyes and continued eating. She didn’t give a dime if he was angry.
Andres walked out on the balcony with a glass of wine in his hand and his phone on the other as he placed a call to Daniel.
📲 Sup Dan?
📱you’ve finally decided to call
📲 being busy taming a wild animal
Andres said that more to himself than to Daniel.
📱what’s wrong?
📲 I want to talk to Lucy
📲 I just have to talk to her
📱Lucy suddenly disappeared from the club after her last visit with Sardonyx.. The two never showed up again
📲 no news about Lucy?
📱Jimmy found out she returned to her hometown in Scotland
📲 help me find her
📱Why? Remember you owe her a yummy vacation
📲 Daniel I’m married
📱oops! I forgot
Daniel chuckled
📲 just find her
📲 say hi to the guys
📱okay.. Same to our wifey
My wild animal. Andres chuckled and ended the call.
He sat outside until late in the afternoon then went in to fix something for lunch. Miranda was pacing about in the kitchen when he walked in.
“what are you doing?” he asked
“none of your business” Miranda replied rudely
Andres took long strides towards her and grabbed her by the hand “haven’t you realized I’m your husband and I deserve some respect”
“I only realized you’re an asshole”
“watch your tongue woman” his eyes turned dark
“what are you going to do? Lock me in the room? Starve me again? Or throw me off the window?”
“I choose the last option” he dragged her out of the kitchen and up to the bedroom.
“what are you doing?” for the first time, Miranda was scared as he pushed the window blinders open
“this is what you want right?” he dragged her closer
“Andres don’t….”
Andres hurled her out of the window and held on to her hands.
“Andres don’t let me go” she cried out trying to climb up
“I’m letting you go wifey.. This is what you’ve always wanted”
“I’ll behave.. I promise”
“You’re always behaving and promising”
“I’ll keep this one please don’t let me go” she cried and he let go of one of her hands. Miranda screamed at the top of her lungs.
“I won’t.. You’re a jerk” she cussed and Andres shook her other hand like he was going to let her go but he didn’t. Miranda screamed and kicked the air.
“don’t let me go please.. I don’t want to die, I have to kill you first”
“aplogize now or we’ll meet at the bottom”


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