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Andres sprawled on a chair in Daniel’s suite. With legs crossed on the table and a glass of wine in hand, as he waited for Daniel to return.

“… I’m coming tonight and you know what follows” Daniel laughed into the phone call as he pushed the front door open and was shocked to see Andres.
‘I’m gonna have to call you back” he ended the call and turned to Andres

“surprised?” Andres brought down his first leg, then the second

“you startled me” Daniel said and sat down

“that’s because you’re always lost in that phone call of yours”

“you didn’t tell me you were coming”

“why?” Andres arched a brow “are you expecting someone?”

Daniel sighed “no”

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“Daniel you’re definitely hiding something”

“No I’m not”

“you’re ways on this suspicious phone call”

“maybe you’re right. There’s something”


“you’re going to kill me for this”

“You’re better of dead than alive anyway”

“then forget it”



“start talking”

Daniel sighed “well.. It’s not big deal.. It’s just that…” he heaved a sigh “I’m seeing Lisette”

“I thought as much” Andres shrugged his shoulders “you should’ve told me”

“I thought you’ll be mad– She tried killing your wife”

“of course I’m mad” Andres yelled “but I knew you didn’t do anything to her when you told me you’d take care of her for trying trying to kill Miranda”

“Speaking about Miranda, how are things going?”

“smooth for now”

“did she finally open up?”

Andres searched Daniel’s eyes for trust but for the first time, he felt Daniel didn’t necessarily have to know everything.
“She couldn’t so we decided to let it go”

“so she agreed to be submissive?”

“we haven’t gotten to that stage yet” Andres chuckled “but we’re good– For now”

“well that’s good news”

“yea.. Now back to Lisette”

“she’s sorry and promised never to try to harm Miranda anymore”

“And she’s your girlfriend?”


“that’s the real good news”

“I just decided to give her a chance. She’s not that bad afterall”

“Alright.. Good for you” Andres got up to his feet “I’m leaving”

“why? We haven’t even had a drink yet”

“I promised Miranda I’ll be back before lunch” Andres smirked “she’s cooking”

“can I come along?”

“nah.. We’ve got no toilet for two”

“toilet for two?” Daniel thought then he understood what his friend meant and burst into laughter “Is it that bad?”

“probably but I wouldn’t want to disappoint her”

“maybe I’ll visit someday.. If she doesn’t mind”

“When you’re ready you can bring Lisette along. There would be need for a reconciliation if you’re serious with her”

“Thanks for the invitation.. We’ll make it Sunday night”

“alright.. Have a nice day” and with that, Andres walked out through the door.


Miranda reduced the heat of the stove and hurried with the dishes. Andres would be back soon and she needed everything to be done before he returned. She wasn’t a bad cook after all. Rebellion just got the best of her.


She turned to see Andres, arms crossed over his chest as he leaned against the doorframe.

“you’re back” she dried her wet hands her apron. Andres remembered how those fingers had traced every abs in his chest the previous night. Even wearing an apron with her hair packed in a messy bun, she was still the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

“and you’re not done” he said trying to divide his attention from how sexy she was looking in that apron with a loose sweater under it and a pair of shorts.

“I’m almost done just wait in the dining”

“do I still have to wait?”

“are you hungry?”

He was damn hungry but it had nothing to do with what she was cooking and if he decided to eat, then the kitchen would definitely burn like their old house.

Crossing the kitchen, Andres opened the fridge and reached in to pull out a bottle of water. He leaned against the cabinet and took a long, hard pull from the bottle.

Miranda went back to her cooking but having Andres staring at her was a pretty bad idea. She kept dropping everything by accident and shivering when she walked across the kitchen and his eyes followed her.
When he licked his lips after his drink, Miranda swallowed and tried to ignore the silly thoughts that went through her head.

“Are you affected by my presence in anyway?”

Miranda’s eyes met his and, damn him, he was grinning because he knew what had been going through her mind.
“I’m good.. This is not the first time I’m having you around me”

He shrugged, took another drink and sighed “If you say so”

Miranda rolled her eyes “but it’s no bad idea if you step out of the kitchen and let me cook”

He laughed “Guess I was right” he took her hand and pulled her to him. Their faces were mere inches apart and Miranda did her best to keep her breathing steady though her heart was beating rapidly.
“We’ve got exactly ten minutes before the meat will be ready”

Miranda’s eyes held his “what do you mean?”

“I’ll make it snappy then let you cook so you don’t have to drop anything” he whispered
Andres gripped her arms, tipped her toward his cheat until she landed against him, and he claimed her lips.

Being trapped against such a strong, hard chest was no hardship and being in Andres’ arms somehow felt… Right.
Something Miranda couldn’t deny and couldn’t lie to herself about. Every part of their bodies lined up where it should.

He started walking back toward the living room. Miranda had no choice but to follow. Well, she had a choice. She could either follow him or break this amazing kiss that had her lighting up on the inside. There was no way in hell she was going to stop this staggering assault on her senses.
Without breaking the kiss, Andres eased onto the couch, bringing Miranda down to straddle his lap. His hands slid to her waist, holding her steady as she adjusted towards the new arrangement.

“Andres?!” she panted against his mouth “the food”

“I know” he kissed along her jaw, down her throat and moved his hands from beneath her top to start working on the ropes of her apron.
“we’ve still got six minutes but I don’t think it’s enough for what I plan on doing to your body right now”

The intimacy of this pose was not lost on Miranda. She could feel him between her thighs as his hard torso pressed against her. His mouth continued claiming hers as his hands removed the apron. His tongue traced the edge of her bra. He took her arching breast in his mouth as he continued to undo the rest of her clothing. When he tucked her top off, he circled his hands around her waist. He unclasped her bar and tossed it aside.
Miranda gripped his shoulders and pressed her knees against his thighs as he moved one hand to cup her breast and then raked his tongue over her nipple.

He lifted his head and grinned “do you till care about the food?”

“we still have time right?” if they had to stop to finish cooking, she’d die. This felt too good, too right.

“I thought as much” when his hand moved to the button of her short, Miranda gasped. The man certainly was taking his time in driving her insane with desire.
He unfastened her shorts, slid down the zipper and pulled it all down along with her panties. Miranda closed her eyes as he parted her, sliding one finger, then two between her folds and slowly working back and forth. Before she knew it, her hips were moving, her heart was racing. She tilted her hips faster, needing more and not sure how it ask for it.
And she was starting to wonder why it had taken her so long to see that loving Andres may not be such a bad idea.

Andres groaned. Stopping only for a moment, he tugged his shirt free from his pants. In a flash, he was out of all his clothing and back on the couch with Miranda.

“Andres?!” she whispered his name

“don’t tell me you still care about that meat”

“I love you” she whispered, and Andres cradled her face between his palms and kissed her, a deep tender, loving kiss that answered the words she had spoken.

To prove what she had said, Miranda slid along his body, felt his hardened arousal at the entrance to her passage, widened to him, and eased him inside.
In minutes she gave in to the swirling sensations, no longer in control. She barely noticed when his palms cupped her bottom, just felt as intense surge of pleasure when he drove him into her with long, powerful strokes.
Miranda’s fingers dug into his muscular shoulders and she cried out his name, but Andres made no effort to slow, just kept pounding against her, driving relentlessly, until both of them reached the edge of the precipice, and tumbled over.

“Andres?!” Miranda whispered, then heard him call her. Andres’ muscles tensed and he spilled his seed with the same force that proved he owned her. For moments he remained above her, his body damp with the sheen of his effort.

Miranda inhaled deeply and drew in the smell of something burnt.
“Andres?!” she pushed him off “the meat” then she ran into the kitchen, totally naked and half ashamed.
Why would she be ashamed? He was her husband and he’d seen her, tasted her.
She returned to the living room with a frown.
“my efforts got burnt” she drawled

His eyes roamed over her chest and back up “well mine didn’t”

Aware that she was standing completely naked, Miranda crossed the room to her apron which was lying on the floor.

“don’t put anything on. It’s just the two of us anyway. We can run naked through the house and no neighbors are around to see”

Miranda laughed “we’re no Adam and Eve and this Island is no Garden of Eden”

She walked to the couch and bent to pick her clothes.

“I’ve got more plans for you later so getting dressed would be a waste of time” he pulled her back on the couch with him

“but I’m kinda hungry and the meat got burnt which means I have to start all over”

“I’ll place an order” he takes his thumb across her nipple

“Now what order is this?”

Andres laughed, still fondling her breast “a special order Princess”

“I need food”

he grabbed her hands, all joking aside as he searched her face “Have you been having any other strange feelings apart from wanting to eat more?”

Miranda couldn’t stop her gasp, neither could she stop her mouth from dropping open “what? You don’t think I’m pregnant do you?”

“are you still afraid of getting pregnant for me?”

“I– I– didn’t say so”

“then what? You’re still taking pills?”

Miranda gasped “you knew?”

“yes.. I did”

She bowed her head “I’m sorry”

“look at me” he lifted her face and peered into her eyes “you’re on pills aren’t you? And you always laugh inside of you how much stupid I am each time I spill inside you”

“Andres no” she shook her head “I haven’t taken then after you left last month”

“that means you’re not on pills now?”

“not for the past one month”

“that also means you’ll be with a child soon”

Miranda swatted his bare shoulder “stop it”

“when was your last monthly?”

Miranda stared at him thoughtfully “not quite long.. Maybe two weeks ago”

“why don’t you want to talk about us raising a family?”


“you’re still in doubts?”

Andres was driving her crazy with so much questions.

“Then tell me.. What you said during our love making, did you really mean it?”

“this is it?” she pushed him off and leaped out of the couch “I guess you’ve gotten what you wanted, Adam.. Catch me” she padded out of the living room. It was the only way to avoid the question. He would chase her round the house and when he finally caught her, cause he would definitely catch her, the atmosphere would be light and the question passed.

“You asked for it, Eve” he got up to his feet and ran after her.

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