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Get me married episode 26

💃S͙h͙e͙’s͙ a͙ s͙h͙r͙e͙w͙..
A͙n͙d͙ h͙e͙ s͙t͙o͙l͙e͙ m͙y͙ h͙e͙a͙r͙t͙🕺
✍️Author Viola’s Novels✍️
🍭e̲̅p̲̅i̲̅s̲̅o̲̅d̲̅e̲̅ 26: Her Past🍭
He’ll come back for you.
I tried telling myself after Erad left that day. I had to believe him, I just had to.
Dad wanted to buy him over not to go. But Erad wouldn’t want that. He wanted to make his own money and be his own man.
“You heard the news right?” I didn’t notice mom was sitting beside me until she spoke
She smiled and took a full strand of my hair in her hand “How are you doing sweetie?”
“Good” well that was the opposite of what I was feeling but I couldn’t possibly tell my mom that I was sad my teacher was leaving.
“Mr Stockton got selected for M&G” mom informed
“I know” I sighed “Taylor told me” I couldn’t tell her I was having some personal discussions with Erad.
“we’re wondering if we’ll ever be able to find a teacher like Erad”
It was totally impossible to replace Erad.
“He’ll be leaving sooner than we thought” mom went on
“Friday?” I gasped. Erad didn’t mention he’d be leaving soon
“yes” mom stroked my hand until she eased me into her arms “He deserves that happiness..
Mr Stockton has been through a lot. Raised by a single mom after his dad died, he couldn’t even attend high school yet he got opportunities waiting for him. Rare chances not everyone has”
A tear slid down my cheek and I wiped it before mom noticed I was crying “I’ll be fine without a teacher. I’ve already learnt enough”
“you aren’t close to perfect”
“That’s what you and dad thinks” I snapped “if Erad.. Monsieur Stockton” I corrected myself and Mom passed me that look “if monsieur Stockton could make it without a teacher then I’d do well with the little I’ve been taught and my books”
“Mr Stockton is smart”
“And you think I’m not?”
“no Miranda–
“maybe he’s smart enough because his dad was damn intelligent”
“and you think your dad is not?”
“No mother—” I shot her a scowl and entered my bedroom.
I was already passing through a lot to engage in an argument with my mom.
The next day, Erad showed up earlier than usual wearing a long face. I was too heart broken to run into his arms and welcome him with a long passionate kiss. He shut the door and waited for his hug and kiss but I wasn’t moving.
“What’s wrong Miranda?” Erad covered the distance between us and soon he was by my side
“mom said you’ll be leaving on Friday” I cupped his left cheek in the small of my right palm “I haven’t really braced myself for your departure and you’re leaving so soon?”
Erad heaved a sigh and hugged me “I’m sorry”
“can’t you stay a little longer?”
“I wish I could… I really wish”
“Friday is just too soon” I sobbed “and you’ll be away for almost three years”
“Look at me Miranda” he tilted my chin up “I wish I could stay here forever with you but then I’ll never have you. Three years is the only sacrifice for our everlasting love”
I sobbed “it’s just too much”
“Miranda.. You’re not playing fair” he hugged me tight and I held him like my life depended on that hug. Well it really did.
“Erad?!” I sniffed after a long, quiet silence
“what’s it Miranda?”
“make love to me”
Erad jerked away like he had being strung by a bee “Miranda.. Do you know what you’re asking for?”
I nodded and moved closer to him “don’t say no please”
“Miranda, I don’t want to pressure you. Be sure about this cause I wouldn’t want you to regret it later”
I reached up, cupped his cheek and stroked his dark stubble with my thumb. “it’s a sacrifice I want to make. An oat I want to take with you. That’ll keep us hanging on and remind you that I love you and will always belong to you”
“Miranda this will costs us our life if we get caught”
“the faster you stop arguing and get done with this no one will see us”
He swallowed hard, slid both hands around my face and into my hair, pulling me closer “Miranda think twice”
“I’ve thought about it every second after I found out about your feelings for me” I searched his eyes, praying I was making the right choice “It’s going to be between us and you’re taking the whole time we have to decide”
“I just want you to be sure of what you’re asking for. I know I’ve always wanted this but I don’t want to rush you.. I’m ready to wait”
“I’m 19 and I’ve loved you for more than one year you’ve been my teacher. I couldn’t be more sure”
He breathed out and I could see the fear in his eyes “Miranda?!” he kissed me “I can’t put you in danger”
“our lesson lasts for four hours and dad made an order we shouldn’t be disturbed during the class no matter the emergency and you were earlier today, that means we have a lot of time before someone comes in.. Unless you’re still undecided then…”
His lips came down fast and hard on mine. He claimed me as he never had before. His tongue thrusting in and out as his hips aligned with mine had me moaning and gripping his shoulders.
He held me even closer and at that moment, I couldn’t think, I felt my soul was gone together with my lips all to Erad.
“my bedroom” I whispered and he pulled me up into his arms and trailed kisses down my body as he carried me into my bedroom.
Once in the bedroom, he dropped me on the bed and his full masculine length came on me.
The slow and short kisses turned into fast and long kisses then it transcended to smooches, he was good with his hands, but I had to pause it to undo every piece of clothing I was putting on, by the time I was back he was waiting for me in bed with nothing but his brief. At this point, I felt I was an actress in one of the movies I watched, I made for the bed and we pressed play to our movie and before I knew it, he was trying to get in, it was initially painful that I had to turn my face, I didn’t want him to see the pain on my face but he turned my face back to him and he gave me a look which made me a bit relaxed and with this, I made a loud shout and he was in. Flesh ground against flesh and I bit my lip to keep from crying out.
I don’t want to go deep into the whole gist but what I know is it wasn’t as painful as I heard, and the blood wasn’t as much as I expected but I think I couldn’t get up after he left that day, probably out of too much excitement or the pain in thighs. I just laid in bed with my eyes closed until I realized I had to clean the mess before someone comes in.
The day I lost my virginity to the man of my dreams, the first day I had sex. It was a loving yet reckless sex because we hadn’t remembered to use protection. We didn’t plan on having sex anyway.
I never stopped smiling as I took out the sheets and replaced them with new clean ones.
Erad had asked me to keep the stained ones so I wrapped them up and tied them in a bag then hid it so he would come for them the next day.
But he didn’t show up the next day. I was worried. Erad would never skip class not when it was our final days before his tour.
I asked Taylor if there was a change in their journey and she reluctantly replied she had no idea.
I got ideas.
First, I thought Erad abandoned me. He had taken what he wanted and now he was gone without saying goodbye.
The next day came and he still didn’t show up. No one was saying anything about my teacher and I was so scared that I wanted to call the police and declare Erad missing.
The trip was the next day and he would be leaving for three years without saying goodbye.
The thought made me sick and I thought I would die.
That day, dad visited my chamber. I hadn’t seen him for almost a month and the look in his face spelt murder.
Taylor was rubbing my feet to keep me relaxed cause she noticed how worried I was when Erad stopped showing up. She had managed to read through me all through the years and knew my every mood.
Dad walked in with mom beside him and he didn’t hold a single smile even when I greeted them.
“Where’s your teacher?” he asked looking round my outer chamber
“he hasn’t shown up for two days now” I replied
“and you haven’t wondered why?” Dad smirked
“maybe it’s his tour” I replied with no trace of concern at all
“or maybe not” Dad shrugged and paced about the room touching every piece “he did a good job with you”
I swallowed hard and Taylor looked at me.
“I saw your paintings” he went on “and your grade in French. I must confess– I’m impressed”
Where was this leading to?
“you’ll miss him right? We’ll all miss him” dad was now standing in front of me “but we won’t be seeing him again”
I took in a deep breath and tried to remain calm.
“I trusted him but he tampered with my little flower.. I guess I was a fool”
“You failed to understand that every room in the palace has a bug and a camera planted in it”
My heart skipped a beat.
“and I’ve been too busy to see what has been going on in the palace until the cameras got faulty on Monday…”
Taylor held me tight as I felt my head spinning.
“And the cameras were fixed yesterday and I had to be busy all through the day making sure everything was in place and then…”
I knew where he was heading. The cameras caught videos of I and Erad. But if the cameras were faulty on Monday and fixed on Wednesday, then there was no trace of what happened between I and Erad on Tuesday.
Somehow I felt relieved but there was still trouble.
Where was Erad?
I didn’t interrupt my dad even though I felt I should, I just let him finish.
“I never realized all these while you had turned your teacher into your lover” Dad snarled
“Dad?!” I cried out “I can explain”
“What do you want to explain?” he yelled “that he managed to persuade you and seduce you into his arms?”
“No” I went on my knees “he never wanted it.. It was all me from the start”
“he had always wanted it, you just happened to make the first move” I could see the anger in his eyes
“Forgive me”
“I have no reason not to.. You are my daughter. But Erad…”
“Erad is already gone” I said “he’ll never return”
“I’ll make sure of that”
Then I understood something and stood up to my feet “where is Erad?”
“Don’t stand up to your father Miranda.. Show some respect and sit down” mom whispered, warned. But I was too deaf at that time to listen.
Hot tears were trickling down my cheeks.
“Let her be Fiona” Dad said and looked at me “it was all my fault. What was I thinking when I employed a male teacher?”
“Dad?!” I fell at his feet “let Erad go”
“I will.. When I’m tired of the horrible stench from his rotten corpse”
I looked up, teary-eyed “did you kill Erad?”
“Not yet.. I’ll give you the honour of watching me tear him up, bit by bit” Dad kicked me off and stormed out of the room.
I crawled on my knees to my mom’s feet.
“mom you can’t do this to me” I sobbed “I’m so sorry.. It was all my fault. Don’t let dad kill Erad.. Please”
“Miranda I am disappointed in you” she huffed loudly and got up
I held on to the hem of her dress “mom please.. I should be the one being punished”
“you’ll receive your due punishment in due time” she seethed and stormed out too
“Miranda?!” Taylor picked me up in her arms “I’m sorry”
“Where is Erad?”
“King Sebastien abducted him” she replied
“and no one has called the police?”
Then I recalled.
He had no family nor anyone who cared about him.
“where is he now?”
“I have no idea” Taylor replied
“I can’t let anything happen to Erad.. He’s all his parents left behind”
“you should’ve listened to me”
“I’m sorry.. Help me save Erad”
“There’s nothing I can do”
“call the police. Tell them the King abducted a citizen”
“No one will believe me. They’ll arrest me and the king might kill me”
“Then help me get out of here. I have to save Erad myself”
“Miranda you will be endangering his life even more”
“I have to save him” I hugged her in tears “I’m all he has now”
“I don’t even know where the King kept him” Taylor was also crying
Oh God! Save Erad.
My parents forced me to sit in my living room then they turned on the television and Erad appeared on the screen.
He was sitting tied naked to a chair with three hefty men beside him.
I ran to the television and hit the screen like there was a way of breaking in.
“Miranda?!” he whispered and blood trickled down the sides of his mouth.
He was all bloody, probably from torture.
“Erad?! Can you see me?”
He nodded in tears, he could see me.
“Dad please” I turned to my parents “let him go please”
“Continue with the show” dad smirked.
He was having fun, killing someone’s son and he called it a show?
I heard Erad scream and turned back to the television. What I saw, took life away from me. I gasped for air, trying to fight down the encroaching panic and not succeeding at all.
“Princess Miranda?!” Taylor reached my side just before I could have sworn the room was moving. I reached for Taylor’s hand just before I blacked out.


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