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🍭e̲̅p̲̅i̲̅s̲̅o̲̅d̲̅e̲̅ 19: Taming the shrew🍭


Miranda woke up to the sound of the dishes in the kitchen. She showered and got dressed before going out to see what Taylor was cooking.

“Good morning Taylor” she greeted, entering the kitchen

Taylor turned to the door with a smile “Good morning Princess.. How are you feeling?”

“great” that was the opposite of what she was feeling. She felt depressed, lonely and broken in a way she didn’t know Andres’ absence would affect her.

“I don’t believe you princess” Taylor chuckled and turned to the pot

“is it that obvious” Miranda sighed and sat on the breakfast table

Taylor grabbed a cup of tea she had made earlier and proffered it to Miranda “here”

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“Thank you” Miranda took the cup of tea from her

“We’re out of food stuffs…” Taylor was saying as she stirred the meat in the pot “I called Prince Andres to inform him…”

Miranda’s heart skipped a beat when she mentioned Andres.

“he’ll be sending his driver to take me to the mall today.. I was wondering you’ll come along to get your mind off somethings”

Miranda downed the tea in a gulp and dropped the cup on the table. “Thanks but No.. I’m still not used to moving around”

“you’ll need to get used to it”

“I’ll be fine here”

“Alone?” Taylor scoffed “tell me you want to cry without being judged”

“I’m not crying Taylor” Miranda stated pointedly


Miranda watched Taylor as she cooked and when she was done, they ate together and Taylor left for the mall.

Miranda was alone. Standing in front of the inscription on the wall. ‘ERAD’
She ran her fingers through every alphabets and fought hard to fight the tears that were threatening to burst out of her eyes.
Why did Andres put that there?
She knew it had nothing to do with his great great grand father’s steward.

Miranda moved away from the inscription. Afraid she would break down again. She needed to be strong— For herself.
She was surviving almost one month and she had no idea how long it would last.
“… Daniel?!” Andres pushed the large study door open and walked inside. Daniel was sitting behind his huge mahogany desk on a phone call.

📱… I’ll call you

back he ended the call abruptly and turned to Andres “Hey man! You look great today”

Andres scoffed and sat down on a couch.
“who was that?”

“who are you talking about?” Daniel asked like he had no idea Andres was referring to the phone call.

“the person you were on the call with”

“oh!” Daniel chuckled, staring at his phone like the answer was written on it.
“A chic I met at a bar last night”

“Good for you”

Daniel got up from his swivel chair and joined Andres on the couch.
“aren’t you going to Luxembourg?”

“I called my driver to take Taylor to the mall”

“why didn’t you go instead?”

Andres looked at Daniel like he had asked the dumbest question.
“God help me! I wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation of pulling her into my arms and kissing her all over”

Daniel laughed

“You can’t imagine what I’m going through Daniel”

“I do.. Your wife is beautiful but not just beautiful, she’s hot, capital H-O-T”

“I wonder if she misses me too”

“she definitely will” Daniel said “she might even be with child”



“I didn’t tell you this before but I’ll tell you now”

Daniel leaned forward “tell me”

“Miranda has been taking contraceptives and I had no idea. I found out that night of the party when I was going through her things to get her a new dress” Andres was pained and Daniel could feel every bit of his friend’s pain.

“You should’ve confronted her”

“she already told me she had no intentions of giving me a baby so there was nothing to confront her about” Andres sighed “and she tagged the pills PLAN B”

“A heartache wife huh?”

“she’s worse than that”

Daniel laughed “I think she loves you”

Andres looked at him and burst into an outrageous laughter “that’s just a wishful thinking” he guffawed “Now look.. I’ve been away for almost a month now and she doesn’t care to call me even when she knows she’s at fault”

“Too bad you’re not getting a heir”

Andres hissed “let’s talk to Lucy first and if she has nothing to offer, then there is Taylor”

“we’ll just see what we get” Daniel said then asked “what if there’s to information that would be help? Will you let her go?”

Andres was quiet.
He hadn’t thought of what would happen if there’s no way to change Miranda.
Would he let her go?
“No.. I can’t” Andres blurted out

Daniel smiled “then why are you here?”

“Daniel I don’t know.. Would you please stop asking me that?”

“alright.. Let’s focus on Lucy”

“Thank you”
Lucy strode casually into the restaurant she was meeting with Andres and Daniel. she had purposely arrived late to keep them waiting.

“Hello?!” she waved a hand and sat down.

“You’re late” Daniel snarled

“I know” she flashed a smile and extended her hand to Andres for a handshake.
Andres barely took her finger tips in his then sat into his chair.
“you want to know about Miranda don’t you” Lucy said

“tell me everything.. All that you know.. I beg you” that was Andres

“I’m sorry but I can’t” Lucy said to Andres’ disappointment “Miranda is the only one who can tell you about herself”

“she doesn’t want to talk”

“then keep trying” Lucy yelled “she went through a lot, she almost died if I hadn’t found her and I can’t blame her if she hates you so much..
No one has the right to blame her”

Andres swallowed a lump in his throat “what do you suggest I do?”

“go back to her and be patient until she’s ready to talk” Lucy replied

“can’t you just tell us? She’s never going to be ready to talk”

“and you can’t blame her..
What happened to her isn’t something anyone can just talk about” Lucy said “it’s too painful for her to remember. She had a trauma then and remembering it hurts her.. It would’ve hurt anyone..
Miranda has been through a lot, she deserves to be happy.. Part of it was her fault and in some way, it was all your fault she was never happy..” she flicked few strands of golden hair from her forehead and added “She’s the only one who can tell you what she went through..
Give her another chance”



🍭e̲̅p̲̅i̲̅s̲̅o̲̅d̲̅e̲̅ 20: Taming The Shrew🍭
Miranda lay across her bed with her eyes wide open, staring out the window. She remained in bed even though she’d woken up at least twenty minutes ago after a restless night’s sleep.
She snuggled deeper into the covers, cocooning herself in memories. The good— then the bad when everything had fallen apart. For years she’d tried wiping out those guilty feelings but they never seemed to disappear. Those guilty feelings that were driving her marriage to the edge.
She heard Taylor knock on the door followed by the open and close of the door when she didn’t say anything.

“Good morming Princess” Taylor greeted placing the tray on the table and moving to the bed “rise and shine Princess Miranda”

Miranda groaned “go away”

“not again” Taylor sighed “What if I told you that Andres wouldn’t see you the way he used to see you when he returns”

Miranda froze and darted her eyes to Taylor “what do you mean?”

Taylor rolled her eyes “you haven’t been feeding well and you’re looking too thin and bony, he won’t admire you anymore– where did all that killer curves go?”

Miranda almost laughed “That would be better.. He’d be forced to send me away and maybe these guilty feelings will go away”

“They’ll be worse if he sends you away– The guilt you feel for Erad’s death and the guilt you’ll be feeling for ruining Andres and your marriage”

“what ever the case may be, send the food away” Miranda sighed and pulled the covers over her face.

“alright.. I won’t force you. No one can” Taylor sighed resignedly and carried the tray out.

She had just stepped out of the room when she noticed someone standing in the living room.
She got alarmed, there was no one around except her and Miranda. She tip toed quietly and took a peek into the living room.
The visitor had his back to her but with his light-brown hair and muscular body, Taylor could recognize that figure anywhere..

“Prince Andres!” she gasped

Andres turned and his handsome face curved in a grin. Taylor could see the pain behind those smiles. He didn’t look any better than Miranda. Both had gone through a lot staying away from each other. But Taylor didn’t expect he’d show up without Miranda calling him.

“Good morning Taylor”

Taylor bowed as Andres moved closer to her.

“Is that my breakfast?” he asked hungrily. He had taken the early morning flight to get to Luxembourg in time and he had skipped breakfast.

“Miranda’s.. but she wouldn’t eat” Taylor replied


“she has been that way since you left, she barely eats and she doesn’t leave her.her room…” Taylor observed a pause “I’ve scared she’ll fall sick but she doesn’t ever listen”

In a way, Andres felt victory. Miranda was affected by his absence even through he knew she wouldn’t admit it. But the thought of Miranda falling sick while he was away scared him too.

“I’ll go see her” he moved to the bedroom door and knocked briefly before he opened the door to find her lying on the bed. The same way Taylor had left her.

“Taylor I told you to go away” she waved her hand and Andres could swear he heard a crack of sobs in her voice. Was she crying?
Had be been away for too long to cause her pain?
He hadn’t planned on hurting her and he wouldn’t forgive himself if he hurt her in any way.

“Miranda?!” his voice rumbled into her ears and she jerked and sat up with a start and the breath he’d been holding rushed from his lungs.
Miranda almost fainted seeing Andres standing there at the door. Her breathing ceased and she clunched the covers even tighter.

“you look terrible” Andres strode towards her “you’ve got to start eating”

Miranda felt her throat begin to close as he got closer and sat on the bed.
“I’m fine”

“quit being stubborn Miranda” he took her hand and yanked her into his arms “I’m sorry for staying away for so long.. I had no idea it would affect you this much”

“I wasn’t affected in anyway” the stubborn spirit dwelling in her said but she didn’t pull from the hug. Somehow, she needed that hug more than she even needed food.

“I’ll get you something to eat” before Miranda could stop him, he left the room and returned almost immediately with the tray Taylor had brought in earlier.
Miranda couldn’t say no to the food. The tension in the room was getting too hot and she felt like they were some reunited lovers.
She needed strength and she needed the food if she was going to be strong enough not break down in front of Andres.

Andres leaned back against the edge of the table as he watched her eat.
Though she still had that ravishing look that had the power to drive him to hell, her skin looked waxy, and she’d definitely lost some weight.
Andres felt rotten. He hadn’t meant this to happen.
Her long hair hung loosely down her shoulders and it looked so messy like she hadn’t washed for days.
Yet she still had that stubborn look on her face like he didn’t matter. But Andres could see it in her eyes that she had missed him a great deal. And he had missed her more. He wanted to go to her, push the tray aside, lie her on the deep feather mattress and strip away her clothes. He wanted to kiss her until she could barely breath and wouldn’t be able to deny that she missed him as much as he missed her.
He wanted to sink to her, make her respond to him, make her feel what he felt for her.
But he couldn’t. He had planned on keeping things less personal, himself less vulnerable.

“Do you want more?” Andres asked when she emptied the plate and still didn’t look satisfied. Just saying the word caused a tightening in his loins. He could give her ‘more’ if she needed it. He had a lot more to offer.

“I’m full” Miranda replied and pushed the tray aside

“you shouldn’t have starved yourself”

“I haven’t been starving”

“you’ve been starving Princess.. You’ve been starving in everyway”

Miranda gasped and her body froze. She knew what Andres meant by starving in everyway but she wasn’t starving. Unless she was lying to herself trying to tell herself that she wasn’t.
“Andres I’m good”

He scoffed and took few steps towards the bed until his toes were touching the bed.
“It’s been almost one month Princess and you still haven’t changed”

“I haven’t” she squared her shoulders and was glad her voice didn’t come out with a crack because Andres’ closeness when he leaned in didn’t give her time to think.

“Then I have to leave again”

Miranda saw the seriousness in his eyes when he said that and she knew he would really leave.
“you don’t have to” she said softly, trying to avoid his eyes

“Why?” he eased in, letting his lips glide gently across hers “if my absence meant nothing to you, then why shouldn’t I leave?”

Her lids fluttered closed “Because…”

“what?” he whispered “you missed me more than you thought you could and you could barely eat nor leave your room”

Miranda clutched the covers tighter. Afraid her hands would betray her and reach for Andres. She was scared to admit the truth. To admit that she had been living in pain and misery ever since he left.
She took in the smell of his cologne and bit her lower lip that were trying to say the worse.

“Tell me Princess” his words forced her eyes open as his lips hovered over hers

“I… I… You can’t leave Andres, I’m afraid I can’t survive another day away from you”

Andres reached up, taking her face in his hands, mirroring her actions “I knew you wouldn’t” he told her, pulling her face closer and looking into her eyes. Andres might not have planned on kissing Miranda, but before he could talk himself out of something he wanted– needed— more than air, he pressed his lips on hers. And the second his mouth touched hers, there wasn’t a chance in hell he could pull away.

He wanted her so badly, his hands shook and he fought the urge to take her roughly, drive into her and demand she tell him over and over that she was his.
Instead, he kissed her tenderly, passionately. He pulled the silk ties that closed up her nightgown until they slid loose, then he parted it as he ran his fingertips up from her abdomen to her breasts.

Miranda allowed the nightgown to slid back off her shoulders and land behind her on the bed. She moaned and swayed against him. Her fingers worked the buttons on the front of his shirt, then her hands slipped inside to tease a flat copper nipple.
Andres groaned. Stopping only for a moment, he tugged his shirt free from his pants and pulled off his shoes.
As shivers raced through her, Miranda went to work on his pants. In no time Andres released her, shucked his jeans and boxers, leaving his glorious body to her view.
Naked and aroused, he eased her back on the bed then trailed warm kisses along her flesh.

“I need you Miranda” he whispered, kissing her until she was as breathless as she.
Since he wedded her, this was the first time she had given herself to him freely.

Miranda felt hot and cold all over. Shivery and pulsing with need. Tightening the muscles of her thighs, Miranda worked to set up a rhythm of passion that Andres matched stroke for stroke.
In minutes she gave in to the swirling sensations, no longer in control.
Then with one deft movement, he lifted her up and turned her onto her back. Looming above her, he drove into her with long, powerful strokes.
Miranda’s fingers dug into his muscular shoulders and she cried out his name, but Andres made no effort to slow, just kept pounding against her, driving relentlessly, until both of them reached the edge of the precipice and tumbled over.
Andres’ muscles tensed and he spilled his seed with a force that proved his possession. He just hoped she wasn’t on birth control.

For moments he remained above her, his body damp with the sheen of his efforts. Then he settled himself beside her, pulling her into the circle of his arms.

“I’ve always wanted this” he whispered and kissed the side of her neck “I love you”

Miranda wished he hadn’t said that. He stared at her in anticipation for a reply but none came. He sighed and kissed her again.
“I can wait” he said “I can wait until you’re ready to accept my feelings for you”

They slept for a while, made love again, this time more slowly, then again.


Miranda lay across her bed, sweaty, sated, soar. There wasn’t a part of her body he hadn’t touched either with his hands or his soft words. Miranda would be lying if she didn’t admit her heart had been just as involved as her body during their lovemaking that morning. Getting tangled up with Andres was something she certainly hadn’t planned on but there was no way she could’ve fought off the desire, the passion, any longer.
She started to pull away from the dead weight of Andres’ thick, muscular arm across her bare torso.

“where are you going?” he mumbled, pulling her back on the bed

“I need to shower”

“we could do that together.. I’d need that too”

No would do.. That was a total bad idea. She was already tired from the series of lovemaking. Not that she wouldn’t go one more round if he asked for it.

“I’d rather shower alone”

He raised his head “I’m not taking no for an answer” his wide smile melted her.

In one swift move, Andres lifted her up and walked into the bathroom. Holding on to Miranda, he stepped over the tiled edge into the wide, open shower with nozzles on each side walls. Water slid over her body as Andres reached for the soap and sponge. He washed every inch of her body but careful not to touch the intimate parts that would stir his arousal even more. He had been careful enough not to make love to her in the shower, though he was tempted to. She was tired and if he allowed his sexual desire to drive him further, he would never get enough of this lovely woman.

They remained in bed after showering. Andres wearing only his brief boxers and Miranda a sexy, black, feminine lingerie.
Andres held her in his arms, afraid to let her go. She wasn’t fighting and he knew it wasn’t just fear that he would leave. There was a flame he had managed to spark in her that she was trying to quench.

“Tell me Miranda…” he squeezed her hand lightly “don’t hold it back anymore. Tell me about your past, about Erad”

Miranda sucked in a breath. She knew it would come to this. She knew he would demand to know.

“I can wait more if you aren’t ready to talk about it”

What was wrong with this man. He was ready to wait for her and it was driving her crazy knowing he loved her so much that he was ready to wait for her.

“I can talk about it” she knew she had to “maybe the guilty will go away if I tell you”

Andres swallowed her “okay!”

“well…” she inhaled deeply and turned to look into the pool of his deep dark eyes “I was young and spoiled and thought I could have anything I wanted until that day my dad told me there would be a change in my schedule…”


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