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Get me married episode 16

💃S͙h͙e͙’s͙ a͙ s͙h͙r͙e͙w͙..
A͙n͙d͙ h͙e͙ s͙t͙o͙l͙e͙ m͙y͙ h͙e͙a͙r͙t͙🕺
✍️ Author Viola’s Novels ✍️
🍭e̲̅p̲̅i̲̅s̲̅o̲̅d̲̅e̲̅ 16: Taming The Shrew🍭
“Miranda are you sure of this?” Andres asked as he took her to Lisette
Miranda rolled her eyes “are you scared that I’ll be talking with your mistress?”
“Lisette is not my mistress” he seethed and sighted Lisette chatting with her friends in a corner “there she is”
“hi Lisette!” Miranda started the conversation when they got to them
“Oh Miranda!” Lisette grinned “good to see you again”
“let’s have a drink together.. I messed up the last time we met and didn’t get to know you” Miranda was saying and Andres knew she was definitely up to something
“sure.. I’ve always wanted to have a drink with the princess of Belgium” Lisette grinned “What do I get you Andres?”
“whatever Miranda wants” Andres replied
“I’d love to drink with only you Lisette” Miranda said “so we can have some women chat with no male influence”
“Sure” Lisette agreed
“No” Andres protested “I’m not leaving you two alone”
“why?” Lisette asked this time
“Miranda we already talked about this” Andres turned to his wife
Miranda shot him a glare “talk about what? It’s just a talk”
“What are you even scared of Andres?” Lisette asked and glanced at her friends who were smiling sheepishly without saying a word.
“alright but don’t take long” Andres said reluctantly “I’ll be waiting here”
Miranda’s lips curved in a lopsided smirk “I’ll make it snappy”
She’ll make what snappy?
Andres wasn’t sure about their talk but he just watched them walk into a room.
“What do I offer you Princess?” Lisette asked and closed the door behind them
“your throat” she replied with a snarl
Miranda chuckled “Any wine would do”
“great” Lisette grabbed a bottle of wine from the bar and two wine glasses “I love red wine” she said and cocked the bottle then poured out it’s content in the glasses.
“thank you” Miranda took one glass in between her index and middle fingers “tastes like your blood” she said taking a sip
Lisette smiled “what do you want Miranda?”
“just a talk with you” Miranda replied “I just want you to know that I’m sorry for what I did to you the other day.. I should’ve hit you harder”
Lisette chuckled “you’ll get another chance”
Miranda smiled and drank from her wine “so you’ve been making fun of me?”
“You’ve been making fun of yourself”
Miranda laughed “what do I do to you now?”
“or what do I do to you?” Lisette smirked and noticed Miranda had emptied her glass then she raised the bottle “more wine?”
Lisette filled Miranda’s glance again and she continued drinking.
“Tell me more about yourself. You and Andres and your marriage”
“and why should I talk about my marriage with you?”
“cause we’re getting to know each other better”
Miranda scoffed and drank from her wine “I’ll tell you” she said and kept the glass on the table “then I’ll kill you”
Lisette chuckled “raise a finger”
“why? You think I’m drunk?”
“just raise a finger”
Miranda scoffed and tried raising a finger but she couldn’t.
“what did you do to me?”
“you actually came for a war unprepared” Lisette laughed “where are your weapons?”
“Come closer Lisette” Miranda gestured “just a little closer”
“You can’t do anything” Lisette laughed “just sleep.. I’ve got plans” she said and got up
“Andres will be here soon and he dare not find me in this condition”
“I know” Lisette chuckled “but he won’t be finding you here but in the next room with another man. And guess what?” she laughed hysterically “you’ll be sleeping soon and when you wake up, you won’t be remembering a single thing”
“Lisette?!” Sydney called as she walked in
“shhhh!” Lisette hushed her “the princess is trying to sleep” she smiled a mocking smile and Sydney noticed Miranda who had already fallen asleep on the couch.
“that was quick” she said
“I added more to the drink when you girls left” Lisette confessed
“why?” Sydney moved to Miranda “the quantity we added was more than enough.. Adding more would make her sleep for too long and it could be dangerous”
“you said it would take time before she sleeps and I couldn’t spare much time cause Andres will come looking for her soon. He can’t stay away from her for too long”
“Lisette what if she doesn’t wake up?” Sydney was scared
“No one will know we gave her something to drink. Remember the plan”
Sydney wasn’t really convinced but she didn’t talk more.
“Hey Andres?!” Lisette sighted Andres searching the rooms restlessly
“Lisette I’ve been searching for you” he breathed out in relief
“What’s wrong?” she faked a concerned look
“Where’s Miranda?”
Lisette shrugged her shoulders “I don’t know”
“you don’t know?” his expression turned grim “you left with her for a talk”
“That was almost an hour ago.. She left me when she saw an old friend and went to join him”
“an old friend?” Andres angled his jaws “and it’s a he”
“I couldn’t stop her, you know how stubborn she is”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“it was none of my business, I didn’t want you thinking I’m spreading lies about your wife” Lisette rolled her eyes
“where did they go?”
“over to the bar for a drink” Lisette replied “I have to go now”
Before Andres could say a word, she dashed out.
Andres rushed to the bar and found Sydney and the other girls drinking and giggling at whatever a guy who was sitting beside them was saying.
“Hey!” he grabbed Sydney’s arm, he didn’t even know their names “did you see Miranda”
“No” Sydney was trying to hide her grin then she turned to the other girls “did any of you see Prince Andres’ wife?” she was grinning at the girls
“I didn’t—
“I didn’t—
“she was here earlier with Marcus” One of them, Nikki said
“you sure you saw her?” Sydney asked
“yes” Nikki insisted “I was here drinking with Marcus when she walked up to us. He actually excused me saying she was an old friend and he would be back” Nikki snarled and rolled her eyes as she turned her glass of wine “but he didn’t return tho”
Andres was confused. Miranda didn’t have any friends except Lucy and Taylor. Who could Marcus be?
“where did they go?” he asked Nikki
“seems their reunion took them to the next level cause I saw them last going up the stairs with Miranda leaning into his arms”
Andres couldn’t unsee the picture of Marcus holding Miranda. The stupid image had formed clearly in his head and he swore to kill Marcus if he found him on his woman.
“how know where exactly they are?” he asked no one in particular
“you should ask the receptionist” Nikki replied “Marcus’ full name is Marcus Hart. I’m only telling you this cause I need my man back”
Andres ignored her hate speech and started for the receptionist as the girls roared with laughter.
“how may I help you sir?”
Andres took a breath before answering the receptionist “I’m looking for my wife. She’s wearing a purple long dress and she was here with a man name Marcus Hart” he ached to beat the day’s light out of the bastard when he finally got a hold of him.
“Marcus left a instruction sir– no visitors”
“need I remind me you that my wife is up there lured into bed by a man I don’t know and we’re talking about Princess Miranda of Belgium”
“Who are you sir”
He tried to calm down. Tried to block out the image of Miranda lying on the bed with a man’s hand all over her. Hands that weren’t his.
“Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Prince Andres” he hated the title but if that was the only way to get the room key, then he had to use it.
“I’m sorry sir” she apologized and handed him a key “it is the room at the end of the hall”
Andres didn’t bother to answer– just took the stairs two at a time, strode down the hall, and unlocked the door. When he pushed it open, he found Miranda lying beneath a naked man, her gown open to the waist with her breasts exposed.
Andres’ fury in that moment was so great it took a full five seconds for him to realise she was struggling.
“Get off her!” he roared, and reached for the back of the man’s neck, clamped the nape in a grip of iron, and pulled him away as if he were only a boy.
“Who are…?” the words died on the man’s lips as Andres drove a fist into his midsection, doubling him over, then punched him hard in the jaw.
“What’s wrong with you?” the man choked as Andres dragged him up by the hair “you can’t do this to me.. I’m only doing my job”
Andres stopped his fist in mid swing “your job? What are you talking about? You go around raping people’s wives?”
“I had no idea she’s your wife.. Lisette paid me for this”
Andres’ grip loosened “Lisette paid you to rape my wife?”
“I had no idea she’s here with her husband.. I’m really sorry”
Andres let go of the man’s hair and he sagged to the floor. “get out”
He grabbed his clothes in one hand, his shoes in the other, and staggered to his feet. Naked, he stumbled out the door.
Andres looked at Miranda who was lying unconscious on the bed. Thank God he arrived when he did. He shouldn’t have trusted Lisette and it infuriated him that Miranda never listened to him. He pulled the sheets to cover her body. That was all he could do to stop himself from taking her right there in that condition. He was glad Marcus hadn’t done more than seeing her boobs. That idiot would have been dead if he had succeeded in taking his wife.
He carried her into his arms and out of the room. He would deal with Lisette later.. After making sure his wife was okay.
He got outside and carefully laid her on the backseat of his car. She didn’t move a finger. He got scared. Maybe that guy Marcus hadn’t confessed everything they did to her, but he couldn’t possibly leave Miranda in the car and go after them. He got into the driver’s seat and his instincts told him to take her to the hospital. He looked over his shoulder and she just laid there almost lifeless. Taking the Princess of Belgium to the hospital in that condition would be a total disaster. Luxembourg might be locked down temporarily.
He sighed and turned on the ignition then drove home.
Laying her comfortably on the bed, Andres removed the sheets and gaped at the sight of her boobs pointing attractively at him. He felt his arousal and beaded sweats formed on his forehead despite the system in the house.
Remembering Marcus had seen those beautiful boobs infuriated him more. But still Miranda wasn’t moving even when he started taking off her clothes to wear her something else. He took a night gown from the wardrobe and returned to her on the bed.
Who knew Miranda would be so sober that she let him undress her. He chuckled.
For a moment, he decided to leave her naked. He enjoyed the sight of her naked body without her struggles to make him go blind or cover herself. He was desperate to have her. Aching to cup her breast and sucked on it until at hardened with pleasure.
Andres smiled as he ran his hands down her body. She shuddered, making a move for the first time since he found her in the room with that— He didn’t want to remember the rest.
He brought his fingers down her lower body and stroked her. She stirred and he withdrew. Afraid she would wake and start up a fight.
Miranda grabbed his hand just as he withdrew it.
“don’t go” her eyes were closed but he could swear she had no idea what she was doing. Then it dawned on him Lisette must’ve drugged her.
He sighed through gritted teeth. Lisette was so dead.
Miranda placed his palm on her thigh and used it to stroke herself.
Andres chuckled. If only Miranda knew what the drunk Miranda was doing with her body.
As much as Andres wanted to taste her, wanted to feel her so bad that his breeches was about to burst, he couldn’t take her. He felt he would be taking advantage of her condition. It was a tempting offer. She wanted him as much as he wanted her and there wouldn’t be a fight but he needed that when she was conscious of what she was doing and not in her drunken state.
Andres tried taking his hand but she held him tighter.
“please.. Don’t go”
What had they done to her?
“kiss me” she said dreamily, her eyes still closed
Andres couldn’t take it anymore, he gathered her in his arms and covered her lips with his.
She kissed him with so much passion that Andres felt he was in the clouds. He kissed her back with his hands doing their magic on her body that made her moan.
He traced kisses down her cheeks then paused briefly to kiss her neck. He used his tongue to give her the most tantalizing feelings she ever felt. Miranda’s moans filled the room and it played a sweet melody in his ears. Making him go hard the more.
Andres went below and kissed her navel. He sucked there until Miranda held him tight in pleasure. With her eyes still closed in heavenly romance, she pulled Andres’ shirt off his head to give her access to his broad muscular chest.
Andres kissed her in her middle, and with practiced stokes, he took her high with him as they moaned together until a moan escaped her lips, she moaned out his name. That very name Andres dreaded the most ‘Erad’
A moan that made all the hair on Andres’ skin to stand. His blood felt cold and his hold on her weakened. Like that wasn’t enough, she grabbed him when he tried pulling away.
“don’t go Erad.. I want you”


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