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🍭e̲̅p̲̅i̲̅s̲̅o̲̅d̲̅e̲̅ 14: Taming The Shrew🍭


Andres ended his phone call just as the doctor walked out of he bedroom. He had returned to find Lisette lying conscious on the floor and Miranda was gone. At first he thought she was dead but when the doctor came, he said she would be fine, she had been hit too hard on the head. Not dead but her pulse was slow. He wanted to call the police. Maybe they were attacked and the kidnappers didn’t want Lisette but Miranda so they knocked her out and took Miranda with them.
He discarded the idea cause he knew that wasn’t the truth. Few of Miranda’s stuffs were gone too and no kidnapper would steal some of their victims stuffs for their comfort.

“How is she?” Andres asked the doctor

“she’s awake” the doctor replied “She said it was no kidnapper case.. Your wife ran away after knocking her out”

Andres face palmed himself. He was right after all “I’ll go see her now.. Thank you so much doctor”

“you’re welcome” they exchanged handshakes and the doctor walked out.

Andres locked the front door and went into the bedroom to find Lisette sitting on the bed.

“I’m sorry she got away” she said immediately he walked in

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Andres smiled “it wasn’t your fault. You’re the victim here and I’m sorry for what my wife did to you” he sat beside her on the bed

Lisette smiles broadly “I should’ve stopped her or at least called you”

“it’s alright” he moved few strands from her face and tucked them behind her ear “how are you feeling?”

“my head still hurts but the doctor said I’ll be fine”

“You’ll be fine. You’ll just sleep a little more and I’ll take you home”

“And Miranda?”

“I’ll find her.. She mustn’t have gone far”

“You should call the police”

“she’s a princess.. If the police finds out she’s missing then words will reach Belgium and there will be rumors everywhere that she was abducted”

“I understand” Lisette said “then how will you find her?”

“I will” Andres sighed “I just have to think of the first place she’ll go from here”

“does she have a friend here?”

“she knows no one. But her friend Lucy is here in Luxembourg though Miranda has no idea”

“What’s your plan?”

Andres opened his mouth to talk when his phone rang.
“I’ll take this” he promoted and answered the call.

“they found her” he exclaimed when he ended the call

Lisette grinned “who found her?”

“the police” Andres replied “they found her searching behind a caution tape in a crime scene and the bad news is she was arrested as a suspect”

“they don’t know she’s Princess Miranda of Belgium”

“They don’t and they don’t have to” he said “she gave them my contact and the detective wants to see me”

“what are you going to tell them? She’s not a criminal” Lisette said

“I’ll sought things out. Just get a little rest and I’ll take you home when I get back” Andres said and hurried out.


“… She’s crazy but she’s definitely not a criminal” Andres told the detective. He had arrived at the station and was pleased to find out that the detective was an old friend from college.

“she was found on the crime scene Andres.. It’s a very serious case” the detective said

Andres glanced at Miranda who was sitting quietly at a corner with her head bowed. She looked innocent and harmless the way she sat but she was one hell of a crazy beast.
“Believe me Jones, she knows nothing about the crime, she doesn’t even know anyone or anywhere here in Luxembourg”

“how do you know this woman?” Jones asked

Andres inhaled “I didn’t want to mention this but you have to keep it secret”

“okay” Jones adjusted an his seat “you can count on me”

“she’s my wife”

“your wife?” Jones was shocked “you mean she’s Princess Miranda?”

“yes and we’ve been having issues so she tried running away and ended up there in her bid to hide from me”

“I never knew she’s the princess but the law remains the law”

“trust me Jones.. My wife is crazy but not a criminal. She can’t hurt anyone but me”

Jones chuckled “I see you’re having a tough time with her”

“just let her go without anyone knowing she was arrested. I wouldn’t want the entered securities in Belgium to come crashing in Luxembourg and the Duke wouldn’t be pleased if he finds out she was brought here as a criminal”

“I understand” Jones nodded “I’ll let her go and we’ll all act like this never happened. You’ll keep your wife and I’ll keep my job”

“Nice run” Andres told Miranda as they walked out of the station

“I would’ve gotten away if those men hadn’t stopped me” she yanked “what do they think I am? A killer?”

“you killed Lisette”

Miranda gasped “she’s dead?”

“yes” Andres nodded “sadly, she’s gone”

“I didn’t mean to”

“I know” Andres looked at her “if you wanted to get away from me, you shouldn’t have called me when the police arrested you”

Miranda scoffed “I couldn’t breath in there”

They got to Andres’ car and she stopped at the door, refusing to get in.
“Get into the car or I’m telling Jones you killed Lisette”

Miranda scoffed “you won’t do that”

“try me”

Miranda knew he would. She rolled her eyes and got into the passengers seat.
“I’m not returning to that house, Lisette’s ghost will haunt me”

“you should’ve thought of that before you killed her”

“I didn’t mean to kill her”

Andres glanced at her and chuckled. She was nervous and scared.
“Why did you try running away?” he asked

“cause I hate you”

“you won’t quit saying that”

“I won’t”

“now what’s the best punishment for you for trying run away?”

“return me to my parents. That would bring shame to my family and myself.. The best punishment”

“I will– when I’m done with you”

Miranda didn’t say anything else during the drive. They got home and she remained in the car.
“Get down Miranda.. You wouldn’t want your beating to start from the car” he warned

“I can’t go in there.. Lisette’s Ghost will kill me”

“you deserve to die now get down”

“I won’t”

“need I remind you that her corpse is wrapped up in a sheet inside the truck and you’re sitting in there with her corpse just….”
Andres was still talking when Miranda jumped out of the car and jumped into his arms.

“Andres I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to kill her, send me away from her please” she pleaded, her voice filled with terror “please…”
She started to cry then, soft little sobs that pulled at his heart.

“it’s alright” he soothed, brushing strands of her dark brown hair from her tear-damp cheeks.

Miranda pulled away “Take me away from her please”

“she’s not in the car” he said gruffly

Miranda’s eyes went wide. He had deceived he into hugging him and crying against his chest. Her expression looked murderous.
“you fooled me” she yelled

Andres slammed the car door shut “I didn’t” he stated and dragged her upstairs.

“where did you keep her corpse?”

“under the bed” Andres replied “I was afraid the police would come searching the house when they called earlier”

Miranda paused at the front door and burst into another round of tears “don’t do this to me”

“it’s just a body, it can’t hurt you”

“Andres please.. I’ll change”

Andrea shook his head and dragged her inside as she screamed and fought to run away.
“Cut it out Miranda” he yelled “you have to prepare your mind. If you’re so scared of killing then how are you going to pass a spear through my throat?”
Andres was mocking her and she knew it.

“I wouldn’t be scared if it were you”

Andres rolled his eyes “come with me”

“where are you taking me to?” she proteste

“to say sorry to Lisette’s corpse so her ghost doesn’t haunt you”

Miranda wailed “she’ll kill me Andres.. I can’t.. I can’t.. I can’t…”

They heard the sound of something crashing like dishes shattering and Miranda’s heart skipped a beat.
“what was that?” she asked in fear

“I don’t know.. It’s coming from the kitchen” Andres replied

“someone’s here” Miranda sobbed “her ghost has come for me”

“maybe it’s Tina” Andres said “maybe she’s here to prepare lunch.. I’ll go check” he made for the kitchen

Miranda grabbed his hand “wait!” she promoted “you can’t leave me here”

“are you coming with me?”

Miranda swallowed hard. She was shaking from her head to her toe. She just wished she could pass out at that moment.
They heard footsteps from the kitchen and Miranda stepped back.

“hey! You’re back” Lisette walked out

Miranda screamed and took to her heels. Shouting and running around with her hands raised in the air.

“Miranda stop it” Andres tried stopping her as she ran around

“she’ll kill me.. She’ll kill me.. She’ll kill me…”

When Andres caught her, her eyes were already swollen from crying and she was whimpering.
She looked around but Lisette was no longer at the kitchen door.
“where did she go?” she looked around in fear

“who?” Andres pretended like he didn’t know what she was talking about

“she was there” Miranda stammered, pointing to the kitchen door.

“who was there? I didn’t see anyone”

“I saw Lisette’s ghost, she’s here to take me”

He drew her into his arms and let her cry against his chest until the wetness touched his skin through the fabric of his shirt.
“shhhh!” he soothed “she can’t see you”

“I can see her and she smiled at me”

“you’re seeing things Miranda.. You need to rest” Andres made to pull away

“I can never rest here” Miranda held him tight

Andres was enjoying the game. He hadn’t planned it but since it was helping him get close to her, he had to play along. He looked up and saw Lisette smiling from the kitchen door and he smiled back with a thumbs up.
“I’ll move her corpse from the room so you can rest”

Miranda tightened her grip “don’t leave me”

Andres felt the warmth of her breath on his skin as she held him tight. Her head was on his chest and he felt she was in the right place– his arms.
He slowly pulled away and cupped her cheeks in his palms.
“I won’t let her get you.. You have nothing to fear”

She nodded obediently and he kissed her forehead. She didn’t fight back. The game was more than perfect.
“I’ll take you to Tina’s while I handle everything”

“no” she held his arms “she’ll follow me there, don’t leave me”

Andres’ heart was melting. If only she could remain that way.
“she won’t” he said “Tina’s husband is a priest. He’s sprinkle holy water round the house and put a rosary on the door so she doesn’t get in”

“Don’t leave me there for long” she whimpered

Andres wiped her tears with his thumb “I won’t”

He led her outside and she clung on his arm like her life depended on it. She kept looking back and every slightest noise and movement. They got to the car and heard the sound of dishes crashing on the floor. The noise was coming from the kitchen again.
Miranda jumped into Andres’ arms and started crying again.
“she’s following us”

“she’s not” Andres said “she’s only in there cause her corpse is there, once I get rid of it, she’ll be gone”

Miranda nodded but she wasn’t really convinced that Lisette would let her live. Andres opened the car door and gestured her to get in.
“you’re sure she’s not in the car?” she asked in doubts

“she’s in the room, under the bed”

Miranda took in a deep breath and got in. Andres rounded the car to the driver’s side and got into the car.
“you’ll be fine” he told her as he drove off.

He dropped her at Tina’s and returned to the house to find Lisette sitting in the living room watching a movie. Her legs were crossed on the table with her attention fixed on the television and a bowl of popcorn in her hand.

“Hey!” he called with a grin

Lisette turned to the door and saw him walking towards her with a smile. She smiled back and put the popcorn aside “where’s your wife?” she asked

“she’s at Tina’s.. She thinks you’re a ghost” Andres laughed and sat on the couch opposite hers “you put up quite a show”

Lisette laughed too “I didn’t mean to scare her. I was trying to fix lunch when I heard you walk in and in a bid to hurry with the food I dropped the dishes and heard her scream. Then I hid and walked out shortly only for her to see me and start screaming ghost” Lisette laughed

“I told her you were dead.. Sought of a way to calm her and it worked. Now she’s scared and can’t stay away from me” Andres was smiling

“so how long is she going to believe that I’m dead?”

“as long as it’s necessary”

“surely she’ll see me on my brother’s birthday. You wouldn’t want her running round the party screaming ghost” Lisette chuckled

“I’ll let her know the truth but not now. I think I’ve got today to enjoy my marrige”

Lisette laughed “how did you manage to convince her to stay at Tina’s?”

“it wasn’t hard since she wouldn’t stay here cause she believes there’s a corpse in the bedroom. So I asked her to stay there while I got rid of the corpse”

“that means we have little time to be together” Lisette said that in a whisper, leaning her back against the armrest of the couch, her legs were bent and her knees clamped together but as she kept on talking her legs would open more and she was flashing her dark red G-string that she wore under the baggy T-shirt that looked exactly like Andres’ but definitely not his.

“I think it’s time to go home.. You still need some rest” Andres got up to his feet

Lisette chuckled and got up too “it’s time to dispose my corpse isn’t it?” she was tracing the lines of his hard muscular chest

Andres grabbed her hand “you’re not dead”

“Then what?” she tsked “I’m not beautiful enough?”

“you’re beautiful.. More than beautiful but Lisette, I’m married and you know that”

She sighed “I know.. Just take me home”

Andres breathed out in relief and they walked outside. The drive to her house was silent and awkward. Andres couldn’t say any word to her.. Not after what she put up while they were alone.

“I’m sorry for what happened earlier” Lisette found get voice to apologize when he got to her house “I hope you don’t hate me now”

“I don’t hate you. Just get some rest. I’ll call to see how you’re doing”

Lisette smiled “okay” then she got down from the car and waved him goodbye.

Andres drove to Tina’s and found Tina outside with her son.
“where’s Miranda?” he asked her

“she’s asleep” Tina replied and sighed “she was screaming and really frightened by something we couldn’t see. My husband prayed and used the holy water but it wasn’t working so we called the doctor and he injected her to sleep. He said it’s probably insomnia that’s getting into her head” Tina explained

Andres knew the truth was far from that.
“where is she now?” he asked

“Come with me” Tina led him inside, carrying her little boy in her arms. They got to a room and she pushed the door open “she’s sleeping”

“thank you” Andres walked in and Tina walked out.

He moved to the bed and Miranda was fast asleep.
“Ghost?!” he chuckled and sat on a chair beside the bed. He took her hand in his and kissed her gently.
Miranda stirred and sat up with a start but she didn’t scream.
“sorry if I scared you” he apologized

She said nothing.

“let’s go home”

She moved away “she’s there”

“I’ve buried her already”

“she’ll come back”

“she won’t”

“let’s get another house”

“Miranda we can’t run away because of a ghost that doesn’t exist”

Miranda was quiet.
He reached for her hand and squeezed it lightly.
“everything is fine now.. Let’s go home”

Things were really fine just as Andres had said but Miranda wouldn’t stop believing that someday Lisette’s ghost would come for her. Andres had been as nice as ever– more nice. But she didn’t want any of that. She didn’t want him thinking she was giving him a chance in her life.
Tina was back in the house and Miranda didn’t have much to worry when Andres was away.
Tina was a great company, but nothing like Taylor. Miranda didn’t really want to go home to her parents but she wanted to be away from Andres as far as possible. She feared she was letting her guards down.

Andres hadn’t made love to her after that night he had tied her to the bed. She still hoped his plan wasn’t working. And since her initial plan to run away failed, she had been going on her plan B. She knew it wouldn’t fail her.

“Princess Miranda?!” Tina’s soft knocks on the door snapped her out of her thoughts.

“come in” Miranda adjusted on her bed and waited for Tina. The door pushed open shortly and Tina walked in carrying a bag.

“What’s that?” Miranda asked

“Prince Andres made an order for you”

“what order”

“it’s a dress and everything you’d be needing for the party”

“what party?”

“He didn’t mention”

Realization struck Miranda– It was Friday night.
“where’s Andres?” she asked

“he said he’ll be here by 6.. The party starts at 7”

“when he comes, tell him I’m not going”

“alright ma’am” Tina dropped the bag and walked out.
6:05 pm 🕕

“welcome Sir” Tina bowed as she held the front door open

Andres looked around, hoping to see Miranda waiting for him but she wasn’t. “where is Miranda?”

“she’s in the bedroom.. said she’s not going” Tina said in a shaky voice

Andres strode past Tina into the bedroom. Her work was already over for the day and she didn’t want to be around when the couple starts their argument so she grabbed her bag from the chair and hurried out.

He entered the bedroom and found Miranda standing near the window dressed in a simple cotton knee length gown.
“Why aren’t you dressed?” he thundered

“I’m not going for the party” she replied and turned to look at him

Andres’ expression turned murderous “dress up now”

“I’m not going out with you”

Andres crossed the room in three long strides. He grabbed her wrist, bent down, and hauled her over his shoulder. Then he dumped her on the bed.
“are you going to take off those clothes yourself or you need my help”

“I don’t want to go out with you” she shouted

“don’t try me Miranda”

“I’ll stay here, just go”

“Need I remind you Lisette was supposed to attend that party but she wouldn’t because you killed her and guess what?” he moved closer to her and he noticed the way her lips quivered “she’ll come here tonight to haunt you because you’re the reason she wouldn’t be attending the party”

Miranda sucked in her breath. Andres was saying the truth.

“So what’s your decision?” he asked like he was daring her ” are you going or not?”

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