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September 25, 2021


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Get me married episode 13

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💃S͙h͙e͙’s͙ a͙ s͙h͙r͙e͙w͙..
A͙n͙d͙ h͙e͙ s͙t͙o͙l͙e͙ m͙y͙ h͙e͙a͙r͙t͙🕺

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🍭e̲̅p̲̅i̲̅s̲̅o̲̅d̲̅e̲̅ 13: Taming The Shrew🍭


The sun hadn’t fully risen when Miranda woke, and the light trickling through the sheer curtains was gentle enough that she kept her eyes closed. She moved her hands and realized she was holding on something.
Realization struck her when she recalled their moments, from lusty and hot like last night. She recalled how she had begged Andres to untie her in the heat of their love making. She never really wanted Andres but he managed to make her want him all the time during their love makng.
Miranda opened her eyes and she was right– she was lying on Andres’ chest with his hands wrapped protectively around her.

She stretched out her legs, careful not to shift too hard on the mattress surface, but Andres stirred behind her. His hand reached out to brush over my hips.
“Where are you going?” He asked sleepily

Miranda scoffed and yanked off his hand “don’t think we’re a romantic couple Andres.. Where I’m going is none of your business”

Andres sighed and sat up on the bed. He was still naked from last night and the sheets was the only thing covering his lower body.
“Tina is taking today off” he informed

“Why? It’s not even weekend?”

“Her son is sick and she needs to be with him”

“She should’ve at least cook”

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“Miranda you know the way to the kitchen”

She sighed and got up, dragging the sheets with her to cover her body.

“Miranda I’m naked” he hurled and she turned to see his hard arousal as he sat naked on the bed.

Miranda chuckled softly and walked into the bathroom with the sheets. Andres reached for hs shorts and pulled it on.
He waited until she was done showering and went into the bathroom to freshen up.
He walked out shortly and Miranda was no longer in the room. Then he dressed up and went to join her in the kitchen.

“What’s for breakfast?” He asked when he walked into the kitchen and met her sitting on the breakfast table.

“There’s nothing” she replied harshly

Andrea chuckled “see you later then” he turned to walk out

“Where are you going?” Miranda prompted

“Out” Andres replied without to turning to look at her

“You can’t coninue eating out while I starve here”

He inhaled “will you go out with me?”

Miranda hesitated before she said “I just want to eat.. It’s not like I want your company or something or….”
She was still talking when Andres started out.
“Wait!” She shouted and went after him “I can’t die in here.. Let me get dressed”

“Two minutes– that’s all you’ve got or you’re starving”

Miranda huffed loudly and hurried into the bedroom. She walked out shortly wearing black leather jacket, black T-shirt, black jeans, black caterpillar boots and her hair styled in a hipster.
This isn’t punk fashion.. Andres thought.
This is someone saying stay the fuck away from me.
He laughed at his own thought and led her outside. They got into his car and drove off to a cafe.

“Is this where you always come?” Miranda asked Andres during the course of the meal


“So where’s Lisette?” She asked further

“She was fired”

Thank goodness– Miranda said to herself.

“But I’ve been seeing her lately” Andres went on “we went to the park together two days ago and she’s really fun and childish” he chuckled

Miranda scoffed “Good for you”

“She wants to see you”

“What for?”

“I’ve been telling her about my wife and she’s eager to meet you”

“Well I don’t want to see her” Miranda snarled

“You’ll definitely see her on her brother’s birthday party– we’re going together”

“and what makes you think I’ll go with you?”

“leave the argument until Friday night.. I come here to eat in peace”

Miranda scoffed and they continued their food in silence. When they were done, Andres paid the bills and drove her to the hotel.
“why did you bring me here?” she asked sternly, refusing to get down.

“to see a friend” Andres moved to passenger side and held the door open “now get down before I make a scene”

She knew he would do it. There was very little Andres would not dare. She looked around and saw the people staring at them. She couldn’t risk another scene that would give them words to take home.
“you have to behave yourself” he said preamble when she got down and they headed for the building “I wouldn’t want everyone knowing I married a wild animal”

Miranda huffed loudly and looked away. She hated when he called her that and she knew he would never stop it cause she was really acting like one.
They got to his en suite and Daniel was just coming out of the jacuzzi.

“Hey! Andres!” Daniel sighted them walking in “it’s really fun here you know.. I don’t think I’m returning to Brussels ever again”

Andres chuckled and said “I brought a guest”

That was when Daniel noticed Miranda who was standing beside Andres with a huge frown.
“you’ve earned a medal for bringing her all the way to a hotel without a chain”

“she heard that” Andres seethed

“sorry” Daniel drew closer to them with a huge grin “I think we’ve met before princess” he extended his hand for a handshake and she just looked away.

“This is Daniel.. My friend from Brussels” Andres did the introduction

Miranda just stood there and said nothing.
“let’s go to the pool, there are a lot of girls out there” Daniel said and walked out first

“take me out of here” Miranda seethed when Andres made to follow Daniel

“relax wifey! We just got here” Andres grabbed her hand and dragged her out

“Lemonades” Daniel gave them a glass of lemonade each and sat on his sun lounge.

“toast to our first outing together” Andres winked at Miranda who still had a frown or her face.
“when are you returning to Brussels?” he asked Daniel

“I’m not yet sure.. Luxembourg is heaven” Daniel giggled

“you can’t remain here in my suite”

“I’ll buy a penthouse.. You don’t have to worry” Daniel replied and looked at Miranda “don’t you ever smile?”

“isn’t it better to keep your mouth shut and give people the impression that you’re stupid than open your mouth and prove it?” came Miranda’s harsh reply.

Daniel’s expression changed at the insult. He looked ready to explode.
Miranda glanced across at Andres, whose stunned expression now looked grim.
“Apologize, Miranda” he warned

“I wont apolozie” she stated adamantly and walked out

Andres shoved back his chair and came to his feet “I’m sorry Daniel.. I think it’s high time we left. Our wild animal here needs a little beating” with those parting words, he went after Miranda. He caught up with her and gripped her arm wordlessly and tugged her down the hall outside the garage. He didn’t say anything to her as they got into his car and drove home.


Once inside, Andres resolutely closed the door.
“Miranda why must you always be crazy?” he asked harshly “I warned you to behave yourself didn’t I?”

“and I told you to take me away from there didn’t I?”

“you’ll have to apologize to Daniel”

“I won’t do that”

Andres’ eyes turned dark “you’ll do exactly as I say”

“I’ve never apologized to my own father” she shook her head

Andres grabbed her arms and dragged her against his chest. He glowered down at her until her knees felt weak.
“This is my house and you must so exactly what I say” he looked ready to murder her

“I won’t and there’s nothing you can do to make me”

He tightened his hold on her arm and dragged her into the bedroom.
“you must apologize” he commanded and pushed her to the bed

“you can lock me in here for eternity but I won’t apologize to that dumbo” she yelled

“we’ll see” with that he stormed out of the room and slammed the door hard behind him. He turned the knob and locked the door.

He could hear Miranda’s soft sobs as he drew the key from the knob. It was the first time he was really hearing her sob. She had never felt remorse for all her wrongs and she would never admit to them. He knew she wasn’t crying as a result of remorse. He knew she wasn’t sorry. She was only crying because she thought he couldn’t hear her.
When he was around, she acted like a strong lioness ready to devour it’s prey but deep down inside, there was a tiny little harmless creature Andres knew existed in her. Only she wouldn’t let it show. And he would stop at nothing to make her submissive to his will.


Miranda woke up late in the evening and sat up on bed. She was tired and hungry from sleeping for hours. Andres hadn’t come to check on her and his car wasn’t outside. She sighed and entered the bathroom to freshen up. When she was done, she went back to bed but couldn’t sleep again. She was hungry and needed to eat.

She got up from the bed and paced around the room. A lot of thoughts were going through her head. She couldn’t continue with Andres. Not when he was bent to changing her and getting her pregnant. Miranda feared the thought of getting pregnant for Andres. That would mean total submission for the rest of her life.
She thought of her first plan.. Run away.
But she feared Andres would get her and if he did find out she was gone early and made to find her, she had a plan B that would be effective. She knew it.

She looked out the window and Andres wasn’t yet back. She ceased the opportunity to pick the little things she would be needing.
She grabbed a bag that was hanging on the wall and zipped it open. She didn’t know how she would get away but she had to be ready. Even if it meant jumping out the window and breaking a leg. She scrambled round the room for things she would be needing..

Hair brush ✅

Toothpaste ✅

Toothbrush ✅

A clean shirt ✅

Jeans ✅

A gown ✅

Blankets ✅

Towel ✅

Napkin ❌

Undies ✅

Nighties ✅

Cream ✅


She didn’t have money and she already packed too much for an escape. She thought of how to get money– steal from Andres.
The idea was fantastic but she had no idea where Andres kept money in the house. She searched through his clothes and found his credit card.
Smiling sheepishly, she shoved it into her bag and zipped it.
The door knob suddenly turned and she jerked back in fear. She grabbed the bag and tossed it under the bed then laid on the bed pretending to be asleep.
The door pushed open and Miranda slowly opened one eye to see who walked in. It wasn’t Andres but a woman wearing a loose shirt and panties.. Andres’ shirt.
Miranda got up with a start, half infuriated, half scared, and the woman jerked away. Miranda took her in with just one look. She had a classic hour glass figure, huge tits and a very full butt with wider than average hips, and short copper hair.

“Who are you?” Miranda asked

She chuckled “relax” realizing that both women had been started by each other “I’m Lisette”

The name brought out the beast in Miranda. She was the Lisette Andres always talked about. And there she was, standing in the middle of the room wearing Andres’ shirt. How did she even get in and what was she doing in his shirt.

“How did you get in here?” Miranda found her voice to ask

“Andres told me your maid was away and he didn’t want you to go hungry so he asked me to cook for you. I would’ve said no but I’m so desperate to see you”

Miranda scoffed at the little woman’s excitement. Even she wasn’t excited about herself that much.
“You’re wasting my time” Miranda scowled and got out of the bed. She grabbed Andre’s jacket from the hanger and pulled it on.

“where are you going?” Lisette asked

Miranda shot her a glare “do you really want to know?”

“yeah.. Andres told me to make sure you didn’t leave the house”

Miranda scoffed and reached for her weapon of defense– the baton she had hidden on the headboard to fight Andres.
“when he gets back you’ll be unconscious and he’ll try to revive you to find out where I’ll be but by the time you’ll wake up, I’ll by far gone in the sea where no one can find me” she smirked and hit Lisette hard on her head with the baton.
Lisette fell down on the floor and passed out.

“Oops!” Miranda kicked her “I didn’t hit you hard.. Hope you’re not dead” she bent over Lisette’s body and felt her pulse “you’re still alive, as long as Andres finds you on time” she reached for her bag under the bed and shouldered it.
Hell to Andres.
She cursed and ran out.


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