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September 24, 2021


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Get me married episode 10

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💃S͙h͙e͙’s͙ a͙ s͙h͙r͙e͙w͙…
A͙n͙d͙ h͙e͙ s͙t͙o͙l͙e͙ m͙y͙ h͙e͙a͙r͙t͙🕺

✍ Author Viola’s Novels ✍

🍭e̲̅p̲̅i̲̅s̲̅o̲̅d̲̅e̲̅ 10: Taming The Shrew🍭



Miranda walked into the living room and found Andres watching a football match on TV. She huffed loud enough to his hearing to sought his attention but he ignored her.
She took in a deep breath and decided to swallow her god damn pride and talk to him about lunch. She already skipped breakfast cause she burnt everything.

Miranda opened her mouth to call him but stopled herself. If he wasn’t going to cook, then they’ll both stay hungry.
She returned to the bedroom and laid on the bed with her stomach rumbling. She was famished but Andres didn’t look hungry at all. Then she recalled he mentioned meeting a woman at a restaurant earlier. That meant only one thing— he ate out.
Miranda flared up and stormed into the living room.

“When are we getting a maid?” She threw at him

Andres chuckled “you want a second wife already?” He said without sparing her a glance

Miranda scoffed and repeated her question “when are we getting a maid”

Andres looked at her “as soon as am ready for another wedding”

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“I don’t really care if you marry a dozen of women.. Just get me a maid”

“alright” he shrugged “you asked for it”

“good” Miranda inhaled “Who’s going to prepare lunch?”

“I wouldn’t want you to burn down my great great great grand father’s little castle so there won’t be any cooking until your cooking skills improves”

“We’ll die of hunger” Miranda half yelled “I will die of hunger cause you eat out with your Lisette”

“Lisette?!” he said with a grin “so that’s what this is about.. You’re jealous” he chuckled softly

“Jealous!” Miranda scoffed “jealous of what? Of you and that… That woman? You must be out of your mind”

Andres relaxed in his chair “she’s a good cook.. She’ll make a great teacher for you”

“What do you mean?”

“you need a maid right? And a second wife so I’ll call her.. She’ll be a helping hand to you and me” Andres said and looked around “where did I keep that card?”

“I want Taylor”

Andres shook his head “she’s not hot— Lisette is” he got up and walked to the table he had left the card “oh! Here it is”

Miranda rolled her eyes skyward “What makes you think she’ll agree?”

“I’ll give it a try” he dialed the number on the card in the home telephone then placed a call to Lisette.

📲 This is Andres speaking.. Exactly!.. Sure… That’s fine by me
He hung up and replaced the receiver.

“what did she say?” Miranda asked

“she wants us to go out today when she’s closed from work”

Miranda’s face turned red with anger “You expect me to starve until you return from your date with your mistress?”

“Mistress?!” Andres repeated “Well I didn’t think of that” he shrugged “but don’t worry I’ll give you feedback”


“Andres?! You can’t do this to me” Miranda drawled

Andres sighed “you don’t expect me to always do the cooking”

“I’ll die Andres.. If I keep eating one square meal then I’ll die and I can’t die without killing you. It would be tragic”

Andres chuckled softly “it’s almost time for my date.. I have to be there on time to pick her from work”

“I don’t care” Miranda sighed “let me place an order for food.. Home service”

“No delivery van comes to this part of Luxembourg”

Miranda shouted angrily “did you bring me here to die?”

“I actually brought you here to kill me wifey” he touched her cheek

Miranda yanked off his hand “don’t touch me.. Asshole”

“what do I do to teach you a lesson?” Andres thought out loud

Miranda scoffed “just get out and go on your stupid date” she seethed and got up to her feet

“Fine.. I’m leaving” Andres got up too “dinner should be ready before I get back”

Miranda scoffed “Jerk.. I’m not cooking”

Andres clenched his fist to suppress his anger then he said softly “I’ll deal with you when I get back”

“Bonehead” she cussed when he walked out of the house.

Andres drove out but wasn’t really going out with Lisette. He had placed a fake call to her just to get Miranda pissed. He drove to alley and pulled his car to a halt but didn’t get down. He bought a can of soda from a street vendor and remained in his car.
He was slowly dozing off when he heard a knock on the window.
He jerked up and was surprised at who he saw.


She smiled and he wind down the glass “Hey! What are you doing here?” she asked

Andres opened the car door and let her in.
“how did you know it was me?”

She chuckled “I memorized your plate number when you came to the restaurant this morning”

Andres laughed

“what are you doing here?” she asked

Running from my wild animal.. He wanted to say
“Nothing much.. Just hanging out”

“you didn’t call” Lisette accused

“I’ve been busy”

“busy sleeping in the car?”

Andres laughed “busy with my wife” he said trying to throw a little light on the fact that he was married.

Lisette looked at the ring on his finger she hadn’t noticed.
“you’re married?”

“newly wedded.. Still enjoying the spirit of honeymoon” Andres wished.
There wasn’t a spirit of honeymoon. He should be spending the evening with his wife but he was running from a wild animal and sleeping in the car.

Lisette forced a smile “congratulations!”

“Thank you.. Let me drive you home” Andres offered and turned on the ignition “how was work?” he asked as he drove

“horrible. I spilled coffee on a customer by accident and got fired”

“I’m sorry” Andres said

“I’ll get job elsewhere in no distant time” she said

They drove in silence until he stopped in front of a gate along the road.

“thank you” Lisette said but didn’t alight “my brother is throwing a birthday party on Friday night, it’s a good thing I still have few cards left….” she searched her hand bag and brought out an invitation card “here.. You’re invited”

Andres accepted the card “thank you”

“don’t turn me down”

“I’ll try my best”

Lisette smiled and got down from the car “you’ll be coming alone right?” she asked as she shut the door

“My wife loves to party.. She’ll come along”

“okay” she smiled “give me a call when you get home”

“I will”

“don’t get busy with your wife again” she teased

Andres laughed “I’ll try.. Goodnight” he turned on the engine and drove off.

Andres got home and pulled the car to a halt. He took the invitation card and got down from the car.
This is it.. I die or I live
He breathed in and headed up the stairs.

“hey!” he called when he got inside and found Miranda in the living room
She looked up and saw him then looked away with a sigh.
“You didn’t cook?” he asked when he walked into the dining and found nothing.

Miranda didn’t reply.


She hissed and got up then started out, totally ignoring Andres.
Andres towered towards her and grabbed her by the hand.
“I’m talking to you”

“well I don’t understand bullshit” she yelled

“Miranda?!” he pinned her down with his eyes “you must learn to respect me as your husband”

She scoffed “you’re nothing but an egg faced idiot”

Andres hurled her over his shoulder with a flash and carried her into the bedroom.
In seconds he had her pinned against him, her wrists bound in front of her, then her hands secured above her head, tied firmly to the bedpost. She stood beside the massive bed, fighting to hold back her tears.
“Andres what are you doing?”

“I’ll whip some sense into you” he said and reached for a whip he had kept under the dresser “I kept this for you but never planned on using it any moment. But you seem to be getting more stubborn by the day”

“you can’t whip me.. I’m not a horse”

“you can’t be a darling horse.. You’re a wild animal and this is what I use to tame wild animals” he said as he folded he whip on his palm “Egg faced idiot huh?” he scoffed and walked towards her

“Andres please”

“does your mother say that to your father?”

“My father is a saucepan headed bingo” Miranda cussed under her breath

“still got a tongue to talk huh?” he went behind her and hoisted her skirt, exposing her smooth, round bottom.

“Andres don’t please” she begged in tears “I’m sorry.. I’ll behave I promise”

Andres sighed and tossed the whip aside. He got up and stood in front of her “I can’t hurt you Miranda, I can’t.. All I ask is for you to see me as your husband, I deserve your respect”

“I know.. I’ll behave”

Andres chuckled “I’m not taking your words”

“trust me this time”

“I don’t trust you” eyes still darkened with anger, he untied her and tossed her onto the bed. Ignoring the vile expression she cast his way, he strode to the door and jerked it open, slamming it behind him so hard the window rattled.
Jackass, she swore.

“… What’s this?” Miranda asked, picking the invitation card from the table

“an invitation card” Andres replied “Lisette’s brother is throwing a birthday party and she invited me”

Miranda scoffed and dropped the card “and you’re going?”

“yea” Andres paused to look at her “with you”

“I’m not going”


They sat for breakfast and Miranda consumed her food in silence. Andres wasn’t concentrating on his food. He kept watching her. Studying her every move. The way she tucked her hair behind her ear and chewed slowly.

“Stop staring” Miranda said

Andres smiled and asked “how did he do it?”

“do what?” Miranda looked at him

“how did he manage to steal your beautiful heart that I can’t steal a bit”

Miranda swallowed hard. She knew he was talking about Erad— a discussion she wasn’t willing to engage in.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about” she said and continued eating

“That Erad guy— why do you love him so much?”

“cause he is human”

Andres chuckled “and me?”

“you’re an animal”

Andres pushed his chair back and got up. “alright” he just said and walked out

“Andres?! Andres?! Andres where are you going?” she called after him but he ignored her and went on.

Miranda continued eating and when she was done, she cleared the table and waited in the living room for Andres to return.
He never really stayed away from her and no matter how angry he was, he would still come back, she was sure of that. She had told him the truth so she wasn’t feeling sorry. To her, Andres was an animal and she had told him what he wanted to know.
He would still return. It wasn’t like she wanted him to return anyway.

Miranda walked into the bedroom and dropped on the bed. She wanted to take her mind off Andres. He hadn’t returned and her crazy mind kept telling her he was out with Lisette. She didn’t care anyway.


Miranda woke up to the sound of the shower running– Andres. Her subconsciousness told her immediately.
She frowned. She was enjoying her peacefully sleep alone.
Andres walked out of the bathroom. Naked to the waist, his breeches clung wetly to the muscles of his legs and the taut, round flesh of his buttocks. She sucked in a breath, why had she noticed that?
Andres went about his business, acting like he hadn’t noticed her.
He walked to the wardrobe and started getting dressed. Miranda looked away. He should’ve waited until she left the room.
Andres noticed how affected she was by his presence and couldn’t hide his grin. He finished dressing up and collected his phone and car key from the lamp stand.

“Going out again?” Miranda asked but he said nothing. She huffed and added “I hope you never return”

Andres scoffed and looked at her for the first time “I won’t” and with those last words, he was gone.

Miranda scoffed, he was bluffing. He would definitely return, and even if he didn’t, she didn’t care. But he had to return.


📱… I found Lucy

Daniel told Andres over the phone

📲 where is she?

📱Somewhere in Luxembourg but she won’t come out unless you agree to her 3 days vacation or a night with her.

📲 fix a date with her, no matter what her condition is, I need to talk to her. There are things I need to know.

📱What’s going on?

📲 I’ll tell you as soon as you show up in Luxembourg.. I really need you right now

📱Alright.. But is this about your wife?

📲 I married a wild animal who would never love me

📱I don’t understand

📲 come to Luxembourg.. I really need to deal with Miranda and I need your help.


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